Meles co-chairs international meeting in New York, holds discussions with stakeholders on global warming

Addis Ababa, September 23, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - A series of international meetings aimed at finding lasting solutions for the adverse effects of global warming were held on the premises of the UN headquarters in New York, USA.

Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi and Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet co-chaired one of these meetings that confer mainly on alternative energy sources, water resource utilization, and environmental protection schemes. discussion attracted leaders of 16 countries worldwide, according to the reporter of the Ethiopian Television and Radio Agency.

Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi also held a series of discussions with pertinent bodies on of global warming. Accordingly, Meles also held talks with US Special Envoy Climate Change, Todd Stern.

Stern reiterated to Meles that USA will remain committed in reversing the adverse effects of global warming and supports the standing position of the African continent on the issue.

The special envoy commends Meles, who is also Africa’s top negotiator on climate change negotiations in the upcoming Copenhagen conference, for his commitment and contribution toward addressing the global crisis.

He expressed his firm belief that Africa’s position will enable the continent negotiate with industrialized nations at equal footing.

Some 54 African countries have ratified a common position on the issues of climate change and assigned its delegation to negotiate with industrialized countries in the coming International Conference of Global Warming to be held in Dec. 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Global warming becomes the top most international agenda. Hence, heads of state and government worldwide have been striving to reach to consensus as to how to address the crisis.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi held talks with American Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice in New York, USA.

The premier and the US ambassador held fruitful discussions on how to further strengthen bilateral relations that exist between USA and Ethiopia as well as on regional and sub-regional issues of common interest; ENA reported citing the report of the Ethiopian Television and Radio Agency.