The “Market Maker” documentary film Screened at the Ethiopian Embassy DC July 24, 2009 (Aigaforum):- The Market Maker, a one hour documentary film on the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange/ECX/ was screened at the Ethiopian Embassy auditorium in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

The film which narrates about the launching of the first Commodities Exchange Enterprise in Africa was viewed by hundreds of invited guests from the diplomatic community, Congress and the US Administration.  In attendance were also Ethiopians, prominent personalities,  Media and business people.

Dr. Samuel Assefa, the Ambassador of Ethiopia to the United States said on his opening remark that repatriation is a mutually beneficial encounter for both the returnees and the country and appealed to Ethiopians in the Diapora to make good of the conducive environment prevailing in Ethiopia.

Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin, the CEO of ECX made a remark on the occasion, underscoring commitment of the Ethiopian government to put in place the ECX, with the view to overhauling and modernizing the traditional marketing system, and eventually extricating the nation from abject poverty.

Dr. Eleni underlined the propitious environment currently prevailing in the country that has created conducive atmosphere for skilled personnel and professionals in the Diaspora to return back home and play their role in the nation building process presently in full swing. 

Anchor Aaron Brown, the producer of the Market Maker also made remarks highlighting his personal experience in the course of producing this historic and inspiring documentary.

The Market Maker, depicts the nationwide effort by different market players, and stake holders in the Agricultural marketing system to modernize the sector. The documentary was enthusiastically received by the Ethiopians and foreigners alike.