NDF devotes for sustainable development: General Samora Yenus


NDF devotes for sustainable development: General Samora Yenus

Addis Ababa, 15vMay 2014 (WIC) – Ethiopian National Defence Forces (NDF), cemented by the army of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), has been dedicating to help efforts exerted to bring sustainable development, Chief of NDF  said. 
In his exclusive interview with WIC, Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces General Samora Yenus said that the democratic and well disciplined army of the EPRDF not only sacrificed a lot for the victory of May 28 but also cemented the base for the current National Forces.

The Ethiopian Military Force has developed its credibility that the confidence of Ethiopians on cemented, the General said.

The General also emphasized that the Ethiopian National Defence Force will remain being committed to guarantee watching the interest of the people and the constitution.

The missions of the National Defence Forces are ensuring peace and democracy, developing modern and efficient force, avoiding war alternatives and backing the development efforts of the country, General Samora added.

He also said that tremendous efforts have exerted to build the capacity of the military  in line with the  technology.

The Ethiopian National Defence Force has also playing a significant role in maintaining peace and stability of other African countries, WIC learnt.

According to General Samora, the National Defence Force has got credibility not only from Ethiopians but also from the people of other African countries. 

That role of the Ethiopian Defence Force has contributed a greater role in facilitating  integration among peoples, he added.

Pin pointing the inability of participating in peace keeping task in a conflicting neighboring country in the United Nations regulations, General Samora said that the Ethiopian Defence Force  has requested and has been  participating in peace keeping of neighboring Somalia and Sudan.

The reiterated that the National Defence Force will continuously build its capacity to successfully accomplish any future duty.


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