Ethiopia lost a reliable partner in Somalia!


 (Aigaforum 06/19/09):- After recuperating from a severe blow from the joint operation of the Ethiopian and the then Transitional Ambassador_Abdulkarim.bmpGovernment of Somalia (TFG), the terrorists in Somalia seem to be regrouping. The recent terrorist act that took the life of Omar Hashi Aden and Abdulkarim Farah Lakanyo, a former Somali ambassador to Ethiopia, is no doubt a blow to peace in Somalia. Both men were tough on terrorists and were instrumental in building bridges in the horn region.

Ethiopia no doubt has lost a very good partner in Somalia. Ambassador Abdulkarim had been a very good friend of Ethiopia. Deputy Foreign minister Tekeda Alemu, on behalf of the Ethiopian government, delivered his condolences to the family of Ambassador Abdulkarim. The Ethiopian government will continue the recovery road Ambassador Abdulkarim and Minister Omar Hashi started in Somalia.  Other high government officials as well as diplomats are paying their respect.

Omar_hashi.jpgThe international community has failed Somalia big time. The resurgence of the terrorists in Somalia after their major defeat by the joint operations of the Ethiopian defense forces and TFG is clearly worrisome. Despite the call by the AU as well as IGAD for the UNSC to sanction Eritrea and despite the current government of Somalia’s plea for help to subdue the terrorists, the international community is silent and allowing bloodshed to continue unabated.

It is clear the terrorists have decided to start another Afghanistan and another Swat valley in Somalia. The killing of these two peace loving men is clearly a loss to Somalians and their friends. However, if the terrorist forces are not stopped and their sponsors condemned no one can be sure what lies ahead for all of humanity.

The terrorists being able to strike in a city that is close to Ethiopia is another issue the Ethiopian government needs to worry. The international community, with its deafening silence, is clearly ignoring the danger that is building in Somalia.  Ethiopians and Kenyans may have no choice but to take matters into their own hands before the whole of Somalia becomes subject to a training field for terrorists.