Dr. Tewodros Adhanom Receives an International Award for Outstanding Leadership!!!!


Dr. Tewodros Adhanom Receives an International Award for Outstanding Leadership!!!!

March 23, 2011

Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, Minister of Health of Ethiopia has received the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award for 2011 at a ceremony held at the Ritz- Carlton Hotel, Pentagon City, Arlington Virginia, here in the US, on March 22, 2011.

The award was given by the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Foundation under the auspices of the world renowned consortium of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, a nonprofit organization in recognition for his outstanding leadership in the rapidly evolving field of global health and his involvement in enhancing Ethiopia's active engagement in major international forums, according to a press release obtained on the occasion.

While introducing Dr.Tewodros on the occasion, President and CEO of the Carter Foundation, Dr. John Hardman, praised him for displaying extra-ordinary capacity for leadership in his position as the Board Chair of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria since July 2009 as well as for representing Ethiopia as the Chair of the Conference of Ministers of Health of the African Union, since May 2009.

Dr. John Hardman in his comment cited some of the outstanding leadership qualities that show case Dr. Tewodros Adhanom's acumen and competency, such as his unstinting effort at building a strong national health system, through improving the structure and capacity of Ethiopia's health services, with special emphasis on maternal care. He also highlighted Dr. Tedros' efforts in addressing and mitigating the spread of hazardous and infectious diseases like Malaria and the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Ethiopia. In this regard he pointed out Ethiopia's success in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS from 6.4% in 2002 to 2.1% in 2010 as a shining achievement.

Elucidating on the core values that have distinguished Dr. Tewodros Adhanom to the globally recognized prestigious award of Excellence in leadership, Dr Hardman said that "backed by his government's commitment to improving healthcare provision, Minister Tedros has led the implementation of an integrated health system strengthening the new approach to health service delivery; a system which recognizes the indispensability of a robust and well-functioning national health system for scaling up access to health service.

This approach promoted and buttressed by Dr. Tewodros' able leadership is viewed as the bedrock of Ethiopia's decentralized health system that has keenly addressed and combated the country's major health challenges through proactive and continuous engagement of the community at all levels, he underscored.

After receiving the prize, Dr. Tewodros Adhanom humbly extended his heartfelt thanks to those who strived to make the occasion so lively, impacting not only on past achievements but also in opening up new vistas for more successful endeavors in the future. He particularly paid tribute to the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Foundation and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases for their due recognition of Ethiopia and himself personally for such a stature which he said reflects the true acknowledgement of the people and government of Ethiopia for exerting concerted efforts for a successful outcome. He hastened to thank the partners for their understanding and support of the critical value of country ownership of the health sector program in Ethiopia which has borne the desired fruit.

Dr.Tewodros went on to express his unreserved regards to prominent individuals in the US and back home who deserve special mention who he reminisced had played exemplary role in imbuing in him a lasting and ever present sense of inspiration and motivation. At last Dr.Tewodros hailed the award as a well deserved and timely appreciation and acknowledgement of the tireless effort being made by the Ethiopian people, the government and the entire health professionals and supporting personnel, who are on duty across the width and breadth of the nation.

Dr.Tewodros underlined that all this would not have been possible without the determined focus and guidance of the Ethiopian government and its continued commitment to making public health services truly accessible to the people at all levels. This, he said, has been a living source of inspiration for him to continue moving forward to translate his mission into concrete action.

Previous recipients of the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award under the aegis of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases include former President Bill Clinton, the wealthy Billionaire and Humanitarian, Bill and Melinda Gates, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, CNN Founder Ted Turner and many others.
March 23, 2011, Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC.

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