50 years of African Independence Marked !!!


 Ethiopian Embassy, Washington DC

 August 23, 2010


The 50th year of African Independence was colorfully celebrated, punctuated by a round table discussion deliberating on the tremendous sacrifice paid during the pre-independence colonial era and the achievements cherished in the post-political of the continent. The round table discussion was held last Saturday on August 21, 2010, at a half -day town-hall colloquium

independence conduced in the premises of the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington DC.


Study papers highlighting the socio-economic development attained, the challenges surmounted and the opportunities seized upon, by the African people were also presented during the function.


 H.E. Mr. Tesfaye Yilma, Charge d'Affaires, of the Embassy of Ethiopia, in Washington DC. brought to the attention of the attendees, the leading role that Ethiopia pioneered towards the realization of the political independence of the continent, itself being the only torch-bearer of independence by defeating a colonial aggressor in the last quarter of the 19th century during the famous battle of Adwa, that has remained as the acme of the empowerment of the Black people.


The Charge d'Affaires also succinctly and convincingly underscored Ethiopia's unrelenting effort at the actualization of democracy and peace currently in full motion by bolstering its drive through its double -digit development progress being registered presently.


Presentations pertaining to the engagement of the African people at home and their off-springs, elsewhere in the world were also made particularly focusing on the need to accommodate the African Diaspora in the current development drive of the continent.

Dr. Michael Merid, Associate Economic Advisor to the Prime Minster of Ethipia, also addressed the colloquium by stressing Ethiopia's proven path of development based on the over-all objective reality of the country by catalyzing and devising an accelerated pace of appropriate socio-economic development paradigm.


Africa and the Caribbean, Bridging the Gap, presented by Mr. Ray McPherson, Peace and Reconciliation in Africa, by Rev. Dr. Jack Gaines, and African Development and the African Diaspora, by Dr. Sharon Freeman, and the Role of Ethiopia in the Pan-African Movement, were other salient topics dealt by invited guests which triggered off a lively menu for continued dialogue.