Mekelle Industrial Hub Inaugration Reportage - July 2017

Mekelle Industrial Hub Inaugration Reportage

(Aigaforum) July 2017 - The Agricultural Led Development Ethiopia pursued over the last two decades has done wonders. Because of such early development, the country has managed to withstand the effects of many drought periods which in the past was causing famine! It has also managed to almost feed itself despite of the high population growth! Although the country has been growing by double digit each year for the past decade it is still considered poor country. The unemployment rate is too high and its industrial and manufacturing output has been dismal.
To solve the chronic import export deficit and to solve the high unemployment rate the country has now tasked itself to become the manufacturing hub for all kind of products in Africa. Many western high end manufacturers are coming to the country thanks to Dr Arekebe relentless effort to convince the EPRDF government to support the establishment of Industrial Manufacturing Hubs in the country. In short period, Ethiopia is home to more than four industrial manufacturing hubs. The latest addition were Kombolcha and Mekelle hubs. Tamrat Yemane caught Dr Arekebe in Mekelle during the inauguration of the Mekelle industrial hub and has prepared this report. Prime Minister Hailemariam and other invtied guest were present at the inaugurtion.

These hubs are designed to solve not only the chronic hard currency shortage and unemployment but also the bottleneck bureaucracy that is hindering investment in Ethiopia. The hubs are designed to process all investment request within the park!

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