Interview with Beri Mayda Board Members - June 2017 - June 2017

Interview with Beri Mayda Board Members - June 2017

"BMGHEC is a federally registered local Non-Governmental Organization established to minimize the barriers that rural high school girls face in the pursuit of education, who, otherwise, are forced to drop out before and during high school. It is a local preventive call to action of a highest priority; not a novel concept, but critical for the Samre-Saharti region."

We ask all our readers and supporters to help this noble cause. The education of our young sisters back home is crucial to the survival of our mother land! The organization is in dire need of fund to finish the dormitory that is critical for the success of the mission.
Listen to W/ro Mebrat Beyene and W/ro Shishay Gebremeskel board members call for help! Col Zenebu who started this organization as well as Mebrat and Shishay are all former TPLF fighters! By any measure they have done their share to change the lives of our people during the struggle years. No one will fault them if they move on with their personal lives! Yet, they are still at it and are doing all in their power to change the lives of our little sisters back home. Pls Help!! (Aigaforum June 2017)



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