Interview with Mekelle City Mayor Daniel Assefa - Nov 2016

Interview with Mekelle City Mayor Daniel Assefa
Nov 2016

(Aigaforum) Nov 29, 2016 - Mekelle City is one of the fastest growing city in Ethiopia.The city is the seat of the Tigray regional government and has tripled its population over the last two decades. Although the city has seen much development it is still lacking modern infrastructures and is facing sever water shortage. The issue with the shortage of availability of clean drinking water is the most pressing issue for many residents.

The mayor in an exclusive interview with Aigaforum said the city is growing fast and the demand it is exerting on budget is huge.The mayor was gracious enough to sit-down for an exclusive interview with Tamrat Yemane for Aigaforum.

  Interview Part 1

  Interview Part 2

The Mayor explained in details:

  • On housing and lease issues
  • On EFFORT and its involvement in cty development
  • On youth recreational sport activity designated fields
  • Stadium development
  • The financial hurdles faced to develop major infrastructures
  • Factory and Pollution management
  • And other current issues facing the city.

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