TPLF at 40 Eve!


40th Anniversary of TPLF Eve!
On the eve of the historical 40th Anniversary of Lekatit 11 the city of Mekelle was buzzing all day. On top of the hundreds of thousand residents who crowd the city every day the city was also warmed and graced by thousands of invited guest. Government officials and foreign dignitaries have been arriving all day.

The city also saw a parade along the main city roads and in front of the martyr’s monument. The week-long bicycle tournament tour ended today.

In the afternoon there was a procession to honor all those who died during the 17 year long armed struggle. The procession started in the old Royal House and ended in the newly designated martyr cemetery in the vast compound of the Martyr Monument.

Ato Tewodros Hagos adviser to the president and leader of the organizing committee told Aigaforum a key part of the 40th Anniversary celebration is the formal burial ceremony for all Martyrs. The City of Mekelle was selected to honor a selected 40 former TPLF martyr representing all Martyrs in the presence of Federal officials. Ato Tewdros said similar ceremonies were held all over Tigrai and a special Martyr Cemetery was designated in every locality of Tigrai. [Aigaforum Feb 17, 2015]

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