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Short commentary: Transgression at the Ethiopian Embassy in DC
(Aigaforum) Sep 30, 2014 - The extremists may be breathing their last breath. If one pays attention to what they are doing today it is clear they are on the last mile run...



American President Barack Obama Praises Ethiopian Development


Changing Ethiopia - The People of Mekoni Tigrai!

Our people are amazing! They defeated the largest black army in Africa. now they are set to defeat poverty!


Letter from Africa: Emptying Eritrea

What a Contrast! Eritrea became an "independent" country at the same time Ethiopia get rid the brutal derge regime. Today Eritreans are fleeing the country they sacrificed so much while Ethiopians are building on what they have achieved!


( Gezategaru Interview with Gebru Asrat)

Excerpts of questions and answers from the audience

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Tsenat Radio Interview with Speaker Kassa Teklebrhan on Current Issues.


Tigray festival 2013 DC Event


Powering Africa: Ethiopia will take place from 20-21st November 2014 in Addis Ababa




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