Mekelle Stadium is progressing well.


Mekelle Stadium is progressing well.

The much anticipated and delayed stadium is finally seeing the end of the tunnel. Phase 3 of the stadium that includes major infrastructure work is nearly completed. According to project manager Aite Marege Kahsu, phase three is 90% completed and what is left is the next phase that will include much of the finishing works. The stadium is being prep for Lekatit 11 celebration as it is now!

The stadium will seat comfortably close to 40 thousand people and will be equipped according to Olympic international standard. The lead contractor, Tekelebrhan Ambaye Construction, has employed at one point over 1000 workers to complete phase three ahead of schedule. The current plan is for the next phase to commence shortly. However, there is no set date for the start of the next phase. If the stadium is finished soon the Northern Star City will join other Ethiopian cities that have already built a functioning modern stadium.

Mekelle is poised to become a true Northern Star City. The many high rise buildings currently being constructed around the stadium next to the magnificent Martyr Monument will be the future trade mark sign for the city.
Aigaforum Jan 21, 2015

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