EFFORT Delivers Animal Food to Drought Area...Yechella Tigrai, Ethiopia, Dec 2015

EFFORT Delivers Animal Food to Drought Area

EFFORT Delivers Animal Food to Drought Area.. Yechella Tigrai, Ethiopia, Dec 2015


We are deeply sadden,as a people, we have not yet been able to concur natures wrath on us but we are very proud we have established institutions like EFFORT, REST and the many Local NGO's who are answering to the many demands of our people! Imagine how the Lords of poverty would have milked the above news to the fullest with a negative tone if it was done by them!

ብ13 ፅዕነት መካይን ዝተፅዓነ ቀለብ እንስሳን ቦቴ ማይን ብነፃ ብምጉዕዓዝ ናብቲ ብድርቂ ዝተሃሰዩ ቦታታት ብሓገዝ ትእምት /ትራንስ ኢትዮጵያ / ምስ ቢሮ ልምዓት ሕርሻን ናብ ብድርቂ ዝተሃሰዩ ከባቢታ ቀለብ እንስሳ እንተቕርብ -ኣብ ወረዳ ጣንቋ ኣበርገለ ከተማ የጭላ

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