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July 29, 2014 - Did you know the guy was on the run?
We were not even aware the guy was on the run, but, rumor has it, the "fake" Dr and engineer Sameul Zemicheal(?) has been handed over to Ethiopia by Kenyan government today(7/29/14). He was sent to Addis via Ethiopian airlines and "safely" arrived in Addis. It looks like the days are over for a be it so cold poor conman or a disguised terrorist using neighboring countries to escape from the full force of the law of the land!



Police Program: Andargachew Speaks



Axum alumni 2013 Event


Ethiopian Defence Force Officers of the Future

(..if you listen to the extermists you will think the Ethiopian Military is still an EPRDF army but it is not, it is an army that is being build to reflect the new Ethiopia)



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