Amhara and Tigrai People Forum July 2017

Amhara and Tigrai People Forum Mekelle, Tigrai - July 2017

People to People Forum: For centuries the people of Amhara and Tigrai have been building Ethiopia together. For centuries both people have died side by side defending the country’s independence from colonialist and invaders. The current government of EPRDF came to being by the joint effort of TPLF and ANDM. Last year's disturbance which saw the displacement and killing of Tigreans from Amhara region also resulted in the killing of innocent people from Amhara including the Qimant people. Without exaggeration last year saw the wrost of EPRDF and in particular ANDM. ANDM leadership failed miserably to stop the incident. EPRDF failed to foresaw the development and stop the killing. Such failure was the cause for EPRDF deep Tehadeso movement. As part of the deep tehadeso movement TPLF and ANDM leaders are trying to bring the two people together and discuss what went wrong. We are not sure if the people were part of the problem but if such forum heals the wound we welcome it. However many people are waiting to know if the real culprits will be held accountable. Incase EPRDF needs a reminder, it has told the people last year, for most part, it is the leadership that failed last year![Aigaforum July 22 2017]

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