Adwa Hospital Status Reportage March 2016

Adwa Hosptial Status Reportage March 2016

Adwa Hospital is one of the oldest Hospital in Tigrai. Due to its age and negligence the hospital has been failing to meet the needs of the huge population in and around Adwa. Realizing this the government has decided to build a new hospital and the following is a status report by Tamrat. The report covers the status of Laundry machines donated by the Diaspora and progress of the new hospital.

Note: It is good the government is responding to complaint and building the new hospital. It is also good the authorities are recognizing the Diaspora anguish when it comes to this hospital. The reason many small organizations popped up all over the world to help this hospital is because of the grim realities of the hospital. Many who visited the hospital saw employees washing infected cloths by hand and also saw and read the hospital was falling apart.



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