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TPLF Statement of July 10, 2019 (Translation

TPLF Statement of July 10, 2019 (Translation)


July 14, 2019


After a complete review the TPLF has assessed the overall situation of the country in a one-day meeting held on July 2, 2011 (Ethiopian calendar). This came in the advent of the recent assassination of five senior officials, including the Ethiopian army chief of staff as well as the Amhara Regional State leaders in the Amhara region. Important milestones and decisions were established.


At this time, we are in a state of serious concern for our country’s survival due to the deteriorating situation of our country. The danger and risk of the country’s existence is being challenged as evidenced in the recent death toll of high-ranking military and regional leaders of the country.


We have now reached a gradual breakdown and destruction because of the fact that the Eternal Partnership that reaffirmed the dignity of the country and its people is at a point of breaking apart and declining. Today the dignity of its people and country is being violated.


In many parts of the country people are losing their lives and possessions due to their identity. Their livelihood and property is taken away from them making them displaced and homeless. Millions of citizens are threatened and ethnic violence and internal displacement is at its rise.  Respect to the rule of law has deteriorated. Defiance of the Constitution and federal systems has created a fertile ground for extremist forces to function and create havoc in the country.


When TPLF refers to chauvinists, it is talking about the few that want to squash the right of the people and the very few that are hell bent to derail the peace and development of the people and the country. There is no incident to suggest the great majority of people as chauvinists. Hence TPLF is well versed in making a distinction between the enemy and friend. It struggled yesterday, struggles today and will struggle tomorrow for the interest of all peoples. It stands against those that want to misuse their power for their own individual interests. The desire of all people is one and the same and TPLF has played a vanguard role yesterday, today, and tomorrow in honor of the interest of all people. TPLF in the past has stood alongside the Amhara people to overthrow oppressive and chauvinist leaders and validates that same commitment today.


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The Amhara people, therefore, can not be called oppressors. However, the few oppressive leaders are misinforming the Amhara people and disseminating unfounded information saying there is an attack against the Amhara people. These are remnants of the Derg Era who are blood thirsty and power hungry that want to wedge war between the people. It needs to be asserted that under these trying moments the Amhara people like the rest of the Ethiopian people are still paying the price for peace, development and democratization for the new Ethiopia.


The promised development that was in full swing today experiences leaderless scenario. Security institutions and their staff, unlike any other time,have been incapacitated to maintain the peace and security of the country. The fact that the army's high-ranking assassination was an inside job assumes that the government has lost sight of the welfare of the people. The peace of the people has been high jacked by lawless power hungry forces putting the citizens and the country in danger. Those groups or organizations that are coldblooded, are undermining the constitution and slowly dismantling the federal system. The state of the country is such that it is hard to calculate what will happen next. Nothing is being done while high officials are being eliminated and the system being undermined. It is unbelievable that no one has the stamina and boldness to question while the system is slowly being demolished. On the contrary, this malicious action has been deliberate to continue the scandalous path of digging a hole to disrupt the system. Even the security body responsible for maintaining the peace and security of the country is not working to ensure accountability.


By recognizing the danger of the country's survival, the TPLF Central Committee has revived the caliber of the struggle that it has set in the past.


1. The investigation for the assassination forces of the Heroic Patriotic Commanders of the armed forces must be investigated and divulged which internal and external forces are directly or indirectly involved. We also demand to know who the security leaders were that were tangled in the plot. We therefore call for full admission of who is accountable in financing this heinous crime. TPLF stresses that the results be communicated to the Ethiopian people without any delay.


2. At this time, the sanctity of our country is being threatened by those extremists that come from unspecified places.  ADP is the one that has been instrumental in creating a fertile ground for these forces. As a result, ADP Party must apologize to the Ethiopian people especially regarding the massacre of the leaders.  It must take responsibility and accountability for the breach of security that ended up in the execution of the leadership.


It should be noted that the problem must be investigated by a third party. Therefore, putting blame and saying outside forces are the culprits will not be tolerated.  Consequently, the TPLF central committee calls on ADP to sum up and sort out its internal issues and come clean. If the transparency and acknowledgment of wrong doing is not admitted, then TPLF finds it problematic to work with such an entity.


3. The fundamental problem that has arisen is clearly the convoluted sectarian and unprincipled alliance of forces in the EPRDF. Therefore, we appeal to the EPRDF to go back to its principle based stand and clearly reaffirm resolutely its commitment to ensure the stability and well-being of our country. Accordingly, the TPLF demands that the EPRDF ensure, per our constitution, and hold the national election in a year’s time and echo the government's commitment to the people of Ethiopia.


4. The TPLF and Tigray people will stand with the Defense Forces that are given the constitutional mandate to protect the people and the sovereignty of the country from all threat.  TPLF and the Tigray people will stand with you to ensure you fulfill your duty and obligation in maintaining the peace and security of your country.


5. It is the decision of the central committee of the TPLF, as a constitutional and federal power force, to form unity with the aim of protecting the people and the nation of Ethiopia. As of now it will institute alliance to fight against those that are crafting obstacles. It stands firmly and with vigilance for Peace to reign in the country.


6. The question of the regional and nationalities questions raised by the Southern Nations and Nationalities be constitutionally resolved. The attempt to exert force or by any other method is totally unacceptable.


7. The TPLF again restates that the federal government ensure the rule of law, human and democratic rights of citizens, and implement the constitution and only the constitutional order respectively.


Honored people of Tigray


You have managed to stay the course and struggle every single time, through your unflinching stand. Throughout you have demonstrated with patience and intelligence, to steadfastly pursue your goals and objectives.


To frustrate and have you fall on your knees they have snatched away the gallant fighters you nurtured and raised. These sacrifices are not new to you. You gained victory after having sacrificed your children.  We now call upon you to strengthen your solidarity with your organization and regularly monitor the situation


Honored Nations and Peoples of Ethiopia


The unified struggle of all buried and demolished yesterdays unitary government and oppressive forces through your sacrifices. Today inside and outside powers are on the horizon to eradicate the constitutional and democratic treaties that was gained with blood. Therefore, the TPLF central committee calls upon all to stand together to ensure peace and constitutional directive in order to preserve Ethiopia’s peace and stability.


Glory and respect to our Martyrs


The Central Committee of the Tigray People's Liberation Front


July 3, 2011 (Ethiopian Calendar)



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