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Sample Letter to be sent to International Institutions


Sample Letter to be sent to International Institutions. Click on the email link, cut and paste the main body of the letter to your email and send. You can add/edit and modify this sample letter.Thank you.



Dear (Recipient name)


I am writing this to inform you Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia took the unprecedented step of declaring war on Tigray, a regional state in the federation. Prime Minister claimed that this step was taken in response to an ‘attack’ on federal forces in the region. We would like to inform you that this was nothing but a pretext to instigate an unconstitutional military intervention in retaliation for the elections that were held in Tigray earlier this year. We would particularly like to draw your attention to several incidents that serve to establish that Prime Minister Abiy has been seeking an opportunity to take just such an act to eliminate the only viable political opposition group left in the country after more than two years of rocky leadership with himself at the helm.


1. In the lead up to regional elections, held in September, PM Abiy warned that should Tigray go ahead with the election he would take actions that would lead to destruction and cause mothers to weep.


2. Following the election the Federal government led by PM Abiy took a series of extraordinary steps including cutting federal budget subsidies, prohibiting SafetyNet subsidies, and medical masks from getting to farmers and children in Tigray as well as attempting to exclude Tigrayan athletes from taking part in national sports championships.


3. Late last week federal defense forces were suddenly and without explanation removed from the restive western part of the country exposing civilians to attack by unknown forces and resulting in the indiscriminate massacre of many people. Government officials and media proceeded to blame this attack on the party in government in Tigray (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) within hours of the attacks happening and without any attempt at a credible investigation.


4. On November 3rd, the President of Tigray Regional State Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael gave a press conference raising the alarm that Ethiopian Defense Forces have been put on high alert for no discernible reason. He also noted that President Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea was making moves towards the Ethiopian border which is a cause of concern to Tigray.


Finally, very early on the morning of November 4th Federal Defense Forces began an unprovoked act of war. At the same time all infrastructure internet, phone lines, electricity, and water have been shut off infringing upon the very basic human rights of the people of Tigray. A propaganda war, deploying dehumanizing and othering labels, has also been deployed putting hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans – ethnic minorities outside of the region – at great risk of attack and possible genocide. 


We, concerned Tigrayans in the diaspora, therefore, ask that you voice your concerns, call for a cessation of all military activities, demand the resumption of all services to the people of Tigray, and call for an immediate all-inclusive national dialogue.

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1. Human Rights Watch:  

2. Amnesty International:  

3. Freedom House:  

4. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights:  

5. Lawyers Committee for Human Rights:   

6. U.S. Department of State:   

8. Civil Rights Defendants:  

9. European Centre for Minority Issues:  

10. International Federation on Human Rights;   



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