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Aggression Against Tigrai by Abiy Ahmed Nov 2020

Selected News and Dates on Aggression Against Tigrai by Abiy Ahmed

Select News and Facts:After Abiy and Isaias Forces were routed in Tigray - June 21, 2021



Western officials confirmed Tigrayan reports of an assault on several fronts. Aid workers said it will intensify a dire humanitarian crisis.
NAIROBI, Kenya — The conflict in northern Ethiopia has escalated sharply in recent days, as Ethiopian forces began a sweeping offensive in a bid to reverse recent gains by Tigrayan rebels, Western officials and Tigrayan leaders said. U.N. officials said the attack will deepen the humanitarian crisis in a region that is plunging into the world’s worst famine in a decade.

Ethiopian army starts ground attack on rebellious Tigray forces
NAIROBI, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's national army launched a ground offensive against forces from the northern region of Tigray on Monday, the region's ruling Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) said.

The UAE-Ethiopia Airlift: The investigation techniques.
On 07 Oct 2021, I reported identification a total of 45 flights from the United Arab Emirates to Ethiopia. This article is part two of a series of two articles about this find. The first[1] article, which was published yesterday, is about the shady history of the aircraft and their current operator. This second article goes deeper into the technical side: how do I know that these aircraft actually visited Ethiopia?

Ethiopia’s widening war could be catastrophic for millions. The U.S. needs to step up pressure.
Opinion by the Editorial Board - The rainy season is coming to an end in Ethiopia's conflict zones, which means that the fighting season could be about to begin. ...Abiy Ahmed, freshly sworn in for a new five-year term on Monday,has been massing government forces near Tigray,... Barring de-escalation, the consequences — especially for the 6 million people of Tigray, at growing risk of famine - could be catastrophic.

Ethiopia used its flagship commercial airline to transport weapons during war in Tigray
(CNN)- Ethiopia's government has used the country's flagship commercial airline to shuttle weapons to and from neighboring Eritrea during the civil war in Ethiopia's Tigray region, a CNN investigation has found. Cargo documents and manifests seen by CNN, as well as eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence, confirm that arms were transported between Addis Ababa's international airport and airports in the Eritrean cities of Asmara and Massawa

U.N. Security Council to discuss Ethiopia expulsion of U.N. staff
NEW YORK, Oct 1 (Reuters) - The United Nations Security Council will privately discuss on Friday a decision by Ethiopia to expel seven senior U.N. officials, diplomats said, as malnutrition rates rise and famine looms in the country's war-torn northern region of Tigray.

Where is the outrage for Ethiopia?
(CNN)The sudden fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has rightly drawn much of the world's ire and attention.And yet, much to our distress, for nearly a year the world has paid comparatively little attention to another brutal and escalating conflict; the catastrophic violence in Ethiopia.Tigrayan women and girls are being subjected to sexual abuse with "a level of cruelty beyond comprehension."In media reports, loca l medics have described removing nails and rocks from the bodies of victims. Again, we ask: Where is the outrage?

U.N. aid chief to Ethiopia on famine in Tigray: 'Get those trucks moving'
UNITED NATIONS, Sept 28 (Reuters) - United Nations aid chief Martin Griffiths said on Tuesday he assumes famine has taken hold in Ethiopia's Tigray where a nearly three-month long "de-facto blockade" has restricted aid deliveries to 10% of what is needed in the war-torn region.

Tigray crisis: Why are hundreds of aid trucks stranded?
The UN says hundreds of aid trucks which made the journey up to Tigray from other parts of Ethiopia between mid-July and mid-September have not returned. The UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), has made clear that the reasons cited by drivers not wanting to go back "are a lack of fuel to return, as well as drivers fearing for their security."

US: Ethiopia, Tigray Actors Can Avoid Sanctions by Ending Conflict
NAIROBI — The U.S. government is urging the Ethiopian government, rebel group Tigray People’s Liberation Front and other warring factions to end the conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region and allow humanitarian aid to reach millions in need of assistance. Unless the conflict stops, key officials could be facing U.S. travel and financial sanctions.

Dying of hunger in Ethiopia's blockaded Tigray
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - In parts of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, people now eat only green leaves for days. At a health center last week, a mother and her newborn weighing just 1.7 pounds died from hunger. In every district of the more than 20 where one aid group works, residents have starved to death. For months, the United Nations has warned of famine in this embattled corner of northern Ethiopia, calling it the world’s worst hunger crisis in a decade.
History will remember the UN body for failing to save victims of genocide and man-made famine not only once but twice in the last half-century. The US with all its mighty power and moral authority will be remembered as the only superpower that failed to stop the genocide in Tigray.

Statement by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on the Executive Order Regarding the Crisis in Ethiopia
The White House 09-17-21 - The ongoing conflict in northern Ethiopia is a tragedy causing immense human suffering and threatens the unity of the Ethiopian state. Nearly one million people are living in famine-like conditions, and millions more face acute food insecurity as a direct consequence of the violence. Humanitarian workers have been blocked, harassed, and killed. I am appalled by the reports of mass murder, rape, and other sexual violence to terrorize civilian populations.
See Also: FACT SHEET: Biden-?Harris Administration Actions in Response to Ongoing Crisis in Northern Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Eritrean Refugees Targeted in Tigray
On November 19, Eritrean forces arrived in the town of Hitsats and indiscriminately killed several residents. They occupied and pillaged the town and took over the refugee camp. Some refugees took part in the looting, contributing to community tensions. On November 23, Tigrayan militia entered Hitsats camp and attacked refugees near the camp’s Orthodox church. Clashes between the militia fighters and Eritrean soldiers ensued in and around the camp

UN: Probe in Ethiopia's Tigray didn't reach Axum massacre
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The United Nations human rights chief on Monday said a highly awaited joint investigation into abuses in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict was unable to deploy to the site of one of its deadliest attacks, the alleged massacre of several hundred people in the holy city of Axum.

The battle for Mekelle: Ethiopia’s civil war over Tigray goes on – in pictures
An estimated 2.2 million people have been forced from their homes and thousands have been killed in the civil war that broke out in Ethiopia last November when government troops entered Mekelle, capital of the Tigray region. Witnessed by photographer Sergio Ramazzotti, the city was retaken by the Tigray Defence Forces in June, but peace in the region seems a long way off

Men are marched out of prison camps. Then corpses float down the river
Wad El Hilou, Sudan (CNN)The ghostly outlines of limbs emerge through the mist along the Setit River in eastern Sudan. As the river's path narrows, the drifting bodies become wedged on the silty clay bank and their forms appear more clearly; men, women, teenagers and even children. The marks of torture are easily visible on some, their arms held tightly behind their backs.

Memorandum On The war on Tigray: Setting the record straight
The much-celebrated election of Mr. Abiy Ahmed, by the EPRDF in 2018, to lead a political transition was from the start pregnant with seeds of failure. Rather than initiating a constitutional and an all-inclusive process, Dr. Abiy chose to indulge in a personal power consolidation and started to reorganize the country's political system and trajectory in a way that suits his political ambitions.

AU urges Ethiopia to ease humanitarian access to Tigray
The African Union on Friday urged Ethiopia's government to step up efforts to ensure humanitarian access to the war-torn Tigray region to prevent starvation, as aid workers struggle to reach desperate populations.

Global calls for mediation grow over Ethiopia's conflict
Africans around the world have signed an open letter enjoining the African Union to mediate in the war in Ethiopia. Analysts agree on the need for intervention to end the bloodshed and prevent a major refugee crisis.

Tigray Govt accuse AU of bias as mediation efforts grow
Forces from Ethiopia's war-torn region of Tigray on Sunday accused the African Union (AU) of bias, days after the bloc appointed former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo as a mediator in the months-long conflict. The spokesman for the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), Getachew Reda, accused the AU of "partiality" towards the Ethiopian government and said it would be "naive to expect this mission to work".

Opinion: U.S. sanctions against Eritrea are overdue, but incomplete
Opinion by the Editorial Board August 27, 2021 - "They raped me one after the other. … I don't know if they realized I was pregnant. I don't know if they realized I was a person." This is how one woman described to Amnesty International her assault by troops aligned with Ethiopia’s government, who have committed widespread, targeted rape against women and girls in Tigray, a state in the north of the country.

U.S. says war in Ethiopia's north could affect trade benefits
NAIROBI (Reuters) - The ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's north could affect the country's trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), the U.S. Trade Representative's Office said.

U.S. blacklists Eritrean individual linked to Ethiopia's Tigray -Treasury website
WASHINGTON, Aug 23 (Reuters) - The United States on Monday imposed human rights-related sanctions on an Eritrean individual it linked to Ethiopia's Tigray region, where conflict has killed thousands of people, according to the U.S. Treasury Department said on its website. The United States has repeatedly called for Eritrean troops to pull out from Tigray. Monday's action blacklisted Eritrean Filipos Woldeyohannes, according to the Treasury website.[If this sanction is simply on an individual it is nothing. Our hope is this sanction significance and effect is more than Flipos.]

The Government of the National State of Tigray unequivocally denounces all atrocities perpetrated against civilians, calls for UN-mandated independent investigation into all alleged crimes on civilians in the Amhara regions and firmly repudiates unfounded allegations published by The Telegraph.
(Tigray Govt) – Since the Ethiopian Government and its allied forces declared a genocidal war on Tigray on November 4, 2020, the world has witnessed egregious atrocities, war crimes, and crimes against humanity perpetrated against the people of Tigray. The crimes continue unabated, and civilians in Western Tigray, still occupied by Eritrean and Amhara forces, face human rights violations, including sexual and gender-based violence, looting, harassment, and massacres.

Ethiopia: Ethnic Tigrayans Forcibly Disappeared
(Nairobi) – Ethiopian authorities since late June 2021 have arbitrarily detained, forcibly disappeared, and committed other abuses against ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities should immediately account for Tigrayans’ forcibly disappeared, release those being held without credible evidence of a crime, and end all discriminatory treatment.

EXPLAINER: Why Ethiopia's war crisis is deepening by the day
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - The United States says it is sending a special envoy to Ethiopia as the fast-moving conflict in the Tigray region has spread into neighboring regions and Ethiopia's government this week called on all able citizens to stop the resurgent Tigray forces.

War in Tigray in images: from the Abiy-Isaias-Farmaajo alliance to the Tigrayan-Oromo pact
The war in Tigray has seen many phases – from the joy of the peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia that saw Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed welcomed in Asmara in 1998, to the current alliance between the Oromo and Tigrayans.

Ethiopia's War in Tigray Sees Ethnic Minority Group Targeted Across the Country
Ethiopian authorities have launched reprisals against ethnic Tigrayans across the country, arresting hundreds and accusing members of the minority group of supporting rebels who have been locked in a bloody war with the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopia: Troops and militia rape, abduct women and girls in Tigray conflict – new report
Women and girls in Tigray were targeted for rape and other sexual violence by fighting forces aligned to the Ethiopian government, Amnesty International said today in a new report into the ongoing Tigray conflict. The report, ‘I Don't Know If They Realized I Was A Person’: Rape and Other Sexual Violence in the Conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia, reveals how women and girls were subjected to sexual violence by members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), the Eritrean Defense Force (EDF), the Amhara Regional Police Special Force (ASF), and Fano, an Amhara militia group.

After Ethiopia Trip, USAID Administrator Samantha Power Shares View Of Conflict
The East African country is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis with allegations of mass killings and war crimes that have left parts of the country on the brink of famine. Ambassador Samantha Power has spent her career focused on crises like the one Ethiopia is facing.a.

Ethiopia suspends work of 2 aid groups active in Tigray
NAIROBI, Kenya — Two international aid groups said Tuesday that the Ethiopian government had suspended part or all of their operations, while the United Nations humanitarian chief warned Ethiopian authorities that blanket accusations against aid workers

As Ethiopia's Civil War Rages, Bodies Float Downriver Into Sudan
AL-FASHAGA, Sudan — The bodies floated over the border in ones and twos, bloated and bearing knife or gunshot wounds, carried on waters that flow from the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. At least 40 bodies have washed up on a riverbank in eastern Sudan in the past week

Washington's Balancing Act With Tigray
Nine months earlier, the regional Tigrayan government held elections to protest the federal government’s postponement of a national vote. After months of fighting, the federal government announced a unilateral ceasefire and withdrawal on June 28. Amidst this conflict are reports of atrocities against civilians by all armed forces and a famine that has further destabilized the region. At least 350,000 Tigrayans currently face food insecurity, mostly due to blockades. Moreover, 5.2 million people risk not receiving assistance if blockades continue. Beyond the humanitarian impact, Ethiopia’s democracy hangs in the balance.

Bodies found in river between Ethiopia's Tigray, Sudan
NAIROBI, Kenya — A Sudanese official says local authorities in Kassala province have found more than 40 bodies, apparently people fleeing the war in neighboring Ethiopia’s Tigray region, floating in the river between the countries over the past week, some with gunshot wounds or their hands bound.

The Latest on the Crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region
Fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region is entering its ninth month, and it may intensify after leaders in several of Ethiopia’s regions as well as its capital, Addis Ababa, called on residents, including youth, to mobilize against the Tigray fighters.

US genocide expert to press Ethiopia on Tigray aid blockade
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The U.S. official who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning book on genocide is visiting Ethiopia next week to press the government to lift what the U.S. calls a blockade on humanitarian aid to the conflict-hit Tigray region, where hundreds of thousands of people now face deadly famine.

An Ethiopian Road Is a Lifeline for Millions. Now It’s Blocked.
AFAR, Ethiopia - The road, a 300-mile strip of tarmac that passes through some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth, is the only way into a conflict-torn region where millions of Ethiopians face the threat of mass starvation. But it is a fragile lifeline, fraught with dangers that have made the route barely passable for aid convoys trying to get humanitarian supplies into the Tigray region, where local fighters have been battling the Ethiopian army for eight months.

Grim aftermath of Ethiopian battle offers rare clues of brutal war
Burned-out military vehicles, boxes of ammunition and the bodies of scores of federal troops were still scattered along the dirt road that runs through the Ethiopian village of Sheweate Hugum three weeks after the fighting subsided. Beside them lay the leftovers of lives cut short: family photographs, school diplomas, Ethiopian flags.

On the Ethiopian border, refugees fleeing fighting, famine make for Sudan
Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia launched a government offensive last November against rebels in the northern region of Tigray. At the time, he promised the war would be over in a matter of weeks. But the ongoing conflict has led to thousands of deaths, displaced almost 2 million people, and led to charges of ethnic cleansing and widespread sexual violence, mostly by government forces.

Ethiopian bishops say it is not too late to stop the war in Tigray
NAIROBI, Kenya - Expressing compassion and solidarity with the people affected by war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the Ethiopian bishops’ conference said it is not too late to end the violence that has left thousands of people dead and 2 million more displaced.

Ethiopia Tigray crisis: New front opens as aid fears grow
A bloody eight-month battle for control of the north Ethiopian state of Tigray has spilled over into the neighbouring region of Afar in the past week. "Five years ago the Ethiopian army was the most powerful in the region. The fact it couldn't secure Tigray shows how quickly the situation has deteriorated."

Tigray: As famine looms, first WFP humanitarian flight arrives
It was the first UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) aircraft to arrive in the region since commercial flights were halted on 24 June, carrying more than 30 staffers from multiple aid organizations. “WFP and our fellow emergency responders on the ground in Mekelle are all enormously relieved to see this UNHAS flight arrive today, bringing in colleagues who are all essential in our collective efforts to scale up the humanitarian response..."

Tigray: thousands flee in neighbouring region as conflict spreads
Attacks by Tigrayan forces in the Afar region of Ethiopia have forced more than 54,000 people from their homes, an official has said, as refugees in a camp in southern Tigray described heavy clashes nearby. Tigrayan fighters, who want the Ethiopian government to accept their terms before talks on a ceasefire can begin, have taken control of three districts in Afar this week, according to Ahmed Koloyta, a spokesperson for the region.

Tigray: Time for the UN to Report on Attacks on Humanitarian Facilities and Personnel
Since the outbreak of war in Tigray in November 2020, the Government of Ethiopia and its coalition partners have persistently obstructed humanitarian aid, pillaged and destroyed medical infrastructure and services, and incited violence against humanitarian workers. These actions have been well documented and are clear violations of international humanitarian law (IHL). Yet, the United Nations Security Council has failed to invoke resolution 2286

Ethiopia's Tigray war spills into neighbouring regions
Rebels in Ethiopia's war-hit Tigray have carried out operations against pro-government troops in neighbouring Afar region, a spokesman said Sunday, opening a new front in the widening eight-month conflict. The "very limited action" targeted special forces and militia fighters from Oromia region, Ethiopia's largest, who were massing along the Tigray-Afar border, the rebel spokesman, Getachew Reda, told AFP.

Ethiopia: Tigray govt forces say they released 1,000 captured soldiers
OLBIA, Italy July 17 (Reuters) - Forces in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region have released around 1,000 government soldiers captured during recent fighting, the head of its ruling party said, as both sides prepared for a showdown over contested land in the west of the region.

Ethiopia: End arbitrary detentions of Tigrayans, activists and journalists in Addis Ababa and reveal whereabouts of unaccounted detainees
Police in Addis Ababa have arbitrarily arrested and detained dozens of Tigrayans without due process, following the recapture of the Tigray region’s capital, Mekelle, by forces from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that also calls itself Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) on 28 June, Amnesty International said today.

RSF decries wave of arrests in Ethiopia
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns the arrests of a total a dozen of journalists in the space of two days in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

Human Rights Council Adopts Resolutions on Human Rights in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia
The Human Rights Council this morning adopted three resolutions on human rights in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, human rights in the context of HIV and AIDS, and on violence against women and girls: preventing and responding to all forms of violence against women and girls with disabilities. Concerning the situation of human rights in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the Council expressed grave concern at the reports of serious human rights violations and abuses and violations of international humanitarian law

'Purely ethnic profiling’: New wave of Tigrayans detained
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -Witnesses say thousands of Tigrayans are being detained and their businesses closed in cities across Ethiopia in a new wave of ethnic targeting by authorities over the eight-month conflict in the Tigray region.

US cites China, Myanmar, Ethiopia in genocide report
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Biden administration on Monday renewed genocide allegations against China for repression of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in its northwest Xinjiang region. It also warned Eritrea, Ethiopia, Myanmar and South Sudan of possible further sanctions for ethnic cleansing in conflicts they are involved in.

How Local Guerrilla Fighters Routed Ethiopia’s Powerful Army
SAMRE, Ethiopia - The Tigrayan fighters whooped, whistled and pointed excitedly to a puff of smoke in the sky, where an Ethiopian military cargo plane trundling over the village minutes earlier had been struck by a missile. Smoke turned to flames as the stricken aircraft broke in two and hurtled toward the ground. Later, in a stony field strewn with smoking wreckage, villagers picked through twisted metal

UN Rights Body Needs to Act on Ethiopia
(HRW) 07-09-21 - As reports of grave rights abuses continue to emerge from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the United Nations Human Rights Council is considering a resolution to add Tigray to its agenda. It should do so immediately.

Resurgent Tigray and Horn of Africa Politics
The war in Ethiopia's Tigray region just took an unexpected turn. Seemingly isolated in mountainous reaches of central Tigray only weeks ago, Tigrayan rebels last week overran regional capital Mekelle and other cities and towns they had left last November when federal troops moved in. They were met by dancing and cheering crowds.

Blinken calls for negotiated, indefinite ceasefire in call with Ethiopia's Abiy
WASHINGTON, July 6 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a call with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday stressed the need for all parties to commit to an immediate, indefinite, negotiated ceasefire, the State Department said. Blinken also urged Abiy to commit the withdrawal of both Eritrean and Amhara forces from Tigray region.

Tigray demands troop withdrawals for ceasefire talks
ADDIS ABABA, July 4 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's Tigray region wants a full withdrawal of troops from Eritrea and the neighbouring state of Amhara before it can engage in any talks with the federal government about a ceasefire, it said in a statement on Sunday.

Food and fuel running out in capital of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region
(CNN) - Food and fuel is running out in the capital of Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region, a CNN producer on the ground in Mekelle reports. A communications blackout in the region, in place since Ethiopian forces withdrew and announced a unilateral ceasefire last week, has made it difficult to determine the situation in Tigray and its capital Mekelle. But on Saturday, CNN was able to reach its producer on the ground who reports a blockade on Tigray by Ethiopian forces has been ongoing since June 25.

After Sudden Defeat, Captured Ethiopian Soldiers Are Marched to Prison
The scale of the loss suffered by one of Africa’s most powerful armies was on vivid display on Friday as thousands of government troops were paraded through Mekelle, the regional capital of Tigray.

Ethiopia denies blocking aid to Tigray where WFP trucks waited days to unload
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia on Friday denied blocking humanitarian aid to its northern Tigray region where hundreds of thousands face starvation, and said it was rebuilding infrastructure amid accusations it is using hunger as a weapon.

Bridge on Tekeze River in Ethiopia's Tigray destroyed - aid group
NAIROBI (Reuters) - A bridge on the Tekeze river in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has been destroyed, the International Rescue Committee said on Thursday, adding that as a result getting aid to the war-ravaged region would be “even more severely hampered than before”.

Tigray reject calls for ceasefire after Ethiopian government forces withdraw from regional capital
(CNN) forces in the war-torn Ethiopian region of Tigray have rejected a ceasefire offer from the central government, raising fears of further violence a day after the fighters retook the regional capital Mekelle. The recapture of the city by Tigrayan fighters and the retreat of Ethiopian government troops on Monday marked a stunning about-turn in the country's devastating eight-month civil war.

What's behind the renewed conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region?
Tensions between Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's government in Addis Ababa and leaders from the country's northern Tigray region entered a new phase this week, as rebels seized Mekele, the regional capital, and government forces fled.


Select News and Facts: Nov 4- June 21, 2021


06-28-21 After a long yet short and ardous 8 months of armed struggle Tigray is nearly free - June 28,2021
Ethiopian forces withdraw from Tigray regional capital Mekelle

CNN - Less than a week into an intense offensive by Tigrayan forces, the Ethiopian military has withdrawn from the war-torn regional Tigrayan capital of Mekelle on Monday, a UN official told CNN. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisal from the Ethiopian government. The news was greeted with cheers in Mekelle, and CNN journalists witnessed as people poured onto the streets in celebration, despite calls for them to stay indoors. Fireworks could also be heard as celebrations carried on into the night.

06-27-21 CNN New video of Ethiopia massacre document in Tigray- June 2021
New video of Ethiopia massacre shows soldiers passing phone around to document their executions of unarmed men

A few scattered human bones lay on the rocky ground, along with a broken skull and several half-burned identification cards.That is all the villagers could find, six months after Ethiopian troops rounded up their loved ones and shot them at point-blank range, throwing the bodies off a rocky hillside deep in the mountains of central Tigray in Ethiopia.

06-25-21 MSF colleagues murdered in Tigray- June 2021
Aid group MSF ‘horrified’ as colleagues murdered in Tigray

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The medical charity Doctors Without Borders says it is “horrified by the brutal murder” of three colleagues in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the latest attack on humanitarian workers helping civilians in the deadly conflict there.

06-23-21 Reuters On Airstirke and Civilian Death in Tigray- June 2021
Medical official: air strike kills at least 43 in Ethiopia's Tigray

(Reuters), ADDIS ABABA June 23 (Reuters) - An air strike killed at least 43 people in the town of Togoga in Ethiopia's Tigray region on Tuesday, a medical official told Reuters, after residents said new fighting had flared in recent days north of the regional capital Mekelle. The bomb hit a market at around 1:00 p.m., according to a woman who said her husband and two-year-old daughter had been injured.

06-21-21 U.N. rights chief deplores abuse in Tigray- June 2021
U.N. rights chief deplores abuse reports in Ethiopia's Tigray

GENEVA (Reuters) - The U.N. rights chief said on Monday she was “deeply disturbed” by reports of continued violations including executions in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, and added that a long-awaited joint investigation should be ready by August.

06-17-21 New York Times Opinion: Images and These in Tigray- June 2021
Don't Turn Away From These Images and These Crimes

Nicholas Kristof (NYT) - Meet Rahel, 19, a human face of a brutal ethnic cleansing now underway in Ethiopia. "There were three soldiers," she said as she lay on a bed in a crowded hospital. "They were asking me to take off my dress. I refused. I said, ‘You can kill me." The men paid no heed and gang-raped her, part of a scorched-earth counterinsurgency campaign of murder, rape, pillage and famine by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops.

06-16-21 New York Times: The War in Tigray - June 2021
NYT Reports The War in Tigray

(NYT) Abiy Ahmed, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for brokering a deal with Eritrea. However, the nation is now in the grips of a civil war, as Mr. Ahmed undertakes a military campaign that has killed thousands and displaced millions. In the northern region of Tigray, there have been widespread reports of massacres, human rights abuses and a looming famine.

06-15-21 Washington Post: Starvation has become a weapon of war in Tigray - June 2021
Starvation has become a weapon of war in Ethiopia. U.S. action is urgent

Editorial Board June 15, 2021 at 10:31 a.m. PDT - FOR MONTHS humanitarian agencies have been warning that famine could spread in the Ethiopian region of Tigray if government forces and allied troops from neighboring Eritrea did not end a brutal campaign to subjugate the area. Now that emergency has arrived. U.N. agencies reported last week that more than 350,000 of Tigray’s 6 million people are living in famine conditions, and 2 million more are at risk.

06-12-21 HRW: G7 Leaders Can’t Ignore Ethiopia’s Looming Famine- June 2021
G7 Leaders Can't Ignore Ethiopia’s Looming Famine

G7 leaders meeting this week should galvanize an immediate global response to the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Yesterday, the United Nations and other aid agencies warned that some 350,000 people are already experiencing famine-like conditions in Tigray.


Seven months into the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, human rights atrocities and the full-blown humanitarian crisis are alarming, currently pushing 400,000 innocent people to the brink of famine and loss of life. This must be addressed immediately. We do well to remember the 1980s famine in Ethiopia, which led to an estimated one million deaths, many as a result of food assistance being blocked.

06-10-21 U.S. Pushes U.N. Security Council about Tigray region- June 2021
U.S. Pushes U.N. Security Council to Publicly Address Ethiopia's Tigray

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Thursday pushed for the U.N. Security Council to meet publicly on Ethiopia's conflict-torn Tigray region, where hundreds of thousands of people are in famine conditions. She also told a virtual event on Tigray, organized by the United States and the European Union, that it's "time for the Ethiopian government to respond responsibly to requests for humanitarian access."

06-09-21 UN report Somali fighters in Tigray region- June 2021
UN report reveals presence of Somali fighters in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

A UN report due to be submitted to the General Assembly this month says Somali soldiers are fighting alongside Eritrean troops in Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region. The 17-page-document prepared by UN special rapporteur Mohamed Babiker discusses the presence of Somali troops in Tigray – an issue that adds another dimension to the continuing conflict and growing humanitarian crisis.

06-07-21 The Nobel committee should resign over the atrocities in Tigray- June 2021
The Nobel committee should resign over the atrocities in Tigray

Nobel committee members have individual responsibility for awarding the 2019 peace prize to Abiy Ahmed, accused of waging the war in Tigray. The members should thus collectively resign their honourable positions at the Nobel committee in protest and defiance.

06-01-21 AP:Famine is imminent in Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region- June 2021
UN: Famine is imminent in Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Famine is imminent in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region and in the country’s north, the U.N. humanitarian chief said, warning there’s a risk that hundreds of thousands of people or more will die. Mark Lowcock said the economy has been destroyed along with businesses, crops and farms and there are no banking or telecommunications services.

06-01-21 UN : 90% Tigray need emergency food aid - June 2021
Over 90% in Ethiopia's Tigray need emergency food aid: UN

More than 90 percent of people in Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region need emergency food aid, the United Nations said Tuesday, as it appealed for over $200 million to scale up its response. The UN World Food Programme voiced alarm that the conflict had caused an increase in hunger levels which were already high in Tigray.

05-31-21 HRW : Tigray Schools Occupied, Looted. - May 2021
Ethiopia: Tigray Schools Occupied, Looted

(Nairobi) – All warring parties in Tigray have been implicated in the attacking, pillaging, and occupying of schools since the conflict started, Human Rights Watch said today.

05-28-21 Nationalgeographic : A grave humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Tigray. - May 2021
A grave humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ethiopia. Tigray

The only roads open in besieged Tigray, a semi-autonomous federal state in northern Ethiopia, lead to endless tales of darkness. Most roads north and south from Tigray’s capital of Mekele have been closed to journalists and humanitarian aid. Burnt-out tanks and looted ambulances stripped of engines and wheels line the road west.

05-26-21 hundreds rounded up by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers - May 2021
Tigrayans told, 'We'll see if America will save you now,' as hundreds rounded up by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers

(CNN)Days after the United States announced financial sanctions and visa restrictions on Ethiopian and Eritrean officials, eyewitnesses told CNN that hundreds of young men were rounded up from displaced peoples camps in Shire, a town in Tigray, late Monday evening. Witnesses speaking to CNN on condition of anonymity described how Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers invaded at least two IDP centers where they beat and harassed Tigrayans...

05-25-21 UN demands full inquiry after Telegraph reveals potential white phosphorus burns in Tigray Region of Ethiopia - May 2021
(White phosphorus victim in Tigray, pics sent via Will Brown)
UN demands full inquiry after Telegraph reveals potential white phosphorus burns in Ethiopia's war

Experts say injuries consistent with white phosophorus, which is banned for use against humans. Kisanet Gebremicheal. She is 13 years old. The mother's name is Genet Asmelash. This young girl's burns are consistent with white phosphorus The United Nation's humanitarian chief has called for a full investigation after The Telegraph reported that civilians had suffered horrific injuries consistent with the use of white phosphorus during fighting in northern Ethiopia. The Telegraph obtained exclusive footage and accounts of witnesses and victims smuggled out of the mountainous region of Tigray showing civilians with burns covering their bodies.

05-23-21 US State Dept Statment on the Crisis in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia - May 2021
United States' Actions to Press for the Resolution of the Crisis in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia

The United States has deepening concerns about the ongoing crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as well as other threats to the sovereignty, national unity, and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. People in Tigray continue to suffer human rights violations, abuses, and atrocities, and urgently needed humanitarian relief is being blocked by the Ethiopian and Eritrean militaries as well as other armed actors. Despite significant diplomatic engagement, the parties to the conflict in Tigray have taken no meaningful steps...

05-22-21 Ethiopia says Eritrean troops killed civilians in Tigray - May 2021
Ethiopia says Eritrean troops killed civilians in Tigray

Ethiopia on Friday for the first time accused troops from neighbouring Eritrea of killing 110[Note:The number is much higher according to Amnesty and Other International Institutions] civilians in a massacre in the war-hit Tigray region. The attorney general's office sharply contradicted law enforcement officials who claimed earlier this month that the "great majority" of those killed in the city of Axum were fighters, not civilians.

05-21-21 Biden Administration Plans Visa Restrictions on Ethiopian and Eritrean Officials - May 2021
Biden Administration Plans Visa Restrictions on Ethiopian Officials Over Tigray

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is planning to target Ethiopian and Eritrean officials with visa restrictions in an opening diplomatic salvo against Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government over atrocities committed in the country’s Tigray conflict, U.S. officials and congressional aides familiar with the matter tell

05-20-21 US Senate passes unanimous resolution calling for withdrawal of Eritrean forces from Ethiopia - May 2021
US Senate passes unanimous resolution calling for withdrawal of Eritrean forces

(CNN)The US Senate has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region, after a CNN investigation revealed that the soldiers were cutting off critical aid routes. A CNN team traveling through Tigray in late April witnessed Eritrean soldiers, some disguising themselves in old Ethiopian military uniforms, blocking aid to starving populations

05-18-21 Ethiopian soldiers armed with guns and grenades raid hospital - May 2021
Ethiopian soldiers armed with guns and grenades raid hospital featured in CNN report

(CNN)Ethiopian soldiers armed with machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades raided a hospital in Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region earlier this week in retribution, doctors say, for a CNN investigation that revealed Ethiopian and Eritrean troops were blocking humanitarian aid to patients there.

05-18-21 WHO Director DR Tedros on the horrific’ situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray - May 2021
People face ‘horrific’ situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray: WHO chief

Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray region is facing a horrifying situation with people dying of hunger, health services destroyed and rape “rampant”, according to the World Health Organization chief, who is from the region. “The situation in Tigray, Ethiopia, is, if I use one word, horrific. Very horrific,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference on Monday.

05-13-21 UN on Eritrean troops blocking critical aid in Tigray - May 2021
Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in Tigray

(CNN)The United Nations has confirmed that military forces are impeding humanitarian access to parts of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region, after an exclusive CNN investigation revealed that Eritrean troops were coordinating with Ethiopian forces to cut off critical aid routes.

05-12-21 CNN Report on Eritrean troops blocking critical aid in Tigray - May 2021
Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in Tigray

Axum, Ethiopia — Eritrean troops are operating with total impunity in Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region, killing, raping and blocking humanitarian aid to starving populations more than a month after the country's Nobel Peace Prize winning leader pledged to the international community that they would leave

05-07-21 Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch on Tigray Genocide - May 2021
Ethiopian Orthodox Church patriarch blasts Tigray 'genocide'

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in his first public comments on the war in the country’s Tigray region is sharply criticizing Ethiopia’s actions, saying he believes it’s genocide: "They want to destroy the people of Tigray." In a video shot last month on a mobile phone and carried out of Ethiopia, the elderly Patriarch Abune Mathias addresses the church’s scores of millions of followers and the international community, saying his previous attempts to speak out were blocked.

05-07-21 Reuters Report on crackdown on ethnic Tigrayans - May 2021
Ethiopia's crackdown on ethnic Tigrayans snares thousands

Reuters - The over six months-old Tigray armed conflict waged by the Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara merciless leaders and their hundreds of thousands of forces against the people of Tigray (and not against the TPLF) resulted in the death and rape of tens of thousands of unarmed civilians and the displacement and starvation of millions.

05-03-21 Amnesty International On Tigrai Conflict Report - May 2021
Ethiopia: Tepid international response to Tigray conflict fuels horrific violations over past six months

African and other world leaders must urgently speak out and do more to stem the ferocious tide of human rights and international humanitarian law violations in the armed conflict that has now raged for six months in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, Amnesty International said today. Amnesty International and other organizations have documented a string of serious human rights violations that include war crimes and likely crimes against humanity. There are also numerous credible reports of women and girls being subjected to sexual violence, including gang rape by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers.

04-27-21 France24 Eritrean troops block, loot food aid in war-torn Tigray - April 2021
Eritrean troops block, loot food aid in Tigray: documents

Eritrean soldiers are blocking and looting food aid in Ethiopia's war-hit Tigray region, according to government documents obtained by AFP, stoking fears of starvation deaths as fighting nears the six-month mark.

04-26-21 Jeffrey Feltman, the new American envoy to the Horn of Africa on war-torn Tigray - April 2021
U.S. Africa Envoy: Ethiopia Crisis Could Make Syria Look Like ‘Child’s Play’

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday formally named Feltman to the post, where he will become Washington’s lead troubleshooter for a deadly conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia that has sparked a massive humanitarian crisis and widespread allegations of war crimes.

04-23-21 Council of Foreign Relations on Conflict in Ethiopia war-torn Tigray region - April 2021
What to Know About the Conflict in Ethiopia

Three years ago, Abiy Ahmed came to power with promises of peace. Now, jarring reports of killings and sexual violence have come out of Tigray, Ethiopia’s northernmost region. Here’s what to know about the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

04-22-21 United Nations Security Council has voiced about Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region - April 2021
UN breaks silence on Ethiopia crisis, urges investigation into reported Tigray atrocities

(CNN)The United Nations Security Council has voiced "deep concern" over a humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region for the first time since conflict erupted there five months ago, calling for reported atrocities to be investigated.

04-21-21 UNICEF Report On humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region - April 2021
‘No end’ to conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, warns UNICEF

Disturbing reports have continued to emerge of widespread abuse of civilians in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, nearly six months since conflict erupted, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Tuesday.“There is no clear end in sight” to the conflict, said agency spokesperson James Elder, after returning from a visit the northern Ethiopian region.

04-20-21 ABCNEWS Report On humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region - April 2021
US raising alarm over 'deteriorating' humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region

The Biden administration is voicing increasing concern about the reported atrocities committed in Ethiopia's Tigray region and continued restrictions and challenges for aid organizations responding to a crisis that has only grown since fighting erupted last November.

04-15-21 NYT Report On More Killing in Tigray by Eritrean Troops - April 2021
Eritrean Troops Continue to Commit Atrocities in Tigray, U.N. Says

NAIROBI, Kenya — Eritrean troops continue to commit atrocities in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray, despite assurances by Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, that they were leaving, a senior United Nations official said Thursday.

04-14-21 Report On More Killing in Tigray by Eritrean Troops - April 2021
Ethiopia: Three killed, 19 injured in Tigray as Eritrean troops open fire on civilians

Amnesty International can confirm that Eritrean troops killed three people and injured at least 19 in an unprovoked attack on civilians in the centre of Adwa town on 12 April. Witnesses told Amnesty International that Eritrean troops were passing through the town located in the Tigray region, when they suddenly opened fire at people on the main street close to the bus station.

04-13-21 - Report on Ethiopia at Risk of Genocide? - April 2021
Is Ethiopia at Risk of Genocide?

Over the course of six days in November 2020, Ethiopian government forces and allies executed two hundred civilians in Adi Hageray, a town in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Eyewitnesses report indiscriminate house-by-house killings, with victims ranging from children to ninety-year-olds.

04-08-21 - PBS Report On Ethnic Cleasing in Tigray - April 2021
Ethiopia's military crackdown in Tigray prompts accusations of ethnic cleansing

Allegations of ethnic cleansing that began last fall amid a military crackdown in northern Ethiopia's Tigray region now threaten to engulf the surrounding areas and permanently tarnish the reputation of the country's nobel prize-winning prime minister.

04-07-21 - IBA Report On Ethiopia war against Tigray - April 2021
'Ethiopia's hidden war

It has been several months since the war in Ethiopia began in Tigray. Abiy Ahmed claimed no civilians had been killed, which has since been proven to be extremely inaccurate. Despite the continuing human catastrophe, little is being done to stem the deaths, massacres, hunger and depressing array of atrocities, including the use of rape as a weapon of war and the killing of boys and young men of military age.

04-07-21 - AP Report Tigray ethnicity is erased - April 2021
'Leave no Tigrayan': In Ethiopia, an ethnicity is erased

HAMDAYET, Sudan (AP) - The atrocities have been seared into the skin and the minds of Tigrayans, who take shelter by the thousands within sight of the homeland they fled in northern Ethiopia. They arrive in heat that soars above 38 C (100 F), carrying the pain of gunshot wounds, torn vaginas, welts on beaten backs.

04-06-21 - Report Starving Tigray - April 2021
How Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities Have Destroyed an Ethiopian Region’s Economy and Food System and Are Threatening Famine

This report has benefited from the research, analysis and review of a number of individuals, most of whom preferred to remain anonymous. For that reason, we are attributing authorship solely to the World Peace Foundation.
Starving-Tigray-report (Full)

04-05-21 - BBC Report Tigray crisis: The Weeknd donates $1m to Ethiopians in conflict - April 2021
R&B singer The Weeknd has promised to donate $1m (£700,000) to Ethiopians caught up in the conflict in Tigray.

The star, born Abel Tesfaye in Canada, is the son of Ethiopian immigrants. "My heart breaks for my people of Ethiopia as innocent civilians ranging from small children to the elderly are being senselessly murdered," he said.

04-02-21 - BBC Report Tigray massacre video - April 2021
Evidence suggests Ethiopian military carried out massacre in Tigray

BBC- An investigation by BBC Africa Eye has uncovered evidence that a massacre in northern Ethiopia was carried out by members of the Ethiopian military. It also reveals the precise location of the atrocity, in which at least 15 men were killed.

04-01-21 - Analysis of Tigray massacre video raises questions for Ethiopian Army. - April 2021
Analysis of Tigray massacre video raises questions for Ethiopian Army

(CNN) - Dawit was watching television at a relative's one-room apartment in Axum, a historic city in Ethiopia's war-torn, northern Tigray region, in early March when a news bulletin flashed up on the screen. Graphic, unverified footage had surfaced of a mass killing near Dawit's hometown of Mahibere Dego

03-30-21 - Congressman Meeks, McCaul Lead Letter to Secretary Blinken. - March 2021
Meeks, McCaul Lead Letter to Secretary Blinken Urging Accountability Over Crisis in Ethiopia

Washington, D.C. – Today, Representatives Gregory W. Meeks and Michael McCaul, Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, sent a bipartisan letter to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressing concern over the growing ongoing conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

03-29-21 - Report: Thousands of Tigrayans are again being driven from their homes. - March 2021
Tigray: Thousands of Tigrayans are again being driven from their homes.

The dusty buses keep coming, dozens a day, mattresses, chairs and baskets piled on top. They stop at schools hurriedly turned into camps, disgorging families who describe fleeing from ethnic Amhara militia in Ethiopia's Tigray region.


The Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum (HoACS Forum) is a regional network of civil society organisations working together to monitor and expand civic space in the countries in which they operate. Established in March 2016, the HoACS Forum) in response to the diminishing civic space for civil society organisations (CSOs) in the greater HoA region. In 2018 Prime Minister (PM) Abiy started a very much welcome peace process with Eritrea. An initiative for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. However, it is now clear that the talks between PM Abiy and President Isais were not about peace and normalisation of relationships; they were high-level secret preparations for war against Tigray. A Tigray whose autonomy and whose political elites emerged as mutual enemies requiring removal, especially following the September regional elections1

03-26-21 - Reports of executions and mass-rape emerge - March 2021
Ethiopian father begged Eritrean soldiers, daughter says

It was 10 days into Ethiopia’s military campaign against fighters from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), The family heard shooting outside their home in the town of Zalambessa, on the border with Eritrea, from around dawn, Mibrak said. Eritrean soldiers burst in around midday. Her father, a priest at the local Ethiopian Orthodox church

03-25-21 - Reports of executions and mass-rape emerge - March 2021
Reports of executions and mass-rape emerge from the obscured war in Ethiopia's Tigray region

Johannesburg — The medical charity Doctors Without Borders has revealed details from the gruesome war playing out virtually out of sight in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, reporting that government forces executed civilians in cold blood.

03-24-21 - MSF Reports Civilian killings by Abiy Soldiers in borad day light - March 2021
Ethiopia: MSF staff attacked after witnessing killings by soldiers in Tigray

March 24, 2021—Karline Kleijer, head of emergency programs for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), gave the following statement today in response to events in Ethiopia:We are horrified by the continued violence in Tigray, Ethiopia. This includes the extrajudicial killings of at least four men who were dragged off public buses and executed by soldiers, while our staff members were present, on Tuesday, March 23.

03-23-21 - Abiy Ahmed finally admmitted Eritrean forces have invaded Tigray - March 2021
Ethiopian PM confirms Eritrean troops entered Tigray during recent conflict

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed for the first time on Tuesday that troops from neighbouring Eritrea entered the northern Tigray region during the five-month old conflict

03-21-21 - Spotlight on the Tigray Region of Ethiopia - March 2021
Spotlight on the Tigray Region of Ethiopia: The Need for an Urgent Response

On 16 March 2021, Lord Alton of Liverpool and the Coalition for Genocide Response hosted a webinar entitled focused on the situation Tigray Region of Ethiopia.In recent months reports have emerged highlighting the deteriorating situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

03-20-21 - CNN Reportage: Genocide in Tigray - March 2021
'Practically this has been a genocide'

Hamdayet, Sudan -- More evidence of sexual violence being used as a deliberate weapon of war is emerging from Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, where an armed conflict has been raging for months.

03-18-21 - President Biden Dispatches Senator Chris Coons to Tigrai - March 2021
Biden Dispatches Senate Ally to Ethiopia to Address Crisis

President Joe Biden is deploying one of his closest allies on Capitol Hill to East Africa to urge an end to the growing conflict in Ethiopia that has already killed thousands and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.

03-15-21 - Sky Report : On Destruction in Tigrai - March 2021
Ethiopia: Hundreds executed, thousands homeless - the human cost of fighting in Tigray

The breadth and depth of human suffering in the Ethiopian region of Tigray is perfectly clear to humanitarian workers, human rights groups and the international diplomatic community.After four months of warfare between Ethiopia's national defence force and fighters from the Tigray, observers are collecting a worrying selection of data. More than 500,000 Tigrayans have lost their homes. Almost 60,000 have sought refugee status in neighbouring Sudan.

03-15-21 - MSF Report : On Clinic Destruction in Tigrai - March 2021
MSF denounces widespread attacks on Tigray clinics

The medical charity MSF on Monday condemned a "deliberate and generalised" programme of targeting clinics in the conflict-hit Tigray region of Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a military campaign in Tigray last year after blaming the region's ruling party...

03-13-21 - Report : Video of Tigray massacre - March 2021
Ethiopia: video of Tigray massacre lifts lid on 'war without photos'

Men in uniform slaughtered dozens of people in a small village in the Tigray region of Ethiopia on January 5, 2021, right in the midst of the usually festive Orthodox Christmas season. Thirty bodies are seen on the ground in a video that has been circulating online despite the current internet blackout in the Tigray region

03-11-21 - Biden is deeply concerned, highly engaged on Ethiopia: White House - March 2021
War in Tigray: Summary of Main Events

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden is deeply concerned and highly engaged on the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday. “The president is deeply concerned and highly engaged on this issue,” Psaki said.

03-10-21 - Tigrai War Update - March 2021
War in Tigray: Summary of Main Events

EEPA started the publication of the Situation Reports on 17 November 2020. Prior to this, EEPA had published internal daily updates. Realising that, due to the total media and communication black-out, there was a need for information, the Situation Reports were started.

03-09-21 - NGO letter to US Ambassador to the UN - March 2021
Joint NGO Letter to H.E. Ms. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Permanent Representative of the US to the UN in New York, on the crisis in Ethiopia

We, the undersigned human rights organizations, would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your appointment as Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations in New York. Your appointment comes at a time of unprecedented crisis, with a global pandemic and a multitude of conflict-related crises that demand the attention of the UN Security Council. This includes the worsening situation in Tigray, Ethiopia.

03-08-21 - OCHA: Tigrai War Update - March 2021

The humanitarian situation in Tigray remains extremely concerning, while reports of intensified fighting and lack of assistance in rural areas continue to drive displacements of people across the Region.

03-08-21 - theguardian: Tigrai War Update - March 2021
Young men take up arms in northern Ethiopia as atrocities fuel insurgency

Despite government claims of a significant improvement in the security situation in recent weeks, tens of thousands of Ethiopian troops and soldiers sent by neighbouring Eritrea to support Addis Ababa’s military operations appear to be facing continuing resistance.

03-05-21 - HRW: Eritrean Forces Massacre Tigray Civilians - March 2021
Ethiopia: Eritrean Forces Massacre Tigray Civilians

(Nairobi) – Eritrean armed forces massacred scores of civilians, including children as young as 13, in the historic town of Axum in Ethiopia’s Tigray region in November 2020, Human Rights Watch said today. The United Nations should urgently establish an independent inquiry into war crimes

03-04-21 - UN: War crimes Committed in Tigrai - March 2021
Ethiopia: Persistent, credible reports of grave violations in Tigray underscore urgent need for human rights access – Bachelet

GENEVA (4 March 2021) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Thursday stressed the urgent need for an objective, independent assessment of the facts on the ground in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, given the persistent reports of serious human rights violations and abuses she continues to receive.

03-03-21 - UN Security Council to discuss following CNN investigation into Tigray massacre - March 2021
UN Security Council to discuss Ethiopia conflict following CNN investigation into Tigray massacre

(CNN)The UN Security Council will discuss the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia's Tigray region on Thursday behind closed doors, two UN diplomats have told CNN. The development comes after investigations were published by CNN and Amnesty International last Friday into the massacre of civilians in two separate assaults in Tigray late last year.

03-02-21 - CNN interview with President of Tigrai Debretsion(PhD) Tigrai - March 2021
CNN EXCLUSIVE: Leader of Tigray's forces accuses Ethiopian and Eritrean governments of genocide

(CNN)The ousted leader of Ethiopia's Tigray region has accused the federal government and its Eritrean allies of genocide and other crimes against humanity, calling on US President Joe Biden to dial up the pressure against "invader forces."

03-02-21 - AFP: Four media workers arrested in Ethiopia's Tigray - March 2021
Four media workers arrested in Ethiopia's Tigray

Four media workers in Ethiopia's conflict-wracked Tigray region, including a translator working for Agence France-Presse, have been arrested and detained, their families and employers said.Tigray has been the theatre of fighting since early November 2020

02-27-21 - CNN on Massacre in Mariam Denbgelat Monastery Tigrai - Feb 2021
Massacre in the mountains

Abraham began burying the bodies in the morning and didn't stop until nightfall. The corpses, some dressed in white church robes drenched in blood, were scattered in arid fields, scrubby farmlands and a dry riverbed. Others had been shot on their doorsteps

02-27-21 - New York Times on Ethnic Cleansing Tigrai - Feb 2021
Ethiopia's War Leads to Ethnic Cleansing in Tigray Region, U.S. Report Says

An internal U.S. government report found that people in Tigray are being driven from their homes in a war begun by Ethiopia, an American ally — posing President Biden’s first major test in Africa.

02-26-21 - EU Response to Amnesty Report on Axum Masacre Tigrai - Feb 2021
Tigray conflict: Joint by HR/VP Borrell and Commissioner Lenarcic on massacres in Axum

Amnesty International issued a report today on atrocities that took place in Axum, Ethiopia, in November 2020. The report concludes that indiscriminate shelling and mass execution may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

02-26-21 - Amnesty Report on Axum Masacre Tigrai - Feb 2021

(Amnesty International)_ Between 19 and 29 November 2020, Eritrean troops operating in the Ethiopian city of Axum, Tigray, committed a series of human rights and humanitarian law violations, including killing hundreds of civilians. Over an approximately 24-hour period on 28-29 November, Eritrean soldiers deliberately shot civilians on the street and carried out systematic house-to-house searches, extrajudicially executing men and boys. The massacre was carried out in retaliation for an earlier attack by a small number of local militiamen, joined by local residents armed with sticks and stones. ... Source

02-25-21 - Reuter On Masacre and Burned Villages near Mekelle Tigrai - Feb 2021
Hundreds of buildings burned around Tigray town, research group says

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Fires that appear to have been deliberately set destroyed more than 500 structures this week in and around Ethiopia’s Gijet town, an analysis of satellite imagery shared with Reuters has found, adding credence to reports of continued conflict in parts of the northern region of Tigray.

02-21-21 - New York Post On Masacre in Axum Tigrai - Feb 2021
At least 800 Ethiopians killed after defending ‘Ark of the Covenant’

At least 800 people were reportedly killed in Ethiopia as worshippers and soldiers risked their lives to protect what Christians there say is the sacred Ark of the Covenant from local militia.

02-19-21 - Tigray Government Position - Feb 2021
Tigray Government name conditions for peace with Ethiopia's government

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Forces fighting Ethiopia's military in the Tigray region laid out eight conditions on Friday for beginning peace talks, including the appointment of an international mediator and unimpeded access for humanitarian aid.

02-18-21 - bloomberg editorial recommendation to the US on Ethiopia - Feb 2021
U.S. Leadership Can Help End the Crisis in Ethiopia

By Editorial Board - Ethiopia's worsening civil war, which has already drawn in Eritrea and is now spilling over into Sudan, threatens to destabilize the entire Horn of Africa. Having thus put the government on notice, the administration should be prepared to impose punishment if Abiy fails to respond adequately.A good first step would be to join the EU in suspending assistance until the UN and other aid agencies are allowed free access to Tigray. Simultaneously, the U.S. should push for negotiations — between Ethiopia and Sudan, and between Addis Ababa and the Tigrayans

02-18-21 - AP Report - Eyewitnesses on Axum Massacre in Tigrai - Feb 2021
Witnesses recall massacre in Ethiopian holy city

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Bodies with gunshot wounds lay in the streets for days in Ethiopia’s holiest city. At night, residents listened in horror as hyenas fed on the corpses of people they knew. But they were forbidden from burying their dead by the invading Eritrean soldiers.

02-17-21 - EU on Aid to Ethiopia - Feb 2021
EU development chief calls for united response on Ethiopia

Urpilainen acknowledged as much Tuesday, also calling on the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada to tell Abiy that without full humanitarian access to Tigray, financial support for the government will be shut off.

02-17-21 - Forbes Story on Rape in Tigrai- Feb 2021
Mass Atrocities, Including The Use Of Rape And Sexual Violence, In The Tigray Region Of Ethiopia

In recent months reports have emerged highlighting the deteriorating situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The ongoing armed conflict began on November 4, 2020, when “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered the Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) to militarily engage with the Tigray

02-16-21 - Irishtimes Story on Tigrai- Feb 2021
Ireland must speak up for the starving in Tigray

The world's newest humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The stories of desperate human tragedy and heartless political leaders are both familiar and shockingly fresh.

02-15-21 - BBC on Rape Story in Tigrai- Feb 2021
Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: 'I lost my hand when a soldier tried to rape me'

An Ethiopian schoolgirl has told the BBC how she lost her right hand defending herself from a soldier who tried to rape her - and who had also tried to force her grandfather to have sex with her.

02-15-21 - Article on Mass Killing in Tigrai- Feb 2021
When black lives don't seem to matter

In this social media age, activists tend to focus with great intensity on a narrow, politically-approved range of issues. Israel-Palestine, food banks, structural racism, ... You know the list. But fewer people seem to care about people being killed, mutilated and starved in Ethiopia.In case you missed it, months of brutal fighting in the northern region of Tigray has left tens of thousands dead

02-14-21 - New York Times on Tigrai refugees in Sudan.- Feb 2021
In Sudan Border Town, Desperate Ethiopians Find ‘Second Mother Country’

Tens of thousands of Christian refugees, fleeing the violence in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, have been given a warm welcome by the residents of a sleepy Sudanese town: “We are brothers.”

02-12-21 - Washington Post on Rape and Ethiopia confirmation.- Feb 2021
Ethiopia confirms rapes 'without a doubt' in Tigray conflict

NAIROBI, Kenya - Rape has occurred "conclusively and without a doubt" in Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region, the country's minister for women said in a rare government acknowledgement of the toll on civilians during 100 day of fighting.

02-11-21 - HRW On Shelling of Tigrai Cities.- Feb 2021
Ethiopia: Unlawful Shelling of Tigray Urban Areas

(Nairobi) – Ethiopian federal forces carried out apparently indiscriminate shelling of urban areas in the Tigray region in November 2020 in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today.

02-11-21 - AP On Eritrean Soliders looting Tigrai Cities.- Feb 2021
'We'll be left without families': Fear in Ethiopia's Tigray

(Nairobi) – As soldiers from Eritrea looted the border town of Rama in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, one home became a dispensary for frightened residents seeking medicine.

02-10-21 - EU Visit to Wukro- Tigrai.- Feb 2021
Tigray: thousands flee in search of safety as humanitarian needs rise

The conflict in the Tigray region in Ethiopia broke out early November 2020. It is estimated that thousands of fighters and civilians have died, and around 4.5 million people require emergency food assistance, of whom an estimated 2.2 million are displaced. Over 60,000 have crossed the border into Sudan in search of safety.

02-10-21 - British MP letter to UK govt.- Feb 2021
British government urged to take Tigray war to the UN Security Council

The conflict in Tigray has already cost thousands of lives, forced tens of thousands more to flee to Sudan and left hundreds of thousands of people to face shortages of food, water and healthcare

02-09-21 - More Killing while Sahlework and zelaot religious leaders visit Mekelle Tigrai - Feb 2021
1 dead as soldiers fire on protest in Tigray capital: doctor

One person was shot dead Tuesday when soldiers opened fire on an anti-government protest in the capital of Ethiopia's conflict-hit northern Tigray region, a medical official said.The protest in the city of Mekele was timed to coincide with a visit by religious leaders from the national capital Addis Ababa

02-08-21 - EU Demands Eritrea to withdraw from Tigrai - Feb 2021
Joint-Statement by High-Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell, Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen and Commissioner Janez

The EU joins the United States' call for the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Ethiopia, which are fuelling the conflict in Tigray, reportedly committing atrocities, and exacerbating ethnic violence.

02-07-21 - UN humanitarian needs in Tigrai - Feb 2021
Rapid scale up crucial to meet humanitarian needs in Ethiopia’s Tigray: Joint UN-Government mission

A joint United Nations-Government of Ethiopia mission to Mekelle in the country’s Tigray region, on Saturday, underscored the need for strong partnership to rapidly scale up a Government-led collective response to meet immediate humanitarian needs in the region.

02-05-21 - Genocide on the situation in Ethiopia - Feb 2021
Statement by the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide on the situation in Ethiopia, February 2021

The United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Ms. Alice Wairimu Nderitu, is alarmed by the continued escalation of ethnic violence in Ethiopia and allegations of serious violations of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in the Tigray region.

02-03-21 - Letter to U.S Congress by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in Ethiopia and Eritrea, - Feb 2021
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in Ethiopia and Eritrea letter to U.S Congress

“We are miserably broken by what is happening [in Tigray]. We have lost everything,” Gebrahid Welderfael, a farmer sheltering at Sudan’s Um Rakuba refugee camp, told Reuters. “The one thing we have is that we saved our lives, but we’re suffering here, and we’re not much better off than those who died."

02-02-21 - Tigray opposition parties on civilian deaths - Feb 2021
Tigray opposition parties assert 50,000-plus civilian deaths

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A trio of opposition parties in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region estimates that more than 50,000 civilians have been killed in the three-month conflict, and they urge the international community to intervene before a “humanitarian disaster of biblical proportion will become a gruesome reality.”

02-01-21 - spiegel on Tigrai hunger - Feb 2021
Hundreds of thousands could starve to death

As more and more states are involved in the war in northern Ethiopia, millions of people are starving. Despite this massive humanitarian catastrophe, very few people get help - and that seems to be deliberate.

01-31-21 - BBC on President Debretsion Message Jan 30, 2021
Tigray crisis: 'Genocidal war' waged in Ethiopia region, says ex-leader

Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have waged a "devastating and genocidal war" in Ethiopia's Tigray region, the region's ousted leader has said. Debretsion Gebremichael urged the international community to investigate the alleged atrocities

01-27-21 - UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore on the humanitarian situation in Tigray
12 weeks into the conflict, ‘deeply troubling’ situation for children in Tigray

NEW YORK, 27 January 2021 – “The very little we know about the impact of the conflict on children in Tigray – from limited partner accounts and UN assessments – is deeply troubling.“Across Tigray, immunizations have ground to a halt. Civilian infrastructure, including health facilities, has been damaged or destroyed, and essential supplies looted.

01-27-21 - US finally takes stand against Eritrean Invlovment and Looting in Tigray
US says Eritrean forces should leave Tigray immediately

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The United States says all soldiers from Eritrea should leave Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region “immediately.” A State Department spokesperson in an email to The Associated Press late Tuesday cited “credible reports of looting, sexual violence, assaults in refugee camps and other human rights abuses.”

01-25-21 - AP On Eritrean Invlovment and Looting in Tigray
Witnesses: Eritrean soldiers loot, kill in Ethiopia's Tigray

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The Eritrean soldiers’ pockets clinked with stolen jewelry. Warily, Zenebu watched them try on dresses and other clothing looted from homes in a town in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region.

01-23-21 - Report of UAE Drone Use in Tigrai Conflict – 23 January 2021
Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 64 – 23 January 2021

Report that Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drones, were used in the war in Tigray, by the UAE deployed in Eritrea. – The article reads (in translation): “According to a report by TASS on December 3, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) deployed UAVs in Eritrea recently and had a big success.”

01-22-21 - UN sexual violence in Tigray region
UN urges "zero tolerance" for sexual violence in Tigray region

January 21, 2021 (JUBA) - The United Nations has urged "zero tolerance" policy and called on all parties to prohibit the use of sexual violence and cease hostilities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the U.N. secretary-general’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, Pramila Pattern said there has been a high number of reported rapes in the Tigray's capital, Mekelle

01-21-21 - Reuters report More Killing in Mekelle Tigray
Journalist shot dead in Ethiopia's Tigray - aid worker, residents

NAIROBI (Reuters) - An Ethiopian journalist and his friend have been shot dead in the Tigray region’s capital Mekelle, an aid worker and a resident said on Thursday.Rights groups say press freedom has eroded since a November war between federal troops and forces loyal to the former ruling party of Tigray, which lost Mekelle at the end of that month. Dawit Kebede, who worked for Tigray regional state TV, was shot on Tuesday night while in a car with friends, one aid worker said. "Both were shot in their head and their bodies were found in a car they were driving," said the worker, who asked not to be named.

01-15-21 - EU on the need for humanitarian access to Tigray
We need humanitarian access to Tigray as urgent first step towards peace in Ethiopia

15/01/2021 – HR/VP Blog – For more than two months, conflict has been raging in the Tigray region in Ethiopia. The situation is desperate for the local population and the conflict is unsettling dynamics both within Ethiopia and the whole region. 

01-14-21 - Outrage over damage to Tigray mosque
Ethiopia conflict: Outrage over damage to Tigray mosque

The conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region - pitting the Ethiopian and Eritrean armies against rebel Tigray forces since 4 November - has caused concern over its humanitarian toll, with tens of thousands of Ethiopians fleeing to neighbouring Sudan and allegations surfacing of violent crimes against civilians. In recent weeks, outrage has poured in on social media as news emerged that the conflict had also touched one of the region’s most revered religious heritage sites: the historical al-Nejashi mosque in the area of Wukro.

01-13-21 - (TMH) Eye-Witness Account from Hawzein, Tigray, on the #WarOnTigray
The following is a Transcript of Tigrai Media House (TMH) English Program Broadcast on 01/12/2021 - An Eye-Witness Account from Hawzein, Tigray

We know that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said ‘no civilians have been targeted; no one has been killed; everything is calm on the ground’ – but it is not true. And today we have a really powerful story to share with you from an eyewitness who was in Hawzien when the war began. Zenebu is going to share her story and the various atrocities that she saw first-hand. I have her daughter with us as well, Semhal, who is going to be translating. We have decided not to show Zenebu’s face for safety reasons.

01-11-21 - Sudan: The Tigray are fleeing Ethiopia January 2021
Sudan: The Tigray are fleeing Ethiopia

Doctors and farmers, students and traders, entire families from the Tigray region had to flee in the conflict against the government. In their home region, Tigray rebels had challenged the government and it hit back hard. This conflict is about the decades-old tension between the 80+ ethnic groups in the country, it is about political influence and land ownership.

01-09-21 - Satellite Images Show Ethiopia Carnage as Conflict Continues January 2021
Satellite Images Show Ethiopia Carnage as Conflict Continues

Satellite images show the destruction of United Nations’ facilities, a health-care unit, a high school and houses at two camps sheltering Eritrean refugees in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, belying government claims that the conflict in the dissident region is largely over.


The two joint Government-humanitarian partners’ assessment missions that deployed on 20 December are completed. Both missions have witnessed a dire humanitarian situation with poor access to services and limited livelihoods.

01-08-21 - Martin Plaut Analysis on Eritrean Army Invasion of Tigrai January 2021
Eritrea in the Tigray war: What we know and why it might backfire

There is little doubt now that Eritrean forces are participating in the war in Tigray. Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has denied it and Eritrea's foreign minister has insisted "we are not part of the conflict". But other disagree. On 8 December, Reuters reported that "a U.S. government source and five regional diplomats" told them the US believes Eritrean soldiers have crossed into Ethiopia.

01-06-21 - AP Report Abiy General Admits Eritrean Army Invaded Tigrai January 2021
Ethiopian Army Official Confirms Eritrean Troops in Tigray

A senior Ethiopian military official has confirmed the presence of security forces from neighboring Eritrea in the deadly conflict in his country’s northern Tigray region.

01-06-21 - Reuters Report Displaced people in Tigrai Conflict January 2021
Over 2 million people displaced by conflict in ' Tigray region - local official

NAIROBI (Reuters) - About 2.2 million people have been displaced within ' Tigray region since fighting erupted there in November with about half fleeing after their homes were burned down, a local government official said.

01-03-21 - WashingtonPost Pictorial Report Tigrai Conflict January 2021
‘Everything’s already been said, but since nobody was listening, we have to start again’: Tragic photos of Ethiopians fleeing to Sudan

The fighting taking place in Ethiopia has led to thousands fleeing to refugee camps in Sudan to escape the violence. Associated Press photographer Nariman El-Mofty has been on the ground documenting it. I’ve been looking at images of war for over 20 years now, and it never gets any easier. It never gets any less tragic.

01-02-21 - Situation Report Tigrai January 2021
Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 42 – 2 January 2021

Multiple sources state that Eritrean soldiers are blocked in attempts to leave Tigray. Heavy fighting between Ethiopia National Defense Forces (ENDF) and Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) is taking place near the major roads out to Eritrea.

12-31-20 - Food security in Tigray
Ethiopia Food Security Outlook Update, December 2020

Since the outbreak of conflict in early November between federal and regional forces in Tigray, nearly 54,000 people have been displaced to Sudan as of December 26, with many likely displaced in Tigray

12-29-20 - NPR on Tigray Conflict
Hundreds Of Civilians Killed With Machetes And Axes In Ethiopian Town

Ethiopia's civil war has been fought mainly with planes and missiles. But last month's massacre in the small town of Mai-Kadra points to the bitter ethnic divide threatening to rip Ethiopia apart.

12-29-20 - DR Tedros , WHO Chief on Tigray Conflict
WHO chief on Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict

In rare, personal comments, World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has spoken of his “personal pain” about the “worsening” conflict raging in his home country of Ethiopia.“In addition to COVID, 2020 has been very difficult for me because my country is in trouble,” Tedros told reporters in the United Nations health agency’s last news conference of the year on the pandemic on Monday/span>

Audio/Video Resources:

Tigray Genocide: The Red Line 01-18-2021

Looted hospitals and empty towns, an exclusive look inside Tigray | English subtitles


Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis: Violations of Int'l Humanitarian & Human Rights Law (22 December 2020)

Law Prof: I Nominated Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed for the Nobel Peace Prize. Then He Started a Civil War 12-10-20

(UN Secretary) Ethiopia & Situation in the Tigray Province: Statement by UN Secretary-General 12-07-20

(US House- ) The Unfolding Conflict in Ethiopia 12-02-20

(ABC) Ethiopia’s war displaces more than 40,000 people

(Aljazeera) How can the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region end? | Inside Story

Update - Tigrai Govt Current Statement

President Debretsion Update - Nov 18, 2020

Abiy Bombed Civilians in Mekelle City Tigrai - Nov 16, 2020

Aljazeera - Is the Horn of Africa facing a wider conflict?

War Update by Tigrai President - Nov 14, 2020

The president said the Abiy group bombed Wolkayit Sugar Factory today (11-14-20)- Wolkayit Sugar Factory is still under construction.

Tigrai TV: With Getachew Reda, update on the ongoing War Nov 14, 2020

Deadly conflict in Ethiopia threatens peace across the Horn of Africa
A deadly conflict in northern Ethiopia is raising concerns about the possibility of a full-blown civil war breaking out in the region. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta spoke with CBSN's Tanya Rivero about the threat to peace across the Horn of Africa.

Abiy Group Bombed Hydro Power Station Nov 12, 2020 According to Tigrai TV, the Abiy group has bombed the only Hydro Power Plant in Tigrai

Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea has declared war on Tigrai. He has joined Abiy to destroy Tigrai on multiple fronts - Nov 11, 2020

Debretsion Gebremichael(PhD):Chief Administrator The National state Government of Tigrai
With English Translation- Nov 8, 2020

Update 11-6-20:- Abiy Ahmed, the current illegal head of government in Addis, told in no uncertain terms, that he will bomb more cities in Tigrai in the coming days. He said this in one of the daily diatribe speeches he gave over the Air(See below). The speech was in Tigrigna. We hope by now, the international community understands Abiy started the war and is deadly serious to harm the people! Aigaforum Nov 6, 2020

DW TV(Current Events)- Interview with Getachew Reda, TPLF Executive Leader- Nov 7, 20202

Air Strike Carried On Nov 5, 2020

President Debretsion briefing Nov 05, 2020

The Northern Ethiopian Forces Command sides with Tigrai people and government -

12-28-20 - New York Times Report on War Atrocities in Tigray Conflict
Refugees Come Under Fire as Old Foes Fight in Concert in Ethiopia

Forces from neighboring Eritrea have joined the war in northern Ethiopia, and have rampaged through refugee camps committing human rights violations, officials and witnesses say

12-27-20 - Ethiopia Accused of Massacre in Tigray Conflict
Ethiopia accused of war crimes in Mai Kadra massacre

INVESTIGATIONS into potential war crimes committed during Ethiopia’s military offensive against the northern Tigray region must be impartial, thorough and transparent, the United Nations said today.

12-26-20 - Looting Report Tigray Conflict
The looting of the Almeda textile factory in Adwa

The vindictive looting and destruction of the industrial infrastructure of Tigray by Eritrean and Ethiopian forces is one of the saddest and most pointless aspect of Tigray war.

12-25-20 - EU Statement on Tigray Conflict
Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the European Union

The European Union is closely following the crisis in Ethiopia. The EU remains concerned by the humanitarian situation, as well as allegations of human rights violations and ethnic targeting. Ongoing reports of non-Ethiopian involvement raise additional worries.

12-24-20 - Commentary Tigray Conflict
'There Won't Be Snow in Africa This Christmas' - But There Will Be US-Enabled War Crimes

...One suspects something a bit more complicated afoot inside America's "strategic linchpin" partner on Africa's Horn. In fact, that Ethiopia - particularly its Western-favorite of a prime minister, Abiy Ahmed - is a U.S. partner at all, is reason enough to smell a rat in the AU chairman's a bit too confident, yet also decidedly bland, judgment....

12-24-20 - US Speaks at last about Tigray Conflict
The United States' Humanitarian Assistance Response to Conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray Region

The United States is providing more than $18 million in assistance to respond to the growing humanitarian needs caused by conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region.This assistance will help our international humanitarian organization partners respond to the needs of more than 52,000 new refugees in Sudan, refugees and displaced persons in Ethiopia, and possible needs in Djibouti...

12-24-20 - Refugees from Tigray Conflict Account
'He's Planning to Exterminate Us All': Ethiopians Speak of Ethnic Massacres

Refugees tell VICE World News stories of government-aligned militias checking IDs to identify ethnic Tigrayans, as border tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia rise.

12-23-20 - HRW Interview with Tigray Conflict Refugees
Interview: Uncovering Crimes Committed in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

The conflict in the Tigray region has taken place in a virtual blackout. A lengthy communications shutdown, and the closure of road and air access, has meant only a trickle of information has come out. Parties to the conflict have largely controlled the information and narratives.So before setting off for the region, we were unsure what we would uncover. We travelled by road from Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, to the eastern al-Gadaref state, bordering Ethiopia, which hosts more than a third of the more than 52,000 Ethiopian refugees

12-22-20 - UN Rights Commissioner on Tigray Conflict
UN Rights Commissioner Speaks of Artillery Strikes on Populated Areas Deliberate targeting of civilians in Tigray

Addis Abeba, December 22/2020 Seven weeks after the conflict began in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the continuing lack of overall humanitarian access, coupled with an ongoing communications blackout in many areas, raises increasing concerns about the situation of civilians, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet warned on Tuesday.
Read Also:- Provide unhindered access to whole of Tigray to protect civilians, Bachelet urges Ethiopia

12-21-20 - On Eritrea Involvement in Tigray Conflict
Eritrea heavily involved in Tigray conflict, say eyewitnesses

In early December, Ethiopian state television broadcast something unexpected: a fiery exchange between civilians in Shire, in the northern Tigray region, and Ethiopian soldiers, who had recently arrived in the area. To the surprise of viewers used to wartime propaganda, the Tigrayan elders spoke in vivid detail of the horrors that had befallen the town since the outbreak of war between

12-21-20 - AP on War Refugess from Tigray Conflict
War Forces Thousands of Tigreans/Ethiopians in to Sudan

They took with them with donkeys and beds and motorcycles and colorful cloths that they now drape over pipes to create shelters. Others left their shoes behind as they crossed a river to safety.Tens of thousands of Ethiopians who just weeks ago were contemplating the harvest season now huddle in refugee camps in Sudan.

12-20-20 - IGAD meeting to Discuss Tigray Conflict
Sudan's PM meets Abiy Ahmed after cross-border attack

Ahmed and Hamdok met at a summit of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, known as IGAD, where the Tigray fighting would likely top the agenda. Hamdok is the current head of IGAD.

12-19-20 - BBC Report Tigray Conflict
Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: 'How we survived when Mekelle was shelled'

A son orphaned, a daughter lying in a coma, an elderly woman killed - these are just some of the casualties reported by a doctor and other survivors of the bombardment of their city by the Ethiopian military during its operation to overthrow the ruling party in the northern Tigray region.

12-18-20 - Interview: War Refugees from Tigray:
Interviews with Tigray refugees in Eastern Sudan

Sayara International is a global development research company with headquarters in Washington, D.C. and a local office in Khartoum, Sudan. Sayara considers investing in local staff, experts, and communities – as well as developing a deep understanding of local conditions – to be an integral component of our work. When the crisis erupted in Ethiopia’s Tigray State in November 2020, Sayara deployed its research network to reach out to refugees coming across the border and document their experiences

12-18-20 - Analysis: The war on Tigray:
The war on Tigray: A multi-pronged assault driven by genocidal undercurrents

Abiy alleged the cause for the war was Tigray’s strike on military bases in the region. Yet his recent “victory speech” to the expired parliament detailed preparations for war that began more than two years ago.In response to his own question of “some people ask, why was the [military] measure not taken earlier, why this late?”, he said “one who understands the enemy’s capacity and regional alignment of forces does not ask this question,”

12-18-20 - Reuter on Regional Conflict and Tigray crisis:
Analysis-Spillover from Tigray conflict adds to pressure on Sudan

KHARTOUM/DUBAI (Reuters) - Clashes along Sudan's eastern border and the influx of tens of thousands of refugees from neighbouring Ethiopia have added to the challenges faced by a country already navigating a fraught political transition and protracted economic crisis.

12-17-20 - CNN Report Tigray crisis:
ICRC: We can't wait for the guns to fall silent in Ethiopia to start acting

The ICRC was the first international humanitarian agency to gain access to Ethiopia's Tigray region since fighting began. The Director of the ICRC in Africa, Patrick Youssef, tells Becky Anderson that the situation is fluid and very concerning

12-16-20 - BBC Report Tigray crisis: How Ethiopian doctors fled militia attacks
Tigray crisis: How Ethiopian doctors fled militia attacks

An Ethiopian doctor has given the BBC a horrific account of how hospital patients were evacuated on a tractor and trailer, and how he hid in the woods, after conflict broke out in the northern Tigray region last month. Dr Tewedros Tefera fled the agricultural hub of Humera and later the nearby town of Adebay, telling the BBC it became too dangerous to remain in either place.

12-16-20 - Report to senior members of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Members of the Lords and Commons
In a recent meeting with senior members of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Parliamentarians were briefed on recent developments in Tigray

Following concerns expressed in the House of Lords about the plight of people being caught up in the horrors of war, Parliamentarians who have been following events in Tigray and Ethiopia have been asking some searching questions of the UK Government and the international community.

12-16-20 - CNN Report on Children in Ethiopia's Tigray region cut off from humanitarian aid
More than two million children in Ethiopia's Tigray region cut off from humanitarian aid, UN says

(CNN)The United Nations has warned that millions of children are still cut off from aid in Ethiopia's conflict-riven Tigray region, despite promises made by the federal government earlier this month to allow humanitarian agencies access.

12-15-20 - Spiegel on how Abiy turn Ethiopia to a Sectarian Conflict Heaven
Ethiopia Sinks Deeper into Sectarian Conflict

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed promised democracy and a new beginning for his country -- and received the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his initial efforts. It has been all downhill from there, however, and he is increasingly turning to authoritarian methods.

12-14-20 - Security Council Report
Ethiopia (Tigray): Discussion of the humanitarian situation under “any other business”

Tomorrow (14 December) Security Council members are expected to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia under “any other business”, a standing item in consultations. The meeting was initiated at the request of Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, the US, and the UK. An OCHA representative is expected to brief.

12-14-20 - France24 Report from Mekelle
Civilians in Ethiopia's Tigray speak of horror as blackout lifts

Ethiopia said Monday that power and phone connections had been partly restored in Tigray, where civilians spoke of deprivation, fear and violence in the troubled region after six weeks of silence.

12-13-20 - Situation report Dec 13 2020
Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 24 – 13 December 2020

ombardment of civilians and areas of TDF suspected bases were reported using drones and fighter jets around Central fronts of Tigray. Reports of three convoys of military trucks carrying soldiers and three trucks which were heading to supply fuel to Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) have been destroyed by Tigray Defence Forces around Mayichaw, the capital of Southern Zone of Tigray.

12-12-20 - New York Times on Ethnic Profiling
As War Goes On in Ethiopia, Ethnic Harassment Is on the Rise

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - On a bright day in mid-November, about a dozen police officers with machine guns barged into the home of Lisanewerk Desta, a theologian who is the head of the library and museum department at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and got to work.

12-12-20 - EU and US Must Do
All eyes on Ethiopia: What the EU and the US can do

(NPR) 12-12-20 - Just over a month ago, Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner, ordered a military offensive against regional forces in Tigray. Since then, the situation has been spiralling out of control, with increasing international concern over access to the Tigray region.

12-11-20 - U.S. says reports of Eritrean troops in Ethiopia's Tigray
Exclusive: U.S. says reports of Eritrean troops in Ethiopia's Tigray are 'credible'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States believes reports of Eritrean military involvement in the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region are “credible,” a State Department spokesperson told Reuters on Thursday, despite denials by both nations.

12-11-20 - Seattle Tigrean Community Anguish about Loved ones back in Tigrai
Seattle Ethiopian community fear for loved ones impacted by country's unrest

More than 45,000 Tigrayan refugees are in shelters in a remote portion of Sudan, while others have been displaced or are feared dead as a result of ongoing unrest.

12-10-20 - U.S. senators call for Sanctions ...
U.S. senators seek possible sanctions over Ethiopia conflict abuses

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Two U.S. senators have called on their government to consider imposing sanctions on any political or military officials found to be responsible for human rights violations during a month of conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region

12-8-20 - CNN Report on Eritrea's Involvement in Ethiopia-Tigray Conflict ...
CNN uncovers reality for refugees on the Ethiopia-Sudan border

CNN hears testimony from refugees at the Sudan-Ethiopia border, all of whom say they were targeted because of their Tigray ethnicity. CNN also heard from a member of the Tigray People's Liberation Front that the majority of the forces operating in Ethiopia's Tigray region are from Eritrea...

12-9-20 - New York Times Report on Ethnic Massacres in Tigray War by Abiy group ...
Fleeing Ethiopians Tell of Ethnic Massacres in Tigray War

HAMDAYET, Sudan - The armed men who stopped Ashenafi Hailu along the dirt road dragged him by a noose so they could save bullets.Mr. Ashenafi, 24, was racing on his motorcycle to the aid of a childhood friend trapped by the Ethiopian government's military offensive in the northern region of Tigray

12-9-20 - Reuters Report on Ethnic profiling by Abiy group ...
Ethiopia volatile with fighting, ethnic profiling of Tigrayans - UN rights boss

GENEVA (Reuters) - The situation in Ethiopia is “worrying and volatile” as fighting in the Tigray region continues amid reports of ethnic profiling of Tigrayans including in Addis Ababa, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on

12-9-20 - Did Ethiopia's attack on Tigray violate international laws?
Did Ethiopia's attack on Tigray violate international laws?

In Ethiopia, the national army claims to have taken "complete control" of Mekelle, the capital of the dissident region of Tigray. But since the fighting started in November, there have been concerns for civilians in the region who may have been injured or displaced due to the conflict.

12-9-20 - ABC Report on Abiy group rejection independent probes of tigray conflict ...
UN: Ethiopia's conflict has 'appalling impact on civilians'

The United Nations human rights chief warns that the situation in Ethiopia is “spiraling out of control with appalling impact on civilians” and urgently needs outside monitoring

12-8-20 - Ethiopia Shot at UN Officials in Tigrai ...
Ethiopia says U.N. team shot at in Tigray after defying checkpoints
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) -A United Nations team visiting refugeess in Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray region had failed to stop at two checkpoints when it was shot at over the weekend, the government said on Tuesday

12-8-20 - Report on Eritrea's Involvement in Ethiopia-Tigray Conflict ...
Exclusive: U.S. thinks Eritrea has joined Ethiopian war, diplomats say

WASHINGTON/NAIROBI (Reuters) - The United States believes Eritrean soldiers have crossed into Ethiopia, despite denials from both nations, a U.S. government source and five regional diplomats said, as Abiy Ahmed’s government battles a rebellious northern force. Abiy and Eritrea's President Isaias Afwerki signed a peace pact ending two decades of hostilities in 2018 and now regard the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) as a mutual foe..

12-7-20 - U.N. Secretary on Ethiopia-Tigray Conflict ...
UN chief urges rule of law and rights in Ethiopia's Tigray

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged quick restoration of the rule of law and respect for human rights in Ethiopia’s defiant Tigray region on Monday as well as reconciliation efforts and unfettered humanitarian access.

12-7-20 - Reuters on U.N. security team visit to a refugee camp ...
U.N. security team blocked, shot at near Ethiopian refugee camp

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - A United Nations security team seeking to visit a camp for Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray region was denied access and shot at, two diplomatic sources said on Monday.

12-6-20 - Reports based on Refugees account ...
'Now I have nothing': Tigray conflict has changed Ethiopia for ever, say refugees

( shelling by Ethiopia’s army ripped through Humera in early November, life in the airy, agricultural city in Tigray was idyllic, says Brhane Haftu, a geography teacher.

12-5-20 - PBS on the War against Tigrai Reports...
Ethiopia: A growing humanitarian crisis, threats to regional stability

SHundreds of thousands of people are displaced as fighting continues between government forces and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front in northern Ethiopia, threatening the stability of a volatile region

12-5-20 - President Debretsion (PhD) with France24...
Ethiopia: 'We are in our homeland, the invaders are attacking us,' says Tigray's Gebremichael

As fighting continues "in many parts" of Ethiopia's Tigra, according to the United Nations, Tigray's regional president Debretsion Gebremichael told FRANCE 24 that the northern region would continue fighting as long as federal "invaders" are on Tigrayan soil.

12-4-20 - Ethiopian Airline Ethnic Profiling Reports...
Staff at Africa's largest airline are being ethnically profiled and excluded from work because they come from a region embroiled in a civil war with the Ethiopian government

Staff at Africa's largest airline are being ethnically profiled and excluded from work because they come from a region embroiled in a civil war with the Ethiopian government, employees have told the Telegraph

12-4-20 - New York Times On Mekelle Destruction Reports...
From Shelled Ethiopian City, Doctors Tally Deaths and Plead for Help

Abiy promised a swift, surgical military campaign in the restive province of Tigray. But doctors in the regional capital reported civilian deaths, looting and a looming crisis.

12-3-20 - A Known Eritrea Opposition Figure on Eritrea Role...
Mesfin Hagos: Eritrea’s Role in Ethiopia’s Conflict and the Fate of Eritrean Refugees Council meeting on Ethiopia

The prime minister also hid from the world the Eritrean military’s direct involvement in combat along the entire border that Eritrea shares with Tigray regional state as well as inside Tigray. The following information is pieced together from three different sources: first, reliable sources inside the Eritrean ministry of defense; second, Eritrean opposition intelligence sources in Sudan and Ethiopia; and finally, anecdotal pieces communicated from friends and relatives, including some academic researchers.

12-3-20 - Africa Confidential Reports...
Tigray leaders vow guerrilla war against the Federal government as they withdraw to the hills

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed may have declared success for his 'law and order operation' with the fall of Mekelle, the Tigrayan capital, on 28 November, but it is far from clear that the fighting is over (AC Vol 61 No 23, Hard choices ahead in Addis). There have been thousands of casualties on both sides and among the Eritrean troops committed to the conflict by President Issayas Afewerki,

12-2-20 - World Refugee & Migration Council Reports
World Refugee & Migration Council, officials, urge U.N. Secretary-General to convene Security Council meeting on Ethiopia

World Refugee & Migration Council, officials, urge U.N. Secretary-General to convene Security Council meeting on Ethiopia

12-2-20 - AP Reports UN, Ethiopia sign deal for aid access to embattled Tigray
UN, Ethiopia sign deal for aid access to embattled Tigray

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — In a breakthrough a month after deadly conflict cut off Ethiopia’s Tigray region from the world, the United Nations on Wednesday said it and the Ethiopian government have signed a deal to allow “unimpeded” humanitarian access

12-1-20 - UN refugee agency appeals
UN refugee agency appeals for $147 million to support thousands of Ethiopians fleeing to Sudan

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi has launched an appeal for $147 million to support as many as 100,000 people fleeing Ethiopia’s Tigray region into neighbouring Sudan, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Monday.

11-30-20 - EU considers aid cut to Ethiopia
EU considers aid cut to Ethiopia amid violence

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Widespread conflict in Ethiopia that has driven tens of thousands of refugees from their homes, killed hundreds — possibly thousands — and dragged in neighbouring countries is prompting questions in Europe about whether to hold back tens of millions of euros in aid to the country.

11-30-20 - Situation Report EEPA HORN
Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 12 – 30 November 2020

Europe External Programme with Africa is a Belgium-based Centre of Expertise with in-depth knowledge, publications, and networks, specialised in issues of peace building, refugee protection and resilience in the Horn of Africa. EEPA has published extensively on issues related to movement and/or human trafficking of refugees in the Horn of Africa and on the Central Mediterranean Route.

11-28-20 - US Failing Ethiopia and Tigrai Article...
U.S. diplomacy is failing in Ethiopia, in new ways and old

The conflict in Ethiopia emerges from a long and complex political history and could easily spiral further out of control. U.S. diplomacy today is under-resourced and uncoordinated, with its leadership asleep at the wheel, leaving Washington poorly positioned to help avert the emerging disaster. America’s blunt diplomatic approach to Ethiopia historically, however, would struggle to play a constructive role, too.

11-28-20 - Destruction in Mekelle and Eritrean Refugee abduction Report...
Reports coming from the front line - The Abiy and Isaias group have started bombing Mekelle City. The city is being bombed indiscriminately. The aggressors are destroying all Tigrai infrastructures. Multiple eyewitnesses reported also the Eritrean regime has rounded up over 6000 Eritrean refugees from Shimeleba and Hendade camp in western Tigrai and taken them to Eritrea. The international community has blood in its hand for remaining silent on this issue.

11-27-20 - Crisis Group on " Bloodbath in Ethiopia’s Mekelle" Report...
Avoiding a Bloodbath in Ethiopia’s Mekelle

Civilians in Tigray have paid a heavy price since the conflict began on 4 November. More than 40,000 refugees have fled west Tigray towns such as Humera and Dansha into eastern Sudan, with some having to swim across rivers to get to safety. According to the United Nations

11-27-20 - Refugees Blocked Report...
Refugees accuse Ethiopia army of blocking road to Sudan

Ethiopia's army has blocked one of the main roads leading to Sudan, preventing people fleeing the Tigray conflict from crossing the border, according to refugees arriving Thursday in eastern Sudan.

11-27-20 - Eritrean Forces inside Tigray Report...
Report of heavy Eritrean casualties in Tigray war

(London 26/22/2020) Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) has been receiving confirmation that several Eritrean families are getting news of their wounded family members from the fighting in Tigray.

11-25-20 - UK UK Parliament Debate...
The debate in the UK Parliament today on Tigray in full

War in Ethiopia’s Tigray Province – Government challenged today to co-ordinate an international response to a potential genocide during exchanges in the House of Lords

11-25-20 - Coalition of Pan African Statement...
Statement from a Coalition of Pan African Organizations on the War in Ethiopia

We are deeply disturbed by the escalation of violence following the declaration of war on the regional state of Tigray by PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia on November 4, 2020. We are New York-based Pan African advocacy and humanitarian organizations representing the interest of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora in the U.S. and worldwide.

11-24-20 - on Genocide...
After the bombs they attacked with knives, claim Ethiopians fleeing peace prize winner’s war

Experts say the conflict could tear the country apart, cause catastrophic ethnic bloodshed, and destabilise the Horn of Africa Yared was trying to escape a government assaulton his hometown in northern Ethiopia with his children when he saw the bodies on the road.

11-24-20 -theGuradian on Genocide...
As Ethiopia’s army declares daily victories, its people are being plunged into violence

thiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed has promised military victory in Tigray. He says he will capture the capital, Mekelle, and the leadership of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which he calls a criminal junta. If he succeeds, it will be a pyrrhic victory – prospects for peace, democracy and protection from famine in Ethiopia will be set back a generation.

11-22-20 -SMH Ethiopia on Edge of Genocide...
Ethiopia may be on the edge of genocide

Eastern Sudan: The women were midway through their labour when the hospital director came in and told Mihret Glahif she had to run for her life. It didn't matter that her patients were giving birth, the staff had to leave immediately.

11-22-20 -Ethiopia on GENOCIDEWATCH List
Ethiopia on GENOCIDEWATCH List

Addis Abeba, November 22/2020 – alert status : Genocide Emergency , Genocide stage: 9 - EXTERMINATION, AffECTED GROUP: Oromo, amhara, tigrayan, gedeo peoples

11-22-20 -EU ON Conflict in Tigray Report
Conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

On Wednesday 4 November, tensions escalated in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Disputes between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Tigray and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led to fighting in the Tigray region and at its borders.

11-20-20 -AU Appointed Special Envoys...

Addis Abeba, November 20/2020 – The current African Union Chair and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed three African “distinguished Statespersons”: Joaquim Chissano, former President of the Republic of Mozambique; Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, former President of the Republic of Liberia; Kgalema Motlanthe, former President of the Republic of South Africa – as Special Envoys of the African Union to help to mediate between “the parties to conflict” in Ethiopia, a statement released by the office of the AU Chairperson said.

11-20-20 -US Senators Letter to Sec State Pompeo...
Open Letter to Sec of State Pompeo

11-20-20 - lemonde Coverage...
Ethiopia: the growing worry of the Tigrayans of Addis Ababa

In Ethiopia, the growing worry of the Tigrayans of Addis Ababa.Since the beginning of the conflict between the government Abiy and the region of Tigray, the Tigrayans in Addis Ababa fear discrimination on background of ethnic tensions.
English Version(PDF)

11-19-20 - Washington Post Coverage...
Ethiopia's latest airstrike hits Tigray university

A university official says the latest airstrike by Ethiopia’s military has struck the school in the capital. Alarmed by the potential for disaster in Ethiopia and beyond, 17 U.S. senators urged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a letter Thursday to engage Abiy directly to push for an immediate cease-fire.

11-19-20 - UNHCR Situation Report #2...
UNHCR Ethiopia: Tigray Situation Update #2

The armed conflict which began late 3 November 2020 in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, and the subsequent military offensive ordered by the Abiy Ahmed’s Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) against the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), continues unabated....
UNHCR Ethiopia: Tigray Situation Update #1

11-19-20 - theguardian on Ethnic Cleansing...
Ethiopia: aid workers report chaos as thousands flee fighting

“There is a strong nationalistic fervour among the Tigrayans so I don’t think the Tigrayans are just going to yield. There is a big ethnic element here that is clearly escalating,” said a second aid worker. One flashpoint is between Tigrayans and Amharans from the neighbouring province. Amharan security forces and militia are fighting alongside government troops as they advance into Tigray.

11-18-20 - U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) Statement...

11-18-20 - U.S. Senators Against UAE ...
U.S. senators seek to stop Trump's $23 billion in arms sales to UAE

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three U.S. senators said on Wednesday they would introduce legislation seeking to halt the Trump administration’s effort to sell more than $23 billion of drones and other weapons systems to the United Arab Emirates

11-18-20 - UN Reports...
Statement by Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock, on Ethiopia

I am increasingly concerned about the evolving humanitarian situation in northern Ethiopia and neighbouring areas. Even before the current hostilities, nearly a million people in Tigray, and millions more who live in close proximity to its regional and national boundaries, were in need of humanitarian assistance

11-17-20 - The UK Govt Said...
Escalation of violence in Ethiopia: Minister for Africa statement

Minister for Africa James Duddridge has issued a statement on the escalation of violence in Ethiopia

11-17-20 - thetimes on Nobel committee Reports...
Nobel peace prize committee calls for end to civil war in Ethiopia

The Nobel peace prize committee has made a rare interjection in Ethiopia's bloody slide into civil war amid criticism that it was too hasty to honour the country’s prime minister.

11-17-20 - CNN Reports...
A full-scale humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ethiopia, the UN says

(CNN)A full-scale humanitarian crisis is developing in the Horn of Africa as thousands of people flee ongoing violence in Ethiopia's Tigray region, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said Tuesday.

11-16-20 - Finally Nobel Committee Speaks...
‘Deeply concerned' Nobel committee urges deescalation in Ethiopia

The Nobel Committee was wrong to hastily award its prize to an unknown person
‘Deeply concerned' Nobel committee urges deescalation in Ethiopia

11-16-20 - AP Reports ...
Tigray leader urges international censure of Ethiopian offensive

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - The leader of Ethiopia’s rebellious Tigray region has urged the United Nations and African Union to condemn Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government for using high-tech weaponry including drones during its nearly two-week military offensive.

11-16-20 - AP Reports On Uganda possible Mediation ...
Ethiopia says Tigray town seized, war embroils Eritrea

The United Nations and others have urged Abiy to negotiate with the Tigrayans and there have been reports Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s government could mediate.

11-14-20 - AP Reports ...
Diplomats: Rockets fired at Eritrea amid Ethiopian conflict

diplomats said, as the deadly fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region appeared to spill across an international border and bring some of observers’ worst fears to life.

11-14-20 - SBS ON Horror in Tigray
Fleeing Ethiopians describe horror of Tigray fighting as UN warns of war crimes

Barefoot and nearing collapse, 10-year-old Tediest Gezriel is among the thousands of Ethiopians streaming into Sudan fleeing intense fighting, reporting artillery bombardments and air-strikes in their homeland of Tigray.

11-14-20 - Addisstandard On Reported Damages in Bahirdar and Gondar

Addis Abeba, November 14/2020 -The federal government said a rocket was fired "in the late hours of November 13, 2020 towards Bahir Dar and Gondar cities. As a result, the airport areas have sustained damages."

11-13-20 - Reuters On Ethnic Cleansing in Ethiopia
Ethiopians fleeing to Sudan describe air strikes, machete killings in Tigray

Barhat, 52, said she and others had fled from Moya Khadra after people from the Amhara region, which borders Tigray and whose rulers back Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, attacked them.“They killed anyone who said they were Tigrayan. They stole our money, our cattle, and our crops from our homes and we ran with just the clothing on our backs,” she said.

11-13-20 - On Ethnic Cleansing in Ethiopia
AU chief dismisses bloc's security head after Ethiopia raises loyalty concerns

ADDIS ABABA, Nov 13 (Reuters) - The African Union has dismissed its security head, an Ethiopian national, after the Ethiopian government accused him of disloyalty. The office of the bloc's chair, Moussa Faki Mahamat, ordered the dismissal of Gebreegziabher Mebratu Melese in a memo dated Nov. 11 that was reviewed by Reuters.
Read Also: Ethiopian police seeking lists of ethnic Tigrayans - U.N. report

11-12-20 - U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Statement .

BOISE, Idaho – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today issued the following statement regarding the ongoing fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray region between the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF):.

11-12-20 - EU Statement Nov 12, 2020
Ethiopia: Joint Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell and Commissioner Janez

Ethnically targeted measures, hate speech and allegations of atrocities occurring in Ethiopia are deeply worrying. The demonisation of ethnic groups is a vicious and lethal cycle from which Ethiopia must be spared

11-12-20 - Abiy Group Bombed Hydro Power Station-
Abiy Group Bombed Hydro Power Station

According to Tigrai TV, the Abiy group has bombed the only Hydro Power in Tigrai. Tigrai TV on its Facebook page said over 10, 000 soldiers of the Abiy group and Isaias Afeworki's of Eritrea were captured. In retaliation to such humiliating defeat the Abiy group has resorted to an all-out war against civilians and civilian targets in Tigrai.

11-12-20 - Reuters on Civilians Killed by Air Strike
Tigray leader says Ethiopian air strikes have killed civilians

NAIROBI (Reuters) - The leader of Ethiopia's northern Tigray region said government air strikes had killed an unspecified number of civilians in recent days and vowed to defend his people until federal authorities realise "we cannot be subjugated by their knife".

11-11-20 - (New York Times) Ms. Lemma is the editor in chief of the Addis Standard Wrote ...
What's Happening in Ethiopia Is a Tragedy

(New York Times) Tsedale Lemma 11-11-20 - ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The announcement last week that the government was about to launch a military operation into one of the country’s regions came, to put it lightly, as a shock. Not only was it very far from the emollient statecraft that won Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed the Nobel Peace Prize last year, it also seemed to shatter the purpose of his premiership...

11-11-20 - CNN on War Refugees Wrote ...
Thousands are fleeing into Sudan to escape deadly conflict in Ethiopia

London (CNN)Thousands of Ethiopian civilians have fled into neighboring Sudan to escape escalating conflict in their country's northern region, with many more expected to follow, according to Sudanese officials and the United Nations (UN).

11-11-20 - Bangkok Post Wrote ...
Ethiopia's new war and how its PM is to blame

Americans should congratulate themselves. Their election system is definitely better than Ethiopia's. In fact, it works so well that there's unlikely to be another American civil war.

11-10-20 - Reuters on Eritrea's Agression against Tigrai...
Ethiopia's Tigray leader says Eritrea sending troops over border

NAIROBI (Reuters) - The leader of Ethiopia’s Tigray region accused Eritrea of sending soldiers over the border and attacking local forces after the federal government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched an offensive against the region last week.

11-10-20 - Bloomberg on Ethinc Tigreans Abduction in Addis...
Ethiopian Police Drawn Into Nation’s Deepening Ethnic Strife

Two residents and a municipal official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared repercussions, said they had direct knowledge of Tigrayans being rounded up and detained. There were similar reports on social media.

Eye witnesses from the Sudanese border (and inside the Sudan) are reporting the fleeing of thousands of Ethiopian troops into the Sudan.

11-09-20 - EU Statement
The European Union is calling for the immediate de-escalation of Ethiopian-crisis

Brussels, 09/11/2020 - Over the past days, I have been holding talks to support efforts to restore peace and political dialogue in Ethiopia.During my talks , I conveyed the EU’s concern for the risks to the integrity of the country and the stability of the wider region should the current situation endure.

11-09-20 - Public Report on Impending Ethnic Genocide

Forcefully encamped innocent Tigrean Ethiopians were relocated today to undisclosed locations from the following places in Ethiopia.

11-08-20 - VOA wrote
UN Rights Chief Urges Halt to Ethiopia Violence, Dialogue to Restore Peace

GENEVA - Ethiopia’s stability is on the line as the recent outburst of fierce fighting in the country’s Tigray and Oromia regions risks getting out of hand. U.N. rights chief Michelle Bachelet called Saturday for a de-escalation of violence and for grievances in these separate but equally destructive conflicts to be settled peacefully.

11-06-20 - US Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) Statement
Members of Congress Weigh In Regarding Political Instability In Ethiopia

WASHINGTON - Today, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa issued the below joint statement with Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA), Donald S. Beyer Jr. (D-VA), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Jamie Raskin (R-MD), and Brad Sherman (D-CA) regarding instability in Ethiopia.

Update to All:- Update 11-8-20:- Following his promise to bomb cities and towns in Tigrai, Abiy Ahmed, the current illegal head of government in Addis, tried to bomb Adigrat on 11-07-20 and Mekelle, today (11-08-20). There are no reported causalities or damages as of now. According to Getachew Reda Twitter post, one of the planes was downed near Mekelle - Aigaforum Nov 8, 2020

11-08-20 - Aljazeera wrote
Ethiopian PM sacks top officials as Tigray conflict mounts

It said Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen had been appointed foreign and Birhanu Jula was promoted to army chief of staff, from deputy army chief. Abiy also named Temesgen Tiruneh, who was president of the Amhara region, as the new intelligence chief. The prime minister is pursuing a military campaign he announced in the early hours of Wednesday, despite international pleas for dialogue with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in order to avoid civil war.

11-08-20 - TheGuardian wrote
PM who won Nobel peace prize takes Ethiopia to brink of civil war

Abiy Ahmed made his name as a reformer – but was there always an authoritarian waiting to come out? The contrast between “besuited Abiy” and “bomber jacket Abiy” was sharp, as was that between Abiy’s early days in power back in 2018 – when observers compared the young reforming leader to Nelson Mandela, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama and Mikhail Gorbachev – and the darker more troubled time now. For some, the real Abiy is only now being seen. “You don’t come up through the ranks of military intelligence and the ruling coalition in Ethiopia and be Mr Nice Guy. It just doesn’t happen,” said Martin Plaut, a regional expert at London University.

Update 11-07-20 - Ethnic Cleansing Campaign
Abiy Ahmed and his mercenaries in Addis have been killing, arresting, and harassing anyone who speaks Tigrigna. He has purged all Tigreans from federal government jobs including the remaining military under his control. He has also been incarcerating Eritrean refugees living in Addis with false charges. Recently ETV aired an image of four people the Abiy group charged as Tigreans working for the TPLF. According to an uncle of one of the accused, these four people are Refugees from Dekemhare Eritrea. The Uncle living in the U.S.A could not believe his eyes when he saw the picture. All efforts are being exerted to release these innocent Eritrean refugees. The International community should demand the Abiy group to stop the Ethnic cleansing campaign.

11-07-20 - President Debretsion letter to South Africa and African Union Chair-
Letter to President-Ramaphosa of South Africa from H.E. Debretsion Gebremichael ( PHD), President of Tigray National Regional State

H.E. Debretsion Gebremichael ( PHD), President of Tigray National Regional State has written a letter to H.E. Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa and chairperson of the AU and to H.E. Faki Mahamat, Chairperson of the African Union Commission.

11-06-20 - An Account of What transpired the War of Aggression-
The International Community is Put on Notice: Ethiopia Can Become the Next Rwanda

Elias Dawit 11-06-20 - In April 1994, the government of Rwanda shot down the plane of President Juvénal Habyarimana, setting off a planned genocide that killed upwards of one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus. In a matter of mere months, ordinary Hutu-men, women and even children-slaughtered their family members, friends and neighbors with their machetes in a bloody paroxysm of hate. It is difficult to imagine the horrifying intimacy of using a machete to kill family members, friends and neighbors.

11-07-20 - The Economist
Ethiopia’s prime minister may be starting a civil war

Early on November 4th, while the world’s eyes were boggling at America’s elections, Abiy ordered his troops into action against the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (tplf), which runs Tigray, a northern region of Ethiopia (see article). He accuses the tplf of attacking an army...Ethiopia’s prime minister may be starting a civil war (PDF)

11-06-20 - New York Times Wrote...

  • Having Made Peace Abroad, Ethiopia's Leader Goes to War at Home
  • Why Did Ethiopia's Leader Launch a War on the Tigray Region?
    Ethiopia edged to the brink of civil war this week after Abiy Ahmed, its Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister, ordered a military offensive against the government of the country’s northern Tigray region.

  • 11-06-20 - AP News Explained...
    AP Explains: Why Ethiopia is suddenly on brink of civil

    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Suddenly Ethiopia appears on the brink of civil war, threatening the stability of one of the world’s most strategic regions, the Horn of Africa, and the fracturing of one of Africa’s most powerful and populous countries.The TPLF objects to Ethiopia’s delayed election, blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic, and Abiy’s extended time in office. In September, the Tigray region voted in a local election that Ethiopia’s federal government called illegal. The federal government later moved to divert funding from the TPLF executive to local governments, angering the regional leadership

    11-06-20 - Crisisgroup Wrote
    Ethiopia's Clash with Tigray: Getting to a Ceasefire and National Dialogue

    Aside from the alleged TPLF attack on the military base, the immediate cause of the hostilities was a constitutional dispute over delayed national elections that brought the spat between the federal and Tigray authorities to a head. Given the likely catastrophic consequences of the conflict for both Ethiopia and the region, it is essential that all sides step back and halt hostilities before it is too late.

    11-05-20 - U.S Senior Study Group on Peace and Security
    Statement on Ethiopia by the Senior Study Group on Peace and Security in the Red Sea Arena

    As members of the bipartisan senior study group on peace and security in the Red Sea arena, we are watching with grave concern the situation in Ethiopia...These steps should include a cessation of military operations and the launch of an inclusive political dialogue that is credible to the Ethiopian people and lays the groundwork for free and fair elections. Neither will be possible while many of the country’s most prominent political leaders remain in prison

    11-05-20 - Aigaforum:
    Aggression Against Tigrai: What happened on Tuesday?

    (Aigaforum) Nov 5, 2020 - November 3rd, 2020, a date which will live in infamy. The date when the impulsive Abiy Ahmed declared a war against Tigray. What really went wrong for Abiy (and for Mr. Isayas) to declare war on Abiy’s Facebook/Twitter account?

    11-05-20 - CNN Reported
    Ethiopia's Abiy resists diplomatic pressure to halt offensive

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CNN)Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed showed no sign on Thursday of halting a military campaign in the Tigray region, despite international pressure to avert civil war with a powerful ethnic faction."So far nearly two dozens injured -- all military, no civilians -- were treated in the health center of Abdurafi, located near the Tigray-Amhara border." Note: Abdurafi is a small town near the Sudan border and is within Amhara kilil/region eventhough most of the residents were Ethnic Tigreans for many years.

    Update to All:- It is true Abiy attempted to bomb a target in Mekelle today(11-05-20) . No reported damage or causality due to a strong Air defense. According to an expert, we talked to, the war has escalated and no Air Space in Ethiopia will be safe going forward. Aigaforum 11-05-20

    11-05-20 - Aljazeera Reported
    Ethiopia's Tigray region asserts that fighter jets have bombed locations around its capital, Mekele

    Ethiopia’s Tigray region asserts that fighter jets have bombed locations around its capital, Mekele, aiming to force the region “into submission”, while Ethiopia’s army says it has been forced into an “unexpected and aimless war”.

    11-05-20 - U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:
    Pompeo expresses concern, urges peace in escalating Ethiopian conflict

    Pompeo expresses concern, urges peace in escalating Ethiopian conflict Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is putting the support of the U.S. behind the central Ethiopian government amid escalating conflict in the region and threats of an outbreak of civil war, calling for a de-escalation of tensions and the restoration of peace.

    11-04-20 - Amnesty International Wrote :
    The decision to send the military not only signals an escalation in tensions between the federal government and Tigray regional authorities, but also puts many lives at risk

    We call on the authorities in Ethiopia, both federal and regional, to ensure that international human rights law is respected in Tigray region, and, to ensure that people’s lives are protected

    11-04-20 - Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE) Wrote a letter:
    Abiy Ahmed and Esayas Afewerki Planned and Started a Joint War against the Innocent People of Tigrai

    The unelected federal government of Ethiopia declared war on Tigrai on 4th November 2020. SJTE denounces this illegal and unjust war in the strongest possible terms. This declaration of war against Tigrai is an extension of the genocidal acts that Abiy Ahmed has been committing on the people of Tigrai. SJTE calls for an immediate cessation of all forms of aggressions and urgently come to an all-inclusive national dialogue.

    11-03-2020 - BBC Reported: -
    Tigray crisis: Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed orders military response to 'attack'

    Mr Abiy accused the region's ruling party, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), of launching the attack. The cabinet has declared a state of emergency in the region for six months. BBC Tigrinya's Girmay Gebru reports that sounds of gunfire could be heard in Tigray's regional capital, Mekelle, early on Wednesday morning but calm has since returned.

    11-03-2020 - Reuters and New York Times Reported: -
    Ethiopiaâ??s Leader Orders Military Action Against a Northern Region

    NAIROBI, Kenya - Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia ordered military action against a regional government in the country's north early Wednesday, in a major escalation of a simmering conflict.It was not immediately possible to verify that the purported attack described by Mr. Abiy, apparently with the purpose of seizing artillery and other military equipment from the army base, had indeed taken place. His statement, which said the attack had occurred that morning, was released by 2 a.m., which would make it a remarkably quick response.

    PM accuses Tigray of attacking federal forces
    ADDIS ABABA (Reuters)

    16-2-2013(EC) -
    Tigrai Govt Letter to the International Community

    President Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) has written a letter to more than 70 leaders of countries and heads of regional and international organizations. He reminded the international community that it has been silent to the plight of Ethiopians. He also said the international community will share all the responsibility for what will happen to the country, and the region

    25-1-2013(EC) -
    Abiy and his government term expired. He started to govern the country as unelected government. Tigrai regional government which was elected on Sep 9, 2020 stopped recongnizing the Abiy group as a legal head of Federal Ethiopia.


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