Ethio-Eritrea: Policy Change and its Implication

Tsenat Interview with PM Hailemariam Desalegn – August 09, 2014

PM Hailemariam said in no uncertain terms, his government will not tolerate the one man government in Eritrea interference in Ethiopia any more. He said the strategy has changed meaning the no war no peace strategy has expired!

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  1. With the current geopolitics and the turmoil going around the region it makes sense to update the policy. Shabia is crippled since his backers are gone one by one. The only one left is Egypt and this change of policy will help Egypt to think twice. That dragging Ethiopia in to a endlessly defensve war is over!!!!

  2. Aigawoch,

    War is not something to be envied. It is destructive. I understand Ethiopia has to asses from time to time its policy but war must be a last resort. However I give the benefit of the doubt to the Ethiopian government and go along with the strategy change. Perhaps they smell something to take advantage of by getting rid of the current Eritrean government. I can only guess if it has something to do with south Sudan politics or the upcoming negotiation with Egypt- Ethiopia wanting to sit down with strength.

    Thank you.

  3. Yes The No W No P policy has made Shabiya pathetically weak. However, the same policy have lengthen the suffering of the poor Eritreans, Somilians, and South Sudanese people.

    All instability in the region points their finger to the man in Asmara.

    So the only thing missing is Ethiopia’s decisive action to its obligations of maintaining peace and security in the region.

  4. Wow,
    What an excellent Student of a Flip-Flopping Expert!
    I thought the guy was talking about to Asmera for peace talks with PIA.
    What happened now?
    May be Mr Andargachew tsighe brought to them a “Classified Info/BreakingNews sayingthat PIA/Shabo is going the EPRDF Gov.
    Or desperate for Ti’o/Aseb for the potash?
    Or scared of the Russo-Eritrean naval Execricise/Military Drilling to take over soon?
    Or to show their Gurra to Egypt?
    Or something with S sudan is cooking in?
    Or scarred of the Ethiopian peoples’ Anger?
    Or the EPDP/Medrekh is coming out stronger than the Weyane Puppet Opposition so as to place their Puppet before the EPDP takes over?

    • There is no flip flop here. You didn’t properly follow the caveat the Ethiopian government put on the “no war no peace” policy or you are confused. The Ethiopian government always prefers no war but has all along stated that it was ready to take any defensive action including full fledged war or overwhelming assault if there comes any threat or attempted terrorist act by Eritrea or for that matter any country.
      The late PM, his excellency Mr.Meles had in no uncertain terms made it clear to Isayas, the goon and issued a warning that if Eritrea continues in the activity of destabilizing Ethiopia and become a threat to it’s peace and development that Ethiopia was prepared to wage a final and decisive war unlike the previous one. This warning was given to Isayas when tourists were kidnaped by Eritrean forces and farmers in the northern part of Ethiopia were killed in an inhumane and brazen attack by infiltrators from Eritrea. The punishment that followed the warning had stopped Eritrea from similar actions but still Eritrea has continued to be a thorn in the side of Ethiopia and the other countries in the Horn of Africa by sending arms to terrorists.
      Russia is a very good friend of Ethiopia. Russia has no plan for military exercise with Eritrea. But even if that was to happen, it is no bother to Ethiopia as Russia knows what is better for it. At this time when Russia is being isolated, it will not go out of it’s way to offend Ethiopia and Africa, so to please a recluse and pariah president of Eritrea, Isayas.

      • Here is the story of flip-flopping:
        -“The EBBC Border Ruling is a legal nonsense”
        -Ok,we accept the EBBC Rulingin Principle”

        -” A Five-Point Plan”
        -“We will change the Asmera Regime by any means possible”
        -I am willing to go to Asmera to talk to PIA directly for Peace”
        -” No need of talking to to a dying regime–via T Kifle”
        -“No War No Peace Policy has expired and it is time to change the regime by a direct Ethiopian Invovlement”
        Then what?
        –Capture Aseb,put in a Puppuet,annex Eritrea-or AbayTigray Republic—
        Good luck.

        • Jamal, you are talking about Your PIA’s propaganda! Nobody said a regime change at all! One of your fabricated propaganda!

          Ethiopia begged for peace for so long , but your PIA said”that the reason he put Eritrea where is now is because that’s where he wanted Eritrea to be! Nobody is going to heed your fabricated propaganda in anyway! Nobody ever thought to annex Assab! All you wrote here is PIA’s creation to keep you where you are now!

          I personally is against any military confrontation with Eritrea ! Eritrea is independent , therefore, let it manage its shit! You chose what you chose, & so you solve your own making!

        • Do you think that the government Ethiopia should stay in the same position for ever? Impossible, Ethiopian leaders are wise that they are adjusting their statements accordingly; however, the Asmara man has the same slogan, which is ” weyane, weyane…..” all the time. So, watch prime Hailemariam.

        • Well again you are confused and I am sure you hear only to the one channel talk of PFDJ which is a moot issue as for us Ethiopians. You may not get it but I will describe it just for the record.
          – The EBBC ruling was and is accepted in principle by Ethiopia from the outset, of course Ethiopia had requested some clarification which PFDJ used to confuse its puppies.
          -Did the EBBC ruling have a lot of flaws in terms of giving territories to Eritrea which Eritrea didn’t even ask for and like wise to Ethiopia even though Ethiopia had clearly put this areas as Eritrean land? Yes, so of course these flaws made the decision imperfect but still it was accepted by Ethiopia.
          – The five point plan was a peace offering. A better description would be an offer for Eritrea better Isayas a face saving tactic, which was a big opportunity but unfortunately and true to its nature PFDJ failed to use it or flaunted the opportunity
          – Mr. Hailemariams suggestion that he would go to Asmara to talk to bring peace was a continuation of the above process an offer to Isayas to save himself and to provide him a way out, a face saving opportunity but the Leopard doesn’t change its spots and Isayas continued to support terrorists and sabotage Ethiopia’s development and peace. Hence the change in Ethiopia’s policy to defend the development and peace, it’s people are enjoying with force if necessary was implemented. Blitzkrieg actions were taken when Eritrean forces and the terrorists trained and armed by Eritrea made a mistake and kidnaped tourists and poor farmers from northern Ethiopia about 2 years ago to which Isayas didn’t even try to respond for fear that the action will escalate and result in his removal.
          – The latest and final decision that Ethiopia made which is Ethiopia will remove the siting pariah government of Eritrea if attacked by any of the terrorist organizations Eritrea has trained and armed was necessary in response to the ill-fated terrorist attempts by the mercenaries of Isayas.
          Finally it has become more clear the only language Isayas understands is force and he will be dealt for the final time if any of the terrorists he has been training and arming made a mistake and attack Ethiopia. This warning is new to you but not to Isayas. That is why he didn’t respond to the punishing and humiliating military excursion to clear up some of his military camps in Eritrea close to the Ethiopian border.
          – PM Hailemariam couldn’t have been more clear than the statement he gave in the past and now even though it may not be palatable to you.
          Do pray Isayas will not blow this last chance and ignite fire that he will never be able to quash.
          If you think these escalating decisions are flip flop we beg to defer and we who matter are content. We care less whether Sheabia and its puppies are happy or not because again the language they understand is unfortunately a stick and not carrot.

          • Huh?Shaebia never created terrorists.The Freedom Fighters of the OLF,ONLF and other s have been there even before TPLF/EPRDF but it is the TPLF,who has been creating new terrorists against Eritrea based on Region,Religion,Tribe,Ethnicity,etc–
            As to “Regime Change” rhetoric,it has been a public secret,not just an issue of wikileakes’ revelation.

  5. Yes, Asmarino is only distructive, they like war and distruction.
    Tigrigna speaking not fit to govern , all tigrigna speaking people are usless.
    Look what are doing, one in Asmara the other in Addis.I am sure they will destroy the people and the country.
    No one will stop them since they are all mad leaders un certain people.
    God Help these people, and give them peace

    • you are a scam of the Earth racist. You must be ignorant otherwise you would have noticed the gulf of difference between the system in Eritrea and Ethiopia.
      Misfits and bigot people like you are empty drums like the KKK. You are marching to destruction like the KKK did just for hating others.
      We always feel sorry for miserable and stupid people like you who are only driven by hate and have no life to live, leave alone pursue a productive political discourse.

    • The TRUTH of the Matter is that Eritreans/Asmarinos included,are always Peace-Loving people.
      Since they so much so,they will prevail and history is the witness.

      • Jamal, how did you see the 23 years history of Eritrea? Yes history is the witness! You can’t see it ! You can only see the lie propaganda of your leaders! A leader who answered about the water shortage in Asmara as “Water doesn’t go to people , but people”! He said ” there will never be election as long as I’m alive” you seem that you have no blood in your vein!

    • W Asghedom!

      As far as the reality, Tigrian at Asmara are destroying Eritrea, nevertheless , Tigrian At Addis are building & modernizing Ethiopia in general! Take it easy!

  6. Certainly Egyptians are inside this evil things, of coruse they will use properly these contradiction for thier owen benefit. They have used all means to stop the development of these people . Eritreans, somslies, ethiopians are victim of Egyotians. I sm sure the most intrlligent egyptisns will get profit from this countradiction.
    The people of these region are most of them stupieds.
    Eriean and ethiopian muslims are diging thier grave due to modlrms vountties in capacity.
    Arabs are fighting between each other and these will be thier end.

  7. Same Ethiopians they like yo have the port, for me switzer land is richer than Italy, Austria is more stable than french and spain, the island are poor more than the kand locked why ? Is the question

    • The trail of your comments are contradictory and unintelligent. Think before you write and ask your second grade daughter to help you write some sensible English. She may also give you lessons on geopolitics and chastise you for your bigotry.

  8. I’ll say it’s better to deal with the evil that you know than the angel that you don’t know….let Ato Isyas stay in power. He will claps his own term.

  9. If we will get assab back as result of the next war, it will be good. Other wise, there is no benefit. The assab port was the only port of ethiopia which was lost carelessly because leaders were thinking about short term benefits only. Now, it is time to get it back by any means.

  10. It is high time to destroy Shabia, Isayas and all reactionaries in the the region.
    Just capture the dead goose and his rotten government.

  11. The obligation of any government is to maintain peace and security to its people. without peace and security in the land one can’t face the main enemy, underdevelopment with all the force at its disposal. Therefore the argument is will the action/change of policy planned speed up or hinder the road to development.The citizens of Eritrea would rather face death running away from it than dying while saving it. However disheartening it is for outsiders removing a dictator is the responsibility of its people. But when the dictator involves itself in the process of destabilising a neighbouring country,that dictator have to face the consequences of his action. No one have to fill sorry for this mad man, most of all his compatriots. I for one support this change of policy whole heartedly and say
    its about time. The irony is we will see this dictator supporters’ demonstrating in the west for democracy like their counterpart the dergue supporters, unfortunately for all of them the more they shout the more the host countries understand their sinister motives, hence as usual they will ignore them.


  12. Need genuine and deep geopolitics analysis of the East Africa

    The no war and no peace policy is not bad because the consquence of war is not easy, specially to the Ethiopian which they have more than enough in their life long history of the country. But that condition allows some possibility to shabia to mobilize some anti EThiopia forces. Here needs to look the problem from different angles ,shabia has nothing to lose because the regime is on the last stage of dying process While Ethiopia has many things to do on the national and international level. Even if the change ? In strategy is actual and very important for the long lastning peace and security in the region,the time frame Should be planned not to be obstacle to the major projects of the country that alleviate the poverty.In addition to the change in policy to words shabia there is no genuine set up of mind with some individuals of ruling part of the EPDRF so some times I doubtful that change in strategy.Because the exprience that has showed us for the last 15 years make me to look this issue very critically. By the way it was by now only speaking history about shabia hade it not saved by some leaders. From the reality with out scientific research and studies,shabia is the problem causing agent in all the countries of the region so the issue is common problem for the East Africa.
    I hope the next generation should not inherit the war mind sickness of Shabia. So practical and genuine measures Should be taken if Ethiopia and the region to be at peace.

  13. I think the point to focus should be how many of you, including those of you who opened this discussion forum, are prepared to be on the front line and put your own life for what you are advocating for. Only then you have the moral right to discuss the issue, either in favor or against war. Until then all the hullabula would only show how war monger you are and how insensitive you are to the pain of the poor mothers on both side of Mereb whose children would be driven to fight for a cause they never understand. The common man never wanted war, and never benefited from it. All wars are made by politicians who were or are unable to mobilize their people for a good cause. We don’t want war with anyone, most certainly not with Eritrea. Africa does not need war.

  14. To Aigaforum admin,

    Why is my comment removed, was it offensive? i didn’t think so. i am assuming this was a mishap.
    thank you!

    Dear welde, as a new comer your comments were waiting for moderator.Thanks

  15. As war eats ppl, no one unless evil minded wishes it, but if innocent civilians are a victim of a day to day activity of the Eritrean regime, I mean not only the fate of eritrean brothers and sisters, but also under the NO P and No W time, several Ethiopians have lost their life because of this man! Because I knew few insurgents were disturbing the whole North-western and Western Zones of Tigrai, even I was not happy when the Ethiopian Medias were silence on the loss of those precious Citizens, could be in Bus traveling from Humera-Shire, around Maikadra-Humera, and Adi-Daero-police stations were among the major targets by the puppets of the Eritrean regime. I wonder how the Governments policy was tolerating to such disasters, sometimes I heard in practical “Tematatagn” but I was not happy with that warning! Honestly, in the Ethiopian history most of the time Tigrai region had been the war zone in most of those difficult times, and still Tigreans are targeting from such threats. No matter how big or small we are still paying lives of innocent citizens. Even though I am not ashamed of being Ethiopian, some times I wish to be a citizen of Isreal so that see the revenge of such losses. To sum up Ethiopia needs a long lasting solution to save any life loses.

    • Wow – Getachew!! Did you say that you wished you were a citizen of Israel. I just say want to ask what you would have felt if one of the over 400 children who were mascaraed by the indiscriminate shelling of the IDF was your own child. Brother no two wrongs make a right!

      • Dear all
        As you all may know there is few people have deferent ideas and deferent visions some of us know what we talking about some of you no nothing what you talk about, live it alone Ethiopian the western country took them 100 years to become, Ethiopia thank you to our hero all the young man and women give their life Bering Ethiopian the Ethiopia we have today without them nobody knows what will be Ethiopia, thank you to the TGRAY PEOPLE AND THANK YOU TO THE YOUNG MAN AND WOMEN BERING PACE THAN YOU TO OUR HERO MELES FOR HIS amazing leadership he give us everything we need for the generations to come not only to Ethiopia but included to all African countries, long live T.P.L.F and E.P.R.D.F no matter what where we live we promises we will continue to protect Ethiopia and we will continue our hero strategy

  16. Woyane joking always. Why war now? Why woyane aborted the first war that consumed 100 000 souls? Woyane loves swimming in the blood the poor Ethiopians. Woyane aborted after sacrificing 100 000 souls. Woyane went to Somalia to war fight a war for Shabia? Woyane was fighting war in Ogaden another Shabia proxy war. War can stop in the east Africa, if and only if woyane and Shabia are gotten ridden off. Woyane = shabia = the same. No difference, blood suckers idiots. You call it liberation? Neither shabia nor woyane are liberators but blood suckers vampires of the 21 century. Woyane again wanted to play game with the blood of poor Ethiopian? I know woyane brought this to divert Ethiopians. Who trust woyane honestly? Those who go to war with woyane are gambling with their lives. You idiots go to hell with your war. Neither your war nor your peace will bring unity and love since your idiots from the beginning. You brain is dedebit brain that can never change or develop or learn. You idiots who landlocked Ethiopians by force you claim you are Ethiopians? it must be a joke of the day. No one should go to war with Woyane, the most traitor brigand of the 21 century.

      • Kebede
        Short term benefit? What benefit? Did you see how the EPRDF crippled the mad man of Eritrea in a short period of time? Haileselassie & Derg took 30 years fighting …! EPRDF strategy against Eritrea is one of the most effective strategy ever! Remember the late prime minister Meles Zenawi’s saying, which says ” with out Ethiopia , Eritrea’s ports will remain a drinking ponds for Camels & Goats” & that’s what exactly is happening at this moment!

      • Jamal

        Nobody needs Assab at all! But don’t forget that Assab will comeback to its rightful owner peacefully on its own time! You just live confused on your leaders fabricated propaganda! You don’t know why Eritrea is where it is now & where it is heading! What is sad is innocent Eritrean are paying hefty prices for no reason! You think you can play tit-for tat with Ethiopia! All you know is the fake story that your leaders wrote for you! You don’t know that Ethiopia is a country that outlasted the biggest empires in the world, the Ottoman Empire , the Roman Empire….! Now Ethiopia is set to revive its former legacy in a new way, respecting its citizens equality & sharing its wealth proportionally! Think again! Assab belongs to Afar & 99% Afars live in Ethiopia!

  17. It is helpful to see at some of the long term philosophies (believes) of Isayas and his supporters ( and even some of the eritrean opposition). These unwritten philosophies/policies have a direct negative impact on our country, Ethiopia

    Here are some greedy philosophies/strategies/policies:
    1) ” Eritrea for Eritreans only, Ethiopia for both of us”. They believe they can achieve this either peacefully (Ethiopia shall be loyal to them) or by force (by weakening Ethiopia by any means),
    2) “Becoming east Africa’s and Africa’s strongest force”: This can be achieved if and only if Ethiopia remains weak (they believe)
    3) “If Eritrea is to be stable and strong, Ethiopia shall be weak and fragile (and if possible, Ethio shall be disintegrated)”. They put many reasons for this including geographical, economic, social, historical and political reasons.
    4) “if Ethiopia has to be weak, there should always be antagonism and conflict among its people”. That is what they are doing now. In addition to hosting and sponsoring several anti-Ethiopia organizations like al-shebab, Gimo7, ONLF, etc, they are day and night using the social media (like face book, tweeter, Ethiopian opposition websites, etc) to incite hate among our nations and nationalities. They use Ethiopian FB nick names like save shewa, save amara, G7, etc. They also host and fund media like ESAT which tirelessly work to create conflict among our people
    5) etc

    At this time most of their strategies and believes have failed and their spirits have gone. They have very well learnt that they can not make a direct fight with Ethiopia. But they are fighting the final battle (a battle of life and death) with the hope of disintegrating Ethiopia (#3 above); It is indirect war. Shebeya and its supporters are exerting their maximum effort in this regard. in terms of deploying resources to the extreme opposition, training and direct involvement as spies and terrorists. Are they getting some results? The answer is yes;THEY ARE ERODING ETHIOPIANS’ UNITY. The results could seem smaller now, but they are cumulative and will grow from time to time. They call it “100 years assignment”.
    The “no war no peace” is harming the Eritrean people though it is also harming shebeya. But in the long run it is also harming Ethiopia as well. After all shebya has nothing to loss, It is already useless, but they are biting us like a mad dog. They are fighting as much as they can.
    So, Ethiopian defense forces shall do something before it is too late.
    If Ethiopia keeps silent for so long by the name of “NO war no peace” principle, I think it will not be good for Ethiopia. If our unity is risked, the whole economic growth and construction can disappear in a short time. So, first, we have to avoid the “mad dog”. But before that, i believe, Ethiopia shall do all the diplomatic work. With EU, US, etc. We will fight a long side our people/ government.
    What should we expect after the war?
    The war shall not be undertaken for the sake of removing shebya only (that is nonsense). Both Ethiopian and eritrean people shall be benficaries at the end. And Ethiopia shall get a direct access to the sea. It is only that way that Ethiopia (with 90 mln people) can have sustainable growth and stability. As a win-win Eritreans will get so many things in return for making peace with us.

    • You read it wrong albeit deliberately.
      The EPRDF knows the FACTS that:
      PIA/Eritrea and Eritreans have stood firm on the Unity of Ethiopia to this minute
      -That the main disagreement between the TPLFJunta and the E.P.L.F was/is and has been that the TPLF should NOT apply the Ethnic based politics as it will help the disintegration of Ethiopia and it went even an extra mile of ,unfortunately,wiping out the OLF so as to keep Ethiopia UNITED(Yighebahal ante fara hassawi metaleli?)
      -That it was Eritrtea/PIA, who unconditionally allowed Ethiopia to use the Ports of Massawa and Aseb for FREE!!—These are documented files and protocol agreements but the GREEDY TPLF wanted more–to capture Aseb so as to prep for Abay Tigray,but failed miserably but dreaming again to do so as you believe that SHAEBIA and Eritreans are in their “Weakest Status” due to the well intended(evil) sanctions and NO War,No Peace situation,which you believe that will make it easier for you to run to Asmera and Aseb ….freely.
      -That Eritrea has stood firmly for a peaceful negotiation based on the EBBC ruling.
      -etc–do you need more doses?

      • Since you are not willing to differentiate between shabeya dogs and the Eritrean people, no talk with you. 100% lie and deception.
        This time on, no one will save you. It is time for both the Ethiopian and Eritrean people to make a lasting peace.

      • Who the f….n is Isayas or Eritrea to say how we run our business. If they made it their business then they deserve what they got and will come.
        Don’t try to BS us about Eritrea standing for Ethiopian unity.
        Eritrea has been and is the worst enemy Ethiopia had and has not for what it can do but for whom it works for. Eritrea has done the hatchet job Arabs. And Isayas remained a servant of Sadam Hussien, Gadafi, Mubarek and now Sisi.

      • Jamal

        All you wrote is the fabrications of DIA To decept the Eritrean people! እዚ ኹሉ ትፅሕፎ ዘለኻ ሰብ ክኣምነካ ኢልካ እንኾይንካ ብጀካ ናይ ሓሶት ታሪኽ ካሊእ ትፈልጦ ነገር ከምዘየብልካ እዩ ዘርኢ! ብ1984 ፈረንጂ ONLF & OLF ኣብ ኤርትራ ይስልጥኑ ከምዝነበሩ ተፈሊጡ ዝሓደረ እንዳሃለወ ሕጂ DIA ንኢትዮጵያ ሓድነት ጠጠው ዝበለ እዩ ነይሩ ክትብለና ቁሩብ ኣይትሓፍርን? DIA ንኢትዮጵያ ሓድነት ዝሓስብ ከምኮነ መሬት ኢትዮጵያ ብምውራር ንዓሰርተታት ኣሻሓት መስዋእቲ ምኽንያት ኣምኾነን ነይሩ! ንዘይፈልጥ ከምኡ ኢልካ ንገሮ!
        You think you are talking , but you are misleading yourself farther!
        Jamal, you have no truth to argue whatsoever! ! Anyways when you see the reality , you will be stunned!

  18. Those of you, who want war with Eritrea, think twice. Eritreans are our fathers, mothers brothers, and sisters. Do we really want to kill each other again? Now, we the Ethiopians are going the right direction; a lot of developments are taking place. Why do we want to stop the ongoing development and start war with our brothers and sisters? Please let us continue to be nice to our neighbors as we have been for centuries.
    Thank you from Dallas, Texas.

  19. No more “Eriteria for Eriterians,and Ethiopia a free land for every Eriterian to abuse.
    First thing first.
    1. Ethiopa has to clean all the shabian agents inside the Goverment of Ethiopia and including those spying agents for shabia who are residing in the country as refugees.
    2. EPRDF shouldn’t repeat the same mistake again as they did in badme war, those Eriterian agents,selling all sorts of information including military information to shabia should be neutralized, then we are clearing the region from terorrism, if shabia is destroyed ones and for all.

  20. It is time to think twice before doing something about the war. Yes Issayas was the problem with his leadership. But at the end of the day the Eritrean people will be united to defend the motherland of Eritrea. There is no joke when it comes with the mother land invansion. It is the matter of sovereignity and dignity. We have seen what happened the last war 2000 on the civil Eritreans committed by Woyane Regime.

  21. This man is mad- wants to rule Ethiopia with an iron fist as he is ruling his people for the last 21 years I guess- which is not work in now days. This man don’t know what is important to him, important to his Country and others. He is always pointing his finger to Ethiopia, doesn’t want to see Ethiopia as a country. so must go. Thank u

  22. My instinct tells me Ethiopian leaders have amassed humongous military and economic understanding of Shabia/HGDF. Such military action requires prior intelligence not only the cult’s incurable malady but also identifying specific, precise and painful action it deserves to induce the needed outcome within a time frame.
    Some of the paramount questions the decision makers ought to consider are: (1) what exactly is the targeted objective and outcome? (2) Does the final result outdo the aggregated cost? Even though Shabia/HGDF is the enemy of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, there are vital intelligence, economic and diplomatic preparations that should be made prior to military action. Ethiopia should communicate patriotic national political leaders (including the law abiding oppositions) and stake holders (diplomatically).
    As the statement is considerably important national matter, I wish PM Hailemariam Dessalegn was inside Ethiopia when making the statement.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  23. Dear Editor,
    I am thrilled and profoundly delighted by H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn’s response to the crucial questions of concern to Ethiopians. Many sincere thanks to Solomon Tekalign of Tsinat Radio for the well-thought and eloquently presented questions.

    On the issue of terrorism, I fully support the position of the Ethiopian government of eliminating terrorism from its root – dismantle the SHAIBIA government in Eritrea. Dismantling the SHABIYA government not only will it make the Horn peaceful but also will guarantee the very survival of the people in Eritrea who are currently under a state of annihilation.

    The problem SHAEBIA is posing is not limited to the acts of terror in the Horn but also a crime against humanity. In this regard the African Union (AU) and United Nations (UN) should first take the lead to summon the criminal gang of SHAEBIYA to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The participation of Ethiopia in actions that are necessary to bring the criminal gangs of SHAEBIYA to the ICC, and to help the people of Eritrea to have a constitution and elected government should be backed by the AU and UN.

    The next step should be about building a lasting peace in the Horn. Whatever the historical past and present may be, all the people in the Horn of Africa belong to one big family. The people and government of Ethiopia under the leadership of EPRDF should lead the effort to make the Horn of Africa a peaceful region to everyone. Socio-economic linkages are essential for regional integration which is the sole guarantee for democracy, peace, stability and progress in the long run. Border Let us go for it.

  24. Let the GoE organize and cooperate with those Eritreans who need a peaceful coexistence with Ethiopia. These should soon replace shabeya with the support Ethiopia.

  25. In my opinion, Ethiopia’s peace and just policy; Ethiopia’s attempt to solve problems with other nations uniting on common goal, while solving differences amicably is an outstanding human centered policy. This outstanding and peace loving policy of Ethiopia as it was carried before must continue to be implemented by Ethiopia with all nations. Especially, with those countries that has common continuing colonial experience. With neighboring countries, other developing nations; such as Africans that include Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and others. Hence, Ethiopia must primarily persist in solving problems with Eritrea peacefully in spite Eritrea’s malicious and criminal intent and act.
    Ethiopia must avoid the consequence of war and capitalize on the favorable situation of the world towards here human centered development. Ethiopia seize the time.

  26. In the 1999 -2000 war, the Ethiopian people were with the regime, not anymore. Now, Ethiopians will decorate Eritrean tanks if they see them in Addis. Ethiopia’s prime enemy is TPLF. Go to Eritrea, the next thing you see is a new popular government in Ethiopia

  27. The current ‘no-war/no-peace’ policy has worked well in favor of Ethiopia, and no need to change. The fact that Afeworki is still in power is good for Ethiopia because he has check-mated the Ethiopia/n haters within Shabia and the opposition. The only policy change that is good for Ethiopia is the voiding of the Algeries agreement that the then prime minister signed.

  28. ውድ ጎረበቶቼ ሆይ፣

    በዚሁ ጊዜ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ኤርትራ ገብቶ ሻዕብያን መገልበጥ ቢሞክር ኣይሳካለትም ብቻ ሳይሆን ፣ተጎድቶ እንደሚወጣ ነው የሚታየኝ።በሃይል ከሆነ የኛ የተገደደው ሰራዊት እንኳን የኢትዮጵያ ሰራዊት ይቅርና ጉንፋን እንኳን መከላከል ኣቅም የለውም።ግን ኣባባ ኢሳያስ የኤርትራው ብቸኛ ኣእምሮ ሳይሆን ተካላካይም ጭምር ነው።ለዚሁ ጊዜ ብሎ ነው ኤለክትሪክ ባገሩ እንዳይኖር ያደረገው፣ምክንያቱም ኣንድ ቀን እንደምትወሩን ስላወቀ።እኛ ኤርትራውያን ዕድሜ ለሻዕብያ መብራት ስለሌለ እንደ ድመት በጨለማ ማየት ጀምረናል፣እናንተ ኢትዮጵያውያን ግን ኣገራችሁ ቀብጦ ኤለትሪክ በኤለትሪክ ስለ ሆነ እንደኛ በጨለማ ማየት ኣትችሉም።
    ዋናው ሌላ ነገር ደግሞ ፣ኣባባ ኢሳያስ፣ ያቺ ባድሜ/badme ላይ ኣትወጣም ያላት ጸሓይ እዚህ ኤርትራ ውስጥም ኣትወጣም ካለ የባሰ ለኢትዮጵያ ወታደሮች ችግር ነው።
    እኛ ኤርትራውያን ጸሓይ ምግብና ክብር ቢጠፋ፣ያለዝያ መኖር ለምደናል__እኔ ኣስጠንቅቅያለሁኝ።ምክሬን ችላ ብላችሁ ከመጣችሁ ግን እኔ የለሁበትም።በታክቲካል ዊዝድሮዋል እስከ ከሰላ ድረስ ማባረር እንችላለን።

    ቻው የኤድመንተን ኣልበርታውና,የሳንድያጎው California መሓሪ ነኝ ።

  29. The root of the terrorism has to be cut off from its root. So that the position of Ethiopia is right and time. we don’t need to shed our blood always. we want sustainable peace and stability. The bloodshed and instability has to end at this time. The GoE has to take the measure over SHAIBYA, the dead soul and ends the no war no peace principle. The two peoples I mean the time that the families will meet will no longer if the GoE do this one. The Northern part of Tigrai is always in threat and pressure so this type of fear cloud has to take off from it. My stance is the Go E has to take this measure and the source of the terrorism has to dry from its root.

  30. Dear Aiga! I wish the other media would be as participatory as yours .May God bless this website! !!!!

    “War is the extension of politics & Diplomacy By other Means ” PMMS
    The military Doctrine of EDF it is also the war theory of Karl Von Causawski .
    The cause of war & destruction is the brutal Totalitarian state of EPDF.It is the source of pain & misery for the whole region. If we want to have A sustainable PEACE & stability The Eritrean people should be powerful enough to regain their sovereignty .
    We have offered more than FIFTY times the olive branch of PEACE to no Avail. Seeking PEACE is not A weakness .The brutal REGIME is still training & arming like more than twelve of the terrorists them ln different camps. I think we the right to defend our selves by anymeans.THIS message is deliverd By HE PMHD it is timely & For Warning.

  31. Shaebia should have been swept out during the last moments of the war in 1992 (2000 G.C.) if the mistake of halting the fast advancement of the zealous and formidable hero Ethio-army was not made.That mistake gave Shaebia the life to not doing good but just to spoil peace in the East Africa.Thanks to the coward Andargachew,now that all the conspiracy of Shaebia to ruin Ethiopia in particular has been unveiled,what to wait for? lf we Ethioipians are to fully concentrate on our struggle against poverty,we first should wipe out Shaebia.We don’t want a piece of land! As to that,the people of Eritrea will be asked by the people of ETHIOPIA for referendum to come back as they separated through the so-called act in context.We need a total peace.Therefore,let’s consolidate our joined hands as always to sooner make Shaebia included into the newest historical records.Once we eradicate the moron government therein,we leave quickly and let the people do their homework to the good or the bad! We should not care a damn even if they turn chaos and cannibal! Morons,you never want struggle but live at the expense of others’ blood and sweat as you are accustomed for 40 years(starting from the time TPLF started struggle and you are always good -for- nothing! )

  32. thanks our late pm Meles Zenawi and the eprdf gov’ we have the strongest army in africa,that automcally change the isaias regime and his hatemonger fellow diaspora in to dust.

  33. Halay,

    Dear all Ethiopia,
    we Ethiopians we have to understand what is politics, economy, culture,religion, society. To start war in which topic: You mean that in politics, so that we don’t have good relation with Eritrean and E-government, so that we changed our policy to start war. I would say in this chapter we Ethiopian ” we don’t have self-confidence “, because we lie alot and gave for our people wrong information to hate the Eritrean people. This really our habit repeatdily we did it. I have good access to any late information, most Ethiopian news were based on lie and not true. We are cheating: signed on paper the same as Issaias signature; Issaias is in coma; he is seriously ill; he disturbe our region; he trained torrorist; he sent terrorist to Somalia; he sent terrorist to Ethiopia; Badme is belongs to Ethiopia ( 1998) all Ethioipan war to Badme, ( in 2002 by International Court back to Eritrea). To change the government is it our country or to break the International law?. Again who will go to die for nonsense-war, all those wrong factors are calculated by TPLF and EPRDF: H. Desalegn have luck of political knowledge; he was completed his degree in Engineering and came in 1980s to Finland for Diplom- engineering. He could be a politician but he is still weak to show progress, his words are almost not good for governor.

  34. we are living in a 21 century and all our focus should be at how to transform the economy of our country and to improve the lives of our people . we have been through different wars and nothing positive has emerged out of it . the war has claimed thousands lives and millions of dollars .we need to mind our business .it is the responsibility of eriteans to topple their government .we need to help those who are willing to fight the dictator .we should not put the lives of thousands at stake .time has changed and we need to adjust our thinking with the fast paced today’s circumstances ,rather then beating a war drum .war is not a solution .lets do our home work and win the minds of our people .lets show our people that we are heading towards the right way .lets stop the influx of our generation to different arab countries .lets not try to divert the attention our people .war has never been a solution .

  35. The simple answer to Dilwenberu warmongering is just to remind him that Eritrea is ALWAYS a graveyard to any aggression on its sovereignty. Period. There is always a dividend in peace but not in war. As always, Eritrea will prevail!!

    • Remember,Eritrea achieved independence through the decisive help of TPLF,militaristically,politically,economically,..etc.Had not been due to the crucial military help by TPLF particularly during the Red Star Operation(ቀይ ኮከብ ዘመቻ) 30 years ago,which claimed the lives many of our adorned inexpressively hero fighters,hardly the existence of Shaebia and the independence of unblessed country would have come.Because,Shaebia never had and has the diexterity(skill and competency) to lead peoples struggle, even one tenth of TPLF.THat’s why it lived in the holes of Naqfa like rodents for 30 years.But TPLF did it within 17 years! Had not been for wrath,the worst natural catastrophic drought on the hero Tigrean people in 1977 which considerably impacted on the people,hence their Party,TPLF-the Tigrean people would have overturned Derg even in less than 17 years.The present moron shaebia contributed much to the extinction of Tigrean people during that era alongside with Derg and the drought by blocking a passage to the people to the Sudan to save their lives.Do you we would forget this ruthless action of shaebia? We never! We shall avenge! Not the people,but the freelancer shaebia.
      As to the military skill,execution ,in short dexterity,the Ethiopian army far more beyond my ability to describe.It is an army of action! l would like to remind what General Samora Yenus said prior to a few days to Operation Sunset:They(shaebia) are to dig holes,but then,we are able to bring them out of the hole and then put into the same hole and bury them.እነሱ ጉድጓድ መቆፈር ይችላሉ እኛ ደግሞ ከጉድጓድ ኣውጥተን መልሰን ወደ ጉድጓድ ከተን እንቀብራቸዋለን ኣዎ እነሱም ያውቃሉ’ Sooner his words turned real by the commited dedicated Ethio Army! So,Ethiopians’ heroism is superior,l repeat it-SUPERIOR- to ANY army let alone a fancy , insane and imaginery shaebias.

  36. As Idris said, so many Eritreans on this website, commenting as if they are Ethiopians.
    Eritreans please leave our affairs to us /Ethiopians, none of your business.
    don’t lecture us/Ethiopians what is best for us, we know what is happening on the ground, you and your government is terrorizing the region we say, no to terrorism!!

  37. The tyrant old mafia leader needs to learn from the ground that all his evil tactics to destabilized Ethiopia are failed

  38. you have deleted all my comments? But I see many comments which are not even Ethiopian posted? you do not like someone telling you the truth? Ethiopia is endowed with human right abuse of women, children. Women exported to middle east like sheep for EPRDF officials to fill their pocket? While they send their children to Europe, North America, Asia, … you send teens girls to middle east to be raped, to hang themselves everyay? Except sending people to be raped, you do not care about them? AIGA you love Ethiopia to suck its human and material resources, but you care not about the people? You were sending kids in the name adoption and collecting remittance from NGOS who traffick children? Today you are employing under age to build roads? AIGA, does TPLF official know any ethic or moral or human dignity and integrity? Even derg never touched under-age. But you are making children Chinese sweatshop workers? I do not know where you came you guys? I am disgusted after seeing underage working with a Chinese company in Tigrai? TPLF is a rotten organisation. Only rotten people abuse children. AIGA does the TPLF official have five senses? I am serious? I am disgusted, disgusting, ugly. How can you use little kids to build roads? Shame

  39. @idris .no matter how u interpret it , I respect ur opinion and I believe on respecting the opinion of people that comes from any corner .but I want to stress that u need to apply a rule that safeguards the opinion of any one even those who are against urs .it is not our responsibility to bring any change in Eritrea . we should not dent the fact that our country is engulfed with many difficulties and so , we need to strive hard to alleviate all those imminent dangers that may cause a huge damage in our country .first , we need to create an atmosphere that allows us to resolve our differences and maintain our unity .we need to face the reality and adopt that a strategy that enable us face the challenges . we are a divided people and lets work on this issue first before we beat a war drum . nothing worth comes out of war .

    • Bilen Shabia, you go and preach that to your Aya Issayas. You are not Ethiopian, you are Shabia camouflaging as Ethiopian. Do you want me to post your address and who you are ? Say yes then I will show you who you are if you think you are hiding behind your pc. Get out of her. Dekama Shabia

  40. Ethiopians and Eritreans know very well these so called two goverents support and arm each countries opposition groups. The Ethiopian gov’t acts as if they do not support and arm Eritrean opposition groups what a shame!!! So many innocent Ethiopians and Eritreans perished for no reason. What is sad is for these gov’ts life is cheap they want to perish another 100s of of thousands more. Ab quenat zeyweale belih! Ethiopians and Eritreans however understand so well the devastating result of war.

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