Ana Gomez and Her Angry and Vengeful Politics

Unlike the early days of the online media, we have all learned not to be easily shocked, surprised, or overly excited by what we read online. Mostly, we try to verify the reliability and reputation of the source. Sometimes, we try to analyze the characters or personalities affiliated in an outrageous story or analysis and we raise questions like….did he/she really say that? …Really? Would he/she say that? What would be his/her motive to be so wrong? and so on.

When we read Ana Gomez’s interview with a journalist from a local private media, we didn’t even doubt the authenticity of this story knowing it is the angry Hana Gobeze spewing her venom again. By the way, she likes her nick name and she is flattered to be named as Hana Gobeze. May be we are wrong referring to the interviewer as a journalist… sounds more of an opposition spokesperson according to his line of questioning and his opinion of her being respected by ‘a lot of Ethiopians’. That’s beside the point….You will judge for yourself.

At first, we wanted to sit down and write to respond to what she said line by line, but decided not to, because she is overwhelmingly wrong, biased, angry, arrogant, and filled with vengeance.

After reading this transcript and trying to make sense of her anger and the personal hate she harbors against the great leader, the late PM Meles Zenawi, one can easily conclude that she must have been really hit hard where it hurts the most the way PM Meles cut her to size last time!

While failing miserably on her analysis and wrong on all points, we have to admit that she is right about one thing she said….” She doesn’t pretend to know Ethiopia well enough”. You are darn right ! You, including your confidants, don’t know Ethiopia and it will stay a mystery to you forever.

She even dares to tell us that poor countries like Ethiopia don’t have the right to protect their people against terrorism and she says that’s reserved for the rich, developed, and powerful countries.

This angry woman says a lot more. Read on(here) and Have Your Say below…!

133 thoughts on “Ana Gomez and Her Angry and Vengeful Politics

  1. I don’t understand why the government granted her visa in the first place. Wasn’t she the one who demanded the government be overthrown by ANY MEANS during one of the Kingjit/G7 sponsored meetings (no need to list all the fultie attempts she made to punish the Ethiopian government in every given oppurtunity she had)? How is what she said different than what the likes of Andualem Arage and Eskender Nega said?

    • i do believe that granting her a visa is the best thing that the Ethiopian government did so far, if we call our self a democratic nation this is what we were supposed to do, and don’t forget the loan and the grant that we got from EU,

  2. Well,

    I was angry and disgusted by the whole saga. I am not sure allowing her to set a foot in Ethiopia was a good idea to begin with. Who ever did this (may be the foreign affairs office?) may have made a big mistake and naive one. She is an enemy of Ethiopia and she made it clear on several occassions. To come to ethiopia and medle in the ethnic politics of Ethiopia is uncalled for. It is also surprising to see that higher officials of the EPRDF had the audacity to invite her lunch and talk with her about “change needed” while she is trying to blackmail our hero and for that matter our people. She came to Ethiopia to advertise for her intimate friend of the Gim-bot 7. The way the whole issue was handled regarding her visit was wrong ad someone needs to explain or answer to that. This lady is not good for Ethiopia and its democritization. She should be kept at arms length. Rememeber what Meles has written about plan A and B of the peasats? That is what need to do with this lady. Let her shout in Europe, but do not let her any more to poison our wells. She is angry, vengful, and cheap lady with moronic attitude. I do not thing the Europeans take her seriously (only as megaphone without content) and there is no reason to be taken seriously in Ethiopia. Let her go to her poor native country and contribute if she has anything to do. hands off Ethiopia, we are capable solvig our problems.

    • Who is Miss Ana Gomez? I do not want to u to answer me who she is,because every body knows her. she is the enemy of the people of Ethiopia. She doesn’t want the growth and development of Ethiopia, rather she works day and night with our enemies,specially with the terrorist group the so-called Ginbot 7. So how on earth can she came to Ethiopia. An enemy who fights to her maximum effort and tries many times to destabilize Ethiopia allowed entry visa. One can not expects a bird from a snakes egg.

  3. This Lady is delusional Aigaforum! She thinks she is God sent messiah to Ethiopia. I am glad PM Meles did not die with out cutting her to size and his weight not hers is important to the EU. The EU disregard her input and shoved her report to the dust bin and renrew their commitment to help Ethiopia. She thought she can kneel down Ethiopia and Meles! Boy was she wrong!

    I was amazed however by how much she really is hurt by the Meles administration. Not even berhanu nega, her running dog, feels like that about Meles. Why did she bring the Tigrean card? I really think ESAT is her creation! She sounds the same as the journalist at good for nothing YouTube TV ESAT.

    As for why she was allowed to Ethiopia, the only reason I can think of is may be the conference/meeting requires Ethiopian authority to grant visa to any European politician! In any case it is good she in her own eyes see Ethiopian after Kinjit…her dooms day preaching has come to naught! Ethiopia is marching and she is drenching with hate! Imagine her gaining any ears from real politicians with such kind of interview and outlook about Ethiopia! She is far from reality!!!!!

  4. Madam Ann Gomazeee you better knew Ethiopia was never felt under Colonist during the old generation nether during this generation!!!!!! We knew you well and they will invite you when G7 comes in power!!! Until then we don’t have any open place for you!!!!! Melese is our hero he is always in the heart of Ethiopians ( not in the heart of G7)

  5. ” What love gotta do with it”.
    I am not sure but I believe it was a perfect diplomatic decision to issue visa for this demon. The lady did not expect it this way, If she was denied to come in I expect the plan was to prove what she was always talking is right.To cry how undemocratic our government is. It was even glorify her importance. Although she is damaging our image. Our government should use other diplomatic ways to discredit her.

  6. We shouldn’t talk about this old lady, she is no body you can go to Poland ask any body in street you will not find a single person who knows her. She is no body

  7. First of all, I agree with you that the so called journalist is biased and acted like an activist or an opposition critics. As for the lady, she was completely in bed with the opposition in the past and still remains as such. We should not expect anything different. Obviously, some of her responses are quite shallow and mostly the daily talking points of the Diaspora opposition without much of deviations.
    For example, her comments regarding the people in prison, she calls them the icons for the new generation of Ethiopians. They may be for some sectors of the diaspora activists, but not for the vast young generation of Ethiopians . It shows her complete lack of judgment for the composition of Ethiopian society.
    She also talks about Ethiopia facing terrorist threat just like anybody else, while correctly identifying Ethiopia in particular because of the neighborhoosod of the nation. However, she quickly laments the late PM for the source of these problems. This is outragasouly irresponsible and completely ignorant.
    She continued on blabbering about the opposition groups by stating their weakness, and blames the government for that. There is no historical evidence in the world where the ruling party has the responsibility to nurture its political opponents. I’m not certain if she really believes that the demise of the opposition is the government’s responsibility. They are weak because they don’t have public support within Ethiopia. Period!

    And finally, she talks about the government purposely fueling the religios fundamentalism in Ethiopia. She particularly faults the late PM which is an absolute grabage.

    BTW..please stop using this phrase “The Great Leader” I don’t think you will adding any value to his legacy by overplaying this narrative. His work speaks for itself and don’t need any build up by phrases such as that. Just personal openion.

  8. Dear aiga,
    As you know I really oppose EPRDFF on many many issue. But I am surprised why the so called leaders gave visa to lady who meddle in the affaires of other country like our country as if our country depends on her. What surprises me, she used Tigreans name ? She is really dumb ass and arrogant lady. She is not grown up. What Tigreans has to do with this? She is just foolish and arrogant. She does not know her limits. I do not understand honestly why she things she can meddle like this all the time. I do not get it. Look, leave alone Ethiopia, even USA has many problems. But USA problems can only solved by USA citizens and leaders, not by anyone else. What she is still doing is not acceptable to be honest. I do not believe she is politicians to be honest. Even if we assume she good intention, you can not help a country like Ethiopia by promoting hatred. I am not saying EPRDF is good, but I do not believe in the meddling of foreign citizens in my country for whatever reasons. Relation between countries must be based on mutual interest, nothing less or more. We have many problems , but the Ethiopians people have to solve them ourselves. we do not need people like her to tell us what we need. She does not understand the way we think. I am just thinking why she thinks she has all these feeling of dominion on our country and our people. Please keep her out. Old habit die hard. She may have a position, but she is not grown up yet.

    The government has to listen to its citizens and minister the people; The regime must stop licking the asses of these dumb lady and the Arabs dogs just to secure charity. Development can be only realized by hardworking day and night, not by allowing foreign citizens to meddle in the affaires of the country.

  9. Oh boy! so much pretension, Anna Gomez has no more weight than a feather in the circles of EU parliament. This a mad woman who has an axe to grind is shamefully flailing her little ammunition in malice, the podium which should have been used for constructive purpose.
    This is a cheap woman who involved herself in compromising position when she was sent as an observer in to the 2005 election. Needless to say if it was not for Ethiopian decency her sordid affair with the persons she was involved would have been exposed in greater detail.
    Her mumbo-jumbo about Ethiopian politics is transparent and her vengeance is apparent. I don’t understand for whose consumption this shared was but it is certain it was not intended for the EU governance who she name calls neither is it for Ethiopians except the handful friends she has and may be they will take her out to 18 St for dinner when she visits Washington DC.
    She is cheap and a curse to the EU leave alone to Ethiopia. We are lucky we can ignore her crazy shrill and I feel sorry for those who have to hear it now and then in the EU parliament just because she sits among them. She should pluck out the pickle that is stuck in her you know where before she can espouse to know and give advise to Ethiopia.
    The times for intimidating Ethiopia by the meagre purse is gone for ever and anyones leverage is dependent on its merit not weighed by the meagre finances they can throw at us.

  10. Ayeeeee! Here we go again. did she came from Philly? or from Brussels?
    The Big Mouth Old lady is still talking on behalf of Brhanoo Nega!! the ” What love got to do with it”. song of Tina Turner , which was chosen by the WORLD CLASS LEADER, DJ. Meles for her was I think, still circling on her brain. I can see that she had been on pain and I think she only got the chance to open her mouth again on the so called private news paper. Our government was not supposed to give her a chance to open her ” KORKORO” mouth on behalf of her ” Woosheema”

  11. Despite her past one sidedness, I really don’t have any issues with her or with the journalist. He has a right to ask as he sees it fit and she has a right to speak her mind freely. Let’s just be fair, and question ourselves. just because we strongly support our government, it does not mean we have to attack everybody with a different view than ours? If we do that, how are we different from her?

  12. I re-realized how a low level, low class , cheap politician the lady is.Based on the content of her interview, she shouldn’t be allowed to set foot in Ethiopia again.
    What surprised me was the picture of her and Ato Aba Dula Gemeda ( What is he thinking?Or may be his comprehension of the English language is very limited and didn’t understand her disrespect for the administration?

  13. Hi TPLFites, is there any particular statement of Hanna Gobezie you guys can pick up and disprove to the reader?none what so ever, just verbal abuse as always, i don’t think it is productive.I think the lady told you boldly the facts on the ground and you couldn’t take it so is the habitual name calling
    The only reservation I had on her statements is her obvious happiness on the death of PMMZ and it is inappropriate on the other points I couldn’t find any problems, is there any one who can show me how she is erred without name calling, I will be happy to listen
    Thanks Aiga for the format

    • you are right there is a grain of truth in the way she explained the naturally undemocratic tribal system in Ethiopia but she seems to blow it all away by being too immature and completely dismissive of some of the progresses made, at least on economic front…very few governments in Africa make appropriate use of the EU fund she is crying about, but EPRDF at least in my opinion..

  14. Dearest Aiga,
    I think the government was right in granting her an entry Visa. She is an ordinary European lady and has not a say whatsoever in the contemporary Ethiopian politics. We also know that she is a mistress of the delusional Berhanu Nega. Her support to the vocal Diaspora, albeit it makes no difference, is expected though. Nine years back, Meles the great told her to behave as per her responsibilities, pointing out her dating with Berhanu as an immoral act in his piece printed on the Ethiopian Herald. Ever since then, her ‘influence’ went down to an all-time low. So, from where her hatred to Meles emanates is obvious. She is now reduced to a very talkative, mentally sick one. Lastly, it is regrettable to see an Ethiopian ‘journalist’ portraying as if Ana is a darling lady to us all. Thanks.

  15. .I think to let her get visa to come for meeting in Ethiopia is good. It shows Ethiopian government is not afraid of malicious insult and allegation of so called “advocates of democracy and human rights respect’’ In the name off human rights democracy. People like her neo-liberals are distorting its universal concept and they miss applying human right respect and democracy to use it as raw material against the respect of human right and democracy the cherished goal humanity. This is the greatest abuse of human right respect and democracy in a modern time .she is one of the abuser of human right and works hard to destabilize the life of 80 000 000 million people of Ethiopia through her malicious allegation and misinformation of against the Ethiopian people and their aspiration for justice and democracy to create strife and hate among Ethiopian people is there any human right abuse greater than this .

  16. I have wasted valuable time reading this garbage interview from this witch lady. She has made up her mind and her goal is clearly against the Ethiopian government, in particularly Tigreans. She absolutely blinded and hateful towards Ethiopia’s developments, she still thinks/wishes Berhanu Nega is the Mayor of Addis Abeba.
    I don’t understand why she granted a visa entry because she stills wants to see Ethiopia dismantled via ethic divisions and religious. Nevertheless the Ethiopian people are much more civilized than she thinks. She is entitled to her daytime dreaming wishing, she is not worth a thing.
    Finally she should be banned from entering to Ethiopia for life. She is a bitch and bad witch.

  17. I read the entire interview she did and I didn’t surprise what she side because I am aware of here previous preaches. But am confused about the handling of the Ethiopian government on it’s enemy. I wish here visa was denied, strong action against shabia, and strong condemnation to the Saudi Arabian government. If you feels weaker every one wants to test you and show your strength every one respects you. Pls be strong!!!

  18. She is a brave woman to say what she believes is going on in the country. For the record I am not ginbot 7 or ESAT or the opposition party. I am not even a politician. We always brag about 3 000 thousand history yet I am convinced that we have a 3000 years pride and arrogance. It is ok to express you view without name calling. shame on you the proud Ethiopians who always want to hear from your friends or the one you agree with. Shame Shame

    • It is not her view that most of are against. It is that she was never a neutral observer once she compromised herself and became a sworn enemy of the state. Secondly she is so prejudiced that what she is saying is wrong and she is meddling in affairs that is not her business. Mind you most of us don’t give a rats ass what she thinks but we have an obligation to set the record straight and put her in her place.
      No amount of brouhaha from Miss little piggy will not bring any change and she knows it.

  19. The women, Anna Gomez, meddled in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, breaching the very mandate she had. After 2005, she made so many bellicose, hostile statements including the use of her office to the very characters she tried to propel to the throne. Anna has repeatedly advocated for hostile political actions against Ethiopia, including precluding the country from the economic aids European Union give to developing countries. She has also lobbied US law makers accusing the Ethiopian government with all sorts of ill acts. True, she had special affinity to the same personalities she meet in Addis; and their disciples in Europe have serenated her with gifts and songs.
    Ethiopia’s decision to grant her entry visa this time was a policy matter. But as unenlightened national, I am unable to figure out the possible good outcomes of her visit after all of her hostile actions and misstatements against Ethiopia. Well, she talked with different higher officials and got the opportunity to witness the marked development of the country. In her interview with one of the opposition local newspaper, the questioner openly complemented her and she proudly responded conceding to the “Gobeze” name. Whenever the Gobeze name is mentioned, the first thing that comes to many people’s mind is the real “Negede Gobeze” and the tens of thousands of massacred Ethiopians of that era.
    In historical retrospect, Anna’s political wants are reminiscent to that of colonial mind-sets. She has the audacity to tell what Ethiopia should do, how and, convey it all in condescending manners. It is like fascist Italy’s rational to justify the invasion of Ethiopia: to make us “civilized.”
    Many may deliberately brush it aside for sinister purpose but Ethiopia is doing what many western countries accomplished hundreds of years ago. In the US alone, many academic institutions, tens of thousands of miles of rail roads, subways, monuments and so many developmental projects were built prior to the 20th century. While those enormously important national developments, many of which are still in service, built there was defacto slavery, segregation and American women had not had the right to vote. True, we are in the 21st century, in which the dissemination of information occurs at the speed of light, and what happened at that time is irrelevant and incomparable to today’s world. But still, in a diverse country, with the degree of poverty as high as Ethiopia, with the history of more than two centuries old of civil wars and genuine popular grievances, a marked development would not have been realized without democracy. By that, even though many hurdles and challenges remain to be met, Anna Gomez and the likes should know there is a direct correlation between development and democracy, and the pursuing for more prosperous, democratic Ethiopia is real.

  20. I would have given some of her comments the benefit of the doubt if it wasn’t made by this lady…The lady simply has a hidden anti Ethiopia agenda perhaps sponsored by some oil rich anti Ethiopian forces…her obsessively personalized negative approach towards everything in Ethiopia is just not normal..

  21. Ana is clueless and naive woman. She doesn’t know much about the world outside her cosy EU parlament building. Funny thing is she is degrading, racist condescending thinking she knows what is best for Ethiopia than Ethiopian leaders who have sacrificed their energy, youth and lives for their country. She really is infantile and brainless little lady.

  22. Do you know what Anna Gomez’s dream is? First of all, I think what comes to her mind, always is that very moment she had good night with her beloved friend Brhannu Nega in the Sheraton Addis during the 2005 election and all the promises Brhanu whispered her during that joyous night. Now, she has seen a lot of changes going on very well in the country in the absence of her best friend and she has also realized seriously, that this guy, Brhanu ,is nothing in the eyes of the Ethiopian people plus that he will never ever step a foot on to the soil of Ethiopia any more. So what can she do? Ah! poor Gomez, her dreams to see her best lover as an Ethiopian PM.and she being received on red carpet when she comes to visit him and now these dreams are vanishing. like fog. So madam Gomez is absolutely dis appointment and it is very painful disappointment. She is in agony. What ever she says emanates simply from nothing but from bottom heart remorse or pain. So Anna! sorry, we cant help you, we can’t share your pains. Madam Gomez, if you like to come to Ethiopia again, surely we will issue VISA to you but not to your friend Brhanu. Sorry, madam we know that is what makes you so crazy!

  23. This crazy lady is not didn’t know what is country sovernity and expectation to the human being at equal standard nevertheless poor or rich. Ethiopian people doesn’t have to be protected from terrorist attach because poor, this is what she means.
    The woman first to Ethiopia to one purpose to observe, one term election and to report the outcome of the election if it feet to the international election standard and she done her report. The EU Members didn’t support her report due to lack reflection to the actual ground. There is no way she has to continue opposing our country progress and reflecting bad image to our honorable late Prime Minster. She has not right to interfere in our internal politics and ethics as she is not Ethiopian citizenship. She hate Tigrean people as the Ethiopian extremist do. So in my conclusion she is an Ethiopian diaspora extremists oppositions activist, which they conduct their hated behavior in the name democracy and liberation. We must stop here!

  24. Ana Gomes is no healthy anyaways, affected drastically by the lette from the hero, late PM MZ more than any opositions (her pets). We Ethiopians have all the capabiltities to decide on our fate. No more and no less serious serious thing from such nasty and uttering words. And from any other similar invasions too! She can come to Ethiopia now and then, no one cares about her coming and uttering nasty words, the matter is “The Dog Barks, the Camel moves on!” We need to keep our peace, democracy, good governance, and developmet just for us, no to please others! The important thing is that our leaders know well about that! God Bless Ethioipa!

  25. I think including the owner of this forum, most of you don’t tolerate opposing ideas. If she is against the way Melese zena rule the country, I don’t see any issues.
    Simply, instead of listening what she say and pass bye, people come out with sword words to insult her which is cheap.
    This lady has a power in the EU parliament and we know this and we knew what happen.
    It is not to show her that Ethiopia is democratic nation that she is granted visa but ethiopia need money and they want the help of this lady, worst case, she shut up her mouth not to mention ethiopian cases and when this is the simplest reason she was given the visa, people try to guess and invest other things.
    you can think and say what ever you feel and want to say behind your pc but the matter of the truth is always different.
    Even you guys called the journalist opposition spoke person….let it be.
    And why don’t oyu criticise ETV and Shameless Kemal (Camel)? this is medias and guys that lead you to the hell.

    • @Kassahun, you are fully entitled to write your understanding. But, point by point, let me verify your ‘understanding’ to ensure you understood the contents well.

      1. The so called ‘journalist’ asked her she is respected by ‘a lot of Ethiopians. Is there any evidence to show this? Without any evidence, asking such a question is simply a bias.
      2. She has a right to criticize the ex-prime minister, but that should not be personal. You can not expect such retarded perception from a member of European Parliament. She could have thanked the government for granting her visa and use this opportunity to suggest constructive comments instead of meddling in ethnic affairs.
      3. The government can refuse to issue visa without any consequences regarding aid and other EU co-operations. Refusal to issue a visa for her can’t alter things unless you have little understanding of international relations. However, the government has shown its standard by granting her visa. It seems for me she is angry that the government granted her visa; she is angry that the government doesn’t give her weight as opposed to what she thought of herself; she is angry that Ethiopian parliament members talked to her as opposed her wrong perceptions; she is angry they sit down with her and have a lunch; she is angry she came empty handed with no story to tell…….hmmmmmmm.
      4. You are right that whenever journalists (whether they are from etv or ertv) don’t respect journalistic ethics, they should be criticized. But, not criticizing etv journalists can be a standard to judge other journalists. You shouldn’t argue by fallacy.

      • @Goytom,

        Appreciate your comments but don’t take it personal.
        1. The journalist asked her a biased question, what is a biased question my dear? he simply asked her that she is a well respected EU parliament member by the Ethiopian communities which is true, I can confirm and if you are aware she was invited in many ocassions of ethiopian communities hence she got the Bernos she talked of. So this is not really a matter unless you grasp some hate behind. Simply you hate her, you can not say she is retarded. I think you are not aware of the harsh fight to be elected to the EU seat. So a retarded person may not pass near the door of the EU parliament.
        2. you are questioning my understanding of international relation, though you are entitled to think of your capacity, let me help you understand some .
        – so much funds are blocked by the EU and this is because of some atrocities committed by the Ethiopian government against its own people and this and others are reported, discuss by these same people in the parliament.
        -Don’t misunderstand that the aide money from EU is approved by these same people oyu disgrace them.
        – the UK government was obliged to postponed the aide untill the ethiopian government do some chnages.
        – when there is any envirnmental question, you might not aware that ethiopian government asked any willing ethiopian citizen to defend the interest of ethiopian government where ever we are.
        -all my respect to anybody, insulting is uncivilized.
        if you see most comments, these are people that supports the Addis Ababa rulers.
        -Ewurn ewure simeraw medereshaw yetawekal.
        ->Selam lante wegen

        • @Kassahun, my apologies if my wording seem personal. I can assure you it was meant the contents not personal and I appreciate for your correction. I can take a good lesson here to recheck my wordings.

          Coming to issue, let me clarify
          1. She has been invited to a number of meetings organized by extremists (for sake of logic, let me call them political movements, parties, fronts, what ever it fits). Well, even considering this, is it sufficient to say she is respected by ‘a lot of Ethiopians’? Even by diaspora Ethiopians standard, the journalist is too biased to use the word ‘a lot of Ethiopians’. It is true that she is loved and respected by ‘few’, i repeat, ‘few’ Ethiopians who dreamed she can have the magic bullet to their power hunger. Thus, while I can present your evidence to question the expression “a lot of Ethiopians”, you didn’t come up with statistics to support the same expression.

          2. What I meant with ‘international relation’ is Ana’s visa is insignificant to alter the status quo. But, you are right there are other significant issues that can have serious Ethio-EU cooperation consequences. I hope you can understand my previous wording in such manner, nothing related to your personal integrity and if you feel like that I repeat I am very sorry.

          3. Regarding you assertion that most of these commenters are Addis Ababa government supporters: Well, I think it is their right and they can reflect their political orientation in the same way you did. You should respect their political view if you want yours to be respected. What matters is not whether they support or oppose but the contents regarding the issue at hand.


          • @Goytom,
            Thank you, it is a civilized discussion and we need to develop this way not the other way round.
            I don’t take personal so no worries, even if some people adress and agress directly, it is irrelevant to pick it perso so no worries.
            I definately respect those who endorse the EPRDF governments and I have friends, we fight during discussion but that remains discussion and it never be an issues a problem for our friendship.
            Some times my problem is that when one of my friend try to convince me that Eskinder Nega is a Terrorist, etc and which I don’t share.
            For me Shamelis Kemal is a terrorist who lies tones of lies in public.
            The number doesn’t mater, it could be few or a lot. Even the word a lot doens’t include “ALL” so there are still “some”, Many, or a lot who do not appreciate her position.

            A question, the government say the economy is growing and at the same time the people are flying by any means even by risking their life and isn’t it a paradox for your guys who support the government?
            Do you really, honestly beleive that in ethiopia the democratic space is fair enough for any opposition party?
            – do you think it is expected from a government to hijack some demonstration?
            -The blue party call for a demo and just at the eve of the demo date, the federal police went to the office of the blue party and they just took everything by force and beat people.
            – Do you really support this kind of government for Ethiopia?
            – Honestly speaking, I would be very happy if EPRDF give few more space to oppositions and they try their chance and next time we will all vote, elect EPRDF.
            -By todays criteria, EPRDF is not a democratic institute, party.
            -it is like a one manshow or one party show which will end up badly.
            -Even the Roman Empire falls and history know all.
            -They have kids and grand kids and they should think of their kids future instead of governing with fer and feast way,
            -I ask for all EPRDF supporters to ask the government you support to open the space a bit better and that will create a good image for our country and the economy will get better.
            Thanks and regards

          • Look this how much EU parliament members can affects…even if we call it bilateral, in reality it is uni…..

            S – Your question to the development commissioner Andris Piebalgs was on Ethio-Djibouti road project funded by the EU. The commissioner replied EU no longer funds road projects in Ethiopia because construction work is given to companies without auction or given to friendly companies. What happened to the Ethio-Djibouti road project at the end?

            Ana- Gomes – I don’t know if it was the auction. I raised the issue because some very concerned European friends told me about that because there is a lot of money from the European taxpayers which was supposed to be directed to development that was diverted. I only talked about the road. But I just confirmed with the EU commission representative that it’s indeed two contracts; one, a railway between Addis Ababa and Djibouti; the EU funding was around 45 million Euros, and two, 50 water tunnels project, by the same company worth 20 million Euros. The company was an Italian company called CONSTAT. That company adds Ethiopian Contractors/subcontractors. Obviously it was chosen by the ministry of finance with EU agreement. It’s a project that has gone very wrong because nothing has been achieved, and the money has been deviated. EU has started investigation, arbitration is going on; it also involved your government. And support has been cancelled. They are apparently trying to recover the money from the company. But the money has gone, so the investigation goes on. I was promised for the details by the European commission. It doesn’t mention road. It’s a bit weird however that the EU development commissioner mentioned road construction. And the EU signing new agreement to fund road projects in Ethiopia is contradictory. I think it’s important to clarify all these contradictions for the sake of taxpayers in Europe and also for the Ethiopian people. I am heartened by the fact that PM Hailemariam [Desalegn] has started taking measures even against the high officials who are involved in corruption. So I have to find out. In fighting corruption the main element is transparency. So this element has to be put out for the people to know. There are some things to be checked.

        • Mr kassahun

          Ana Gomez , was invited by a group of hate politicians who broke into pieces when the so called kinijit failed its colored revolution! These pieces are the ones who continue to invite Ana Gomez! Remember, kinijit called itself “kinijit spirit” without having a spirit could repair it in timeof failure! We know that The failed hate politician respects the failed ones & rejects the victorious! That’s why they always have nothing that can bind them together!

        • Kassahun Gebreab

          I was trying to show you what the opposition look like,but you are just trying to hide from the truth, therefore, you have no reply for what I said! “Open space for the opposition” which opposition are you talking about? We didn’t see any opposition to continue to work together for over two or three years! They brag so much & their result is; they get fragmented as they go! You said even the Roman Empire collapsed! You see how low you are! Instead of struggling to be better than the EPRDF, you are wishing Ethiopia the fate of the Roman Empire! But remember; we will never fail our country! The nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia are not going to fail their own people! How do you think an opposition who couldn’t lead their their little political party can lead the complex society of Ethiopia?I agree with you the gov’t must open a space for an opposition, but there are no viable opposition, therefore, your argument is not viable! In democratic countries politician come all the way from the bottom up serving their people, but on our case , what the so called opposition want is, first they want the power & then they will work for the people!

          I see All your writing as it is a poison covered with sweet!

          Remember: everybody wasn’t born polite! Everyone has different ways of expressing oneself! But you don’t understand this! Talking like the empty opposition & working hard like the EPRDFites are two different things! The Ethiopian people will never hate the EPRDF looking for a milk from the cow in the sky! Thanks!

          • Ato Woldai, you are not ashamed to write this in public forum? I hope you are aware this is read, write and exe mode so every one can do what ever he, she wants.
            Look what you say “I see All your writing as it is a poison covered with sweet! ”
            Where is the poinson from my sentence? because I ignore you? yeah, I don’t want to chat with you as simple as that and if I say no thanks, you can say pauvre con and I pass singing on my way Frank S..
            so don’t try to say none sense and learn to respect others and don’t be rough even if I don’t know your age, we are not kids as well.
            This is public forum and we are here to discuss and exchnage our views and opinions. Acting like you is not my way because I am neither mongol nor retarded, just an ordinary citizen with balanced life and mental. So stay cool and be blessed

          • Kassahun Gebreab
            Which opposition are you talking about though? So far I personally didn’t see an opposition established on a solid ground! Can you please mention an opposition that could be a choice party for us?

            Mr kassahun, My apology if I. offend you! We all don’t have the same skills of communication,some of us polite, others moderate.. .& do on, so don’t take it personal. But that’s how I want to express myself.
            Remember : politics can’t be a part time job! If one plays politics , it is for the people & one must be ready to sacrifice whatever it takes! But out so called opposition runs away when it is tougher, come back when things settled!

          • Fair enough to give you that much time and to read you. It is more easy to smell you who you are.
            Simply you like to through somehting none sens that doens’t give meaning. forget about the opposition viable not viable and s tick with your own belief, may that save you? not sure but you will cry when the time is too late.
            I feel like I am listening ETV when I read your lines….or Ato Hialemariam speaking.
            These types of people are blind supporters that will push the government to the basket.
            In the western world, even if you are from the same party, you can disgree and no need to insult some one, I expect you are an educated person and at the same time feel you are the true hyena.
            don’t reply to my email……keep it up for you and your poisoned minds, hate hate hate your words and also Derg derg derg, I was too you to know derg by that time so blame yourself for that if you feel criminal with them.
            I feel like oyu are full of hate and not happy in your life which is bad. Hate is hurting not conforting so please don’t hate people because they don’t support eprdf.
            all your argument valued a zero sum….nothing much.
            read about politics and try to open your mind and soften your hearts.
            what an unfortunate you are, it is not enough to live in europe or in america some times ,

      • @Kassahun, thank you for accepting my apology. So, I think we have democratically concluded the discussion on Ana that we have a different view of her so far records in relation to Ethiopian politics. But, this doesn’t mean I oppose foreign diplomats or citizens criticizing the Ethiopian government. That should be appreciated provided that their criticism is constructive, not like Ana or the one who is called head of genocide watch 🙂
        Regarding your assertion of being supporter of the government: I really think there are five categories in the Ethiopian politics (1. those who only oppose anything the government does; 2. those who only oppose when the government do bad things; 3. those who both support whenever good things are done and oppose when the government does bad things; 4. those who only support when the government do good things; and 5. those who only support anything the government does;). So I would categorize myself in the third category. ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ things are here very broad and whenever its gets narrow it could depend on one’s own perception. What I meant in my category is ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ things that are significant.
        Coming to your questions:
        1. Democratic space: Ethiopian democratic space is narrow and there can be many reasons why it is narrow. I think democratic space should be viewed from different perspectives with regard to existing socio-cultural institutions. However, this cannot be a reason for the government not to work hard with regard to creating institutions that have trust in the eyes of the general pblic. On the other hand, I didn’t come across opposition parties who stand for principle not for other ‘narrow’ issues. Thus, democracy is not as easy as ‘muz melat’. It requires government and opposition parties to work hard the government being the main actor; the media to play constructive role; the well-educated section to come up with scientific studies and recommendations that can help boost our democratic culture, etc. So, the demonstrations, elections, debates, rebels, fronts, human right, etc. are all part of this situation and needs the hard work of everyone.
        2. Economy: It is definitely growing. No need to look at statistics. Go and see. The idea is for economies like the one in Ethiopia; even one big building can have significant effect on the GDP. If you have 10 birr and you got another 10 birr, your income grows by 100%. But, can the additional 10 birr change your life? No! It requires continuous growth by 10 birr until your growth affects your living standard significantly. So coming to your point, the economy is growing, definitely growing, but it requires sometime until we all can felt it. Therefore, the argument shouldn’t be whether the economy is growing or not, but on characteristics that govern it such as its structure, sustainability, income inequality, corruption, participation, food security, etc.
        3. Health-Education: Well. There are fundamental and significant improvements for everyone to see. Again no need for statistics, go to your preferred village and see the results. But, again the argument should be on the characteristics such as quality vs quantity, entrepreneurship, participation, academic freedom, research, etc .
        4. Eskinder Nega: Well you may have your own perception. But, for me Eskinder cannot be a role model given the current context. But, of course he can definitely be a role model provided that he does what role models do. It doesn’t matter if you are from a feudal family! If you are educated! If you are rich! If you can write 100 pages each day! If you got award from CNN or Human rights, etc.! It only requires a good understanding of Ethiopian ethics and moral to mobilize the young irrespective of their ethnic, geographic, and economic background. Eskinder has done bad things and any of his writings and words cannot be interpreted as a desire for democracy given this context. You see, if I know your intention, it doesn’t matter if you repeat the word democracy 1000 time per day. I am particularly referring to the one written by Tadios Tantu and published by Eskinder’s paper. Eskinder can apologize and move on. That is what brilliant guys do. If he is a journalist, he should have journalistic ethics; if he is a politician, he should understand ‘political correctness’; if he wanted to be a ‘hero’, he should understand what heroes do. My recommendation for Eskinder is let him apologize for that particular event, and show us actions that he is the kind of guy that we can trust and consider as a hero. Is Eskinder terrorist? Well, what is a terrorist? It all begins here!!

        • @Goytom
          I agree we concluded and we respect each other’s with our own views and opinions.
          I have some times the tendency to support when EPRDF do good, I don’t like to oppose blindly but these days, all what they do is more or less not acceptable in my eyes. When I see ato Shimels Kemal’s discourse on ETV, it even upset me and I say to myself cool down. As I said in my previous mail, I have no issues at all with supporters of the Ethiopian government and you can see here we are discussing. But I have hard times to accept some childish critics, for example, look just below my post by Woldai. All what he said has neither educative nor informative. So I prefer to shutup and he continue to insult me personally.You see, our capacity is limited with what we can imagine and people can crush that much, nothing more nothing less. So Woldai did the same so I don’t want to enter in confrontation as that doesn’t bring any positive out comes and I don’t want to lose my time.
          It it very good and normal to support the government when they do good and to tell them the truth when they do bad, so that the government will continue to the right direction. But we support for either bad or good doing, who will tell them when they do bad?
          On the economy side, I know and I have been there once and I have my own reservation, of course I don’t want to deny the truth, there are changes which I can imagine normal. But in the last 20 years, EPRDF didn’t do enough. Israel was built in less than 30 years and some 50 years ago South Korea was receiving food aid but to day you know where south korea is. This is my point but not denying the whole truth.
          In Ethiopia we only have ETV and very few pro government journals, except these I don’t know if we consider the media is liberalize.
          If you consider as a free media by listening Mimi Sebhatu, we will disagree. She is just an echo, nothing much from her for the free media .
          When comes to Eskinder, we have different views of things, he was a publisher and that guy come with the article and he published it and even if that kind of article is not appropriate, I think in a polite and civilized manner, we can teach him fairly. Prison will never be a solution.
          The other main point many people repeat like echos (yegedel mamitu) is that the oppositions are fragmented and I think it is normal. Because if we will not let them operate freely, I think we no need to expect anything better.
          When the governments give them free access to the free speech in 2005, we saw them. I hope EPRDF will open all those closed doors and they should be as free as a free society. The fact that we have several parties, it is good for the country and that give grant the government a guarantee.
          Tody in Ethiopia, medias are closed, civil societies are almost not operating and almost no strong instituition, you may oppose me for this last word but let me give you an example whey I said no strong institution.
          Whenever the government arrest some people and want to acuse them, they simply fabricate a false documentary which in principle, I don’t care but the problem arise because this act is agaist the constitution.
          Last time when semayawi party call for demonstration, Shimeles Kemal was talking about the anti-constitution the call for the release of all political prisoners.
          But when ETV do so many documentaries before the suspect was judged (innocent until proven guilty) no one say that was anti-constitution. In the late 80’s there was that big affaire in the US and the juges are remained many weeks in closed doors as the guy was very famous and not to be impressed by the people emotion.
          So if eprdf do some progress, we won’t go war just we an work.

          I think Meles was better than Hailemariam. Hailemariam seems more arrogant and unflexible which doesn’t bring us out of the tunnel.
          Any ways, I appreciate your comments, I have learnt few things and hope you do so and read some about Switzerland and its system and you will be impressed and fall in love.
          You will understand what a democracy is.
          99.8% seats won and democracy is yeQaQa Chawata. Don’t you ashamed when you heard this news? I do ashamed to talk to my colleagues and to mention my country as a democratic nations.

          • @Kassahun, thank you for your democratic discussion even if I have my own reservations. I do learn too from our discussion and it is in this spirit that we should at least love each other even if we have diverse political views. But, I do share your eagerness to have a country which is advanced and fully democratic. I hope if we all work hard and share hands, we can speed up the good things and correct bad things so that at least our children can see what we are dreaming.

            Thank you again and Cheers!!

          • Woldai, please read discussions between me and Goytom.
            And don’t ask me which opposition, I am not here to name lists of oppositions. You know it and I strictly reserved myself from this kind of discussion.
            If you acknowlledge that the fields are closed for opposition by those who have guns, we can start discussion and learn one from another.
            But if you disgrace, neglect and disrespect the oppositions that try to build images of our country, I don’t think so discussing is worthy.
            For me irrelevant to say which opposition….for oyu info even the ethiopian government need them for the sake of EU and US justification. The EU and US asks some times this question even if they don’t really care for a real democracy, but with their double standard, they say youhave to build democracy and so on….have a blessed time my bro and country man.

          • Mr KassHun Gebreab
            I see you going around like a hyena around a cattle pen! You simply say the door is closed, it must be opened…! What I’m saying is, there is no viable opposition that expects an open door to enter the to the process of Ethiopian Renaissance! The opposition we have are either paid agents of Ethiopia’s know enemies or base on a hate politics! In my belief, there is no opposition in Ethiopia except EDP! We know there are many haters from the same neighborhood , mostly led by the escapees from brutal Derg era…! If there is a viable opposition we all could have pushed the government to to open the door! Nevertheless, being polite & going around the facts of the opposition isn’t a discussion! You have no say on the zero sum politics of the opposition, only the door the door! The opposition in the diaspora are all about money , but not about Ethiopia !
            Whereas Ana Gomez is the most disgusting woman in the European Union! Once again, which opposition do you think can help in the expecting complex society of Ethiopia! You know Ethiopia doesn’t need hyenas in a ship skin!
            Thank you very much!

  26. I think that it was good she was allowed to come to Ethiopia. But the fact that she didn’t improve shows that she has a problem. What the government has to do is to take her comments, prove them wrong and expose her to the EU.

  27. This senile old woman is acting like a wounded vengeful animal, who wouldn’t back down unless its head cut off.
    Eventhough, we shouldn’t late her to come in to our house and make a victory like speech, that’s what democracy is all about. She can deny it in her nature of arrogance and habitual hypocrisy, but how long can she run away from the reality she just experienced in Ethiopia?
    She even had the audacity of waving the diaspora opposition political card of calling the PM not being from tigray. Well, like somebody once said, “never interrupt when your enemies make mistakes”. We already know she is only a mouth piece of ginbot 7 and the rest of terrorist groups and enemies of Ethiopia alike.
    Mengedun cherq yargilat!

    • Genbot 7 terrorist group, this is interesting and EPRDF is asking or proposing to sit down and talk with Genbot 7 . Is there a change in the definition of terrorism? or EPRDF is desperate and wants to make change in its policy or buy time? People of EPRDF/TPLF what is going on with your party?

  28. I think to let her get visa to come for meeting in Ethiopia is good. It shows Ethiopian government is not afraid of malicious insult and allegation of so called “advocates of democracy and human rights respect’’ In the name off human rights democracy. People like her neo-liberals are distorting its universal concept and they miss apply human right respect and democracy and use it as raw material against the respect of human right and democracy the cherished goal humanity. This is the greatest abuse of human right respect and democracy in a modern time .she is one of the abuser of human right and works hard to destabilize the life of 80 000 000 million people of Ethiopia through her malicious allegation and misinformation of against the Ethiopian people and their aspiration for justice and democracy to create strife and hate among Ethiopian people is there any human right abuse greater than this .

  29. Ana Gomez is shame both to our nation and to the oppositions. It is really embarrassing to talk about a woman who has been no body. It is even more shameful to the so called oppositions. They are just useless creatures. She is their queen. To add salt to an injury she said : ” She doesn’t pretend to know Ethiopia well enough”.
    She is a complete disgrace to my country. But it was wise decision by the Ethio government to grant her a visa. She is ordinary citizen. denying her visa is just glorifying this trash woman.

  30. thank u Aigaforum. I have read all the comments which have written by those d/t people. As me, the govt has to continue open door policy for any matter.but gives priority for national security at any circumstance.we keep on late PM meles Zenawi legacy.

  31. What will you expect from an IQ as her and the EU having for a parliamentarian like her and the EU human rights sub-committee as a supporter suggests that everything the EU do to help Ethiopia may have other dark side to. But accusing Meles of crimes falsely in our own free country, it is maddening. .

  32. One thing that I am very surprised about Mrs Anna is the naivety she has heralded to the world about herself. How dare she would like to talk about the democratic and judiciary system of a country, which she doesn’t know very well. She is totally arrogant politician guided by hate and naivety. I am also very much ridiculed how a continent like Europe is being led by a parliament filled with persons like her. She doesn’t deserve any leadership role any where in this civilized world. So, in the name of this civilized world I beg you to shut your big and uncensored mouth once and forever. Adios!!

  33. I wonder how long you people here at aiga and the regime you support are scared of the truth. It seems that almost every person in the comment is speaking in one mouth, and the words are … why grant her visa, she should be sent to kality and all the verbal abuse. When do you get free from ethnic infested politics and start speaking the truth? Ana does have no interest in Ethiopia. All she wants us to be is free from the TPLF slavery and be equals. You fihgt this idea because you are the beneficiaries. Trust me, the tigre domination is about to end. Then even tigres will be treated equally in Ethiopia!

    • Wow! Amazing, can you see how this little Neftegna rat is burning black with hate and anger against the people of Tigray? My goodness, I pray for him to come his senses. I respect the TPLF and it’s gallant fighters who freed us from the Neftegna monsters.

  34. Oh how I wish there were more politians like Anna Gomes! She is brave and stands for the truth by supporting the oppressed People of Ethiopia, and not the opperasors. Look what she stated With the local media:
    Meles was an expert in using jargons such as good governance, the rule of law, democracy, sustainable development, but in practice doing just the opposite. It was a smart leadership which uses politically correct languages for Europeans and Americans consumption. But the practice was really oppressive.”

    “Ethiopia needs change. Even some of the people who have that politically correct speech that everything has been achieved in Ethiopia in public, in private conversation with me they acknowledged that Ethiopia needs change, and that it is the time to really promote important, drastic changes.”

    “I receive a mail, a standard letter everyday from an Ethiopian who manages to flee the country and who is somewhere in Kenya, Uganda ….Nigeria asking me to write a letter to the UNHCR saying they need political asylum. So I know Ethiopia looses the best, most qualified generation not only because of lack of jobs but because there is politically closed environment with which these young qualified people cannot live. I know Ethiopia faces serious terrorist threat as we all do, Ethiopia in particular because of the neighborhood and the tension that has been built up by Meles Zenawi between Muslims and Christians inside Ethiopia which was not an issue in 2005 but in the meantime became a big source of concern.

    “If the government continues the old ways repressing this bright, younger people who are now connected to the world in a way the regime cannot control them via the twitter, and facebook, and so on. Obviously many of these young people will be driven into the hands of radicals and extremists. Even to be recruited by terrorists. It is what we see happening in other countries in the region. So, it is very important to open up democratically for the security of the country

  35. What is wrong of issuing Visa for the woman? I see it that the Ethiopian government did correct in allowing her to enter the country. It is best to convince Anna Gomez and alike by featuring positive changes which took place in the country rather than denying her entry visa. After all, she represents the European Parliament not her own-self. What if other European Parliament members support her call and loud the same way as she did? Are we going to deny entry visa for the whole Europe? Do you people think denying visa for unsupported views of each foreigner could solve the problem? We should learn good diplomacy how to live even with your enemy leave alone the election witness like Anna Gomez who has the right line to voice about the matter that she had witnessed.

    • Dear Buzu,
      She is not the entire Europe; She is one arrogant woman who know no diplomacy or decency but bad mouthing. It is wrong to portray her as if she is a rational person. She is external dictator who come to Ethiopia to tell us what we can do and what we cannot and what we need. We do not need garbage like her. Europeans can relate to us based on mutual respect and interest. There is no any European who bad mouth like her like she is doing. In the name of diplomacy you do not allow an arrogant an external agent like her to meddle in our affaires. Is she concerned about us then ourselves? To be honest, this woman is a low calibre, balgie who does not her limit. Get her out of our country if she cannot behave and she will not . You do not help a country like Ethiopia by promoting hared, division like she is doing. I am not saying because of EPRDF? I actually reject EPRDF. But I do not understand why this woman is involved too much in our internal affaires? why? if we allow foreign parliamentarians like her? then we have to listen the same to Chinese, Russians, Americans,… .. get this damn woman out. What the fuck does she want from our problem. We have problems, we need to solve ourselves.

  36. Have read her interview. As she rightly put it, all what she know is what her “good Ethiopian friends” tell her and the email she received from asylum seekers. I think it is not worth spending time to respond to her comments as there is nothing in it other than what ” the good friends” whispered to her in the ears. What I learnt from the interview is that, she deeply regrets that she was involved in 2005 elections and is still crying internally. She is also desperately trying to regain credibility by cursing a man who give up all his life and energy for his country. She does not even qualify to mention his name!

  37. First of all it’s decent that Ethiopian government issued her a visa as this women is not Ethio friendly person it’s known by any citizen who live in the country. second after 8 years she still spread he venom as if there no change in our beloved country after all hater is a hater. She looks crazy and backward old lady.

  38. the present government in Ethiopia has no confidence I don.t believe in the future will do good things except it stays a while on melees zenawe strategy. anyway it is surprise to allow ana gomuse white lair old lady to give visa to to Ethiopia are they normal the people gave her the visa for what advantage she is the main enemy of Ethiopia she is by herself terrorist she don’t know us our history just she opens her mouth to lie when she got a chance. It important to investigate Ethiopian politics it needs amendment.


  39. It is totally the Ethiopian Government’s mistake for granting visa to such anti Ethiopia a big mouth pig. Otherwise, she would never had a chance to open her mouth against the late visionary leader Meles the great. To me, she sounds like G7’s or Brie Nega’s spoken person, and she is delivering what she has told to say to satisfy her friend. I’m shure, she will get one night reward for job well done from Brie the Kizenam…LOL

  40. Airgas:
    You need to wake up by now. I guess, Gomez’s tiff has been a public knowledge that the said lady has been so obdurate on her discernment to carp the government in power. Her criticism might be out of context and at times quite excessive as she might have been influenced as usual by elements to the left who have used her unfathomable to the unsurpassed. That likelihood of using her in a calm way was misplaced on the good hands of the government probably diligently ignored and hence that chance/opportunity was used by leftists and may be GIM7’s to attain a dishonest ground.
    The new government looked to rectify things and accommodate her which seemed virtuous enough not to repeat the same mistake again…. I see that approach a very nice move.
    Though I would like to think it is it is up to her to have kept such a lopsided/swing position if she dare too. We need to let her exercise what is democracy for her and the way she thinks at all. In the meantime, we Ethiopians have to draw a line that the world democracy that everyone is preaching about is not a fit-to-all- paradigm. What would be so funny for you guys may be to have still receded back to the old days and try to settle what? Gone are the days for good. One and one could probably be two only if other things set aside equal. We need to change for the better!

    • Well said Berhane!
      Unlike some readers on this website who got very angry and nervous, I appreciate Aigaforum for bringing the issue on the table to have our say. We need to be able to listen and think thoroughly all evens and odds of views from our friends as well as opponents, Susan Rice of US ambassador to UN and Anna Gomez of EU parliament respectively. What a contrast! We all know how the opposing Diaspora reacted very negatively for the good comments of Susan Rice regarding our development effort and Meles Zenaw (RIP) in particular. I see the same way of negative reaction to Anna Gomez from the supporters of EPRDF/TPLF. Even some folks extend their view questioning, why she was allowed to get an entry visa in the first place. We need to be mindful that she could say in any place any time whatever she feels about our country. What adds to our country and diplomacy if we deny her entry visa? There are other circumstances where entry visa could be denied but not this type. The authorities in Ethiopia did the right thing in this regard. Citizens like you folks from the left and right side including me, need to think and act very rational for the betterment of our country.

  41. Hana Gobeze, the sister of Negede Gobeze , has been all wrong! The only thing she remember is her colored revolution, but nothing in between her colored revolution & the present! As a lady from a continent historically know for too much political & military interference in Africa, she should have accomplished her colored revolution by changing the EPRDF government , but the lions in the EPRDFites are not that easy! They sent har back with her tail in between her legs & she sounds like her tail is still not high!
    The interviewer was simply there to act as if he is her part not an Ethiopian! asking her vague questions!

    She doesn’t seen that she represents the European Union! She is so backward & politically empty! She is still on our greate prime minister (PBUPH) as he hit her hard so she knows her limit, but she doesn’t seem to know her limit! She doesn’t possess politeness & any of the ethics of politics! She is just the lowest person person I have ever heard from Europe!

    The journalist who interviewed her seems a messenger of European financial service than Ethiopian! He never asked her how Ethiopia is now ? Is it getting better? What is her advise to make Ethiopia better so as a journist to know her intentions now & many other important questions!

    In my little knowledge, the sister of Negede Gobeze is still on her old illusions while Ethiopia is changing faster & better!

  42. Messsage to Ana Gomez,

    Dear Ms Ana, we appreciate your vision for us; as myself as Ethiopians, there are many things Ethiopians which can learn not only from Europe, but from across culture, nations, and states across the globe because there is something good everywhere to learn. As an Ethiopian, my vision for Ethiopians may not be even closer to your vision. You seems thinking in colonial mind where other nation, states, cultures,… has to accepted and assimilate dominant forces , mainstream politics. What you are doing is not different from Colonial mindset. You are telling what we need. But what we need may not what you prescribed for us. Even if you can give prescription what we need, that is not the way to do it. It is true good values can influence people. But your message has no value; you are silly, arrogant, shallow and who know no limit of your mandates. Why are u so much involved with Ethiopians opposition and antigovernment ? If you really are a European parliament member, you attitude begs question why you do not have any civility, decency? You were supposed be a neutral or middle man and a mediator assuming good intention? but you are now an opposition party of Ethiopia? Are you Ethiopians citizen? or you think because you have a light skin you think you are better than us? why the hell are you different from all human being in Europe? There is no single person like you in Europe who bad mouth likes this . I never heard of any Europeans behaving like you? If I was in Ethiopia as a leader I would have kicked u out 24 hours for the comments you have made? You said a non-Tigreans leader? why the hell did you decide to go that far ? You do not want a Tigreans leader? whom do you want? If I was you I would be wiser and focus at least on the issue than dragging myself into Ethnic politics in Ethiopia. This is why I say you are immature and act as if you are 18 years old? Who is supposed to be a leader? You seem to have a problem with a tigrean leaders? I thought your issue was about democracy? not about ethnic? Ms Gomez it seems there is conflict of interest here because you seem to have your own elect person of Ethiopians origin whom you wish to be a leader? If she is in Ethiopia , I ask the regime in Ethiopia to kick her out in 24 hours. She is pouring petrol on fire. I would have definitely kicked you out like Egytians did to the Turkey Ambassador. You deserve to be expelled from Ethiopia unless the regime is useless and weak. Why waste time managing this useless woman, big mouthed lady. Even aiga are making us waste time talking about this useless lady. I honestly do not hate people. But I can not stand arrogant people like her.

    Why is the regime interested in this arrogant lady? Aiga, why is arrogant an issue for you? why is Ethiopia supposed to be they she wishes? What about if the government has completely different ideology from hers? My ideology does not give her any space in Ethiopia? I am wondering now why this woman has become an issue in Ethiopians affairers? Is it because she is related to Dr. Berhanu Nega? Yea, she is a friend of man who believed in war to win politics to get to power? I am not Pro EPRDF,but I am puzzled why this woman is involved in my country so much ? Why waste time managing this is noise? she is making noise which is not needed in Ethiopian society. We have already our own noises to clear. We do not need external noise. Ignorance and arrogance is the mother of conflict . Ana Gomez= arrogant = silly = indecent = immature = disrespectful for different culture or ethnic. She has already made herself many enemies by bashing Tigreans which is un called for. The ethnic leaders must never be a problem. She has shown how stupid she is to be honest. Kick her out even now if she is in Ethiopia.

  43. In the first place I am very angry that she is being given this much attention, evn by the current government let alone by the opposition. I cannot believe that this woman is still discrediting all the good things that Ethiopia has been attaining under the leadership of Meles, EPRDF. She has started to blackmail EPRDF/TPLF, Tigreans, Meles and so. As to me, this woman seems to hate not only Meles, TPLF/EPRDF but the whole Tigreans ( if I am not falling into hasty generalization). She , as I said, is not only blackmailing TPLF/EPRDF/Meles but also the whole Tigrean ethnic group indirectly or directly. I do not know what others would think but for me this woman is enemy, one of those number one enemies of Tigrean people. It is not because I want to be too concerned about Tigreans for being a Tigrean, but it is because I have reached the point of return with my tolerance to this woman. This woman should stop or should be stopped at any cost!!!!!!!!!!It is just unbelievable that she is trying to intervene in our internal affairs and that the government is letiing her do this. Something should be done!!!

  44. The government should immediately expel this stupid lady. She is divisive and fascitic. She is promoting Rwanda type genocide by condeming “Tigray people”. she said that Hailemariam is not a tigrean and so Ethiopia could be democratic. Does she mean Tigreans are dictators? What would she say about Mengestu Hailemariam, who comes from nilotic tribes like Hailemariam, current PM. I do not support TPLF-EPRDF because it landlocked Ethiopia. The Red Sea belongs to Ethiopia or Ethiopia is part of the Red Sea. The secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia is wrong. So TPLF-EPRDF is seen as a traitor group, which has bent down to US interests by forcing Eritrea secede from Ethiopia. This said however, the lady from Portugal is simpley stupid and reflect how poorly thinking europeans are. This lady should be arrested and thrown to ethiopian gauls.

  45. I just lough on the posting of this website. It is so biased and call every one who is critical to TPLF/EPRDF. All international human right organizations are wrong. Any one from the diaspora who dare to voice a clear and truth critics is a Genbot 7. here Mrs. Gomez voicing her opinion and she is labeled as big enemy. The very reason they gave her a visa is the incompetent government believed they have improved economically, politically and she will go down to Addis and praise them. Unfortunately, she found nothing Zilsh empty and worse than she was. Things did not go their ways. So they go the same way “kill the messenger” .It does not work. As she said her conscious does not allow her to say than what she saw discussed with government leaders and the oppositions. The problem with the incompetent government giving her visa. The just wanted a little sympathy from her . No the truth has to be said and she said it. Stop complaining.

    • Just wondering, why Anna Gomez has been taking Ethiopia’s political affair personal? Is it, because she felt bad for misleading the fools-KINIGIT leaders that she advised them not to take the parliamentary seats, or she promised to Dr Brie to voice on his behalf as long as he taps her agley a***? God knows for what reasons, but she seems to be having problem to that she is incapable of hiding her feeling…LOL. I’m sure, Brie wouldn’t mind to lick dog’s a**s, let alone Anna if he thought he would gain anything out of it…

  46. I have been working in Brazil for 5 years. And in Brazil, 99% of the jokes are on Portuguesa people. And now, I proved it!
    What a similarity between what Brazilians are saying about Portugal people of and what Hana Gomzaza is saying!!

  47. when many intelctuals admired Pm Meles Ana Denez’s coments were the opposite. This shows how stupid she is among the intelectuals. ZERO

    • Is this what makes most of you burning?

      Ana Gomes – “I don’t know, but I hope it could be good. Meles died, he was the source of the repression; his own supporting group are divided. They are fighting with each other. There is indeed an opportunity to see Ethiopia change progressively, peacefully. Nobody wants to see Ethiopia destabilized.”

      • Hey man! Meles died as it is a process of life, but he changed Ethiopian for good! A struggle of a people never die! The struggle will be there as long as the people are!

        Type division that you are talking about just a dream , but dreaming is free! Even a chicken dreams !

        • Wow!!!
          For current supporters he is “GOD”. For the opposition he is a dictator that made the country miserable. We will see this when historian revisits his legacy. No Rush Woldai. It already started coming out. The time he spent in the struggle and his role is not a secret even among his compatriots. Things will come out in its own time.

          • Hey bro, yes! history will tell! History will tell about these who are working with Ethiopia’s adversaries as well! Ethiopia’s enemies are paying hung reds of thousands of dollars so to stop Ethiopia it’s infrastructures! At least , the EPRDF is building Ethiopia which history will tell, the history of the empty politicians will be all negative !

      • It’s obvious, no nobody expects from Anna Gomez any constructive idea or comments to cheer with the development of the country. To those who proud of her presence —– you have to understand that you are hurting your birth country’s progress; open your eyes on and be mindful about your heritage. She is a missionary of the historic enemies of Ethiopia.

      • Yes all positive thinkers, we’ll continue defeating poverty and develop our nation. That is all. Ana or any other highly mutilated individuals, ‘Medias’, or the so called “Human right activities” can vomit any type of blackmailing our efforts. What matters is let’s focus on our vision and mission. “The Dog barks, the Camel keeps on going!”

      • No, what is bothering us is your stupidity and not willing to learn. A donkey has more logic than you do. At least, that donkey knows the way to her master.

  48. I have read the interviews and the pieces written on this board. Ana Gomez has always expressed her views in an open and free ways and instead of addressing her claims and allegation in substantive ways , all I read is insults and unnecessary un-Ethiopian behaviors. It seems to me the people on this website and the administrators have the vested interest of keeping things as they are today in Ethiopia. Unfortunately Ethiopia requires better governance and more democratic space and that way the development scheme would be faster and benefits wider sectors of the society. All we see today is corruptions mainly from officials of TPLF and why don;t you mention the net-worth of Meles is over three billions? How did he make so much money with the income he generated as PM for 21 years?
    Ana is a foreigners and she does not have the power to become PM or able to vote. Her powers come from her moral persuasions of others to stand against this mafia group of rulers by using the security military and media apparatus. So if you mean good for your own constituency as well as for others please address the core issues of mal-governance ,corruptions, favoritism, etc; eliminated instead of them rule of law and free judiciary, free media be in place. It will help you too and others you demonize now. So please spare Ana and use your time and talent for something positive; unless you feel you own the country; and you know that is not true.

    • @Asmamaw! You are talking about 3 million or so? Do you have any evidence or you are trying to force us believe something which is fabrictaed by you and your likes. Just be a man of evidence not a man of rumour. The country needs reasonable man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. People wake up this lady has said what she has observed for so long. When we support the good development in Ethiopia we also need to talk about the dirty political game paralyzing our country. The ethnic federalism (divide and rule) , corruption, nepotism, outright dictatorship , incompetency , disregard to citizens and Ethiopian History, jailing political leaders and journalists and so many other political games. We need to wake up and think about the future of this country, the current government will fall at one point in history but the country and the people will live on.


  50. The so called journalist asked Ann Gomez about her visit to Ethiopia. I have read the article and understand what she said. She said ” I hope it could be good Meles died, his own supporter group are divided, they are fighting each other, there is indeed an opportunity to see Ethiopia change by Ginbot7, she read the Ethiopian Herald and it is all the same thing only better is that PM. Meles Zenawi not writing now, she is granted visa to visit Ethiopia because Meles has gone and PM. Hailemariam is not a tigrian and she values the visa she was given.” This mad lady (Ann Gomez) is still in the dirty, dark and narrow tunnel of the Ethiopian opposition parties. Her brain is still bleeding by the cause of Ethiopia herald written by Meles the great.
    God bless Ethiopia.

  51. Dear Aiga

    I cannot understand why this woman has got that importance. People are writing positive and negative comments making her more famous and important. If she was ignored and nothing was said about her, then the case would be dead. In the first place, I don’t understand why she was given the visa when the ministry knew she was the number one enemy of Ethiopia and its people. Do you think America, for that matter, any country would give a visa to any one who insults the country, the people and their president? In the future I suggest that she should not touch the land called Ethiopia. Who is she to talk about how the Ethiopian should run their life and politics. Why doesn’t she help her country Portugal which has a lot of problems specially now, if she is that abled. We have a saying ” sew ager hido negus neg ale” I forgot the real saying but it means that one goes to a foreign country demonstrating how important/knowledgeable one is when the truth is otherwise.

  52. I am sorry to get this nonsense interview of the crazy posted in media to confuse many honest readers, this lady really hate ethiopia and ethiopians, she seems to feel happy when there is crsis in our country. she tries to talk alot about politcal divison and ethinicity which I htink she dreams and wishes to happen.
    May God take her soul and put her on hell.

  53. It seems a lot of writers are loosing the crus of the matter.
    1)First issue is what is the reason Anna Gomez is holier than the pop? Why is she acting as if she has more stake in Ethiopia than any one? How much knowledge does she have about Ethiopia? Does being an observer in one election make one become an authority in everything Ethiopian? By her admission she knows a squat a bout Ethiopia then she should just shut up
    2) How credible is she once she puts her credibility on line and mix her self in unflattering situation?
    3) About the government issuing visa to Anna Gomez is a moot issue that doesn’t warrant recrimination or blaming anyone as Ethiopia is strong and resilient to defend it self from an unfair onslaught from Anna or any one as long as it is done in peaceful means. What Anna Gomez failed to see is that the likes of her BFF Berhanu would have been allowed to enter Ethiopia what ever their political belief is as long as they denounce violence and terrorism. If she was to officially join her BFF in the political activity he promotes then for sure she would become persona non grata to Ethiopia.
    Finally some are accusing us of attacking her but what they have failed to see is that if they support her right to express her views they should also accept we have the right to hit back. She was less than decent attacking post humus the late PM of Ethiopia in the most vile and un civilized manner that there is nothing wrong if she got a taste of her medicine.

  54. I wonder why are you wasting time on a member of ‘toothless’ entity known as European Parliament. To the best of my knowledge, it is an ‘ advisory’ institutions. The European Union is voting with its ‘check book’ as she stated in her interview; i will think as an influential web site, you will start fund raising to the many returnees, a considerable number of whom are Tigreans, as are many at ESAT are doing, true with little accountability. i have heard rumors that millions of dollars raised are filling pockets of fat cats in DC including Tamagne residing in a million dollar mansion and driving top of the line BMW.

  55. “the real is another and the approach is another”
    why this woman worry about opposition parties rather than Ethiopian people .she is trying to load us the liberal democracy the dead one ideology .her wishes will never come to Ethiopia and supported by any loyal Ethiopians except , these who wants to seat in the national palace for their benefit. but never happen forever , because we are in the right line right now.

  56. The lady still dreams to manage the politics Ethiopians by proxy. She must know her limit. From the interview she gave to Reporter one can easily understand how she propagates neo- liberalism . she aspires that democracy could come only from EU or developed countries. This is grand error Madam Gomez. We are observing how your liberal approach is damaging your system EU. The other failure of the learned lady is her attempt of differentiating our Great Leader Meles from the existing regime. Meles and EPRDF are one and identical. I would like to tell her that do not jump here and there with out understanding the reality. “Siamrish yikir” is perfect Ethiopian idiomatic expression for this dictator lady who wants to impose her hidden agenda over Ethiopians.

  57. as i read ana gomez’s interview, she told facts in ethiopia. why u like to condemn ideas opposite urs? meles was a dictator ya?


  58. I am not Ethiopian but I consider the country as my home as Ethiopians are those I love the most and my better half… I have studied Ethiopian history and have a rich library of Ethiopian books in English, Amharic and other languages ( Italian, German and French) ….. Ana Gomez has showed a consistent lack of knowledge of Ethiopian history and complex set up. In my opinion, due to the fact that she came to Ethiopia in 2005 already with an agenda driven by the opposition and particular closeness to Ato berhanu nega, she is responsible for having stopped the peaceful process of democratization that Ethiopia had undertaken since the fall of Derg causing the troubles and deaths occurred during the period June – November 2005 in Ethiopia. If I will have the chance to meet her I wish to ask her a question: she has spent so much words to wrongly blaming the latter Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the EPRDF but why has she never spent a word against colonel mengistu Hailemariam and secure him to the international court of justice in The Hague, a man who is happily a
    living in Harare Zimbabwe and who has wiped a generation of young intellectuals estimated at over 150,000 murdered after being tortured during the red terror? …….


  60. I think we have not expect anything else from her. she is very biased in her judgement on Ethiopia and this time I understood well that she doesn’t know about Ethiopia in depth. she showed her negative attitude to Ethiopian and its development once more. I thing that appreciate here is the issuance of an entry visa by Ethiopian government. This is a wise and matured move by the government at-least to build positive image for the country politics

    • do good to your people and country men and women to be good than to invite Ana Gomez and Arabs. The real good image is to do the right thing, not to lead the country by parliamentarians from all over the world. This is an NGO government we have. They did give her probably thinking she will help them to beg something because that is what EPRDF is about. Begging, selling things is their ideology. You wanted to build a good image like this? This is lie; you are bending to foreign interest groups to get scrap from them and you do not care about the people. If you want to have good image, then release all the prisoners, not release white prisoners, two swedes, but keep Ethiopians in prison for life? To build image like this ?

  61. It was a disservice to the late PM Meles to honor her presence in Addis. It is shame to those who granted her visa. All his discourse about her in Ethiopian Herald was realy dissoluted by a group who permistted her entry to Ethiopia. Because the old chimp is a raciest who assumus that blacks do not have the veracity to run democratice election by themselves and she also thinks while a white preson talks we should listen with wide opened ears and do

  62. Her argument is as usual negative. Ethiopian gov. knows that she will do so. But because we are still in need of European development aid at least for some time, the visa was granted.

  63. Unlike some readers on this website who got very angry and nervous, I appreciate Aigaforum for bringing the issue on the table to have our say. We need to be able to listen and think thoroughly all evens and odds of views from our friends as well as opponents, Susan Rice of US ambassador to UN and Anna Gomez of EU parliament respectively. What a contrast! We all know how the opposing Diaspora reacted very negatively for the good comments of Susan Rice regarding our development effort and Meles Zenaw (RIP) in particular. I see the same way of negative reaction to Anna Gomez from the supporters of EPRDF/TPLF. Even some folks extend their view questioning, why she was allowed to get an entry visa in the first place. We need to be mindful that she could say in any place any time whatever she feels about our country. What adds to our country and diplomacy if we deny her entry visa? There are other circumstances where entry visa could be denied but not this type. The authorities in Ethiopia did the right thing in this regard. Citizens like you folks from the left and right side including me, need to think and act very rational for the betterment of our country.

    • Dear Buzu, you are entitled to your opinion. But I do not like you being the judge of everyone who did not agree with you. I am not EPRDF/TPLF supporter as per your judgment. you all wrong brother. I personally commented based on pure reasons, not because I am pro EPRDF/TPLF.It is 100% wrong to call everyone here pro EPRDF.

      Question for you? what do you get from this nasty , arrogant woman? what is the benefit of allowing into Ethiopia and making all noises? who gave her the right to dictate Ethiopian politics? is Ethiopian? or what? why the hell do you think we have to waste even time talking about this untamed, and uncultured, uncivilized lady? you do not need to prove you are good by allowing meddlers to put their hand in our country. You are telling us by allowing her to spit her stupid and inflammatory comments you wanted to prove yourself you are democractic? why? Buzu, I am not interested whether you are democratic or not. but I am disgusted by her and as well as by you. She does not just have a right to get involved in our affaires. This is not being pro tplf. No, no, I am against TPLF for many things. But this poisonous meddler does not have any right to meddle in Ethiopia. Why waste time talking about this useless, arrogant, silly. Do not even compare with Susan Rice. Susan Rice and this lady can not be compared; Susan rise never ever tried to dictate things in Ethiopia. If you have noticed, Susan is decent, humble, mellowed, settled and stable person. This one is unstable and inconsistent , meddler, silly, arrogant. But the regime is also like her. Why in the first you need an observer from EU? why not the 94 million observe their own election by themselves if they are educated and know their rights.

      Brother Buzu, please do not be dictator yourself . Do not repeat yourself. I know you are EPRD and you are trying to use her? But you are wrong. Everyone in this forum who is against her is EPRDF supporter according to you and you are the only one support her and oppose all the people in this forum? Something sounds familiar? EPRDF is always working against public opinion and national feelings. you are doing that. We are not her to emulate EPRDF. We are defending our country from meddlers like her. So please save us from calling us EPRDF because I am anti EPRDF ideologically . I do not to swear on their name to be an opponent as you think. You are rational? but we are not ? you did not give a reason apart from imposing yourself on the commentators as if you are the king.

      • Gezaee,
        Please try to manage your temper first! You are acting like a security police on this forum and Meddling into many views like the saying goes ” Ye Erigo Zinb”. Did I mention your name as supporter of EPRDF/TPLF? Moreover, do you know which group I support in general? You know nothing except insult. Insult is not knowledge, but it is a bullying act that could be developed without education. I do not have any interest which group you support at all. Please stop your blind judgement.

  64. In the first place why she is allowed PM Meles zenawi in his beloved country? Why Abadula is hugging here , is he afraid of her? she is spitting on the people of Ethiopia in his own land, what a shame and displeasing saga. Shame on the reminant Eprdfs cadres for allowing her to pee on them

    • They are not leaders, they are parasites of Ethiopians; they just wanted to live like that by welcoming criminals, terrorists, meddlers, … Abadula is hugging her hoping she would help with some money? You some Ethiopians think if you are white you are made of money? haha, it is true Ethiopians think whites created with money and they do not think or believe in hardwork and business. May be Abadula hoped she will give him some money? Honestly, Ethiopia is a real 21 century banana republic. Even if the Arabs started killing our people on their streets knowing this government is under their control. If you know Almouldi = King of Saudi, that is why they having been attacking our people as if they have no government because they know the inside of our government. Shame EPRDF

  65. I wonder why TPLF cadres are really mad at Anna. She has not said any new thing that we do not really know. Since death of Meles Zenaw not only Anna but myself as an individual felt a bit peaceful and hope peace of mine as well as millions of peace loving Ethiopians will be complete at death of TPLF and confiscation of the economic wealth of the cadres accomulated all over the world..distirbuited to poor Ethiopian farmers. Though I do not like any foreign individuals to meddle in the affairs of my country but in reallity under TPLF I do not really believe Ethiopia is soverign country and so I would say thank you Anna.

    • BE OPTIMISTIC USE YOUR MIND AND HUMANITY AS WELL…are you washing your eye using salt ETHIOPIA is on the right track of dev’t …so cadre or …damn idea throw……to the hell…every party has cadre but don’t be line referee of narrow minded…g7….shabia….

  66. Dear Aiga;
    I totally agree with your comment. I think the letter of the late PM had really hurt Ana Gomez which was also the purpose of the letter. From the comment of Ana Gomez , I do not think other but to appreciate the letter of the late PM.

    Aiga forum could you please post it the letter of the late PM.

    Thank you

  67. is she worth all this attention? same as the late PM Meles used to say better to ignore those, whom we don’t even value their opinion … would have been worth to respond if she had at least some substance.

    PEACE! dawit

  68. Dear Aiga
    Thank you very much for posting this and the other timely articles by highly skilled ethiopians which I enjoy reading and learning from.
    I am not surprised by what Ana Gomez said through out her interview for many obvious reasons. Leaving aside her personal character which were well described by others on this thread, given the favourable environment she was afforded and the leading questions she was asked, there was no other way she could have responded. Literally, she was given a clean canvas to throw dirt on Ethiopia and its people.although I respect his right to ask any one he likes any questions of his choice, , if he had an ounce of journalistic skills he should have asked her questions like,
    “What right does your position as a member of the EU parliament to meddle into another country’s internal affairs in the way that you did in 2005 and for many years after that?”,
    “It has been alleged that you had an affair with one of the Kinijit leaders. Is it true?” ” Are you confortable to say something in a way to clear your name?” ”
    “Are you still in touch with G7 leader now that he lives in the US?
    Any journalist who has a tinny respect for his profession would have included unconfortable questions just to play the devils advocate in order to represent people of differing views from his.
    Finally, The United States refuses entry to anyone who has tirelessly worked against American interest Shoul Ethiopia not do the same? Who next…Isayas? God Forbid!

    • TPLF gave VISA perhaps hoping she will help to beg some money from Europe, otherwise, how can this regime put in prison our citizens for life and death, but yet allows the vampire who caused too much bloodshed by unscrupulously meddling in the affaires of Ethiopia in the name of observer? Ethiopia is really a banana republic lead by consortium of NGOS, Parastatals Organisation, USURY institution like IMF, WB, UN,… you name it. This regime is only fierce on Ethiopians, but lowly and doggy to those meddlers. This is why I do oppose TPLF. It is organisation with ideology of selling the country to lowest bidder. Why Woyane worship white skins? Does woyane think white skin is better black skin? That may be the reason Woyane released the two swedes but kept the Ethiopians in prison for no pardon. The two swedes were found or arrested red handed collaborating with an outlawed rebel group. They were sentenced for 11 years, but released after 2 years because of their skin colour only? Now, the woman who publicly insult, vilify people is allowed to meddle in Ethiopia? I do not get it to be honest. But I have a reason to reject EPRDF as weak, racist organisation that worships foreign citizens but down trodes its own citizens. Is there any evidence than this? This woman caused the death of 200 innocent Ethiopians? Ordinary ethiopians are not naturally violent unless they are pushed by meddlers like her. For me she is a criminal and must have been charged and thrown to Kalti more than others. But it seems if you are white skinned you can do anything in Ethiopia? I have read the story of an African American woman discriminated at Ethiopians airport, Opera, the Americans talk show said once she was looked down by Ethiopians who worship whites? Here we go, EPRDF showing us its ass licking ideology.

  69. In my view, the decision to issue a visa to this woyzero is wrong. The terrorism law clearly states that cooperating, supporting, sympathizing, and glorifying groups that are designated terrorists is deemed an offence, thus is punishable by law. Forget punishing her, but since she has committed all these, why has the govenment gave her a chance to insult the people again. Alas.., Foreign aid has made the country vulnerable.

  70. I just could not understand why this stupid Ethiopian government let this bitch go to Ethiopia. This lady has a mission like her ancestors.

  71. Dear Aiga Thanks for follow up the Anna Gomze.interview and her evil stand and here evil mind to be heard in the mind millons Ethiopians
    Beshire on December 3, 2013 at 10:11 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    She is a Big Laier and Baise. She ia a looser.She never toured and saw the over all on going development for the last 10 years. She speeks Genbot 7 mind..Her idea is an echo and reflection from the few Ethiopian people enemy in dispora mind . She and her colgue won’t see our people live happly. They are Ethiopian people enemies don’t want the peoples life style change.Ethiopia is shining ,Econmicaly,Poloticaly there is a wide range of change all time.She better tour the land and see with here eye glance how much changed took place.
    By the way Melese is not a Dictator he is A Supper Hero, 80 MI people have their fingerprint stampped on his monument. Melese is always in the heart of Ethiopian People .He is Smart,African leader Gines and Intelectual.You and your colgue Ginbote 7 are dictators ,you trying to bring back the Dark ara of Mengistu regium. Melese have fought for 17 years to freed his people from Dictator Mengistu regume You should know with his leadershipe the country is moving by 2020 years to midlle class income which was been regesterd greater than 10% growth for the last 10 years.Even europ didn’t have that much Growth
    Read the record.
    You have no rights to speak about Ethiopia.
    Get on with your EU-polotics.

    Reply ↓

  72. hanna Gobeze’s political motive is well known. One of the new strategies she started is to create gap among Ethiopian Officials. In her interview she was not ready to disclose what she discussed with the ex and present speakers of the Ethiopian parliament. I am sure that what they mentioned to her is the position of EPRDF towards her and the western masters. Nothing would be new. Hanna bingoooooooooo,

  73. If you think you are contributing to ‘civilized discussion’, I am not sure whether you have achieved that objective. It is better to refute her allegations with evidence than try to appeal to the emotions of supporters.

    Here are a few points:
    1) Melles went below the level of a PM with his “letter to the editor”. With the chant of ‘what has love got to do with it”, he was hitting her below the waist!! I would not be surprised if she felt bitter about it.
    2) Melles was street smart, we know that. She is right in criticizing that.
    3) You have to admit that EPRDF didn’t win the 2005 elections fair and square. In addition, it took several “unethical”, and even illegal steps to make sure that the election result will not have a long term effect on its hold on power. (Unofficial state of emergency, changing parliamentary rules, cutting the income source of Addis Ababa City Government, etc.)
    4) Many people respect her. Even after EPRDF’s manipulation, the opposition got about 40% of the vote. Don’t you think this 40% is enough to use the word “many” in the journalist’s question?

  74. Hana gobez /
    the government did right to allow her coming to Ethiopia, as she is expected to participate in a joint parliamentary Meeting of ACp-EU. The government is wrong to allow her to visit the prison. Second it is wrong to entertain her with such level of protocol, a photo show with dignitaries like the speaker of the parliament .
    What does it mean? she has done all efforts to destabilize the country . It could be ok to forgive , but not forget. But she is Yodit Gudit in terms of destruction ,

  75. Anna’s venomous phrases..
    * “He is not a Tigrian.”
    * “Muslim-Christian conflict” ,
    * ” Ogaden”….
    Who let this bitch in to my country?She has tried all kind of dirty things to harm Ethiopia and failed miserably.Look where we are now,she must be burning inside,she was hoping disaster,bloodbath in her her 2005 and after predictions….. Where did the so call journalist got the idea that she gets a lot of respect from Ethiopians? did he mean from Ginbot7 and HGDEF? to the best of my knowledge she the most hated foreigner by Ethiopians.

  76. Yekefaw,
    Do not call my GOVERNMENT “stupid”. My government is much, much better than a moronic person like you. One thing you must understand is that, the government of Ethiopia is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Therefore, the government has nothing to hide from Ana Gomez. She can come to Ethiopia any time she pleases.

  77. She’s worthless and still unable to understand Ethiopia. The government authorities should heed, she could flirts them Just like she did for “Dr” ….

  78. Dears,
    i dont think we should pay attention to this lady. on one of her interviews she stated that “..HMD will have difficulty to lead b/c he is not Tigre’…… that shows that she is still an idiot and a horse for the so called Dr. Birhanu nega…..
    she does not belong to a group of Matured diplomat

  79. Hana Gomez or Gobeze
    she is beaten once and she will remain shy for ever . She cannot defend herself because it is a long story from Sheraton to Brussels . I recall ‘ what has love to do …”but to be serious , she is exhausted and have finished her steam or bullet. She lectured in America , Europe. She participated in demonstrations . now every thing is finished. Ethiopia is such a big country , to be twisted by simple foreign ideologist. By the way the democracy of Portugal is still young and Hana has no much credential on democracy . And as we have issues to discuss, …

  80. The IQ of Anna Gobeza is too small to speak on the late Meles Zenawi. He is too big to her limited intellect. That is why she is still scared of him. It would have been regrettable, if this has said by intellectuals. Small Mind can only think about people.

    Shame on you Anna Gomez

  81. The bottom line is, the time around 2005 was an era of colored revolution, therefore , Ana Gomez was chosen to accomplish her colored revolution in Ethiopia, but failed miserably! & hence , we can see her failure burning her today , 8 years later!

    Her problem is, she doesn’t understand the process of democratization! Her continent was prospered with a gold, diamonds…& other rich minerals stolen from Africa & Southeast Asia! But Ethiopia is using its own money to develop itself! What I wonder is, European are the number one a abusers of our world, but they as if they are clean of any sin! God forbid! If you are thinking about the money that you are giving Ethiopia, you can fuck of with your money & you will be forced to pay the trillions of tons of Gold, diamonds,….& other expensive minerals that you stole from Africa!


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