How to create jobs quickly for all young people of Ethiopia

Tsegaye Tegenu, Ph.D November 24, 2013 – The recent uncivilized and brutal crackdown of Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia has touched the heart of Ethiopians all over the world. In my research interest I have been occupied to understand the root causes of massive outmigration and ways of solving mass unemployment in Ethiopia. It is easier to state outmigration flow and population loss in figures. The event in Saudi Arabia shows that outmigration is not only about numbers…more

Leave your comments and share how best Ethiopia can avoid similar unfortunate treatment of its nationals in a foreign land. How can we protect our people where ever they are? How can we educate our people not to risk their life by illegally entering other sovereign nations? In short how can we make our country prosperous so outward migration is minimized! Have Your Say!

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  1. The only way out is to create jobs and turn the agriculture in to a modern agriculture. That way most of the uneducated can be employed. Take a hint from the successful cobble stone project. Make/turn the Bale zone , Humera, Western Ethiopia in to a huge mechanized farming area while investing heavily on the mining sector which will need a large number of laborers!
    Also it will be wise to allow some kind of inflation in the economy at this point so the construction sector also picks up again. Although one must fear of inflation, it is a necessary evil at this point. Brazi and all other BRICK countries have gone through such inflation to be where they are.

    Thank you DR Tsegaye.

    • I like to comment on youth unemployment’s, and about Ethiopian Renaissances Dam: I would say there are of opportunities to get jobs in Ethiopia for past fifteen years and its growing in a improving manner each year. How ever, the chooses from person to person may different, some youth been wrongly influenced about jobs and rather go outside of the country seeking employments in which they ended up their lives in hands of merciless human traffickers, while too many agriculture and construction companies are always looking for tens of thousand to hire a temporary or permanents jobs.

      The Neon Ethiopia is about becoming or heading into an East Africa industrial hubs, there fore, the Renaissances Dam is very important project to fulfillments of the demands and supply for electrification’s to the manufacturing industry. There are many Ethiopians in diaspora some of them with PhDs in their names they don’t Ethiopia to successful finishing the Renaissances Dam. The remain ant of Derug, EPRP, EH, OLF, Ginbot-7, TPLF’S defector with Eritrea and Egypt alliance themselves to drill the on going developments of Neon Ethiopia, so far, despites harsh & hate rhetoric couldn’t stop Neon Ethiopia from lifting up millings of Ethiopians of poverty.

  2. Dear Aiga,

    Thank you for opening this issue:
    I want to say briefly the following:
    1. First thing we need in Ethiopia public sensitization i.e we need to educate the public there is no a place like Ethiopia. Even if we have money, we can not buy the home social life, culture, way of life, the best weather. Going out of Ethiopia for education or for professional employment can be good. Anything short of that is not worthy of leaving home to be honest. There are things we miss money can not buy even if we have the money. Ethiopian media need to inform the public going to the middle east like going to hell. As I said going for professional work may be good to get paid good money, but going to work as maid was suicidal. Man can not live by bread alone. Ethiopians are not fit to live in the middle east.
    2. Now the government need to set up a new programme: Ethiopian you development programme or may a government ministry with the capacity of ministry who fully engaged in you development and programme. This is important. It was wrong to ship the youth to be slaves in the middle east.

    What can the new ministry do:
    well, they can do the following:
    1. Start youth development and entrepreneurship projects such:
    growing flowers, sewing machines skills, various handcrafts, coffee farming, bee farming, chicken farming, fruit farming, fish farming, modern hair dressing skills, carpentry, web design, e-commerce, specially e-commerce is untouched in Ethiopia and also bakery, hospitality, …
    E-commerce: Ethiopians can sell health natural food across the globe online if the government can help them the youth to have power house online stores house computers that can serve to do e-business like Amazon, ebay, instead of waiting for Amazon and Ebay to come to Ethio-online market.
    3. The others, the military, police can made more productive by involving projects and training that can make it attractive to young people.
    4. Projects can be initiated by small seed money. For instance, If every diaspora in Ethiopia can raise 100 000000 dollars. It can quick start one project and if one project that with 10 000 dollars; then person who got 10 000 pays back that money and the same money can be used to help another the same way. This is what I saw in South Africa. One single person started helping people by building bakeries. He build one bakery in one community first. Then he employed few people to run it. After the bakery paid the money invested. He handed the bakery to the people who were trained on the spot to run it and he made them own it. He did across the black Town-ship who had nothing before. He made the owners of bakeries, clinics, … without even asking money from government. This is just one example, one person did many things like sewing machines, saloons,… but he started with clinic and bakery. It is doable.
    4. Last but not least, I recommend Theodroes Adhanom to convene meetings across the globe with Ethiopians regardless politics of difference. The government need to listen to the people if it wants to make change. Blindly doing things will not develop Ethiopia. For instance we cried and opposed the shipping of Ethiopians to the middle east. But the government did not want to listen. Now the people paying the price for it. HD was sending them few months ago; if it was in the first world, he would have been asked to resign because many of the victims were shipped by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and HD.

    Anyway, Theodroes need to reach out all Ethiopians. This is not less than the 1984 famine. Then we died at home; but our problem has gone even outside and our people slaughtered like goats in the streets of Saudi Arabia.
    5. Please stop corruption or muusuna from the country.
    6. Banned all human trafficking or whatever you call them agencies, please
    7. There is no short to development than hardworking at home.
    8. Migration can not solve national problem.

  3. Every time I read negative and demeaning news about Ethiopia, I always remember Meles saying, ” we do not have worst enemy other than poverty”

    If it was not for the poverty Ethiopians are proud and civilized people. But dignity on empty stomach is meaningless as we can see how Ethiopians are treated in Saudi Arabia.

    Creating jobs is a huge task in any country. It is much harder a task in a developing country like Ethiopia. Ethiopia must stay the course and finish Meles’s Dream/Raie. Meles died while trying to solve this particular issue…how to make Ethiopian a middle earner country. And he was almost there…let everyone pushing for the successful conclusion of the first phase of GTP!!!!
    Then and only then will Ethiopia raise its head and meet the Saudi’s half way in the middle so to speak.

  4. 9. Also entrepreneurship in software companies in Ethiopian application softwares: security software development and engineering, application design and development
    10. Multipurpose sports centers were the youth can be trained in mind and physical also use to generate income, for instance modernizing local or traditional games . Rugby game is a big business in Australia and South Africa. Modernized Karsa game in Tigrai can become a big business; you can design play field for Karsa game and design a plastic ball similar to squash ball. Oh my God, Karsa game can attract even Europeans leave alone in Ethiopia. I am sure there many other local games which is not used across Ethiopia which can become sport plus business. It is being about innovative and creative. This days you to think only; if you think there is away to do things better.
    10. Making fridges because it is an easy techology
    11. Making microwaves
    12. Making marble tiles
    13. Making bricks
    14. Making soap
    15. Making toasters
    16. Making motion detectors
    17. Making local shoes
    18. Making washing machines
    19. Making desk lamps
    20. Making glasses
    21. Making washing plastic sinks, toilet sits,
    22. Book binding
    23. Making compost fertilizer and selling them
    24. Growing seedlings for fruits, trees, flowers
    25. Making printers
    26. Making Candles
    27. Making book folders
    29. Providing internet services to the public , from government instead of giving to big companies.
    30. South African government , ANC gave the license to provide internet services its ANC members who run business. That is not good; EPRDF can teach and help the people who have some skill to provide internet serices. You just need to teaching what Ethio Telecom does at small scale.
    31. Making food and selling like Baso, packed bosso, … dry injera,…
    32. Making motors, generators
    33. Making lasers
    34. Building online book stores or online libraries
    35. Making solar panels
    36. Making eyes glasses
    37. Making Napkins
    38. Making papers
    39. Making paints
    40. Instead of using plastic household equipment, modernize the pot cutlery in Ethiopia. Green Technology instead of Plastic technology. Ethiopians make good pots for water. I remember in my house we used Eetro to keep water; The Eetro keeps the water cold without fridge. But now EPRD imported plastic containers thinking it is civilized to use plastic? First plastic does not keep water at the same temperature and also the plastic leaches mix with water and the people drink the plastic and water which become cancer later. Get rid of the plastic and promote and modernize the pot makers to become huge market.
    41. Instead of using plastic water containers to keep bottled water, set up a company that grows Amhahm that produces water containers which can be the green technology where people use Amhamham to carry water instead of plastic water container. Ethiopians thinking everything produced outside is good and they throw their age old technology . The government can start big amham farming for water containers and can supply green product not only to Ethiopia but even outside. The amham can be meshed with aluminum foil and even varnished by beautiful colour
    42. Making Moseb: Ethiopian Moseb is fascinating because it is a technology which is used in the shape of satellite dish. The shape of the moseb is design to reflect away light from the moseb and to keep the food at constant temperature. So our ancestors new what they were doing when they made Moseb to keep food. It is a hyperboloid used in communication technology. You can modernize the Moseb and set up a moseb factories which can employ many people. I am sure there is many many more if we think hard. I will add more when I remember

    • I just want to add some more ideas:

      42. The Sylabuses in the universities should half practical, and half theory. Degree of paper is not useful it can not be translated to practice. Specially engineering fields must focus on real projects with the courses in progress.
      43. Ethiopia has about 94 million people; The 94 million people are blacked out from science and technology. Reasons: every Ethiopians is waiting to learn English in order to learn technology and in order to civilize. This is wrong. How many Ethiopians go to university? .5 million? may .2 million from 94 million people? According to me the education system in Ethiopia is a problem than a solution. Because the language apartheid education system is discriminating our language over English. Our education is system is designed by British during Haileslassie. It was designed to promote English over Ethiopians language. And this legacy still remains in Ethiopia. The entire nation is marginalized from technology because they have to know English before knowing technology. We have 94 million pools of scientists. Imagine we translated technology and science books and make them available to the 94 million people in local language? From 94 million people who have access to technology and science , we can get at least 2 million innovators. But we have blacked our 94 million people from access to technology. I therefor suggest the government set up a science and Technology institute in local language. This science and technology institute can directly translate technology and science books into local language, such Amharic, oromigignea, tigrignea, guragignea ,… then we will have more people who pop us as innovators. Some people do not even need to go to school or university because they are quick self learners.

      3. Tooth brush factory. I guess Ethiopians import tooth brush and tooth paste. Well, the tooth brush is plastic. You use your tooth brush for 1 month, you will see, you finished it. why? you eat it. it accumulates bit by bit in your body. It becomes cancer in your body at some stage. Toothpaste has many chemicals and not good for you healthy. Dr. Albert discovered Azadiractur indica in Sudan in the 1980s. How he discovered it? he was in Sudan doing some botanic research. There locust destroying anything living grass or tree in Sudan. Dr. Albert saw only one tree evaded the locust because the locust could not attack it. He started studying it. He studied it. It is 40 chemicals elements in it. Azadiracturs indica is called Neem Tree in Africa, popular Kenya. In Kenya it is called Village pharmacy. The Turkana people are immune to Malaria. You will be surprised there is no cure for Malaria anywhere in the world. But there is cure for Malaria in Africa although Africans would not like it. The cure for Malaria Azadiractus indica or neem. This writer had Malaria. But this writer has completely destroyed from his body Malaria using African natural biological medicine. You can put me in Malaria infested area, but my body has a defense system against 100%.

      Grow neem tree ; you can produce anti-malaria medicine and you can use the neem tree as tooth brush with no need for plastic tooth brush. Dr. Albert used it for over 35 years as tooth brush. Dr. Albert is an American botanists. Now neem is farmed in USA and it commands multibillion dollar commercial farm to be used in pharmaceutical production, lotion, ointment and making medicines. This reminds me one tree in Ethiopia called Woyra or Awlie. Awili is has similar properties to Neem. Awili is a hardy tree; it is never attacked by pests or insects and it is used for tooth brush by locals and it whitens the teech naturally. you will people using it across Ethiopia. I think the Americans did not pick it yet. In curious Ethiopian entrepreneur can use it to produce natural tooth brush. It can become billion dollar farm like neem. This is tooth brush project using awili or woyera. Using neem to develop antimalarial tablets can make you a billionare. I am giving you a secret. I do not know think people know about neem get rids of Malaria. The neem root is the medicine for antimalarial. I used all malaria tablets available, but none of them helped me except neem tree root. If you an entrepreneur and Ethiopian. do not tell anyone, just get the seeds of neem and grow it and sell its roots as antiMlalaria medicine. Of course you have design a formula how to pack it and use it. But I am giving a big business secret.

      44. Please do not tell us about EPRDF. We know you now. We have seen you when you kept silent when Saudi Arabia slaughtered our people. Please leave us alone . If there is a lot of money in Ethiopia why then people go to sell their body in Saudi Arabia? is becoming a prostitute a good thing? many Ethiopians go to sell their body for money. Please, keep your EPRDF propaganda in your house. We have seen you ; Taezbnakum ena eko.

      45. Making computers by reverse engineering
      46. Making tablets by reverse engineer like the Conglolese entrepreneur.
      47. Making cell phones by reversing engineering
      48. Making bicycles
      49. Making shaving machines
      50. developing computer game applications
      51. Making microscope or solar microscope which can be used in rural areas.
      52. Making detergents
      53. permaculture farming: farming, cattle, chicken, crop together, fruit trees, legume trees, together.
      54. Farming trees for selling timbers like Tsihdi or Juniper can be a good commercial farm tree for selling timber to make all kind of hardy green furnitures
      55. Making cars, real cars, reverse engineering
      46. Farming goats for commerce
      47. Farming sheeps for commerce
      48. Farming mush-room for commerce; you may not believe me, but mush-room is a multibillion dollar farm across many countries.
      49. Farming commercially Gurage food; I forgot my God, the Gurages have a good food I forget the name. You eat small one time and you are done for the whole day, I forget the name; It has been long. I think Gurage food can be big multibillion dollar food local food farm. Trust me you can go anywhere you will find many things like in Ethiopia. We are just lost generation.

      50. In Tigrai, there is cactus; the cactus can farmed commercially. Here in Canada each Cactus is 2 dollar; It is very expensive. They are imported from Latin America.
      51. Please stop stealing or using public money for you family. I hate Ethiopia because people use public asset for their personal business. It is disgusting. Stop stealing public resources. Live on your salary. Stop being parasite on the poor people. Use sweat to live the life you wish to live. Do not use public money. This is a big problem in Ethiopia. This is also kills people’s motivation. Because the crooks suck the poor people. Whatever we write will not have meaning if you are thief and who live on the people like parasite. Reward hard work and so people can see there is reward. Otherwise, if it is the thieves he get the reward; no one wants to live in Ethiopia. Last year I attended a symposium and we discussed about migration. Latin American Professors told me all Ethiopians wanted to leave their country? I felt embarrassed. Everyone knows about our weakness. I if you are corrupt, thieves, please, liberate yourself because you are a slave of greediness. I am saying this because I wanted the leaders to live only on their salary, not on the people. You must get paid for the work you do.

      Thank you.

  5. Everything is now online; Ignorance or lack of knowledge can not be excused now. Anyone can learn online anything; I do not even think it is necessary to go to school these days. Students are better educational resources online than in their schools. Ethiopians can not curse themselves after now by saying we have Technology. Technology is already online; you just need to open your eyes wide open. Everything you can imagine is online. You can even build a nuclear reactor based online resources. No excuse now blaming lack of technology.

  6. As one of the commenters above stated it, media is suppose to inform the people and devastating impact of migration and that it is also possible to develop at home. Unfortunately, our media (especially the FMs in Addis and regional towns) fully dedicate their air time for distant cultures and societies who have no clue about the existence of Ethiopia. The very days our people were suffering in Saudi streets, these Radios were talking things that has no relevance or benefit to the country. I send messages a number of times to the FMs suggesting that this is the right time to teach and save the people who are waiting to migrate. There was no ear to listen. Turn On the FM and you will hear Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Manchester, Messi and his girlfriend or his shoe size etc. etc. Some of them spend hours talking about Tom Cruise and Brad Pits and their love affairs. They even call people to comment on these alien issues. People may say this is done to inspire our sport and artists, but guys it is too much and we have more urgent things than these. I call those in charge of the media to divert the focus to the real issue. Thank you for all coming with constructive idea.

  7. Thank you so much for opening this timely discussion.

    I am not trying to prescribe any new ideas to create massive jobs in Ethiopia, what I want people to be reminded is that we have already have a road map and a policy frame work to develop our country and to generate exponential amount of work. What we need to do is to make every one aware and start a serious discussion among stakeholders. Who are the stakeholders? Every Ethiopian regardless of where they live, civil societies, international community members who are already working with us, countries who are helping us etc. Get feed back develop a work plan and implement it fast. Intensify the already existing projects. The bottom line is genuinely invite Ethiopians even those organization who were labeled as terrorists as long as they are willing to work together. We don’t have to miss this opportunity to come together for the common enemy our former prime minister Told us POVERTY!

  8. Dear Aiga, first I want to say I am very disaapointed by your website because you never posted any images, video of our sisters and brothers suffering in saudi Arabia.

    At the end of the day, ethiopian government prefer to make low profile vis à vis the saudis which is not good for us.
    When our economiy is growing at double gidits, I don’t know why our people are leaving the country? or is that all a none sens political discourse?

    • You are a kind of “jib bemayaqut Ager hedo qorbet antifulign” while you know Ethiopia is much better of now than 20 years ago! You know how to write English , but you don’t know why Ethiopian are leaving their country? Kkkkkkk

  9. Not only creating job the government needs to ease the tax and the vat on small business so that small business owners can save money and expand their business.for example if I have small Internet kiosk by the end of the year the government want me to pay about 8000 in tax,so this is not helping small business, this makes the young people want to go outside ethiopia .it is not encouraging. Other thing the government needs to build factories and run very big farms the govt. do not to expect everything from investors. And we need to attract the Diaspora by giving some incentives. At last the govt. needs to lower taxes on most thing that we import from other countries to make life more easy for the citizens

  10. First, Tsegaye Tegenu should be congratulated for his thought and suggestions.
    Secondly, the question of which comes first – agriculture or industry – is not the real question here. Both sectors complement each other . It is good to suggest how both could improve. It does not help our growth if we stick to primacy approach.
    Third, there is no solid evidence to show that employment creation is slow in Ethiopia. People migrate in search of better jobs or life based on hearsay and rumour. Ask many recent immigrants in North America and they will tell you that they would have been better off if they work as hard in their native country. Hence awareness, education, etc are in short supply.

    Of course we have unemployment in Ethiopia. But there are worse unemployment conditions in many African countries, and yet we don’t see them flocking to Arab countries as the Ethiopians do. It is time to soul search our cultural and moral values as well our self-worth.

  11. Do not worry….realizing that I am Eritrean you will think… digging trenches for free would be my suggestion ,for ceating jobs.. Far from it. My approach would be
    1) to empower Ethiopian youth by instilling believe that the youth themselves to be the creaters of their own jobs.Be creative, from selling incense ,shoe programmers upto sky is the limit…Of course the govt. could provide with trained instructors on how to do it practically…Go easy on companies that participate on such programsw by giving them tax incentives..specially cottage industries (small businesses)…. .A good example of what the Ethiopian govt. does is .”.push” Chinese firms to teach & train Ethiopian workers ,not treat them as simple employees (as in the rest of Africa).
    On you tube I saw college students from Amhara kilil sowing taff/teff in their area helping local the process aquiring the real world experience….they were quoting PM Meles Zenawi for their motivation .Bravo neighbours .I wish you success & thank you for taking care of my fellow citzens (Eritrean refugees )in a brotherly /sisterly manner.

    My real name is Mehretu Habte aka Singapo Eritrean
    San Diego – Ca

  12. First of all
    awareness of the magnitude of the problem comes first
    I hope the government gets concerned about the every day life of ordinary people
    not propaganda machine and not self interest.
    let educated people be involved in the decision making
    then we really we start taking……

    • Negassi,

      I think You are talking hiding behind some kind own problems! You are not giving any sense at all! 32 universities,all out infrastructural developments, modern agricultural developments in the rural Ethiopia, job creation, money for anyone who wants to create a job…, the sacrifices that the government paid to free Ethiopia from its decades savage political course , & to destroy the brutal Derg… The government is doing everything in their power to elevate Ethiopia into the next level!

      What educated people are you talking about? These educated Ethiopians willing to be part of the struggle against poverty are in Ethiopia working day in day out! What do you want the government to do about some not willing to help their country?

  13. Thank you for opening the discussion,
    Problem leads to solution, the resent abuse of our citizens by Saudis have brought this wonderful idea, and creating a job is creating wealth and eventually, those who are eager to the Arab countries to get some form of remittance money from a very dirty Job (house made), will stay in their beloved country and live with dignity.
    How ever If I would like to think of what instigate the current abuse of Ethiopians, it might fall under a systematic political skim. Compare to the other parts of the world, our brothers and sisters in the Arab region were very active in supporting the (EGRD)Hidassie Gidib. I strongly believe there is an Egyptians long hand that stirs this un lawful act of aggression specially on Ethiopians. For such reason, creating a job is not a choice for us, but a must.
    At the same time our government must think twice before any form of well calculated, whether political or economical action taken by the Egyptians, It very important to analyze any potential target areas as our difference is getting bigger and dipper with Egyptians, related to our historical Dam project. It is not bad to view things from many angles. I suggest politely, that our government is registering all legal and illegal Ethiopians who are living in this region, to protect our sisters and brothers from any form of abuse.Off course creating any form of job is unquestionable and fully supportable.

    God Bless Ethiopia
    Zere Anbessa.

  14. Any sector and/or enterprise including the above listed ideas can be solutions and indeed they are solutions not only to the repatriated Saudi immigrants but also to the mass who are living in Ethiopia.

    the most important missing point is organizing the youth to be a proactive citizens. Do not get me wrong that I am not saying there are no civic organizations that address youth issue but what I am saying is that, organizations that center on business.

    It is therefore high time now that the youth has to be reorganized on corporations of some sort that will engage them in production and selling their values.

    Business corporation with size as low as 5 to hundreds can be created easily and thoughtfully to address the nations immediate need.

    What are the nations immediate needs?

    Infrastructure building and maintenance (macro economy)
    Micro economic sectors that will help creating vibrant societies.

    What will the government role? The government role will be organizing the youth and availing funds in form of aid and/or low interest loans and at the end collecting loans.

    This are some of the major things which need to be considered and implemented to create better Ethiopia now and in the future.

  15. I have read quite noble ideas here above. In this connection, I would like to thank for initiating such a point which is worthy of very serious discussion among the concerned Ethiopians.
    At present, I guess there is too much money in the rural areas of the Ethiopia. I understand, since very long time the government has been educating the farmers to save money and there are many farmers who own huge amount of money, presumably the number could be greater in the coffee growing regions.Some times it seems quite incredible when you listen to farmers going up to stage of the meeting hall and declare how much money and asset each own as a result of his/her hard work in farming to exemplify to other during the prizing ceremony to selected good farmers. During such ceremonies,now a days it has become usual to hear one farmer saying “I have 16, mil, birr, 10, mil birr, 8, mil birr, etc, etc, I have a house, a transport truck, etc worth so much, I have so much in bank etc.”My good God, now a days peasant farmers in Ethiopia can openly tell you, without fear of any subsequent effects or consequences , say like extra taxation or robbery or corrupt practices by unproductive elements etc, the total amount of money or cost of property they have. I think this kind of freedom clearly demonstrates that the rural people have enormous trust on the government unlike to the previous regimes. In the previous regimes, it was quite sure that no farmer would be free to tell to any person from the government the number of children in the house hold let alone how much money or house or cattle or sheep etc he/she owns.
    Let me come back to my point. I have tried to describe my understanding to the present situation it is because I wanted to suggest one thing mat the end. Basically in my view, the fact that people have got too much money does not mean any thing if they do not know how to spend this money in order to get
    the maximum advantage of their money. Money management in itself, I think is a very difficult business may be not only to a peasant but also to others.Because I think it it is a very complicated process. Therefore, the government must engage it self not only in advising the farmers to save money and perhaps, how to save, it must also try to educate the farmers, specifically those who have saved good amount of money, the art of wise spending.This may include investment cooperatively on large farm or mechanized farm,small scale factories,etc investment on medium or larger areas of investment which will side by side to enhance employment opportunities in the rural areas. I very well know that there cooperative associations and unions As I mentioned in the above paragraph, I feel already there is trust established between the EPRDF government and the rural farmer so the government should wisely use this relationship to leverage further development. Mind you, I suggesting this idea mainly because, first I suspect the total amount of money resident in the rural area would sum up not to millions but to billions, and secondly, I believe that so far the money is not wisely used., at most it is deposited or saved in the bank and saving in the bank should not be viewed as an end by it self.I believe in one community alone money there is available money enough say in one community of reasonable size of population to finance one huge industry. Therefore, if this idea, it may require further assessment and feasibility studies in order to broaden the concept, is executed wisely and with distinctive care also with as little financial investment as possible, as a help, from the government itself, it will assist to open a wider opportunity of employment and make each and every community ( people who live in the same locality) self reliant to at least to minimize the effects of the most acute social problems of unemployment, beggary, prostitution, crime etc of the country to a lesser degree.

  16. Dear all,
    This is very serious issues, we the people from Ethiopia reside in the developed countries can make huge contribution for those living without a single cent at home. We need global integration, connection with open forum to discuss about our young generation and for the broad mass of Ethiopian population. We need open and constructive dialogue. Doesn’t matter who believe what it is the issues of compassionate and passionate about people. Lets us help our people to help themselves, lets support them and lead them from helplessness to hope. our people are waiting handout from not hand up. They need our global voice and and global commitment and worldwide humanity in action. we united we stand lets move forward strong global leadership to mobilize or to tell the world actors to change their face toward our country. We need investment here the meaning investment is different to different people. investment of knowledge, human resource, expert and skills to coach our young people then to put them on the the employment they love. We cannot live thousand years our life is limited. Therefore, lets connect each other first to make or to create a fertile environment and circumstance for those who need our help.
    There very knowledgeable ideas on the top, I read them all, their are very insightful people here. However, The question is how can we put this ideas into practice? We have seen so many writers and orators since 1959 so far, the problem is idea action is always contradicted especially the X-generation are always part of problem, because they put themselves first than than the great society of Ethiopia. we need the young generation in the diaspora to lead us, we need them, they the future leaders of our country.
    Thank so much for this opportunity Aiga forum

  17. This Last Point is to
    Thank you Aiga forum, once again, for opening such venue of discussions which is very important instrument indeed to harness new ideas and find better solution to critical problems. Here again, I am with the opinion that this kind of culture of discussion should continue whenever we trace problems that need to be addressed collectively through the contribution of new ideas of problem solving. I also believe as long as any problem is considered to be concerning every one or may be a national issue, I do not think looking for a better solution to the problem will be confined to members or supporters of the current ruling party,EPRDF only.No, I presume others, any body, will also be involved to give their opinion in order to assist find a solution.

  18. Teaching the people on how to create a job , how to transfer our society into a modern , civilized & democratic society should have been one of the jobs of our journalists,but they are tied up on defaming the government & talking a nonsense CPJ, HRW, ….& bragging about anti Ethiopia giving a prize to a journalists who have done nothing for the country & the people! What Ethiopia have is either anti Tigrian hiding behind journalism or puppets of the western journalists! Western journalists had already done their duty teaching their people all out & still teaching their people in all aspects on their different columns! But ours simply brag a nonsense at all level! I hope they will be better & start teaching their people

  19. Pleas some time we have to think posetiv.we ethiopias are proud by evrything but we have to size our differenc by making small size something when we want to speak is easy than making.any way to creat a job is not. Only for the benefit of soudiarebia migrants it is generaly for the ethiopian people. Frist the government has to open the the door of envestment by creating facterys or fabricas and seling the share to diaspora and and ethiopian people pleas tri one and take the risk I bleave you will get posetive thing and thanks for the exchange evrybody emotion.thanks

  20. I believe there different kinds of minerals in Ethiopia. But for geologists to find any is like looking a needle in a haystack. But to find those minerals should be a job of all Ethiopians.
    An Ethiopian that lives in the country side, would not know if he/she finds a diamond. We have no knowledge of raw diamond. The same thing about other minerals. We in the country side will simply see the ground as ‘mekan’ barren ground.
    What the government should do is to ask every region and villagers if they know of strange looking stones or soil in their area. And any citizen reports a finding, he/she should be rewarded as this will encourage them.
    When I was a kid and on summer holidays, I have been to some places in the country side. I remember to have seen stones containing white mineral which was explosive when heated. What ever it was. And as a kid I used to play with transparent crystal ? Where I live now in Sweden I have looked in the web for raw diamond and it just reminds me of that crystal.
    I am saying the people should be encouraged to look or report and should be componsated for it.

  21. Dear AigaForum editors,

    I really like the way you gather opinion on critical issues. I think this should be a role model for other Ethiopian medias. Thank you and keep it up!!

    Coming to the issue, I would like to separate the subject into two.

    1. Awareness creation: I just want to focus on two points
    -Media campaign: I think the role of media is very crucial here. The FMs, radio and tv programs, newspapers, etc. should consider this issue as integral part of their work to avoid any misinformation and strategic ignorance by the young. Such campaign can be supported by churches, mosques, and schools.
    -Government: lower level officials (specially those at village and ‘wereda’ levels) know exactly who are the smugglers and those spread false information. I bet on this. There should be strong legal action against these smugglers by confiscating their property; approaching their families, religious leaders, and key community figures to convince them refrain from such acts.

    2. Job creation:I don’t think you will get the magic bullet here. It is not as easy as listing sectors and what the government should do this and that. Although there is immense literature on how governments may create jobs for the young, directly copying these policy recommendations can’t guarantee sufficient jobs for our young. I would rather recommend the government on the following two issues, which may be crucial.
    -Continue to support small scale businesses: Small scale businesses have achieved a lot. I am certain they can achieve more than this provided that the government solves the corruption and bureaucracy at low government levels; identify key obstacles and present immediate guidelines; and survey past experiences and design improved deliveries.
    -Support research: It is equally important to support research in the area. This will provide scientific tailored inputs. It is only when the government encourages research in these area that we can learn how to create three-fourth fold jobs for the young.

  22. simply put
    1. why don’t the Ethiopian Government do what they did to the refugees from eriteria
    who are staying in Ethiopia and providing them with shelter, food in cooperation
    with the UNHCR and other NGOs
    including higher education, university.
    2. the government was the one who involved the UNHCR including the prime minister
    for a safe shelter for the Eritrean refugees, why is the government reluctant to help
    their own citizens I don’t understand. by the way I have no thing against Eritrean
    it seems there is no political will at the highest office or it is a double standard.
    will it be business as usual in addis, don’t think so
    this is political suicide for EPRDF

  23. Government cannot achieve their national goal without society participation. The question how can we create job in Ethiopia to reduce the mass unemployment. Here as a citizen what is our responsibility or our role to create job bank for our youth? We know that our country is full of natural resources, but this resources did not solve our chronic problems for so many years. Everyone must ask what can i do for my country and its people. We are not talking about government’s role, because we know the responsibility and countability of the government. This country requires our involvement and our hand.
    The Human Rights Watch and Amenst international, International crisis groups are doing their business. If they do not do that how can they get fund, they have to fabricate things to get recognition. This a business matter not human rights issue the same as the journalists do. Let us focus on our common issues, division is really a silly thing we are in the 21st century it the century of information knowledge and knowledge society. we have to change ourselves in order to help others.
    Unite and organize, government comes and goes but the society continues from generation to generation. Tribalism, regionalism and local-ism is very ancient tools of primitive society. We are living in the developed countries, but our thinking style and our action is still passive.

  24. Administrators, thanks for posting this essay from the good doctor.

    I have to think the topic itself is very timely while the actual essay is quite typical/standard thesis which many colleges and universities in Ethiopia have produced in large numbers in the past. Also note that the late PM (Meles Zenawi) had produced/written various documents regarding the transition from Argo-centric to industrialization of Ethiopia. The notion that Ethiopia does not have a clear vision and plans on how to go about creating jobs for its people is not really a true assertion. The vision and plans are there but the means to get there is the source of the problem. Case in point, the lack of funding to carry out the grand National Nailway Network project which was stalled for so many years (except the two projects, Addis to Djibuti and Addis LRT). Imagine how many thousands of (initial estimate was apprx 300,000) young people could have been employed if fundings were readily available.

    Another point, the paper does not mention anywhere, the lack of infrastructure to carry out those wonderful plans. Ethiopia clearly understood infrastructure is the key prerequisite for any of those wonderful targets, otherwise no matter how you plan or have visions, nothing could be accomplished. It is with these facts that Ethiopia embarked on building massive infrastructure including power, railways, roads, etc.
    I also think the Diaspora community of Ethiopia MUST play a key role if we have to make the changes we all need with a preferred short period. That means building true reconciliation and trust amongst all including the so called opposition, and open up the political space. It is time to come together and workout our differences so that we all can pitch in to the country’s development. Imagine if the 2 million strong Diaspora Ethiopian begin looking inward and support the government’s effort for transformation. It is time to rethink how we do politics in Ethiopia!!

  25. Please do not tell us you can not chieve anything without money. You need to change this attitude of building walls infront of you. No human being is born with money. You need to learn how to make money. Idea can be changed to money. Many companies in the developed world did not start with big money. Pick and pay of South Africa, the biggest supply chain in Southern Africa started from zero money. Husband and wive only had a good idea to sell healthy and fresh food for people. Then the money came to them. If you are negative and see walls infront of you, keep your negativity with you. Do not induce them on other people. It is all about how we are set up to think. It is true infrastructure is important but still infrastructure can not built without money. You have to learn how to make money to make structure things. There are business which does not require infrastructure investment; you can not fold your hand and sit until there is infrastructure? Please, money did not come before development. Lalibela did not build Labila by money. He only had the idea and inspiration. Please do not teach us without money you can not do anything as if everything started with money. You must learn to sell things or do business without investment of such kind. This is not a good mind-se to be honest. Good investment or development means with innovation. If I am working to start a company; However, if I have to think of things in terms of money, the things I want to do may requires billions of dollars. But I have to be innovative and do it with almost no money;. Do you know innovation? You have to be innovative. Your mindset can be an obstacle for development.

  26. It is fascinating to read the different ideas on job creation being floated in this discussion thread. As if the country is entirely lacking formulated policies and strategies, a variety of ideas were advanced. For the purpose of encouraging discussion, It may not be a bad thing to hear such views. Since the mid 90’s Ethiopia has implemented FDI-Driven Industrialization strategy to raise the level employment in the economy. Someone has to do additional research and provide us with empirical data clearly indicating the relationship between the current strategy and growth outcome( or absence) in employment generation since the introduction of the national strategy. Relying on that evidence, and research outcome & the data presented, Ethiopia may then have to decide whether to modify or change its national strategy if the desired outcome is not registered or simply has become unsatisfactory as initially planned. Faced with a similar scenario, experts reviewed the Vietnamese Economy and here is what they have found out and their specific recommendations. see—asia/—ro-bangkok/—ilo-hanoi/documents/publication/wcms_171372.pdf
    Other Asian economies pursued a totally different strategy and focused on incentivizing specific and selected industries. Until we transit from a low income agrarian economy to a middle income industrial economy, we may have to continually explore other alternative strategies such as focusing on targeted industries and providing with incentives to specific priority industries. The list, among others, may include motor vehicle production, food processing,textiles,agro industries, extraction of minerals and the development of small and medium enterprises.No matter which of the approaches we may pursue, It should be clear to us by now that raising the level of employment may not be fully achieved exclusively relying on the small holder peasant based agrarian economy alone. When and how will Ethiopia have these types of industries to create jobs? That is the million dollar question that remained un answered.

  27. Aigaforum,really we send our great thankfull opinion for your interest to Ethiopian problem, happining in South Arabia. This kind of problem happend alredy in 610 A.D for Coreisciti Abisinian in Mecca,and they pushed them by force to posses the Town Mecca. Now all World is surpraised the action of South Arabia, to kill, beat, tourtor the poor people. Any how Abu Lahab Grand Anscester is coming back and our Brothers, Sisters will have Freedom, justice in that Place, becuase it belongs to Us Abu Lahab, Coreiscit Tribe. Thank You Zebene Liben Italy.

  28. 58. The other commerce that can be made is Homoepathic clinics. Doctors can modernize the traditional biological medicne and open many enterprises of homoepathic clinics, such herb medicine, Wegasha(Mahgoma). You can help this to do in a modernized way. There is many things in the country. It is just mind of the people is looking to get things from outside the country.Our people wanted to import everything , material, money, food, ideas. They do not want to think. Every educated Ethiopians wanted to live. If you are educated why do you aspire to leave the country than those who are educated? why not create job based on your skills? was the school meant to make you sell yourself outside Ethiopia only? The education has to take the blame for most wrong things. It is a crap education system that is not helping the country.

  29. In order to quickly create job in Ethiopia the first and the obvious thing is that the tplf current criminal members should learn from previous dictators and wake up from their never ending power dream and to start governing by the policy and constitution that they have designed. That means the tplf members should understand their temporary power which is built based on intimidation of others will soon end and will not serve them forever even for Tigirians themselves and start to obey the rule of law which should serve above everyone and beneficial for the future survival of Tigrians, as well.

    In addition being TPLF member & affiliated group is a license to do everything in the current Ethiopia and that should be stopped ASAP. And, TPLF members should quickly stop milking the country and accumulate immeasurable wealth inside as well as outside the country while other Ethiopians live under endless poverty. Moreover, TPLF members should have stop their arrogant attitude to block others from sharing the opportunity in their own country and they have quickly stop the dirty implementation of where no one has a privilege to do anything because he/she doesn’t belong to the ruling group or doesn’t share the ruling group’s tribe.

    And most of all, Ethiopians who doenst belong to tplf shouldn’t be treated as a second citizen in his/her country and deprive the privilege to live decent life, because he/she does not share the same tribe with the ruling gangs. TPLF should stop specific system partial for non-TPLF Ethiopians alone.
    Ethiopia should be governed by constitution instead of a few TPLF members are the law of the country, of course if you do not belong to the same group with them you would be persecuted, imprisoned or killed without any reason.
    TPLF type of moronic illusion and ruling the country with brute force and assuming unending power seems unable to learn from the history of previous dictators is of course impossible except for a very short period of time, because no tyrant maintain to silence the masses with brute force, except for short periods.

    • Hey, if you are Ethiopian , you know that you don’t have anything better than TPLF, you can’t mention it if you have any better!

      TPLF with its sister parties freed Ethiopia , & on its way to defeat poverty!

      If you are not Ethiopian , then why you worry about Ethiopia ? Stay away!

  30. Thank you for your research on this sensitive matter that affects millions of our youth. The factors that minimize influx of outmigration are the following:
    1. Job creation by government, private sectors and investors. Government can propose job creation projects and ask funding sources from local and international agencies to mobilize the cause. We have to wage a national war to fight against poverty and unemployment.
    2. Creating a conducible environment in Ethiopia by promoting democracy, justice, human rights, equity and good governance and enhance nationalism and love for our country because that is where our dignity is respected.
    3. Enhancing micro financing and loans for those who want to start some trade and small scale businesses, farming and animal husbandry, etc.
    4. Government must help in skill training, job search and placement for those who graduated from high schools, colleges, universities, etc.
    5. Must encourage NGOs, religious institutions, and other civic organizations to participate in job creation for our youth besides government and other private sectors.
    6. Our civic lessons must focus on citizenship, our duties and responsibilities along with protection of the rights of all ethnic groups, minorities, women, elderly, etc. and promote our unity, caring and love to one another and fight against nepotism and corruption tooth and nail.
    7. Government must hire efficient and well-educated diplomats in our embassies who care about our Diaspora instead of placing non-functional cadres as a reward for their loyalty to the party. There is complaint after complaint against all embassy across the board because they doing nothing except warming their chairs and making good money for themselves. They have to be evaluated based on their service to our citizens, by bringing investment to our country and by promoting our image and good standing in the world.
    8. It is very hard to fence the perimeter of our country to stop outmigration, however, incidents like the ones that took place in Saudi Arabia will teach every one of us to minimize out emigration to some extent.
    9. Government must revoke the licenses of brokers and human traffickers who make money by pushing our beautiful ladies and boys to overseas by luring and enticing them as though there is a paradise and red carpet in destination country. We have to stop modern form of slave trade which is growing in Ethiopia by the blessing of the government. We should control issuance of passports to the right people and control movements at our ports of entry and exists and punish human-traffickers severely. Many have died on the way, became spare parts when their organs are removed, and they became dehumanized and sub-humanized. We have to fight against such national disgrace as far as we fight against poverty and terrorism.

  31. Thank you Aiga for allowing people to post their comments .We learn a lot not only from the article but also from the comments given .The case of Vietnam development strategy article as suggested by Eshetu G .is a case in point.
    However I want to point out your forum not to prejudge your contributors ‘articles as in the case of the article written by Teshome Abebe.Again your comments seem to pass the buck to previous regimes which I believe are completely wrong and indicative of frustration and defeatism.The current generation has to find ways and means to solve current problems .China and other ‘Tiger Economies ‘have transformed their countries just in one generation not inherited from past generations.We have lots of tasks to perform in our time ,not see back and complain.Thank you

  32. I think in addition to the strategies which have been proposed by several concerned persons,the government must plan to establish credit institutions, this time in the rural area where the majority of the Ethiopian repatriates from Saudi Arabia come from,to meet the credit needs of those self help job seekers.I believe without credit facilitation it will a bit difficult to think of self help business.

  33. How to create jobs quickly for all young people of Ethiopia.

    The job creativity can be generated within the Country by the Federal and state Government.

    The state government needs to plan job creativity in every reign to employee those primarily seeking jobs.

    Secondly, the employment policy and job creativity needs to educate those young Ethiopians how to involve within the job creativity.

    This can monitor the employment availability and creativity for effective outcome and long term achievement plan.

    The Media needs to play a big role in investigating the job creativity in each state.

    Ethiopian investors need to employee many youth Ethiopians in their companies, factories and agricultural etc.

    The Government needs to create more industrial’s in order to create jobs either for import or export purposes by Ethiopians. This helps to create jobs and to help the country in more stabilizing condition.

    The Government needs to take control over those illegal Agents, who are influencing the negativity of modern slavery to send the young Ethiopians to the Middle East for victim of crime.

    Yours Sincerley

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