New Policy Towards Eritrea What Would Work?

PM Hailemariam said his government is nearly finished a study on how to deal with the one man government in Eritrea. As you all know ever since the last war ended the two government were following a no war no peace policy to guide their relationships. Despite the no war no peace policy the one man government in Eritrea has been trying to topple the Ethiopian government with a proxy war. However, the Ethiopian government has been trying to lure the Eritrean government to a sit-down discussion to solve all remaining issues between the two governments all to no avail! Many including the government of PM Hailemariam thinks now is the time to update the policy of no war no peace. The question is what the policy would look like? Will the new policy bring lasting change? If there is a lasting solution to the issues of Ethio-Eritrea what should the policy include or be based on? Here are few suggestions but you are welcome to add to the list and argue your case.
1) The new policy should be based on people to people relationship instead of addressing govt to govt relationship. There by hoping the Eritrean people will become the partners for peace in the region.
2) Work diplomatically to remove the one man government using international pressure.
3) Accept with no buts and ifs the Algeria’s Agreement and see if the one man government can become a partner for peace.
4) Help actively Eritrean oppositions groups including military help to remove the government and empower Eritreans to build a democratic Eritrea
5) Remove the one man government by force and ask Eritreans if they really want independence of some kind of federation with Ethiopia.

Have your say and as always make sure your input is taken seriously by the powers be!

President Abay Woldu New Cabinet

The long awaited deep tehadeso /renewal/ is almost coming to an end, at least, the first phase of it. EPRDF member organizations have gone through a long renewal process. As a governing party in their respected Kilil/region/ the parties have uniformly appointed professionals and academicians to head their regional govt ministries.

The TPLF as a governing party in Tigrai region is the latest to appoint such professionals. To the surprise of many President Abay has nominated many new cabinet heads from the academia. His new cabinet now has now more PHD holders who were not part of the force that wedged the armed struggle.
Looking back through history, down the road, this could be a watershed moment where the civilians and professional took the mantle of power from TPLF the fighting force!

There are those who argue it is wrong for EPRDF to focus on PHD holders to carry on the democratization process and the arduous institutional building process. They argue the old timers as well as veteran EPRDF leaders are equally important to the democratization process. They say running efficient and progressive government does not require a PHD nor a person with no armed struggle experience.

What is your take of the new cabinet appointees and the over all deep tehadeso process so far? Have your say and as always be respectful and considerate with you comments.

Tigray Regional Health Bureau II Ten Years Health Bulletin (EFY 1998-2007)

The Tigray Regional Health Bureau envisions seeing healthy, productive and prosperous people in every household of Tigray, through delivering the comprehensive package of promotive, preventive, curative, regulating, palliative, and rehabilitative health services within…tigrai health bureau plana decentralized and democratized health system that fosters the full ownership and empowerment of the community. In the last ten years,health has been at the center of regional, national, and global development agendas…For More

Note to readers:- Leave you comments and reviews including any information you think should be included in this report. The Bureau is willing to accept and incorporate your inputs. Thank you, Aigaforum July 2016

The Good Governance Campaign in Ethiopia: Amhara Case.

andmAs you all know EPRDF passed a resolution to weed-out corruption and the ills of its administration. Amhara, Oromia and Tigrai were at the forefront in carrying out the organization’s wish. The Amhara government, we are told, has done an extensive grass root campaign in the name of good governance. It has been a while since these meetings were concluded. Since then we have heard little of the effects of such meetings. However since then we have heard of the massacre around Gondar because of the Kemant issue. Yes it was a massacre! The Ethiopian Human Right Organization has issued a detail report where close to a hundred people were killed. And there are reports of targeted attack against Tigreans in the Shinfa area, Metema Woreda.

We are hearing now the regional government and the Ethiopian parliament are looking in to what went wrong! We hope justice will be served. Realizing that ANDM, the governing party in the region, is deep in to its transformation phase where most of the leaders are new with no experience from the struggle years of leading a revolution, do you think the new leaders are capable of leading the region to become one of the pillars for democratic Ethiopia? Are the new leaders capable to lead the region to become an economic power house? Can they withstand the many extremist propaganda war targeted at them and the population and remain true to the EPRDF cause? Friends tell us of all the regions the Amhara regional political leaders have mastered the art of governing. We were inclined to agree given what other regions in Ethiopia were facing as far as good governance issues…but what to make about the recent Ethiopian Human Right Organization Report? Have your say!

This discussion is part of the ongoing engagement on good governance which Aigaforum conducted similar discussion on Tigrai region previously (

Feel free to have your say but be honest and productive with your time – no innuendos pls!

The Good Governance Campaign in Ethiopia: Tigrai Case.

TPLF flag As you all know EPRDF during its last congress passed a resolution to weed-out corruption and the ills of its administration. Amhara, Oromia and Tigrai were at the forefront in carrying out the organization’s wish. The Tigrai government has done an extensive grass root campaign in the name of good governance. It has hold several public meetings and organizational meetings. It has been a while since these meetings were concluded. Since then we have heard little of the effect of such meetings except we heard some 400 functionaries at different level in the government have been dismissed or reprimanded. However since then we have heard of the Wolqayit/Tseged issue and some complaints in central zone. In the case of Amhara we have heard also of similar dismissal of officials as well as complaints of people living in Quara and Metema area besides those Kebeles near Tseged/Wolqayit. No need to tell you about Oromia!

Let us start wit Tigrai so we do not chew more than we can handle in this forum. What is your understanding of the results of the Tigrai Campaign? Was it worth it and has it been successful or it is another failed campaign? Did TPLF managed to convince the general public that the it has understood the ills of good governance as a governing party? Do you have hope things will be better going forward or are you in despair things will stay the same? Last what do you think of PM Meles now? Are you of the opinion if Meles was alive the issues we see today would have been addressed differently or are you of the opinion PM died unable to resolve the issues we see today thus would have made no difference. Have your say and be honest and useful with your time – no innuendos pls!

How Are we Doing?

Over the years we have asked you to share your thoughts on how we are doing. It has been a while since we asked you to tell us how we are doing. Now is the time to tell us what you think of us , where we excel and where we need to improve or we have been wrong. We have been getting few comments from our readers that of late we are posting articles that should not see the day light.
We were admonished as much as we were encouraged when we posted Dawit G/Egziabher Interview.
Aigaforum was and is a public forum. It does not cater to audiences for commercial reason. We do what we do to promote our unity in diversity. If we are posting articles and interviews critical of the government it is because of our sincere desire to see the system work and to see Ethiopia defeat poverty. The country is changing and moving forward. People are demanding more development and more accountability from their respected government officials. Realizing this we thought Aigaforum can serve the public if we become the bouncing forum of ideas and views that reflect the current realities. Who to tell us better if we have been executing our mission better than you our esteemed readers. Have your say and share your thoughts of how we are doing! We value your comments! Aigaforum April 13, 2016

Diaspora On Good Governance Issues: Case of Road Projects

addis-roadsAlmaz Feseha, a professional civil engineer in the USA with many years experience says the following”… Though Ethiopia is adapting well to its recent development, there are several areas within the planning and operation of road construction that could be better streamlined and made more transparent in order to improve efficiency and safety, ” You can find the full article Observations on Ethiopian Road Construction

As a professional yourself what else may be exacerbating the lack of good governance issues. Share your own experience based on your profession or share your thoughts on what Alamz has articulated well when it comes to Road Projects. Have your Say and be part of the ongoing campaign.

Ethiopia: Drought, Good Governance and EPRDF

As you all know Ethiopia is facing a tough battle against nature. The El Nino disruptive weather has hit the country hard. Millions of Ethiopians will need extra support this year if they are to survive. Drought is not new to Ethiopia. What will be new is how the EPRDF government will react to such huge disaster. Many say famine is a man made phenomenon. It is true that Haile selassie’s and the Derge regimes were accused for the cause of the last two horrendous famines that killed millions of Ethiopians. Will the EPRDF government be the first government that will overcome the effects of drought causing a famine? We know Ethiopia has had drought in the past during the EPRDF era and by all account the government was able to wither away the effect but this time the challenge is huge and no one knows for sure if El Nino will persist until next year. What is your take on how the EPRDF government is responding to the drought? Did EPRDF fail to prepare enough for drought years thus why it has to ask donors to help or has it prepared enough thus why people are not dying and help is arriving at the doorsteps of the farmers?

The PM Minister is on record that the issue with good governance is acute enough his government is dead serious to tackle it head-on! Do you think this time the government is serious enough that it will make an effort to address some of the prevailing good governance issues? Do you think Ethiopia is ready or capable to address good governance issues or you are of the opinion good governance issues will linger on since the root cause is economic issues? Some say without high paid government officials there will always be someone in the office with power that will succumb to bribe and exacerbate bad governance. What are the issues the government can solve easily to make a head way to resolve good governance issues?

Have Your Say and share your thoughts. Avoid hearsay and make sure your voice is heard!

Shaibya and Ginbot 7: DMHIT Less!


Now that Molla Asghedom has pulled the rag from underneath of Wedi Afom and Berhanu Nega what is in store for Berhanu and Isaias alliance going forward? What is the main message behind the DMHIT Operation? What is its significance to Ethiopian Politics? Will this deter those enemies from far who were planning to use DMHIT as foot soldiers or will they try one more time to assemble new foot soldiers to use? If So who is likely to fill the gap left behind in Eritrea? Will Eritrea continue its agenda of destabilizing Ethiopia after this operation and survive for long? We could ask you more but have your say and share your thoughts on the above issues before Extremists in Diaspora spin the news with side issues to undermine the event!

Ask PM Hailemariam Desalegn!

The government of Ethiopia is trying its best to accommodate the Diaspora Ethiopians in the development of the country even though some say the government PM-Hailemariam is not doing enough to reach the millions of Diaspora! As you know the government will be meeting with Diapsora Ethiopians this coming August starting from Aug 10 to 17. Those of you going to the event in person will have a chance to ask PM Hailemaraim in person but those of you unable to attend for many reasons can leave your questions here. The questions will be summarized and prepared for PM Hailemariam to answer by government officials. Use this chance to ask relevant and important questions so you are better informed about Ethiopia and the Prime Minister’s Government commitment to lead Ethiopia to become middle income country!