Tigrai 2011

Ever since EPRDF nominated Abiy as the chairman and PM of Ethiopia, Ethiopian politics has gone from bad to worst. The regions that made up Federal Ethiopia have been mired in turmoil. The Somali region has lost its former strong man, he is in jail! The Amhara regional government has lost not one but two of its leaders Dr. Ambachew was killed and Gedu was demoted. Even the Oromo region has lost one of its so-called reformer leaders! And you all know what has happened to Debub Region! The only regions in Ethiopia that have kept the peace are Tigrai and Afar. That is what we think but what do you think about Tigrai?

What do you think about Tigrai political leadership? Where did Tigrai excel and where did it fail to improve?

Do you think Tigrai has improved or excelled in improving a)Security of the region? b)The Economy? c) the Democratic space and d)Governance?

Which area do you think it has gone from bad to worse and needs to improve.

What do you think about the media development of the Tigrai? Did opening DW and Tigrai TV Amharic programs help?

Have your say and make sure to make your points in a clear and precise manner so it is taken seriously.