TPLF and EPRDF at a Cross Road Again!

When TPLF leaders split in the early 2000 many thought that would be the last schism the organization will face because the late PM Meles was able to garner enough support from remaining TPLF leaders as well as other EPRDF member organization! Also because, the playing field was set with a clear understanding where the country should go as far as priorities and policy matters. We have “no better enemy other than poverty” was coined and the much talked about developmental state model became the guiding principle for the remarkable economic achievement we see today.

With the sudden death of Meles EPRDF has been struggling to find a strong footing be it in economic success or political cohesion across the country. For the average person it looks Meles was everything! Otherwise why is everything falling apart in EPRDF world?

We know for sure in the past TPLF has many able leaders as well as members! But where are they now? The latest news coming from TPLF conference though encouraging is very troubling! We are told almost all have realized things are not okay! However when it comes to the details what we are hearing is troubling. Leaders are finger pointing at each other missing the big picture. Our people are not interested on individuals past deeds or current performance! Those who have done wrong should be reprimanded or sued in the court of law! Let us be honest both or all sides are guilty when it comes to good governance issue! The public is expecting a genuine reform and reorganization where the issue with good governance and development will be resolved. The public is expecting able learned men and women to come to the front! Above all the public is expecting unity of purpose and clear road map.The public is not expecting the down fall of one Tegadalay over the other. That was the problem of the past. Do not repeat it!! That is what we think but what about you?

Have Your say and share your concern on what TPLF should be and become! What is your understanding of what is weakening the country right now?