Draft Proclamation to govern Oromia Benefits in Addis Ababa

Oromia regional  ethiopia
The draft proclamation here below…
(draft proclamation)

is expected to be discussed by the federal government soon. Even though the Ethiopian constitution recognizes the special relationship of Oromia regional and Addis Ababa City the current draft is the only document that explicitly tries to define what that relationship should be. The draft(credit to Horn Affairs) in its current draft form has too many eye catching clauses that will test the federal system! The draft as is will clearly question the autonomy of the Addis Ababa regional government. This will be the time for constitutional scholars and lawyers to go through this draft and inform the public.We also hope this draft will not be another rallying point for the extremists to agitate the public if and when this draft become law in what ever form! What do you think about this draft? Is it good for democracy? Is it good for unity? Have you say!