New Policy Towards Eritrea What Would Work?

PM Hailemariam said his government is nearly finished a study on how to deal with the one man government in Eritrea. As you all know ever since the last war ended the two government were following a no war no peace policy to guide their relationships. Despite the no war no peace policy the one man government in Eritrea has been trying to topple the Ethiopian government with a proxy war. However, the Ethiopian government has been trying to lure the Eritrean government to a sit-down discussion to solve all remaining issues between the two governments all to no avail! Many including the government of PM Hailemariam thinks now is the time to update the policy of no war no peace. The question is what the policy would look like? Will the new policy bring lasting change? If there is a lasting solution to the issues of Ethio-Eritrea what should the policy include or be based on? Here are few suggestions but you are welcome to add to the list and argue your case.
1) The new policy should be based on people to people relationship instead of addressing govt to govt relationship. There by hoping the Eritrean people will become the partners for peace in the region.
2) Work diplomatically to remove the one man government using international pressure.
3) Accept with no buts and ifs the Algeria’s Agreement and see if the one man government can become a partner for peace.
4) Help actively Eritrean oppositions groups including military help to remove the government and empower Eritreans to build a democratic Eritrea
5) Remove the one man government by force and ask Eritreans if they really want independence of some kind of federation with Ethiopia.

Have your say and as always make sure your input is taken seriously by the powers be!