President Abay Woldu New Cabinet

The long awaited deep tehadeso /renewal/ is almost coming to an end, at least, the first phase of it. EPRDF member organizations have gone through a long renewal process. As a governing party in their respected Kilil/region/ the parties have uniformly appointed professionals and academicians to head their regional govt ministries.

The TPLF as a governing party in Tigrai region is the latest to appoint such professionals. To the surprise of many President Abay has nominated many new cabinet heads from the academia. His new cabinet now has now more PHD holders who were not part of the force that wedged the armed struggle.
Looking back through history, down the road, this could be a watershed moment where the civilians and professional took the mantle of power from TPLF the fighting force!

There are those who argue it is wrong for EPRDF to focus on PHD holders to carry on the democratization process and the arduous institutional building process. They argue the old timers as well as veteran EPRDF leaders are equally important to the democratization process. They say running efficient and progressive government does not require a PHD nor a person with no armed struggle experience.

What is your take of the new cabinet appointees and the over all deep tehadeso process so far? Have your say and as always be respectful and considerate with you comments.