The Good Governance Campaign in Ethiopia: Amhara Case.

andmAs you all know EPRDF passed a resolution to weed-out corruption and the ills of its administration. Amhara, Oromia and Tigrai were at the forefront in carrying out the organization’s wish. The Amhara government, we are told, has done an extensive grass root campaign in the name of good governance. It has been a while since these meetings were concluded. Since then we have heard little of the effects of such meetings. However since then we have heard of the massacre around Gondar because of the Kemant issue. Yes it was a massacre! The Ethiopian Human Right Organization has issued a detail report where close to a hundred people were killed. And there are reports of targeted attack against Tigreans in the Shinfa area, Metema Woreda.

We are hearing now the regional government and the Ethiopian parliament are looking in to what went wrong! We hope justice will be served. Realizing that ANDM, the governing party in the region, is deep in to its transformation phase where most of the leaders are new with no experience from the struggle years of leading a revolution, do you think the new leaders are capable of leading the region to become one of the pillars for democratic Ethiopia? Are the new leaders capable to lead the region to become an economic power house? Can they withstand the many extremist propaganda war targeted at them and the population and remain true to the EPRDF cause? Friends tell us of all the regions the Amhara regional political leaders have mastered the art of governing. We were inclined to agree given what other regions in Ethiopia were facing as far as good governance issues…but what to make about the recent Ethiopian Human Right Organization Report? Have your say!

This discussion is part of the ongoing engagement on good governance which Aigaforum conducted similar discussion on Tigrai region previously (

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