The Good Governance Campaign in Ethiopia: Tigrai Case.

TPLF flag As you all know EPRDF during its last congress passed a resolution to weed-out corruption and the ills of its administration. Amhara, Oromia and Tigrai were at the forefront in carrying out the organization’s wish. The Tigrai government has done an extensive grass root campaign in the name of good governance. It has hold several public meetings and organizational meetings. It has been a while since these meetings were concluded. Since then we have heard little of the effect of such meetings except we heard some 400 functionaries at different level in the government have been dismissed or reprimanded. However since then we have heard of the Wolqayit/Tseged issue and some complaints in central zone. In the case of Amhara we have heard also of similar dismissal of officials as well as complaints of people living in Quara and Metema area besides those Kebeles near Tseged/Wolqayit. No need to tell you about Oromia!

Let us start wit Tigrai so we do not chew more than we can handle in this forum. What is your understanding of the results of the Tigrai Campaign? Was it worth it and has it been successful or it is another failed campaign? Did TPLF managed to convince the general public that the it has understood the ills of good governance as a governing party? Do you have hope things will be better going forward or are you in despair things will stay the same? Last what do you think of PM Meles now? Are you of the opinion if Meles was alive the issues we see today would have been addressed differently or are you of the opinion PM died unable to resolve the issues we see today thus would have made no difference. Have your say and be honest and useful with your time – no innuendos pls!

How Are we Doing?

Over the years we have asked you to share your thoughts on how we are doing. It has been a while since we asked you to tell us how we are doing. Now is the time to tell us what you think of us , where we excel and where we need to improve or we have been wrong. We have been getting few comments from our readers that of late we are posting articles that should not see the day light.
We were admonished as much as we were encouraged when we posted Dawit G/Egziabher Interview.
Aigaforum was and is a public forum. It does not cater to audiences for commercial reason. We do what we do to promote our unity in diversity. If we are posting articles and interviews critical of the government it is because of our sincere desire to see the system work and to see Ethiopia defeat poverty. The country is changing and moving forward. People are demanding more development and more accountability from their respected government officials. Realizing this we thought Aigaforum can serve the public if we become the bouncing forum of ideas and views that reflect the current realities. Who to tell us better if we have been executing our mission better than you our esteemed readers. Have your say and share your thoughts of how we are doing! We value your comments! Aigaforum April 13, 2016