Shaibya and Ginbot 7: DMHIT Less!


Now that Molla Asghedom has pulled the rag from underneath of Wedi Afom and Berhanu Nega what is in store for Berhanu and Isaias alliance going forward? What is the main message behind the DMHIT Operation? What is its significance to Ethiopian Politics? Will this deter those enemies from far who were planning to use DMHIT as foot soldiers or will they try one more time to assemble new foot soldiers to use? If So who is likely to fill the gap left behind in Eritrea? Will Eritrea continue its agenda of destabilizing Ethiopia after this operation and survive for long? We could ask you more but have your say and share your thoughts on the above issues before Extremists in Diaspora spin the news with side issues to undermine the event!

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  1. I think he did very great job to surrender to the GoE instead of being used by foreign forces for their own agenda. The ruling elites in Eritrea has ill thinking and envy from the get go and day in and day out their ambition was to see Ethiopia disintegrated in to units. He was bleeding his country and people being an instrument for the foreigners for the last 13 years. What he did is plausible and appreciated. Hope others will follow his foot step to free themselves from being an instrument for enemy. Jems

    • My belief is that The Eritrean Government is literally out of function. That means Molla Asgedom alone, I guess, can not work the dangerous job of doing under cover within Isayas’ compound. He can not do that without the help of key intelligence, military and political figures inside Eritrea for over a year. My point is that the operation should have been tacit only to presdent Isayas; other wise every body else beside him, at least the key figures, should know about the operation very early.

      Therefore, Molla’s operation should represent how deeply divided the Government of Eritrea is inside. This means, some of Isayas’ opponents might have expressed their opposition openly but the most dangerous reflection of this incident is that covert opposing elements are now as many as never before and these covert opposition network has gone to the extent of denying the President of any information or intelligence for over a year! So, I expect more cracks, more divisions, and fear of every thing.

      second, this operation is an insult and an inspiration for all Eritreans and particularly for the Army. If one man Molla Asgedom, whom one may expect to have been under Isayas’ strict monitor, is successfully daring enough to freely swim in the bath and do this dangerous job, where are the hundreds of thousands of the Army members? where are Eritreans? why are they there being constantly degraded by one weaker president? It only shows Eritreans have exaggerated their baseless fear of who Isayas is right now! They are still biased and fearful of who Isayas was years before, not of Isayas now! This tells them how they have been weak and should inspire them to force and stop Isayas from his destruction. Therefore, I expect more unrest, more surprising incidents, more fights in the near future and in the mean time Isayas may lose power.

      My third point is that president sayas should by now fall under seriously constant fear of every body around him and of every Ethiopian opposition member. This will have to force him to be a very careful as to who he should arrest, kill as well as make out of service. The problem is he just can not be careful enough to avoid the danger because he knows nothing means that he might lead in to uncontrolled fear of every body. With uncontrolled fear might follow uncontrolled actions to blindly save his system, which would only make matters worse. So, I expect more defections; more exiles or even more suicidal acts; Eri Tv’s announcements of more car accidents, more fatal diseases, more detentions, more Woyane related anger propaganda.

      The only option he has now is to stay cool and be compromising on many of his firm arrogant positions only to buy time so that he can invest in latest technical intelligence that will be run by novice young Eritreans, totally out of his circle, and then monitor every body’s communication. that way, I sayas will know who is who around him and ERi-TV will then tell that everybody in the palas or in the military or in the Intelligence service is dying of health related issues, car accidents, and even plane crushes if the the country’s airline resumes its function, etc. My Guess also is that the other side of the equasion would react fiercely and the the country might either enter into another Syria or Libya or Eritrea in 1991 or just Isayas wins.

      Berhanu Nega is out of my discussion because, in my analysis, he is no more any player in the Ethiopian politics. He will be as defunct as Daud Ibsa is. He should be eager to leave the struggle but I don’t think Isayas will let him go! The problem is if he stays there, he may not know who might kill him, not just the Eritrean government. Note, the country is lawless and any one who gets angry with Isayas or with the way the struggle is handled or anything else can give him a simple bullet. We should not forget that a lawless country nearing to collapse has multiple actors inside with complicated business interests there. So, Berhanu is right now in the Jungle and we are not sure as to whether the lion or the hyena or crocodile would eat him or any insects can bite him to death.

      Berhanu made a fatal mistake when he started trusting Isayas and entered Asmara accordingly. That was the start of his steady downfall. So, my guess is his story is already done. The Eritrean Government will desperately try to protect and let him forcefully stay in its compound but I doubt its success.

      • Thank you for your balance response. To some extent I agree with your analysis. FYI, unconfirmed reports indicated that a heavy fighting was going on around Omhajer in Eritrea. The news is not independently verified but claims that it lasted about 5 hours from late morning until midafternoon. This happened yesterday.

    • From Admin: Amoraw, Stop duplicating under different nick name please!!

      There is no enemy for Tigray people more then TPLF always they put the poor Tigray in their mess while their children s and they are in leisure. The Tigray people always clap behind weyannes propaganda.

      Think about your won people the Tigary people is in in middle stress. Don’t be blind to suport TPLF. Help you people.

      We see in here concerning about TPLF power instead of the poor people . shame.

      • Don’t spit your meaningless hate on the forum that you have upon TPLF. From Mloa’s defection everyone us should know that the appetite of armed conflicts is in its lowest point in the Ethiopian political scene. People are just exhausted of wars. Bad news for war mongers and ill wishers.

      • Please Please Please Amnesty and Human Rights watch issue a statement about this headache government of Ethiopia.””
        I have a dream,Amnesty and Human Rights watch will sit together to discuss about Mola Asgedom in the same table. I am sure their discussion will be fruitful to accuse Ethiopian government for being a headache to them and their employers specially in the UK and USA.
        //Amnesty and Human Rights watch and Esat
        Esat: Hello
        Amnesty and HRW: Hello who is that
        Esat: from East TV
        Amnesty and HRW: what do you want Ms. shameful
        Esat: We have a problem
        Amnesty and HRW: no, you are a problem, you and your G7 party put us down
        Esat: O sorry i didn’t know that you guys watch EBC news
        Esat: any way util we get a way out from this mess, c u guys
        Amnesty and HRW: hmmm
        ///Ethiopian Churches in US and Esat
        Esat: hello
        Ethiopian Churches in US: Hello who is that
        Esat: this is from Esat
        Ethiopian Churches in US: “besmam weweld wemenfeskdus”
        Esat: what happened pop
        Ethiopian Churches in US: I just surprise that you guys are still alive
        Esat: o ya we are alive because of your prayer pop
        Ethiopian Churches in US: no, I am talking about Mola Asgedom
        Esat: pop you do watch EBC news
        Ethiopian Churches in US: why not
        Esat: pop you lie to us, when we told you to tell your followers in the US not to watch ETV, pop you promised us you will never see ETV.
        Ethiopian Churches in US: i didn’t lie, i promised you not to watch ETV but the government of Ethiopia(as you call it TPLF) is smarter than you guys, when the government heard about it , TPLF changes the name of ETV to EBC.
        Esat: really pop
        Ethiopian Churches in US: (pop )”kdus Gebriel Seattle ymeskr”
        Esat: i like that pop, any way don’t tell any one, me neither i don’t like what you guys did in Seattle
        //Ethiopian Restaurants in the US and Esat

        Ethiopian Restaurants in the US: hello
        Esat: hello who is that
        Ethiopian Restaurants in the US: you know us “Getaye”
        Esat: hmmm, what do you want guys
        Ethiopian Restaurants in the US: can we open EBC channel?
        Esat: why?
        Ethiopian Restaurants in the US: we heard about Mola Asgedom
        Esat: coward , we know you guys watch EBC everyday behind the seen
        Ethiopian Restaurants in the US: O ya but so far it was behind the curtain. Now we want to open the curtain
        Esat: you can watch it in Times Square of Midtown Manhattan, “wusha”
        Ethiopian Restaurants in the US: Thanks “getaye”
        Esat: still you say “getaye”, coward

        //Artists in the US with Esat
        Artists in the US: hello
        Esat: today is a busy day, what is that
        Artists in the US: the business is not going well, “Gasha”
        Esat: we know why
        Artists in the US: we too, it is Mola Asgedom
        Esat: we don’t want to hear that name any more
        Artists in the US: sorry “Gasha”
        Esat: you can go back to your country guys , unlike us you guys have a country
        Artists in the US: but “gasha” there are new comers like “wegene” who don’t make that much money
        Esat: so what
        Artists in the US: if there is some money leftovers from the money you guys get from Qatar and other unnamed sources
        Esat: “Enatkin lbda, zegaw slku”
        Artists in the US:O u done with our wives ,
        Esat: no i am done with your husbands ….. “stastelu”
        “Mola Asgedom is nothing but one drop of the ocean”
        so don’t be surprised too much. The first step of fighting is knowing your enemy.If you able to understand quality and quantity, it will help too. At the end accepting facts will save the life of your forerunners.

        “x+y=0” if x is Mola Asgedom (800) , y —(-800)

        y is “Gezbaw Professor”

      • TPLF is our back bone sir don’t try to misguaded us instaid pls try to change your cover name AMORA! B/S he is our hero!!
        Under the leadership of TPLF we will progress to the best and middel income country soon!!
        I realy appericiate Mola and his co.. fighters for the right dicission ! They have should how Tigreans are!!

  2. Ethiopian authorities have a very weird way of defeating their enemies. They always seems to wait for last minute or wait enough to be in deep trouble before they go for the kill. Dmhit could have been stopped long time ago. There was no need for grand operation like this. But I gave kudos to the intelligence community and authority for pulling such operation. I am of the opinion Isaias Afeworki is no more who he was, he is defeated and I am 110% sure Berhanu Nega is cursing the day he arrived in Eritrea.

    Having said that, the main significance of this operation to Ethiopia is that it shows Ethiopia has the power to hunt and destroy its enemies any where in Eritrea. I can not imagine Molla and his soldiers did not have a chance to eliminate any one had Ethiopian authorities requested! I am convince now Isaias is alive today because Ethiopia did not want another unknown to run Eritrea.

    As far as Ethiopia’s internal politics goes this operation will have limited effect. The main issues people are raising these days are that of good governance and development issues. Although people in the border areas are living with constant fear which will improve the removal of dmhit , most people were not worried about dmhit. My guess is this operation will help certain federal government office like national security and intelligence popularity but it will be short lived. After all many people still are of the opinion shaibea and all the running dogs are there because of EPRDF government weakness.

    In the end while the removal of dmhit is a very good thing i do not think Molla has done everything right. If he was to be my hero he would have brought with him few of the extremists who joined him in Asmara from Washington DC. Instead all what I saw are pictures of young kids who seems not fit to be a solider let alone a Tegadalay! Looking at the pictures no wonder the federal army nor the Tigrai police were not worried at all all this times by the threat coming from Eritrea!

  3. The main significance of this operation to Ethiopia is that it shows Ethiopia has the power to hunt and destroy its enemies any where in Eritrea. I can not imagine Molla and his soldiers did not have a chance to eliminate any one had Ethiopian authorities requested! I am convince now Isaias is alive today becuase Ethiopia did not want another unkown to run Eritrea (Not mine).

  4. What I find fascinating about my country is how it prosecutes those with alleged potential to hurt the country and present a heroes welcome to those that have actually harmed the country. Where is the logic in that?

  5. First off, I would like to acknowledge Molla Asgedom’s valor and gallantry. Wow… it takes a lot of courage and fortitude to fight your way out by decimating Shaebia resistance on the way. Great job Molla and your team!! I am also very impressed by the sophistication of the Ethiopian intelligence agency– infiltrating deep into the Eritrean intelligence apparatus and orchestrating a very successful operation.

    With the battle hardened Demhit members out (significant number of them were TPLF fighters), the days of Ginbot 7 and the much hyped new coalition are numbered for several reasons. First, this new coalition doesn’t have meaningful armed force. They relied on Demhit fighters to do the fighting for them. They were also very happy to see ethnic Tegaru fighting with each other. Second, if this new coalition is to recruit fighters from Ethiopia, it should be in a position to make cross boarder operations — and this can be done only travelling through Tigray. They can also do this through Sudan, but Sudan-Ethiopia relations are stronger than Sudan-Eritrea relations. With Dmhit out of the equation, recruitment of new fighters will be increasingly difficult. Third, there is no telling how Isayas will react to this especially considering his covert contempt to ginbot 7.

    I think Shaebia will most likely second its soldiers to “Dmhit” (even though Demhit has completely dissolved) and spread the narrative that only a small proportion of Dmhit defected and that Dmhit is still alive and kicking. But I don’t think this will have any traction.

    As to the extremist diaspora chatterboxes, my hope is on their children. They cannot reform no matter what.

  6. There is a long way to go to find a durable peace in our northern part.Peace requires toppling PIA…the captain absolute in Asmara. And this in turn presuppose empowering Eritrean opposition forces in Ethiopia,not collecting and preaching.

  7. First of, I would like to salute to Mola Asgedom and to his comerades for their heroic decision, plan and action that they fought their way out by cleaning shabia’s army who were trying to stop them from leaving Eritrea.!!

    In regard to Birhanu Nega and Isayas Afewreri or the criminal clown, as usual they will continue to preach us through their headless chicken cadres to undermine Molas’s bravery and heroism, but they will not recover from this humiliation, and who knows it could be their end…

  8. No matter how you slice it this operation is a success. The main reason for its success is that Molla left Isaiah’s and Berhanu after all the investments made by the Eritrea regime and Berhanu Nega team on this organization

    I would have loved Molla to death had he brought with him some one also but the man has the gut to do what he did given the situation he was in.
    Ethiopia’s gain from this is not that significant since dmhit or anyone else in Eritrea were not that of a threat. Ethiopia knew long time ago Isaiah’s is a dying force. Infact Ethiopia is looking beyond Isaiah when it started people to people relations by allowing Eritrea students to enroll in universities. The question I have is will dmhit departure enhance Isaiah’s fall or not?

    One last comment did dmhit carry any operation inside Tigray over the last year and which potential terrorist act by other G7 affiliate in Asmara did it help to unravel? I though tempting to go along with the propaganda I like to be a better informed person.

  9. Shebia and gunbot 7 leaders are not going to learn until they are capture or killed.
    EPRDF leaders are making history as always against all Ethiopian enemies.

  10. shaebya will try to pick some individuals from here and there regroup them and cliam that only smaller faction is one that has defected. It will use the same cultural troops to relay pretentious propaganda through ERI-Tv. The coming back home of TPDM is how ever a major blow to the Eritrean government and will never ever recover this loss, due to simple reason that, while Ethiopia’s international Image in economic growth and political influence has skyrocketed, Eritrea’s Image as a pariah state, hermit state, Africa’s north Korea, and producing the second largest refugees to the globe only next to Sorya and with this tarnished dark Image and with an ageing leader no Tigrean wanting to step his feet towards Eritrea makes it hard to revive or recreate another TPDM. the previous TPDM recruites were done thriteen years a go when Ethiopia’s economic and political influence was not as powerful as is now and at the same time Eritrea’s Economic and political Images has not been as Ugly as is now. therefore even a loner wandering poor man has no regards for Eritrea at present and no reason to cross towards Eritrea. and that makes it hard for shaebya to assemble another Tigreans to recreate TPDM.
    The Ethiopian government should however help the returnees to train in a proffession of their choice and help them to reintegrate in to the society with generousity for their daring and courageous breake through shabya’s multiple fortification that resulted in their return back home.

  11. First and foremost ….. I am humbly proud and would like to register my gratitude and appreciation for Tegadalay Molla for his extraordinary courage to have gone far and commit himself :
    1)To the change of heart having assessed the situation of his country and;
    2) to the directions he has rolled to gather both military and other valuable intelligence given by the government
    3) to the way he has conducted himself with a profound and measured approach while he was on the spot near enough to make irreversible damage to the one and many who has been so instru,entail to the suffering of both Eritrea and Ethiopia !
    Now that Molla has created an atmosphere that will never be reversed by any levels of spin whether coming from any extremes that you have mentioned or any one who squinted himself as a professor of law or philosophy!
    The advantage that our country will have is to give a significant focus towards efficiency and resource optimisation ,
    Let the government led by his excellency HD give due credence not too much on the parotialization, let us focus on accountability, freedom of expression and on openness towards constructive criticisms and a modality of taking every government official so accountable! Let there be a structure where every able and merited person, individual , mason , Plummer , engineer, farmer , student or any one who has got even dissenting views be given a say on his country!
    Let corruption, nepotism and ill efficiency be scree out seriously and make everyone be respected for his different views and hence provide a working atmosphere where merit and credence are the vital engridient irrespective so of Central or regional, intraor inter regions,
    Let us focus and refocus on how Ethiopia can be competent enough in providing the development vision we all aspire to be on,
    The government lead by his excellency HD is in a favourable position to promote the country in the right direction! Let us work together to maximise the social , economical, political and cultural values scalable in an accountable manner! The whole framework rests in creating public institutions which are capable of carrying government and public discourse which are both answerable and workable to the public!
    Long live Ethiopia , your enemies are ashen!
    Berhane Eyasu Tesfay

  12. In the first place, What amazes me most was the fact that Why do Berhanu and comany decided to integrate with an army which has been doing this business with a group of no equivalent by any standard. And which they have not had the acquaintance for long? It is like my friend has $ 1000 and I want to invest $1 and in return get a 3/4 th share with the 1/1000contribution; which is absolutely ignorant, foolish, crazy and greedy thing to even think about; had it been working that way, who would know what would happen to G7 10 or 15 guys in the very near two or three months; you can not raise a lion you had never had the relations since it’s infancy; gracious goodness!
    Secondly, after the stern face and militaristic General Molla and his army left the following things occurred and a paradime shift takes place:
    The remaining TPDM members whether they share the action of Molla or not will wait for the right time to perform the same sort of patriotic action, and thus the anticipated integration is doomed to a defunct status.
    2/ the security apparatus of shabia is in ultimate disarray which would put every one under scurtiny; make some liable, spread suspicion in the apparatus and even to the extent of arresting in mass.
    3/ Berhanu and his comrades are not and will not have a healthy sleep of 2 good hours, they will soon set up their exit , if Esaiyas would let them for that matter.
    4/ no one will ever think about attempting simar things not only in Eritrea but In any place any where.
    5/ it has clearly demonstrated and exposed that except TPDM the rest three groups are not able to commit 10 representatives as part of the established coalition; Gambela promised 10 and next day said only 6 were left, Amara used to have one person and he was sent to over seas for reasons Molla was not aware of,
    5/ the drum beat and brass rattle was out of empty vessel and this all shows how the economic, political, social life of the Ethiopian people had improved a lot , and also that the people of Ethiopia not dare to open doors for destruction and ultimately disintegrate the nation.
    6/ it has been fundamentally sorted out who is attempting to let the country go through the same
    Experience of Somalia and other countries under going the similar experience.
    7/ it also explicitly affirms that Ethiopia would never have the lexury to enter in to a third Revolution, which had two former experiences more than any other country and thus, going for the third mean no more the current Ethiopia.
    8/ it has opened the door for the army of Shabia to defect in mas and shake the regime of Isaiyas.
    Finally I would recommend if Molla Asgedom is elevated to the rank of Major General.
    This whole operation reminds me the operation conducted by TPLF to pull out the prisoners in mekele and likewise to the operation 90 minutes in Entebbe-UGANDA.
    We shall stand united to defend those who are against the Nile dam, economic boom, peace, mercenaries of Quatar and who wanted to see Ethiopia fall in misery, civil strife and destruction. The Ethiopian regime needs to spin 360 degree in opening the door for a better share of the stake, with still more is anticipated.

  13. According to the reporter (16.09.2015) today news TPDM has up to 20,000 armed persons. I quote the news from the reporter ” በተመድ እስከ 20,000 ታጣቂ እንዳለው የተነገረለት በኤርትራ የቀረው ትሕዴን ጥቂት አባላቱን በማጣቱ ጉዳቱ የተጋነነ አይደለም ሲል፣ መንግሥት ግን ህልውናው አክትሟል ብሏል፡” Go to the Reporter website and read the news yourself. The title is: ከኤርትራ ኢትዮጵያ የገባው ትሕዴን ግዳጁ ምን ነበር?

    If this is true, Asgedom and his 800 armed persons doesn’t mean too much.

  14. I think the main fact behind this episode is the commitment to bring drastic and all rounded change in transparency, good governance , fair economic opportunity , and addressing acceptable justice by the government. Those factors are the main engine in the life cycle of one political party or governance. If there is lack of democracy, unfair economic opportunity, UN fair justice, lack transparency and corruption in one political system or governance, the life expectancy of the regime dies soon after the those factors dries out. So, the defection of DEMHIT form the so called shaibia is the result of flourishing economic opportunity, attempting to address the core issue of the societal back hindrance and its effective implementation to solve those crises by the government. There is no back set or political crisis to any political system, apart from itself. Either, from its political agenda, delays to address the fast moving economic and political issue of the society and embezzlement of political power. So, if you doing what you doing in more aggressive and effective way in addressing all the issues that highly matters for the society, I guarantee you leave alone, demhit, ginbot sebat , SHAIBIA will surrender in a very short time with full confidence.. Please pass my best regard to MENJORNO. I am expecting more from you. You are evolutionary, (in political sense) politically rich, dedicated political and public servant. Go Menjorno you have my vote.

  15. You guys are short-sighted. Why doesn’t tplf work for sustainable peace in the real sense of the word? The case of Mola is a short-term victory for tplf if it is any victory at all. Sustainable peace can be achieved if and only if there are justice and equality. The journey for freedom may be long and bumpy, but it is inevitable that freedom will be achieved with or without Mola.

  16. Congratulation to Tegadalay Molla for saving his life and other abducted shepherds by Shabia from rural Tigray. I personaly think that, the majority of TPDM are still in Eritrea. Even if my assumtion is wrong! Shabia will have NO trouble to abduct more young boy and girls from Tigray, they have been doing this for the last 35 years. Those of you who are old enough will remember how the like of Gual Ankere were abduct from small village in AXUM.
    The abduction still continues people in the border areas are witness to all this and the people who are governing Tigray don’t care about it. it is a heart breaking when you see or hear how Tegaru are treated in Eritrean, the majority of abductee works in farm for free (it is a life long slavery).

  17. First and for most I would like to say Mola Asgodom is Bashay Abalom of our time. He did a great job not only in defecting more than 1000 rebels which is a great commitment inside a fierce enemy but also in showing we Tegaru even though we have a problem among ourselves when it comes against external enemy we are one and the same. See also the history of Alula and Rasi Mengesha during the Aduwa war against Italy. Alula was disappointed by Minilik the second by his action he committed after Yohannes IV but when it comes against external enemy they stand with Minilik against Italy. Mola and his team did a great history in fever of their country.

  18. When I heard this great operation by the Tigrian People Democratic movement, I remember one thing . It was in 1971 September 11 at around 4 AM (Ethiopian time and calendar). General Samora( the then Merhi Hayli 43), spoke to a war prisoners mostly Tigrians national engaged in spying and fighting their brother- the TPLF. He said, “as far as we have a clear direction and the support of our people, no one can escape from us, no one has a safe haven even he has a wing to fly or he has a capacity to run. It is a matter of time that we can reach you.” Yes, a matter of time, the brave and heroines of TPDM teach the regime in Eretria and the chauvinists how they love their mother land. whatever grievance we have, It is a family issue. The old paradigm have gone. Ethiopia cannot guided by Eritrean and Amhara chauvinism.
    Have Fun Shabia Asha/buly

      • Yes Narrowest is borne because of chauvinism. The Amara chauvinism was the main cause for all evil act for the last hundred years. Because of you guys we suffer a lot. But honey moon is over. The people of Ethiopia know who is his enemy is. Even, now our number one enemy and danger for our progress is the Amara and Shabian Chauvinism

        • I take comfort from the fact that Chauvinists and narrow minded ones (as portrayed in your opinion) are in the minority. I think you are stuck in the early years of EPRDF victory era. Luckily the country and its people have overall moved on.


  19. Molla defected because he was humiliated when he was made a deputy to Prof Birhanu. He was used to such extraordinary treatment by Isaias and when he saw that he was not going to be treated the same way any moe, he could not take it any more. He also saw that he was not upto the task when it comes to leadership when compared to those who joined him from the diaspora. He got frustrated and decided to call it quits.

    • I’m afraid that you might be right.
      In his press conference at Ghion Hotel stated that he is not educated. His body language when he said that was very telling. He is not comfortable and might not be able to work around educated people.

    • Ths Shabian/Eritrean Chauvinism. We know you, you do not learn the right way. As you were thought by your masters, Turk, Italy and British. Whether you like it or not, you are the only people in the planet, who proud to be colonized. But we know what happen to you at a time when you were subjugated by your masters. We know how you chauvinist thinking drone you to the cliff of red see. Have fun with Mola- our hero

      • I would say what Mienilik, Haileselassie and Mengestu did to Tigrai is far worse than what happened to Etitrea during the Italian colonization. Remember when Tigrains were ashamed for being Tegrie and freely excercising Tigrigna?

  20. ከፕሮፓጋናዉ ባለፈ መጠየቅ ያለበት የሚመስለኝ ጥያቄ ለምንድን ነዉ እነዚህ የትግራይ ወጣቶች የአንድ ገበሬ ወታደር ለመሆን ኤርትራ ድረስ የሄዱት መሆን አለበት? እነዚህ ሰዎች ትግራይ ዉስጥ ተስፋ እና እድል ቢኖራቸዉ ኖሮ የአንድ ግለሰብ ወታደር ለመሆን ኤርትራ ድረስ አይሄዱም ነበር። የሰላም ማደፍረስ መሳሪያ አይሆኑም ነበር። ስለዚህ ትግራይ ዉስጥ ስለተፈጠረዉ ሁኔታ መጠዬቅ አለበት። የፍትህ መጓደል፤ ሰርቶ የመኖር ጥድል መጥፋት እነኚህን ወጣቶች የአንድ የጦር አበጋዝ ወታደር እና የሻቢያ መሳሪያ ለሞሆን ዳርጎቸዋል ብዬ አምናለሁ። በሙስና እየተዘረፈ ያለዉ የህዝብና የሀገር ሃብት ለእነዚህ ልጆች እድል ይፈጥር ነበር። የሀገሪቱ ሰላምም ይጠበቅ ነበር።
    ስለሆነም የክልሉ እና የፌዴራሉ መንግስት እንዲሁም የማይሰማዉ ኢህአዴግ ወደ ራሱ ወደ ዉስጥ ይመልከት። ጥያቄም ይጠዬቅ። እስከመቸ አስረሽ ምችዉ?

  21. Ethiopian intelligence community humiliated once again the shameless naked Emperor Isayas . It shows Ethiopia has the upper hand in Eritrea.
    Ethiopia as a bigger nation should lead normalization process with Eritrea, The fate of Eritrea and Ethiopia is intermingled by thousands of years of history and blood relations….Let us be wise and build healthy relation for the good of the people.
    Mollas action is a success story but the big success will be when Isayas is finished and when these two countries start to see their mutual interest working together for the common good instead for bleeding each other.

  22. This is the saddest day for isaias afewerki and for his loyal servant of the terrorists G7 group and great day for Ethiopian people. I knew that our GVMNT is well experienced how to handle this .let’s get done this and back to the work of the development.

  23. Well done Mola Asgedom.

    Welcome home Commander and your brave Ethiopian solders.
    I am a bit disappointed though when you say as a farmer’s son to be appointed second to a professor is something of an achievement.

    The professor you saw and met, Birhanu Nega Bonga is not an educated man, if real education means something, and he does not have any real education, just a doctoral paper of bullshit subject. He spend his time in a secure campus, plotting on how to become a head of state by any means. He is a sold out traitor, who makes a living by selling his country and his people. You are by far an educated man than the traitor Birhanu Nega Bonga you are the one who excels in military science and a stealth warfare, a commander in action.

    Mola Asgedom, even though I know little of military hierarchy, I can surely say that you are Field Marshal Mola Asgedom, even that is too little of a title for the man of your bravery and a master of elusive and shadow military warfare who doctor’s almost an impossible military operation deep inside a sworn enemy and crushed your way out. you are a very rare among the very few military elite existed today Field marshal Mola Asgedom, if you would have been a member of an American or an Israel Defence Force, you bravery and deep cover operation inside the enemy core could have made a field day for all many western medias, you would have been darling where any western leader want to take a photo with.

    But that means nothing, you do not need that, you are a very humble great military man who has his heart beats for the glory of his homeland, Ethiopia.

    I hope, if civilians can have a say,
    I for one say again you are Field Marshal Mola Asgedo of The Greater Ethiopia.

    I am Zerea Ethiopia.

  24. What lesson should the GoE learn from this occurrence? Molla Asghedom didn’t become enemy of the people overnight. But the unbearable condition committed by the so called TPLF juntas forced him to flee and pick up arm. This is a good awakening period if GoE could listen. There are million others like Molla sick and tired of ill treatment. Before they pick up arms and join EPLF, GoE should change its course of governing the country. Ethiopia is for Ethiopians as a whole not for Tigrians only. If that is their lifetime policy, they need to go back to where they come from or face the consequence eventually.

    • Mola Asgedom came back to his home was due to the reason that Issais is currently very sick and his days are counted. Therefore, he and his group have no place in Eritrea and they must leave without any delay

  25. This is very well done operation EPRDF style, and its the only way to break the backbone of your enemy with a minimum cost. wedi Afom who never learn from his mistakes miss-calculated again big time on using Ethiopians to do his dirty work for him. Thank you for making us proud Ethiopians, Bravo !!!

  26. Hey by the way the ESAT T V (well known for its lies ) trying to fabricat the lies as usual for its lost (go fool to fool the foolish )the Ethiopian peoples are so busy to come out of poverty

  27. It is time that plays the game. When it comes of different statements we can say many things at the same time. Bu we will in the coming time of the change in Horn Africa. At that time will be told the truth of history who was right and who was wrong.
    So let us wait and give time to future. There is no hidden history as time goes by.

    • Stupid you said that u would see who is right , who is not. First the problem created by weyane to create greater tigrai, second, by dividing the etiopia . So nothing work , playing gambling. So u lost gambling , now u have one chance admit yr mistake move on otherwise u get what the previous regime got .

  28. It is no coincidence it has been a year since the arrest of Endagachew Tsige in Yemen. I think he helped in some type of intelligence, to save his life by working with the National Intelligence Service of Ethiopia.
    Having said that, the most important alarming danger to the stability of the Nation is currently corruption not Eritrea or oppositions that are hiding there, they have been irrelevant long time a go. It is not necessary to cover them in the media, Ethiopia is Big country as a nation need to focus on Big things such us Intel what the Egyptians doing so we can be two step ahead of them lets not waste state resources covering about Molla Asgodom or Eritrea non senses. If you spent time looking for ant you never go ahead, but if you aim high and think big progress will be fast and abandon. Wake Up Ethiopians Think Big in Unison. Look forward Unite or we will continue to be the servants of the middle east and perish. Thank you.

  29. Berhanu Nega, Gin 7, extremist diaspora are serving as weapons to the Eritrean regime in destabilizing Ethiopia. They are Eritrean regime – made apparatus or satellites to destabilize Ethiopia. Among those weapons, DEMHIT is aborted or is out of action. It is unprecedented achievement similar to that of the unprecedented operations made by Israeli forces in the past. The action taken is very humiliating to the Eritrean govt. and a devastating lesson to the extremist diaspora.
    Eritrea, as a sovereign country, does not have any development agenda or project that would lift up the country from poverty and deter its population from mass exodus. Its mega project is to destabilize Ethiopia. This is a broad day dream of the Eritrean govt. This dream must be changed to a night mare dream by our gallant Ethiopian security and military forces not as business as usual but must be taken as unique business.
    The Eritrean govt. will not leave any stone overturned to destabilize Ethiopia. It will use all opportunities from unstable countries that surround Ethiopia like Southern Sudan, Somalia, any porous borders to Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia. All refugees coming to Ethiopia should not be considered as genuine. Our security forces should learn a lesson from European refugee crisis.
    Massive effort should be invested to alienate extremist diaspora from the rest of Ethiopian diaspora mainly in US, UK, neighboring countries etc. The most important tool is Radio and TV transmit ions and written materials of our daily news papers should be circulated among the diaspora in a very great proportion in free with out interruption than human en devour.
    Eritrean govt bandit behavior should be exposed to the world tirelessly. It is a test of our diplomatic par excellence.

  30. Bewnetu
    I agree with you that the wannabe politician x-criminal diasporas have been sleeping with any enemy who they think she/he is capable of to create distraction distraction in Ethiopia. However, I believe that they have been living in hell by just being angry all their life and most of them are gone for good as the result….I’m look at their so called meeting, and how many big belly, red eyes, and angry people you could count? I’m just feel sorry for some of them…

  31. Here is our Ethiopia’s heroes Molla Asegedom. We Ethiopian proud of him and he will has historical legacy in Ethiopia history blasting Shebia defense force. Ethiopia government should treat all those Ethiopian Niecely and they are Ethiopia’s heroes.

  32. I admire Molla Asgedom’s courage, determination, and leadership quality. Of course Ethiopia’s security people involved in this operation made Ethiopia proud. They are all heroes.

  33. There is a roumor, it it true:
    someone who seems to be well connected to the Ethiopian officials told me that the Ethiopian government was indeed involved all the way as reflected in the statement. This person told me the Ethiopian intelligence authorities declare the DeMHT operation as failed big time in terms of its planned accomplishments and this 2nd man Mokonenn Tesfay plaid a real spoiler.
    Here is how: [this is just paraphrasing what I heard from the guy and he was talking to me and three others, and I was not warned not to divulge it…or it could all be untrue]:

    The Ethiopians wanted to get Birhanu out of USA. That was done. Then, Birhanu was eager to create a broad-based merger and Molla plaid it right, and he kept Mokonon in the know every step of the way as he thought he was convinced of the plans. The last phase of the plan was to bring Birhanu out of Asmara to tour the front lines around the border area where most DeMHT and others were accumulated. According to this plan, the Ethiopian commando forces were on stand to be deployed from a certain small town to enter Eritrea to help all the DeMHT and Birhanu (as a prisoner) to cross over. But Mokonon alerted Eritrean intelligence officials of the whole plan and all means of communications between Ethiopia and Molla were blocked a day earlier of the plan. Molla knew immediately that he was double played and at that point he had to rush and act by himself without Birhanu wrapped in a gift paper….and all the rest is what you have heard.
    * Any relations? At least, do you consider this guy as your home-village hero, Fanti?
    One more thing: Aandargachew Tsige was instrumental in advising and helping create the communication lines between the Ethiopian government and DeMHT, according to the same source.

  34. I do believe Mola is a hero. But I am not sure if his plans were accomplished as planned. Why on earth would someone with these types of grandeur goals leave Ginbot 7 leaders intact unless something bad went wrong with the plan?

    That said, I have a question that the Ethiopian government should take very seriously. Mola had a change of hear at the last minute but he had committed heinous crimes. His and his team abducted so many innocent children as young as 7 yrs olds from the border areas. More than 80% of their Dimht soldiers are abducted and brainwashed children who are forced to join the party. These children are considered and classified as terrorists by Ethiopian government. Many of these who escaped in years before are languishing in prison. I know this because I have family members, who were kidnapped when they were 9-11 years who are members of Dimht. What is their fate now that their leader has gotten a heroes welcome?

    It has been said that the total number of armed forces of Dmht to hover around a whopping 20, 000. We now know 800 of them made it to Ethiopia. Where are the rest? Aren’t their lives at risk? What is Ethiopia going to do about it?

  35. DEMHIT/TPDM ,has given a big blow to the Isaias govt…the most damage done was also by the interviews done by Tegadalai Molla Asghedom ,him not being a politician ,came through as honest and sincere.He did not seem to have cooked up his answers. The Eritrean people know that Isaias is a paper tiger ,thanks to Ethiopian govt. diplomacy ,and crushing EPLF /PFDJ’s bandit government through appropriate war measures and Igad’s cooperation….One advice I have for Ethiopian government ,is do not kill a dead nation ,and blamed for it.let the nation kill itself. I know ,the EThiopian government wants the governmentof Eritrea dead(removed) ,not the Eritrean nation ,however the nation of hate is done,I should know ,according to geography ,I am Eritrean.

    • I doubt that the number of TPDM soldiers ranges around twenty thousand. Had it been true, TPDM might have made major battles against the Ethiopian government army. It could not sit idle in the face of Isayas. Therefore, they can not be more than 1-2 birgades meaning around three thousand men strong.

  36. Mola Asgedom is more than a general, and no doubt, he is a true Ethiopian hero. Ethiopia should make him one of the commanders of its Army

  37. Even though it is important for the Ethiopian government and people to celebrate the return or surrender of TPDM’s leader along with about 800 forces, this is the time for reflection to the GoE to look into the problems plaguing Tigray which is forcing so many youths to join opposition forces be it DMHIT or any other groups. It is also critical for the government to act now before it is too late against the lunatic leader. Because Eritrea is crumbling and Isaias is cornered and he will do anything to take the northern Ethiopia with him to grave. He is going to lose nothing. Eritreans are like zombies who are fleeing their nation instead of fighting back. They are surrendering their country to power hungry people like Birhanu. I don’t believe any Eritrean opposition will have the gut to remove Isaias and sacrifice their lives to save their people and country.

    So, until Ethiopia act once and for all to finish Isaias’s regime, the cat and mouse game will continue. New anti Ethiopia rebels will be created now and then and be used for propaganda purpose for the ignorant anti Ethiopian diaspora. Money will flow to Isaias coffers. Isaias will continue cause havoc on his people and the horn.


    1. The question should be, why are young people being taken by force from Tigray on several occasions by shabia?
    The sad story is Ethiopian government failed to protect The people of Tigray.
    Instead they are busy playing political power game.
    What is the job of the Ethiopian military on the border area? To protect who? No accountability at all.
    please lets learn from some western country, when their citizens are taken as hostage
    And how far they go to protect their people.
    Because they care for their people and will not seek re-election again if they displease their people.
    2. The Tigray youth since they are the majority in the opposition group in Eritrea, they go to shabia because of injustice in homeland, no freedom of speech, suffering from extreme poverty, diseases, mal-administration, corruption in all places, poor infrastructure in general unbearable life situation.

    Let’s do something about it!!!! Before it is too late, may not be that far, before Tigray people are fed up and raise arms !!!!!!!!
    finally I congratulate the brave and the only true Ethiopian hero in recent years
    Mola Asgedom

    Give back power to the people of Ethiopia

  39. Whatever this whatever that…we want to see stop to this meaningless arm struggle which is a thing of the past. The lonely and miserably old man wanted to see endless misery to the people of the Ethiopia especially to Tigray by using this group as canon folder. Any bad ill wish that miserable man put on us shall be put upon him and his followers.
    And, I am here very happy to see this group realized their misguided path and choice to come home.
    At the same time people and government must take full responsibility to create jobs, good administration, security..ect. It is both that must take full responsibility to change and adopt.

  40. Ethiopia is online in the economic development not like Eritrea plotting political opposition to Ethiopia become everyday activity, and was clear evident from the group of diaspora residents become to Eritrea on the last week of the deviant of Molla. TPDM have been struggling for almost 14 years, can you imagine Dr. Berhanu had only been a week in Eritrea and become the leader of united force including TPDM, if you have patriotic mind would you accept such a major? NO impossible… I totally support the action of Molla… I think it is still possible to change the route of Ethiopian politics from inside and still working with the people of Ethiopia for economic development.

  41. The current Government led by HMD should do everything it can to accelerate the development of Tigray. Tigray is definitely lagging behind states like Gambela and Afar not to mention Oromia, Amhara and the Southern state.. Meles Zenawi had, knowingly or unknowingly, ignored Tigray for a long time, to be precise, from 1998 to he passed away two years ago. That is what is forcing or driving so many Tigreans to go to the bush and fight against their older brethren’s hard won victory. It is a great shame to see things have gone back to square one.Today obviously Tigrean and Eritrean youth are fleeing in all wrong directions as they are suffering the most and feeling so desperate. Sadly this is happening after the so-called “freedom” was achieved; meaning, during weyane and shabia era , much like it did during the derg era . .

  42. It is true that all educated people are not graduates and all graduates are not educated people.
    Thanks to TPLF/EPRDF, Mola Asgedom, the son of Ethiopian peasant, who did not get the chance to go to school. He outsmarted any leader in Eritrea and the ignorant Birhanu. On top of his exceptional bravery, he even has a better understanding and analysis of the politics in Eritrea and Ethiopia than those who boost that they are graduates. He did not take him too much time to read Birhanun’s mind. After his encounter with Birhanu, Mola stated that birhanu is the most liar and coward person who only runs after money. His assessment of Birhanun’s immoral character is absolutely true and this is confirmed by many who know Birhanu very well. He praised Andy as a man of truth and ready to pay sacrifice like any one of them. We need politicians who speak the truth and who are ready to pay the sacrifice. This is good lesson for those who claim that they are Ethiopian politicians while they are living in diaspora comfortably. We say you are cowards and liars.

  43. One thing worth mentioning is how suddenly and yet perfectly/adeptly Mola Asgedom and his victorious soldiers have drastically worsened the already-soured relationship between the Sudan and Eritrea on one hand and how firmly they cemented the already very warm if not brotherly relationship between Ethiopia and Sudan.
    Reports from Gedarif and Kassala indicate that the Assinine Isaias’s Eritrea had demanded the Government of Sudan not to let General Molla and his victorious troops to go to Ethiopia through the Sudan, but Albeshir’s Government told Isias to shut up his dirty mouth and to never make such self-serving demands, all at the expense of such historic Ethio-Sudan relationship, in order to window dress his own shameful and deserved defeat at the hands of all sorts Tigrean warriors. This is why also current reports from Asmera tell about Isaias being so depressed and so pissed off at Beshir that he is either suicidal or that he may flee to Qatar before what he suspects takes place in a few weeks/months: Ethiopian troops marching through the Sudan and North Ethiopia, and encircling Eritrea for its final lesson, behavioral science class a la weyane.

  44. What can we learn from let us call it wake up operation
    1- The caring and inclusive strategy of Ethiopian Government to their people
    2- The ability of the Ethiopian intelligence to penitrate the enemy
    3- The total failure of the Eritrean government

  45. This operation appeared to be well organized and politically deeply trenched with little known information to the public. However, the implication of this operation looks far beyond our understanding and imagination. Without doubt the Ethiopia intelligence demonstrated to the world their super and candid ability to control and manage their interest deep inside Eritrea in action. Moreover, the Ethiopian intelligent is rocketed and aligned with the 21 century development while the Eritrean counter part is in deep sleep in the Sahel trenches with their old Sahel thinking. Consequently, the ball is in the hands of Ethiopian to pursue the interest of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. For that matter, the Eritrean people including some section of the ruling party could provide strong support to this operation. At the end both peace loving people will be the winners not shaebiya.

  46. The authority sincerely acknowledges for your valuable support and hard work. You have set a milestone and a benchmark for all your subordinates. Thank You Mola Asgedom, Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.

  47. when Lencho Leta & his ODF colleagues , denouncing the Armed Struggle & with Clear Policies went to Ethiopia for Peace full Struggle in last March,They were Rejected & told to leave the Country in 72 hours , When a Guy ( a Tigris) & his Colleagues Heavily Armed Defect from their camp they are welcomed & horned like a President ??? Hohhhh Ethiopia What a Country ???! This Simply tell that In ETHIOPIA , No matter which Ideology you believe in either Peace full or not , in order to be a respected CITIZEN, You need to have a TIGER DNA in your blood !!!

    we will face-each other soon

  48. Meles, I am sure is cracking up with laughter and joy in heaven. We forgive you Mr. Asghedom, and I am glad you came to your senses. Welcome home.

  49. Aigawoch,

    The only message that matters from this operation is for Berhanu to contemplate. He needs to decide if he wants to hid behind Uncle Sam in Maryland or be apprehended in Asmara by Ethiopia authorities in the near future. I am convinced Ethiopian authorities were working on such plan for a while and have pretty good idea how to do it by now. So forget any other political gain by this or that, the message is simple Isaias Afeworki is a spent force and Ethiopia is working hard to get all those DC characters in Asmara and have them join Andargachew.

    For the record I am delighted ESAT Fishka is broken and Messay and company are put to shame…ya ya they know no shame but i think Messay is decent man and is regretting the day he joined ESAT. Messay it is not too late brother…a graceful taxi driving is much better than working under Isaias Afeworki.

    Ethiopia Ejiwan wede egziabhere…. Amen!!!

  50. Mekonnen Tesfay is the Judas of TPDM, he will pay a heavy price for betraying his friends to save shabia. Mola Asgedom and his soldiers will soon retaliate on him . Mola knows the ins and outs of Shabia and its puppets, so he will work from Ethiopia in hunting down Mekonnen Tesfay, Birhanu Nega, and other traitors who are still hiding in Asmera.
    Mola Asgedom is worth a mountain of gold treasure for Ethiopian intelligence.
    Welcome back home our hero, Major General Mola Asgedom!!!

  51. The Ethiopian spay network may not have a fancy name like MI6. However, the efficiency and execution of its responsibility is amazing. I sure am proud of them. Major General Mola Asgedom’s gallant fighters really thought our enemies within and without a lesson they will never forget.

  52. ኣይተ ሞላ ወደ ኣቦይ ኣስገዶም
    ጎይታ ቆረጣ ወያነ ዘልመዶም
    ንሸፋቱ ከም ሓምሊ ዝቕርድዶም
    ንደቂ ባንዳ ጌርዎም ንሓመዶም
    ሱዳን ኣተወ ብኣርፒጂ እናጎመዶም !!!
    ንግብጺ ዘበሎም____ ወላህ ወላህ
    ንቱርኪ ዘበሎም___ ሳዒደኒ ኣላህ
    ንጠረጥቲ ጣልያን ዘበላቶም ላህላህ
    ተጻወተሎም፣___እንተየበሉ ቆላሕ
    ብቐደሙ፣ወዲ ጀጋኑዶ ምስ ሸፋቱ ይጅላሕ ?
    ኣይትፈልጥዎን ዲኹም ንብዓል ስረ ሞላ
    ንካላሽን ____ከም ኩዳ ዓረዛ ዘዅልላ
    ንሲማኑፍ_____ ከም ኩዕሶ ዝጥቕልላ
    ንጥይት ኣርባ ጎራሽ ብግምባሩ ዝፍንጭላ
    ንሃሳስ ሻዕብያ_______ ልባ እናታለላ
    ኢትዮጵያ ኣተወ____ ኣዋልድ እናዓለላ
    ናተይ እንተዘይከውን ነደይ ምተቐየምኩላ።

    ሓውካ ወዲ ጓል ሰራዪት
    ካብ ኤድመንተን- ካናዳ

  53. ካብቶም ኣቦታተይ _____ ክቡራት ተጋሩ
    ካብ ጫፍ ሓማሴን_ ክሳዕ ዶብ ወሎ ዝሰፈሩ
    ንጣልያን ብሴፍ ዝቖርጽዎ ብበርበር ምስኣዕወሩ
    ካብ ግብጺ ከድሕኑኒ ___ክሳዕ ግብጺ ዝሰገሩ
    ጅግንነት ኣብ ደሙ እንድዩ ምዓስ ሎም ጀሚሩ
    ንሙታንታ ኣዕራብ ሻዕብያ ድፋዖም ተርቲሩ
    ሞላ ኣስገዶም፣ኢትዮጵያ ኣትዩ ከም ኣሞራ በሪሩ።

    ዩኒቨርሲታት ከለካ ኣብ ዓጋመ ዓዲግራት ዓድዋ
    ፋብሪካታት እንከልካ____ ኣብ ኦሮሚያ ሽዋ
    ኣባይ ተገዲቡልካ ፣ሃገር ኤለትሪክ ኣወቂብዋ
    ሽኮር ወንጂ ቡን ናይ ከፋ ዓዲ ምሒር በዚሑዋ
    እንታይ መኸዲኻ ፈሲኳ ዘይብሉ ሳሕል ባርካ ሳዋ ።

    ንሕናስ ባሕረነጋሽ ተሪፉ ተጠሚቕና ህዝበ ትግርኛ
    እቲ ትግራዋይ መንነትና ,ደርዒሞሞ ብቴስታ ብቡኛ
    ጅግና ኣቦና ራእሲ ኣሉላ ተባሂሉ ባዕዲ ዘይብጽሓና
    ፋሽሽትን ኣዕራብን ´ዮም ፡ ኣዝማድኩም ኢሎምና
    ሞላ ኣስገዶም ተመለስ___ ካብ ሸፋቱ ከተድሕነና።

    እምብለይ ኣይጸልእን__ ንተጋሩ ኣቦታተይ
    ክፈትዎም እየ_____፥ ነምሓሩ ኣሕዋተይ
    ከፍቅሮምየ ______ንኦሮሞ መዋስብተይ
    ጉራጌን ኣደሬን ዝተረፉ ናይ ታሪኽ ኣዝማደይ
    ንኹሎም ክፈትዎምየ__ ክሳዕ ጊዜ ሞተይ።

    ንዝተማህዘ መንነት______________ ብእግረይ ረጊጸ
    ባሕረነጋሽ ምዃነይ___________ ታሪኽ ስለ ዘረጋገጸ
    ካብ ዘሎ፣ህዝበትግርኛ፣ዝሞተ ትግራዋይ ክኸውን መሪጸ !!!

    ሓውካ ወዲ ጓል ሰራዪት
    ካብ ኤድመንተን- ካናዳ

  54. I have read, more than a couple of times, in this thread, that Molla’s task was to abduct Berhanu Nega, I am not sure of the authenticity of the claim, but if it was true I am happy that it failed in materialising the mission [i.e. of bringing Berhanu] as it only creates pressure from the International community [as the act, coupled with Andargachew’s arrest would be wrongly seen a move to silence dissident ] to free him and the act of bringing him and jailing him would have backfired and made him ‘hero’—-as usual. So in my opinion the best measure is to let him be prisoner in Eritrea. One may say let the western NGOs [HRW, CPJ, Amnesty etc] bark on their empty allegation, I disagree because even if we know the allegations are wrong and usually than not have a tacit interest, it nonetheless scares foreign investors [and creates unease pressure on friendly countries] who have interest in investing in Ethiopia yet are being bombarded by these fake NGO’s allegations day in and day out. Thus if the claim of abducting Berhanu was right, I am glad it failed as it would have given these NGOs new attacking bullet point for their yearly old-documents.

  55. DMHIT less, all will be Valueless. No military wing that they can boast of day and night. Both Shaebia and ESAT will continue their full time job of false propaganda in the aftermath of their End time.
    Long live Ethiopia.

  56. News from Eritrea:
    There is great worry in the Eritrean government why every opposition parties that they support financially are all run by Woyane indirectly. People are complaining that helping Ethiopian opposition means helping Woyane indirectly. They are now all in confusion. According to Shaebia, the only 100% trusted and effective Ethiopian opposition was DMHIT. Birhanu even after he went to Eritrea he refused and scared to take arms against Woyane saying that he is a patient and has kids to take care. Today, I heard that probably birhanu will stay under house arrest in Asmara or if he is lucky they will send him back to where he came from. People are complaining that they have no confidence or trust in Birhanu or any other Ethiopian opposition. One way or the other Eritrean people are silently opposing the Eritrean government to stop helping Ethiopian oppositions for different reasons.
    Stay tuned

  57. Molla Asgedom is a real champion !

    1. The Ethiopian national security had successfully inflitrated Eritrean via Molla and Co. The defection of DEMHIT has left a huge hole with DIA’s trust. Afterall, it was DEMHIT which were guarding his palace, and looking after Asmara

    2. As Molla ascertained, he was advised by the ethiopian intel office to stay longer.about a year according to him for some critical tasks
    2.1 He was there gathering critical information as outlined above
    2.2 He deliberately formed unity between rival forces to make way for the jezba doctor to come to eritrea
    2.2.1 Because berhanu is in eritrea, hi has effectively lost his lavish life in AMerica
    2.2.1 He furthered the crack between his supporters and those who do not entertain the idea of collaborating with shabya, even if they hate weyane
    2.2.2 there will be no way for the doctor to leave eritrea, he will have to live the life he was propagandizing others to live it
    2.2.3 This is the end of the professional career of the doctor, and a near end to his political career as well. he will be locked away forver, just like what had happened to Jemal Gelchu
    3 He managed to gather all his troops, skillfully, to the border and save them all from the slave like world of shabya. Many had managed, thanks to Mollas leadership, while few remained
    4 he effectively poured cold water on the ill wish of shabya, and G7 extremists..tha according to them, the tigrians will eat eachother and make way for the crooked doctor to arat killo
    5. he effectively neutralized the never ending ego of shabia and supporters proving to them how a bunch of idiots they have been
    6 he effectively neutralized that millitary action is not an easy choice to bring change in Ethiopia


    7. Incomplete is: After managing to bring Berhanu to eritrea, the grand plan (I believe) was to get him and hand him over to the ethiopian intel. I think the doctor was lucky not to trust Molla as much as he trusted shabya. He was guarded by shabia, and was sleeping by shabia. Molla had no choice, but to leave with out him. If you watch his interview on this, he is seen scratching his head…meaning that it did not go according to plan.

    Nontheless, he has achieved a lot, thats why he is a real hero, a real champion

  58. AIGA forum, please pass this VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER TO WEYANE LEADERS: Weyane should make sure that General Mola and his troops are well-received and smoothly reintegrated by their choice, either in to the civilian or military system. It will be shame not to take care of these heroes!

    ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER: All the weapons they brought from the field must be collected from Humora and Metema and brought to Mekele , to be entered into a military museum right in the heart of Tigray, so that future generations of Ethiopians learn how evil Eritrean shabia leaders were towards the heroic and generous Tigray people, whom they
    ( the blood-thirsty Shabian dogs) feared the most and wanted to divide at any cost to dirtypoor Eritrea.

  59. I personally see the north Ethiopians including Eritreans very difficult to trust and live in one region let alone to work together or work against as fellow country men. When they got lifetime opportunities that they never deserve they wasted it simply by herd mentality or medieval politics. I read most of euphoric comments here as if this poor son of a farmer savior of TPLF or Tigray. With or without TPLF/EPLF/ people of Eritrea, Tigray or people in the rest of Ethiopia continue to live but carelessly leaving a wound of historical mistrust among various people for the next generation simply for short-term political gain is something difficult to fathom. When it comes Ethiopian politics TPLF is not interested for peaceful struggle. Though fighting using weapons made in Europe or Asia to kill one another in the 21st century is stupid some motivated people like Dr. Birhanu Nega have tried to give the next chance for people of Tigray through Mola. Mola may think he fooled Dr Birhanu and co to lure them to Eritrea or possibly to transfer Dr.Berhanu to TPLF. Berhanu is not an individual he has some people that he represents and Mola also represents part of non-TPLF Tigray. Now people simply put Mola and part of non- TPLF supporting segment of people of Tigray in the same place of TPLF. Then who will blame if people are becoming more suspicious and hateful simply a given individual is hailed from Tigray. I don’t blame TPLF in this specific topic though I strongly blame the game it plays with political parties that trusted the rules of TPLF in the peaceful struggle but subjected to uncountable misery. Had Mola and co escaped shabia only who would have blamed him?. Had Mola worked with TPLF against shabia who would have blamed him? But luring desperate people like Birhanu and co to Ertirea, forming coalition and escaping to TPLF by next morning has long-term negative consequence to Tigryans. Politics isn’t football, you loose one match and say I bad luck let’s move on or win a game or two I am victorious. If things were to be stayed the way they are the Syria is our door, and I do think Tigray made more enemies than anyone else in the region just Mola is an icing on the cake. Hope things will change and may God save us from the worest!!

    • You talk too much none sense. Your hate to Tigray is obvious. Don’t you worry about Tigray! How about your barren land? what would happen to low and highland problems? would it be better if you work at it instead of masking it by attacking Tigray? you don’t like us we don’t like you either. so no love lost their everything is mutual.
      Please stop your child like winning, and leave the people Tigray out of your stupidity.

  60. All things, both the positive and negative implications of a major force and its leader exit from armed struggle stunt, are possible .But for me, what is intriguing to try to read between the lines as to the NSA and Molla were working vis a vis Berhanu Nega’s pull force to Eritrea.NSA gave that order to stay Molla on put until Berhanu happens to Eritrea not only to make a front of Ginbot 7 & DMHIT but also kidnap Dr Berhanu before/ during the latter’s departure .Nonetheless, Berhanu was always in Asmara and is guarded by Eritrean soldiers.He did give them a chance to come to the front.Lastly, they had to leave hastily as one loyal member exposed the whole plan to the Eritreans security agency.So, the big part of the plan did not materialize this time, at least!!!

  61. Shabia stooges get lost, if you were hoping to be ruled by TPDM instead of by dictator Isias wediTigray, you lost a big chance because Mola and his gallant Tigrean Soldiers abandoned you since they saw no hope in resuscitating dead Eritrea. Of course, they also knew, Isias will rule you until barren Eritrea is buried 6 feet under its sand.
    Gigar Girmadawit Haile-Gebriel, wedi Aderkay,zebhere Rasdashen_Tigray

  62. ሴጣን ውፃእ! ሸርሂ ምንሊክ ውፃእ!
    ዝኣበደ ናብ ልቡ ይመለስ! ዝተበደለ ይቅር ይበል!
    ሕዝበ ትግርይ-ትግርኚ ስማእ ክፀውየካ
    ምንሊክ መልከ ጥፉ ህማም ገዲፉልካ
    ምእነተ ሥልጣኑ ኣብ ክልተ ገሚዑካ
    ን100-ዓመታት ብውዲቶም ማሰንካ
    ፈራዕራእ አቢልካዮም በቱ ጀግንነትካ፡፡
    ብሃሪን ብጥይትን ንህልቂትካ ሀቂኖም
    አዶታት ህፃውንቲ ብባሩድ ሀሪሮም
    ዘርዚርካ መዐዝ ክውዳእ እቱ እካይ ግብሮም
    ብዋናነት ግዳያት ትግራይ-ትግርኚ እንድዮም፡፡
    ክንዲ ዝሀለቀ ዝሳስን ክንዲ ዝሀረረ ዝልምልም
    ውህልነት ጎዲሉ ንቁስሊ ዝህክም
    ዳግም ደጊሱ ናይ ምንሊክ ህማም
    ኣይተ ኢሳያስ ኬርየር(carrier) ለካ ነይሮም
    ንብፆቶም አላቢዶም!
    ዝሀለቀ ከይ ስስን ዝሀረረ ከይልምልም
    ዝተሸቀለ ከይ ቀስን ሀረርታ ህዝቢ አምኪኖም::
    ሽንተ ርግማን ትግራይ ትግርኚ
    እቱ ዝፈራህኩዎባ በፀሀኒ::
    እንተቀተልካ/እንተቀተለካ እንዎትዩ
    ብዋናነት ብርሰት ትግራይ-ትግርኚዩ::
    ትግራይ-ትግርኚ ድህሪ ምንሊክ
    ትግራዋይ እንዶ ቅድሚ ምንሊክ
    ዝተዳቀለ የልቦን ሀዱሽ ጅን
    ንለባማት ዛሀፍር’በር ዛይሀብን
    መንነትካ ደብሪካ ክትነብር ብዘይ ክዳን
    ሥራህ ቆሉዑ ድዩስ ዘይፍለጥ ዕብዳን
    ግስሩጥ ኢሰያስ መራሂ ሀገረ ኤሪትራ
    ከም ጎርዞ ጓል አንጀቴ ዝምነ ንፈከራ
    ንሕዝበ ትግራይ-ትግሪኚ አስኢቡ መከራ፡፡
    እንተተኮሱልካ ብርሰት እንተዘይተኮሱልካ ብርሰት
    ሕዝቢስ ተበተነ ዋሀጀ ናብስደት፡፡
    ትማሊ ብኩናት ሎሚ ብባህሪ ብሣሀራ
    ኢሳያስ መሲሉስ ናይ ምንሊክ ሴራ
    ሽንተ-ርግማን በቁሉ አብ ከተማ አስመራ፡፡
    እንካን ዶ አሪጉስ ካበቀደሙ እዙም
    ሕዝቢ ይልክም’ሎ ናብ ላዕለዋይ አለም
    ሕዝበይ ተበተነ አዲ ከም ዘያብሎም፡፡
    ኣይ ሠላም ኣይ ኩናት ኮይና ኪኒናኡ
    ተደጊፋ ትነብር ሰንካል ህሊናኡ
    አምላክ አህጽራንዶ ሕዝቢ መከራኡ፡፡
    ዝኣበድኩም ብፀቱ ተሎ ተሀከሙ
    ምስጽላሌኩም መራህቲ ከይቲስየሙ
    ብጽሉላት ኣብ ኢንሳይክሎፒድያ ከይቲክትሙ፡፡
    እንግሊዝ አሜሪካ ካናዳ አውስትራልያ
    ብውቅያኖስ ርህቀት ዘያብሉ ማዕለያ
    ዋላ ተፈላልዮም ናይ ህውነት መርኣያ
    ናይ ለባማት ኣንደበትዩ ይኩነና አርአያ፡፡
    ከም እትሮ ማይ ወለድና ከፍ አብ ዛበሉና
    እናሀለና ነብስና ምክሀድ እንታይ ካርበሀና
    እኳድኣስ ያፍኩሰና ያህስረና
    ያጽልለና ቂንጢ ምንጢ ያፍትወና
    መጨረሻኡ ሕዝበ/ሀገረ ቂንጠ-ምንጢ ኮይና
    አይንነብርን ምስጎራባብትና
    አምላክ ድኣ ምህረት ያውርደልና፡፡
    እንተቀተልካዮም አህዋትካ እንተቀተሉካ አሕዋቶም
    አበይ ኣሎ ትዐወት ኣብ ታሪክ ዝክተም
    ወገኑ ቀቲሉ ዝህበን እንተሀሊዩ
    ወይ አሻ’ዩ ወይ ፖለቲከኛ’ዩ፡፡
    ናብ ልቢ ወለድና ይምለሰና

  63. Up to now most of us were ignorant of the existence of TPDM. The government didn’t acknowledge their existence. It is only now when Mola surrendered to ethiopian government that the government brought it to public. First hiding such big issues from public was wrong. Second why did so many Tigryans youth abandoned their life in tigray for Eritrea. To begin with the government should look in to themselves and ask why so many Tigryans youth leave Tigray for Eritrea. Now it is clear why they left, It is because of lack of future and opportunity in Tigray. TPLF leaders have abandoned Tigray for luxurious and corrupt life in Addisababa. the Tigryan youth have no future in Tigray and are fleeing away from tigray in every direction. Addisabab, Jeda and Eritrea have become the destination of hopeless Tigryan youth. Thus as long as Tigray is regressing backward and the youth can not teir future in Tigray many will; migrate to eritrea and join what ever organization is in eritrea., We have seen 700 TPDM fighters abandoning TPDM of Eritrea, but do not forget many are living for eritrea even now. Many Molas are willing crossing the border to join TPDM. The only solution is creating job and hope in Tigray.



    While I agree the journalists are our heros ,I differ with the fake G-15 criminals being termed as our heros.I do not need to repeat myself the open secret of the G-15’s criminality ,But, I like to tell young people to stop looking for criminal heros and look in the mirror.
    በቲ ብዙሕ ዘይጽግመኒ ቋንቋ ትግርኛ ክገልጽ።መንእሰያት፣ ኣብ ሃገረሰብ ቆለውዕ ከለኹም ካብ ኣፍኩም ምግቢ ዘግደፍኹም እዞም ኣብ ላዕሊ ስእልታቶም ትርእይዎም ገበነኛታት G.15 እዮም ። ንሓረስታይ ምግቢ ካብ ኣፍ ደቁ ዘሕደግዎ ከይኣክል ድማ ንመሳቱኹም፣ንስድርኡ ኣብ እርጋኖም ክጾሮም ኢሉ ሽፍትነት ነጺጉ ክሓርስ እንተበለ ፣ብሓይሊ ንማሕረዲ ወሲዶም ዘቕተሉ እዞም ኣብ ላዕሊ ስእልታቶም ዘለዉ ዓገበኛታት እዮም።መሮር ተሓቢኡ እንተስቀጠ ድማ ንኣረጊት ኣዲኡ እናኣሰሩ ውላድኪ ክሳዕ ዝመጽእ ኢሎም ሳሕል ከየውረዱዋ ከለዉ ከይፈተወ ውላዳ ካብቲ ተሓቢእዎ ዝነበረ በዓቲ ወጺኡ ንሽፍትነቶም ይኽተሎ።ኣደ ድማ ከይፈተወት ቲፎዞ ሸፋቱ ትኸውን።ምስ ወሰድዎ ኢዱ ናብ ኢትዮጵያ እንተሃበ ድማ ፣ውላድኪ ንጸላኢ ኢዱ ስለ ዝ ሃበ ኢሎም ጠለ በጊ ወሲዶም ይበልዕዎ። ሸፋቱ ንህዝብና ተጋደልቲ ኢሎም ኣእሚኖሞ እኮ ኣይኮነን፣ግን ደቁ ምስ ወሰዱሉ ግሃነም እውን እንተዝኸውን ምእንቲ ደቁ ኢሉ ህዝብና ቲፎዞ ሸፋቱ ኮይኑ።ንመርዓት ካብ ንእዳ ኣውሪዶም ዘቃልሱ እሞ ብብርቱዕ ስዋ ተዓብሊላ ካብ ሓሙሽተ ቢሄራት ሾውዓተ ቆለውዕ ወሊዳ ኣስመራ ምስ ኣተወት ፍሬሽ ጓል ኣስመራ ክምርዓዉ ምስ ደቃ ዝጥንጥንዋ።ኣካለ ስንኩላን ክርሸኑ ከለዉ ብጭቕ ዘይበሉ ፣ነቶም ሓማሴንን ሰራየን ዝኾንና ፣እዘን መንካዕ ኣከለጉዛይ ኣይትእመንዎም ይብሉና።ነቶም ጸንዓድግለ ድማ ካብ ኣስላመይቲ ቶርዓ ከነድሕነኩም ኢና እናበሉ ዋጣ ሓሶትን ፍልልይን ዝዋጥዩ ___። ንመንእሰይ ፣ነታ ጓል ኣንስተይቲ ናይ ርክበ ስጋ ባርያ/sex slave ነቲ ወዲ ተባዕታይ ብብደዊን እናዓመጹ እቲ ገንዘብ ኣብ ኣስመራ ባንክ ዝርከብዎ እዞም G-15 ብዘምጽእዎ ሽፍታን ዓማጽን ገድሊ እዩ።ምንም እኳ ኣብ ባሕሪ እንተጥሓልኩም በደዊን ንተባዕትዮ ዘሕንኽ ተግባር እንተፈጸመኩም (ንልበይ ዘቃጽሎ)ነቶም ኣቦታትኩም ዝኾንና ራቢጣ ኢስላምያ ጀብሃውያውን ነቶም ካብዚ ብዓል ጥላም ዓጋመ ኣቦና ንሕና ንበልጽ ኢልና ገበነኛ ሽፍትነት ዘካየድና ሻዕብያውያን ኣቦታትኩም ሓሶት ፈሊጥኩምና ነታ ሃገር ኩቦ ደርቢኹሙላ ካብታ ገሃነም እሳት ባሕረነጋሽ ነበር (ኤርትራ) ምውታእኩም ሓቀኛ ለባማትን ጀጋኑን ፣ንሕና ወኻሩ ዝወለድናኩም ኣናብስ__ሸፋቱን ዓመጽትን ጀጋኑኹም ኣይትቀበሉ።ንሓደ እስራኤላዊ ስእሊ ወትሃደራት ናዚ ሂትለር እናርኣኻ ጀጋኑኻ ከም ምባል እዩ።

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