In defense of Diaspora

Things to ponder about

I would like to open a small dialogue concerning Diaspora in the eyes of our people in Ethiopia including government employees.
Most people even some prominent individuals mentioned to me that people and offices have bad taste for people from Diaspora as a whole.
I asked why? The response was just they demand a lot. Why not isn’t is the whole idea that we come from places where democracy is
flourished and the right of the people is respected. Is it a crime or for those believers a sin to fight for your right? Isn’t it it is our moral obligation
to point out the weakness of the government? So that we have sustainable future? Don’t we have to transfer the valuable experience we
accumulated in our hosting country to our systems back home? What is wrong with that. Actually, Diaspora has a lot to contribute towards
good governance, work ethics, and occupational health and safety (OHS). I also have a bad taste for “we know it all” approach and not to
have a room for genuine critic. And telling me this is Ethiopia not America. Don’t people think Ethiopia and Ethiopians deserve good governance?
Why I am asked to get used to the ways how issues are processed and solved while there are better ways to deal with it. People are very fast to
import fashions, life style, languages from the west. Why not import good customer service, work ethics and understand if there are
no customers, their job will be gone too.

This is just a brief characterization of the situation when it come to public service.

EPRDF has won the election in style. The bees are elected to buzz. I hope soon this should buzz into government institute and sort out the
good and bad apples from the public. EPRDF had created awareness among the people soon my people back home will not be complacent
with all the excellent things government is doing. The government is building roads, building schools, universities, dams and all good stuff.
What is remaining now is people who are dedicated to run these institutes for productive outcome.

Having said that, I wish The Government led by EPRDF and good luck and corruption free public services. My hat is off for them who are
trying bringing Ethiopia to the world map for all good things.

God /Allah bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians.