TPLF at 40: Your Reflection and Opinion of the Last 40 Years!

TPLF Martyr Monument
Share your thoughts of TPLF, the Struggle and the achievements made so far and the shortcomings! You can also comment on all the TV documentaries and interviews you have heard so far! Simply Have Your Say on TPLF at 40!

30 thoughts on “TPLF at 40: Your Reflection and Opinion of the Last 40 Years!

  1. It is not an exaggeration if I say the woyane revolution has been one magnificent trait this generation has adopted and sustained from our forefathers’s history! That is to remain independent persistent and victorious no matter the adversity. Our forefathers left us an independent country after they sacrifice bare hand, poor and ill equipped fighting colonizers and Woyane show the world and all naysayers who branded them as rag tag militia, narrow ethnicst, that they were well disciplined army, pragmatist and above all a winner! The idea that forced the few university students to go the far corner of Ethiopia named Dedebit is today an ideal all Ethiopians are fighting tooth to nail to keep it alive. The interviews so far are wonderful and Kudus to TV Tigrai for starting such a wonderful looking back documentaries! As said—the story must be told! Thank You Aigaforum and the staf!!! Kibri ni Semae’tat!

    Note: Pls add more Amharic documentaries also.

  2. There are tremendous achievements recorded in the last 23 years spearheaded by TPLF in Tigray.However these achievements are not well documented to reflect the response of the poor people.It is one thing to listen to those very few who have achieved so much either through their relentless efforts or through connections to the power to be.I always dream and aspire on how the poor and the down trodden view the development and growth registered in Tigray?Do we have mechanisms to reflect their views beyond what we get from the cadres who are oblidged to report all the positive things but sideline and shun the pitfalls.How are those households who had contributed their children for the armed struggle faring now?Are they looking at the lucky ones and their children who are faring better now and condemn the sacrifice?Or are they consoled enough to say yes my son or daughter has died for bettering the livelihood of others who are beneffiting now?I do not have answers to these and similar questions that may arise from those who are marginalized and left out.

    • I shared your ideas! fortunately, I have been thinking almost same thing to some of the points you have pinpointed. I born 1983 and I have come to know TPLF fighters when I was little boy. During my childhood, I have grown up while listening to TPLF songs and the songs were the primary sources for me and my likes to understand who were “Tegadenti” , their purpose and the love they had to their people and reciprocally the love they have been cherished by the people specially by the youths and little boys. Every youth and little boy was fell in love with Tegadeltis rapprochement, this was a truth fact any person could witness.
      I can give my witness that almost all Tigray people contribute to the peoples’s liberation struggle. Like all Tigrians my two elder brothers had played their parts, I’m proud of them. Presently I ,as a single person, like any Tigray gay/youth have equal opportunity to grow and transform myself without any special benefit, however my brothers didn’t have that chance that’s why they joined the people’s struggle just to free themselves and the rest of the people from that barbaric regime. Had it not my brothers contributed their parts like any ordinary Tigray youths, who did not have equal chance to the resources and opportunities during that time and before; however alienated as if a housed refugees in their own motherland and country, I would have been faced the same cruel treatment in my own country. I remember we have been lived in caves, trenches and bridges to hide ourselves from air strikes. The town I was born and grown up had got 6 or more air strikes at different times as a result hundreds of peoples: children,elders and mothers had died for nothing. Why these people of mine subjected to extinction? Did they perpetuate crime, absolutely not? let me leave such kinds of questions to you to answer, but one general truth was that the brutal regime was doing that as retaliation when TPLF fighters lambasted him in battle fields. In general, If you want to know what was happening to Tigray people during the feudal and the fascist reign just listen to the songs of Tigray people and TPLF, you will learn a lot. You will observe how the people of Tigray conspicuously described barbarism and evil deeds happened upon him during the aforementioned regimes in its songs and other traditional expressions. All in all, We the Tigray people in particular and Ethiopia people in general are living in peace and freedom at this time than ever before as result we are starting enjoying the fruits of peace such as development and democracy. When I say we are now the happiest people than our brothers, fathers and forefathers had during their time; this doesn’t happen out of blue, but as the result of their all round sacrifices to bring this wonderful period of time to us to wisely use it to our well-being. Eventually, we are enjoying the fresh air of freedom of equality, justice and development. Above all, we Tigray people able to secure ourselves from extinction as a society, the rest is history. If you don’t believe this just flap two or more pages of history books in which you can learn the catastrophic intentions prescribed to my people. In a nutshell, I’m proud of my brothers who spilled their blood, in the people’s of Tigray struggle, to open windows of equality, justices and prosperity. In the present, new Ethiopia, we all get equal access to education, health and prosperity, this is the beginning of new history that will last for ever. At this time, many are utilizing opened window of opportunities to metamorphosed their life to higher standard. We all are striving to create better, safe and healthy environment so that democracy and social prosperity can grow. Finally, We have already started the path of renaissance and booming; and therefore, everybody is aware and acquainted of it. Thanks our martyrs!!!

  3. What a wonderful history to witness!

    TV Tigrai should do more interview with disabled fighters and even those who left Tplf for any reason.

    I also would like to hear from other Ethiopians to find out how they percive the revolution.

    Aiga you are doing wonderful. You bring are the other side of the story and the extremist the other half.

    Keep it up and all the way woyane.

  4. Hello All,
    Thanks to our martyr at least the people of Ethiopia is better off from the murder administration – derg, which by the way the then baby is now 40 years old and when the TPLF wins Addis Ababa is already 23 years old, which shows the then a baby is now probably have a baby him/herself. You see now everything is new generation, you can look at General Samora at this time, he is real old. You know Ethiopia was one of the world super power, may be during Axumite Empire, we heard it as history. But now Ethiopia is the poorest in the world that is because no one transfers the knowledge to the next generation. The power stops there as the people during Axumite Empire dead. Please believe me history is repeating itself, the people of Tigray/Ethiopia have fought for 17 years and have paid millions of life for this glory of victory. But remember we have to put a systematic and democratic administration to continue the legacy of our Martyr. Meles has already gone and the rest are already old like I mentioned General Samora, I beg you, you have to transfer your heroic legacy to the new generation so our Martyr lives forever.

  5. The 17 years struggle and the main goal of TPLF and Tigrean sacrifices has been hijacked by Meles group toward one man dictatorship instead of introducing rule of law and fair and balance election like Tunisia 2014. Revenge against another ethnic group is not healthy it will hunt you back later on if not on your children. Yes there are economic developments in Ethiopia under EPRDF but at what cost; corruptions and moral deficiency to our society. What can be done? Don’t be chauvinism and/or narrow minded instead stand for the rule of law then other things will pass through. The 17 years struggle is not to rule Ethiopian under divide and rule policy instead for freedom and democracy; if not you are just another Derg.

  6. realy tplf and the tigray people have paid many sucrifies for the better economy ,democracy and freedom …ofcourse on economy thr is a bright way for future but steal the tigray people are very poor but in the democracy we tigreans less democrasy, freedom and puplic service to reduce that the new enducated generation must come on power it is enough 23 years our fathers and the legasy fighters must transfer the power they must not stay more to be better for the country.god bless ethiopia and the people

  7. There Is No Doubt About The History Of TPLF. But More Need To Be Done Or Written ON Preserving The History Of Heroic Tegadelti Tigray..

    But I Cant View The Group Of Videos Posted Recently. when I try to open It, It Says” private Use Only.” will You Check On that Please? i Never Have Problem Before On Aigaforum, but i cant open most of this videos for that purpose.
    Dear aiga, check it, please???

  8. I hope after 40 years of struggle members of TPLF will come out and tell us that Badem, Zalambesa and Irob is and was Ethiopian. I also hope after 40 yrs TPLF will make Tigrai an Industrial zone , like Awassa, Addis , Kombelcha, Diredawa.

  9. Thank you Woyenti Tigray. We will never forget the great sacrifices you paid for our freedom. I always wonder how you overcame the time in the 1980’s when genocide was being attempted on our Tigray people through starvation,famine, and the good for nothing derg was trying to annihilate you as a fighting force. Thank you woyenti. Zelalemawi zikri nswuatna.

  10. Weyane still talking about derg while they are not better than derg.they use the tigrai people and throw them in a trash cans. Still fulling the tigrians after 25 years we need to weak up and fight the government directly and indirectly. We need to demand for the release of millions of political prisoners like abreha desta……

  11. Dear AIGA
    For my point of view, the saga of TPLF was waste of time, waste of lives and waste of resources. The whole thing called struggle that consumed 60 000 Tigrean youth and 70,000 Deki Zeray Deres youth, and about 1 million Ethiopians who perished fighting TPLF and Shabia in the 17 and 30 years was in vain. ….editedGezaee,, the rest of your message is simply redundant. I have kept your main opinion thanks. I may be tolerant but sorry you got me here…you are too much!

  12. Gezee, sorry To Say That But Your Comments Are Based On
    Ignorance, Selfishness, And Lack Of evidence Or Reality.If You Think The TPLF Strugle Was Waste Of Time, Then You Dont Know Any History. I May Agree That The Strugle Of Shabia Was Waste Of Time Though Just Based On The Reality. Lets Comment Based On Matured Judgement Not On Selfishness Or Hates. Keep In Mind, Nothing Is 100% Perfect, But They Did What The Have To Do And Thats THe Reality. And Ethiopia Us 100% better than it was before. so cool down bri!!!!

    • My name is tsere Timkihtin Eblelan
      HAPPY 11 LEKATIT Migimar Biretawi Tegadilo Hizbi TiGRAY!!!
      First I would like to say thank you to aigaforum I like it 1000000 Times What do you done for Tigray and for Ethiopian we got a lot of information again thanks
      One thing I want say please don’t post
      Some one wrote stupid comment like
      Gezae they don’t know Tigray people maybe they’re shaebia or other ehhiopian

  13. Dear Aiga ,
    Thank you for creating this window for us to appreciate the great deed and to vent our the disappointments. I have a tremendous respect and admiration to the real Tegadelty and honest leadership of the organization. From the simple logic, a rebel group who fought and tarnish a butcher and tyrant regime deserves a great respect and it is a huge deal to the country.And the second simple logic is Ethiopia is striding. Thanks to the scarifies of the Tegadelty there is a significant physical and infrastructural developments in Ethiopia.
    However, this was not the only cause for the struggle.The countless scarifies is also about justice and democracy. One of the manifestation of democracy is also representation. I believe in this regard TPLF has been suffering longer. It does not have clean history. The entire Organization is dominated by people of the same area. I don’t see any central committee /if there are, they are very few or insignificant/ from Raya, Enderta etc.Doy you know Raya has never been, even for shorter period of time,administered by Wedi or Gual Raya for the last 23 years. It is shame for TPLF.
    To add on this, TPLF has never appointed a non-Tegadalay administrator on the zonal level. It goes and goes. I think this has to be dealt wisely and urgently.
    Thank you,

  14. The struggle was the precise mechanism to handle for derg’s brutal system to wards Ethiopians in general and specially for Tigireans. We should feel free and owe many lives of our brothers and sisters for what we observe now. Our brothers and sisters paid the ultimate price for us and for the generation to come. They laid the base to do what ever we need to do, expand and enhance how we want the free land of ours to be look like in our presence and future. Lets not forget the rest is our struggle to continue and make some fixation how we want it. Lets not blame them and put aside ourselves from the line that need us.

  15. I love there is no war in Tigray but there no individual privacy all belongs to the party.
    In the first 17 years, Tigray paid huge sacrifices and won the war but lost peoples right rather one political party rule.
    In the last 23 years:
    1. hope opened but based on ethnicity that destroyed unity and equality
    2. started good economic development and foundations but for the interest of corruption
    3. anyone who have an alternative idea or saying goes to prison under the cover up terrorist
    4. In the last two years, many TPLF individuals are speaking out freely. Aiga is interviewing TPLF fighters which should be done many years ago. Gebru Asrat and others are writing their version of TPLF which is very good.
    5. TPLF’s Women organization was cut off by Meles back in 1980 conference in Tigray, thanks to Aiga we are now hearing their voice which makes me cry.

  16. The history of Tigray and TPLF in the first 17 years is undeniably one of a kind and will always be remembered for generations to come.The vision and sacrifice paid should be written and kept in a golden file unaltered,untempered,as is, so that next generations would know and learn the experience.
    I suggest AN INDEPENDENT body from current and former members(tegadelti),professionals,historians and from all sectors of the society be formed immediately and start compiling documents and write the unbiased and true history of kalsi hizbi Tigray before it is too late. Rewriting history and desperate act of glorifying certain individuals must stop,it is short lived and unproductive.

  17. As all ways long live Woyan Tirgay !!
    long live Tplf !!
    All the friends, my class mates, relatives those who gave the irreplaceable one life to free me and “the people of Tigray” they well all ways be remembered FOR EVER AND EVER !!!
    Now lets ask our self did the people of tigray have the well deserved freedom in the past 23 years ?????
    did the people of tigray have the justice they are looking for the past 23 years ????
    did the people of tigray have the freedom even to speak, “what they think”
    with out intimidation and set backs from expressing the god given freedom ?
    lets see the remaining Ethiopian people, and compere with ours one tplf cadre have more power than ( fetawrari or grazmach) of the old tigray/ethiopia.
    even Debub Hezboch have gone way ahead of tigray !!!!
    soon well be Afar hezboch and gambela way to go EPRDF good job !!
    in my opinion Tplf (Woyen) have fought to demolish derg and zewdawian, mesafentawian rules, but what we see in the top Tplf rulers is family thigh and
    bratherly sisterly connection and some aderbaioch party members !! know of days to get good job, to be leader of wereda, leader of small Tplf cell you have to know some big party member or you have to relate to the tope leaders !!!
    you have to be cousin,2nd cousin, brother son or daughter and so on…really
    really,,,,, this is what our brothers and sisters gave there life for ?
    the precedent of tigray Ato abay w/ldu have said last time we have 120.000
    war wounded in tigray.
    but also we have the top enterprises in Ethiopia, like EFORT,MESOBO,MESFEN INDASTRI,SUR CONSTRACTIO,SELAM BUS and so on who managed them ? aren’t they the property of the fallen brothers and sisters , the peoples of tigrays property ?
    why didn’t this organizations transferd and odited by the people ?
    why can’t the administration of tigray have set an investment from the profit of this huge organizations, for our war hero’s to have a continuous means of income until the last moment don’t they deserve that ?
    what about the children of the martyrs ? do you know lots of them have no support at all ? is this why they die for ?
    is it fear to see our war hero’s (tegadelti) to see and work at exhibition center (Meskel adebabay) parking lot bagging for money ?
    is it fear to see a tegrawite ado (mother)caring her baby and bagging money in megenagna and 22 in the street of Addis ?
    aren’t this brothers /sisters, the image of as/tigray ? the Amara, the Oromo kleloch have gone way,,,, way ahead than the people of tigray in manufacturing, in agriculture, roads, health and good governance compared with tigray. this is reality. leaders of tplf they can’t deny it but why ?
    in My opinion>>>>>>poor leader sheep, an visionary leaders and corruption is the problem !
    why is most of educated tigrians live tigray ?
    why is lots of merchants live togray ?
    why is university students of tigray don’t want to stay in tigray ?
    we have strong and pure, poplar political organization and that is TPLF
    Woyen !!!
    but this strong political party’s principles and doctrines are hijacked by very few leaders and cadres !! weak up and your comrades are watching you from above and from around the world ! ( IT IS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE ,,,IT IS WHAT YOU LEVE BEHAIND YOUR LEGACY WELL BE )
    last time in dedebit Ato Abay Tsehay and Ato Syum Mesfen have said “the key
    for the success of the straggle is, Our base was the people !!!
    “we listen to the people” and “the people listens to as” !
    They say !!! indeed well side by both those patriots.
    I salute them both “well done my hero’s” !!
    To summeris my thought, each of as we need to do our best to lift the spirit of the stragle from where ever we are !
    they are traing to divided as by Adwa axum sher enderta temben agame raya and so on. we are tegaru, we are strong when we are united as one tigray !
    long live tegray
    long live woyen
    long live Ethiopia !

  18. Meles’s leadership of Understanding own self limits, collision with the giant Shaebia , staying in course , adaptability , and communication with his people, are among the major factors brought WoyAne to power. And I don’t think people have question about this. But the question comes, when they argue about their motives then as an identical to the current.

    And I don’t wish them to fail.
    But I can’t hide my fear , the second guessing staff evidenced on Et Tv by former WoyAne leaderships , bad intension to neighboring smaller states, continuous animosity with the people of Eritrea, may slowly but surely reverse the hype of achievement at least or much worse bring the old habit of talk with the barrel of a gun.

  19. It is about time that those ‘Woyenti’ who have been lucky enough to live, to write or help professional Historian write about the TPLF 17 years struggle. They owe it to those who have scarified a lot including their life. Writing a comprehensive and unadulterated history of TPLF, I believe is one of the best ways of remembering our heroes.The people of Tigray again has made history, a history that should be documented, written and preserved for the many generations to come.

    Glory to our heroes!

    Long Live Ethiopia!

  20. Yes, there is noticeable development, mainly on the country’s infrastructure ( i.e, roads, schools, clinics,electric power etc). But the political space has shrunk dramatically. Journalists and young bloggers are in prison, tarnishing the country’s international image and its leaders. Peaceful opposition parties couldn’t function and are barred from participating in parliamentary election.

    EPRDF should have encouraged legal opposition parties to excersise their democratic rights and ran for parliamentary sits. In stead it is doing the quite the opposite and pushing them out of the peaceful political space. The result will be continuation of the usual vicious circle of violence to change a government. What is the difference between past governments and EPRDF, if the method of changing government in a Ethiopia still continues to be through violence?

    The late PM, Meles once said “….Ethiopia is a multi-party system country, and the culture of violence to change a government is now a thing of the past”. I’m pretty sure, he ment it. He would have expanded the democratic space even further if he was alive. We could have seen these child bloggers and opposition politicians being freed from jail right away. He was fast decision maker and a compassionate Ethiiopian leader. Obviously, his untimely departure has punctured a big hole in EPRDF’s leadership.

    Can the current TPLF/EPRDF leaders carry his tourch and make Ethiopia a truly democratic multi-party state, as the late PM inviisioned, or continue throwing citizens to jail for every little thing?

    Whether the sacrifice paid by TPLF martyrs to bring democratic system in Ethiopia is wasted or not will depend on the type of governance EPRDF leaders will leave behind.

    Thank you, Aiga.

  21. Getachew, you are entitled to your opinion but since when is a one person testimony–if it is a genuine quote, considered universal? Also no one we know said TPLF legacy will please everyone! After all 17 years of struggle and 23 years of nation making history was not done on empty space–it was done fighting tooth to nail against people who see Ethiopia in a different way than TPLF/EPRDF did! You expect the remnants of such organizations to be pleased by the achievements of TPLF/EPRDF? What will be interesting is for you to take a consensus of the population and come back with a data point that shows if the woyane Revolution was not a god given gift from God to millions!

    From GETACHEW REDA -EDITOR ETHIOPIAN SEMAY Blog and Author “YeweYane Gemena Mahder….);

    Here is how TPLF’s forty years mission of anti Ethiopia destruction result. Dr. Dangachew who is a Professor of philosophy at Addis Abeba University telling to some stone heads who simply are hyperventilating to praise an organization with anti Ethiopia and anti Amhara hate policy. TPLF followers do not agree with the “universal truth of agree to disagree”. It might be bitter for yo to swallow the hard fact- but the following is the hard fact which we even can see it here in the Diaspora in different form where one ethnic hates the other, different ethnic hates ne ethnic and so on. Here is TPLF’s 40 years achievement;
    ” ዶር ዳኛቸው አሰፋ ከ አዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ኢትዮጵያ አለች ወይ?
    አንድ የተማረ ሰው ከ አዲስ አበባ ወጥቶ ወደ ሌላ ክልል ሄዶ ስራ ሲሰራ ደሞዙ ተቆርጦበት ወይም ዘግይቶበት ሰለ መብቱ ቢጠይቅ የሚሰጠው ምላሽ እንዴውም ከአላገራቹህ መጥታቹህ ስራ ስላገኛቹህ ልታመሰግኑ ይገባል ይባላሉ፥፥

    አሁን ያለንበት ደረጃ አሥከፊና አስቸጋሪ ነው፥፥ እንዴውም አሁን እየጠየቅን ያለነው፥ አገራችን አለች ወይ ነው? ኢትዮጵያ አለች ወይ? ልክ ከአዲስ አበባ ወጣ ስትል ከየት ነው የመጣኽዉ ትባላለህ:: ልክ ሌላ አገር የሄድክ እስኪመስልህ፥፥ ምንም አይነት ፕሮቴከሽን የሌለባት አገር ሁናለች፥፥

    መጀመሪያ የጠነሰሱት ቢህል አሁን እያበበ ነው፥፥ የአገሪቱ ሁኔታ “ኢዝ አት ስቴክ (is at stake)”፥፥ አንተ ትቀልዳለህ! ሶማሊያ :ጋምቤላ ተወው፥ እዚህ አምቦ እንኳ የኔ ተማሪዎች ስራ ተቀጥረው የ እኛ ተማሪዎች እስኪመጡ ብቻ ነው ስራ ሊኖራቹህ የምትችሉ ነው የተባሉት፥፥ አንተ ትቀልዳለህ! አገር የለንም ነው እንኮ የምልህ፥፥ ይህ ከ ሗላ ኪሴ አውጥቼ የምንገርህ እንድዳይመስልህ ልጄ፥፥ 62(ስልሳ ሁለት) አመቴ ነው፥፥ ያለው እወነታ ይህ ነው፥፥ አገር የሚባል ነገር አብቅቷል፥፥ ኣዝናልሁ ግን ያለው ሁኔታ ይህ ነው፥፥

    ሕገ መንግስቱ ዜጋ የሚባል ቮካቡላሪ የለውም፥፥ እኛ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦች ነው የሚለው፥፥ አንድ ሰው በግልሰብ በዜግነት ስለ መብት የሚያወራበት ሁኔታ የለም፥፥በጣም በጣም አሳሳቢ ደረጃ ላይ ነው፥፥ ወጣ ካልክማ፥ አንተ እንዴት መጣህ? ይልሃል፥ ቱሪስት ነህ ወይስ ምንድን ነህ? ይልሃል፥፥ ከየት ነው የመጣህ ነው እንኮ የምትባለው፥፥ የሚገርም ጉድ እንኮ ነው የፈላብን፥፥

    አካዳሚክ ፊርደም የሚለውን ኮምፒሊትሊ አውጣው፥፥ ሁሉም ፕሮፌሰር፥ ሁሉም አስተማሪ አንገቱን ደፍቶ ዛሬ ነገ ያዙኝ ብሎ የሚኖርበት አገር ነው ዩኒቨርሲት ማለት ኢትዮጵያ፥፥ እነግራሃለው፥ የፈልጉትን ይበሉ እነግረሃለው። ይሄ ነው ያለው፥፥

    ስለ ሰቆጣ የጻፈው የህግ አስተማሪ ደብዳቤ ነው የተጻፈለት እንዲባረር፥፥ ያውም እሱ የብአዴን አባል ነው ምናምን ነገር፥፥ አካዳሚክ ፍሪደም የሚባል ቮካቡለሪውም የለ፥፥ ድሮ ቀረ፥፥ አሁን ሳምንት ምን አለኝ ቸርማኑ? እኛ እንመርጥና እነሱ ሪኮሜንድ ያደርጉልናል፥፥ቼርማን አንመርጥም፥ ዲን አንመርጥም፥ ካድሬዎች ነው የሚመርጡልን፥ ምን አለፋህ፥፥

    አንድ ዩኒቨርሲቲ አድሚሽኑን (admission) ያስረከበ ዩኒቨርሲቲ አካደሚክ ፍሪደም አለኝ ይላል እንዴ? በትዛዝ እከሌን ተቀበሉ እነ እከሌን አተቀበሉ የሚባል ዩኒቨርሲቲ አካዳሚክ ፊሪደሙን ተወው አልኩህ፥፥እርሳው እሱን ፥ ይገባሃል የምልህ? አድሚሽኑን ያስረከበ ዩኒቨርሲቲ አካደሚክ ፍሪደም አለ ብሎ ሊያወራ አይችልም፥፥

    መከፋፈልን እንደ ጸጋ የወሰደ ስርዓት እኮ ነው፥፥ምን ትጠብቃለህ እስኪ ንገረኝ፥፥ “የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች እንኳን ደስ ያላቹህ ብሄር ብሀረሰቦች ሆናቹህ ነው እኮ የሚለው፥ ዘፈኑ ሁሉ”፥፥አንተ ነገሩን እንዴት ነው የምታየው? አገር የለም፥ ህግ የለም፥ እየጠፋን ነው ምን ትላልለህ! ስለመብት ታወራለህ እንዴ!
    የእኛስ የተማሪዎች ማህበር አለ አይደል እንዴ ካድሬወች ነው እኮ “ራን” የሚያደርጉት፥፥ ሲቪል ማህበራት የሚባል ነገር የለም፥፥ ወይ ጠፈተዋል ወይ ተካተዋል፥፥ ” TPLF can build five star Hotels and Dance floors,to satisfy the hunger of the Saudi ricj tycoons to prostitute youn Ethiopian female harlots and gays, rods, light rails rockets just as the Nature of Nazi Germany used to advance development in Germany while doing the genocide and holocaust crimes openly and behind the seen as TPLF is been doing for 40 years with its ugly racial hygiene. The result of what the TPLF ethnic policy is what Dr Danngachew is testifying occurring in Ethiopia. It is the matter time. It is time bomb what TPLF is planting in Ethiopia for future society. TPLF admirers and cults can enjoy and dance all they want- the end is what we have hearing above. Any one who is interested to argue – here is my email

  22. The forces that were defeated by the woyane revolution are trying to undermine the magnificent history of Ethiopia and the people by producing a poorly narrated video from Asmera.

    Ethiopia has been reborn! No amount of re writing of the woyane history will faint the woyane revolution and what it has brought to Ethiopia. Ethiopia today is a strong progressing and developing country. I wish I was born today so I have no memory of yesterday’s Ethiopia…that is known for famine poverty and war! Zikr le Sematat!

  23. The revolution was great but it has of little value to the Tigrayan people. They paid a lot but gain very little!
    What a paradox!

  24. Getachew, at last you started mixing religion with politics!(smile). And you wonder why you have been at the loosing end of all political discussion when it comes to understanding the woyane revolution…brother give it up the revolution was/is not a revolution sustained by few individuals! least do not use aya Gebremedhin as a witness! The man needs to be left alone for God call! If you really want to understand and learn how Woyane won in all aspects remove the lens that is forcing you to see things based on what happened to individuals family member or not! Instead ask why despite what you said about TPLF millions followed it and died for the idea—Unity in Diversity!

    From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
    Let me Answer your first question you ask “since when was individual quote be valid”. My answer for you is “since Jesus Christ as individual came to earth, we started to quote and valid individual quote significant. His apostils like Paul, Pitter, Mathew….as human individuals, their quote and testimony was used since history – we the Ethiopians even used their quotes. Leaders, intellectuals, scholars words and testimonies were been quoted.

    I see that my evidence to quote Dr Dangachew’s testimony how Ethiopia is getting breaking down to a dangerous future seemed you disagree with Dr Dangachew’s argument. I know, it is expected from a person who hyperventilating his lung and heart to praise for an organization simply is anti Ethiopia and anti Amhara, shockingly staffed with full of criminals and corrupt elements inside it, who were torturing and roasted elders and young Deacons/priests from Tigray with fire. I have given all of you live interviews and evidences supported by victims of this Fascistic organization calling itself “TPLF” all these years. You are all on denial. It is expected. Your organization is fool of Angels and Saints. Because of it no one yet is accountable and you do not want them hold accountable. You all are part and parcel for such human rights abuse for not to be heard.

    Shockingly (expected though), you said ;-

    “ After all 17 years of struggle and 23 years of nation making history was not done on empty space–it was done fighting tooth to nail against people who see Ethiopia in a different way than TPLF/EPRDF did!”

    What it was fighting tooth and nail was murdering its own fighters and populations (read Asgede G/Selassie GAHDEE. And also victims voice in my book- Haykama Tigringa book. Also Gebremedhin Araya’s documents and interviews…). That is what it was doingin the jungle ruling by its “the law of the jungle” Indeed.

    Your TPLF even declared Tigray was colony of Ethiopia!!!!!!
    Your TPLFwas busy belittling Ethiopia and Amhara (for 17+23 years), its flag and its history without a shame inside your own parliament lead by your x-leader ululating with anti Ethiopia religious extremists and narrow nationalists and nihilist. While doing their destructive mission to destroy Ethiopia, your leaders were stealing the nations assets and Millions of dollars (Bir) to their mentor the anti Ethiopia “Isayas Afewerki” without legal authorization secretly.

    Yes, the 17 and 23 years struggle with no one accountable brought unheard and unseen and shocking bloody war between Eritrea and Ethiopia and caused 80, thousand perished with no one (no single person) accounted for such carnage. The boarder was unsecured, some elements argued to be vigilant that Isyas was prepared to open war against Ethiopia- your darling Meles Zenawi and his cliques downplayed the warning and ended up cost Ethiopian mothers and fathers 80 thousand lives and dislocations and disabled gallants. How silly can someone argue that TPLF is institution of peace and democracy? It is been doing its fascistic plan against Ethiopia all those years.

    Now as to your argument that Individual’s quote (Dr.Dangachew’s testimony) as invalid- well let me bring you the cry of the Amhara people who were told that they do not belong there and pack and leave in 24 hours –or else face carnage- which it did happned in many of the Ethiopian (Kilil) (Ethnic Ghettos/enclaves/ethnic apartheid administrative.

    In order your TPLF to do the atrocity of the Amhara people and of course (Gambela people also)- it followed the educational training it got from its masters like the “Italian Colonialist” Maps (like it used in the border issue with Eritrea) and we will see how it also interpreted word by word map by map that it copied it from its master Italian Mussolini.

    “With Fascist occupation of Addis Ababa on May 5, 1936, and through the law of 18, 1936 independent Ethiopia had ceased to exist “the territories and people belonging to the Empire of Ethiopia have come under the full sovereignty of the kingdom of Italy.” Fascist strategy was very clearly the “smembramento” (dismemberment) of the Ethiopian nation into several walled tribal colonies each with a legal personality; in other words, with “the right of self determination” the whole was to be regrouped under one faceless name of “Africa Orientale Italiana” ( our present “Horn of Africa” ). Each “Governo” was divided into “coimmissarato”, itself divided into “Residenza” and “vcice Residenza.” Under the circumstances there was no one colony but five colonies including the Governorato of Addis Ababa which was itself considered a separate colony. “superior to the rest, and itself having its own legal personality” With Amhara (Shoa) defined as the principal enemy from where major resistance and recalcitrance was expected, each tribal government was encouraged to have its own language and script encouraging the use of Latin and Arabic, and its own religion with Islam defined as “pupil of the eye” of Fascism, as well as its own elementary educational system, at the expense of Amharic and Orthodox Christianity. “Amharic was displaced as the official language and Arabic, Galligna and Kaffigna were ordered taught in schools.” Each one of these tribal and regional colonies were largely autonomous and “autarchico” having little or nothing to do with each other, and each one empowered through its governor to directly deal with the central government in Rome (Ministry of Colonies ) over even the head of the Governorato Generale in Addis Ababa, (article 12). (Dr.Aleme Eshete)- this was from my dear teacher and friend Dr.Aleme Eshete “From Fascism to Fascism”;- in other words from “Mussolini Fascism to Meles Fascism” .

    What you need to bear in mind is when Each one of these tribal and regional colonies were largely autonomous and “autarchico” having little or nothing to do with each other, and each one empowered through its governor to directly deal with the central government in Rome (Ministry of Colonies ). Similarly, Is it, therefore, exaggeration to say that the CIA-Weyane have made a carbon copy from Fascist Mussolini? Do you see any difference in strategy and objective with CIA-Weyane “federation of tribal states” and the tribal dismemberment and annihilation of Ethiopia of to day?

    That is exactly why Dr. DanGachew was talking about, and also witnessed on his own experience and testimony of his own students that each one of the Weyane made tribal and regional colonies were largely autonomous having little or nothing to do with each other and that is why many Amhara population were subject for discrimination, mass murders, ethnic cleansings and deportation. This is even clear for the TPLF leaders and its parliament members in Addis. It already admit 2 million Amhara population is unaccountable (disappear from the earth during TPLF era) from its statistic. Hello!!!!!! Let us discuss. It is good to discuss to find the truth instead of ignoring issues.

    To do such atrocity TPLF leaders organized or created ful of Furros from Oromo called “OPDO”. OPDO is the privileged executer of the will and the decisions of its fuehrer, OLF and TPLF who it idolizes. At Nürnberg, in september 1935, the Nazis announced racial laws, the Reich citizenship act,and the act for the protection of German blood and German honor (the Nazi ”Hera”). Nazi declared the end of Jewish political rights. Today, Amharas living in ”Oromia” have virtually no rights to speak of. Is this not your TPLF’s legacy brother?!!!!
    Thanks GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

  25. Thanks for allowing my view to be read. At least you allowed it, even though I was not expecting you will admit the criminology nature of your organization TPLF for obvious reason. I give you a high remark for allowing my view t be read with no restriction than those “repressive and discriminatory/WEGENTENGA/BUDUNAWEE and mafiosi opposition media” who are worst than TPLF’s media. Have you ever seen my website linked by the so called Ethiomedia, Zehabesha, ECADF or my commentary posted on their website- particularly if my commentary deals with their Shaabiay puppet organizations like that of Ginbot 7 leaders “Andargachew/Berhanu/Efrem …..?

    it is impossible for those premature and ignorant media owners to confront reality. Fo them their leaders are untouchable Saints whom no one can criticize them. Anyway, I give you credit for my view to be read. Can any one imagine if these opposition media came to power and control the media and I will not be allowed to criticize their government? It concerns me so much. I hope they learn what I am talking about them and allow anyone to comment about their media, their leaders and organizations and failures. But, I doubt they will learn from my criticism- because many of them are too close to each other and cant allow no one to attack their mercenary ideology and actions. Not all the opposition media, but the so called major media (smile). Ethiopia is facing great difficulties on both sides (by TPLF and by the so called opposition)
    .Thanks again
    GETACHEW REDA (Ethiopian Semay)

  26. Aiga Admin,

    I really thought you were moderate and responsible person. What information are your sharing with your readers by engaging with Gezae/Getachew? These two shared nothing worth reading, I only read hearsay opinions and unverified allegations. You have all the right to post any opinion but try to be responsible.

    40 years and still going and ayte getachew and gezae did not get it. What kind of brain cells are in these two gentle men brain I do not know but can’t they see the idea of TPLF/EPRDF is accepted by millions! What is clouding them not to see even the Somalis are Woyanes today! My God, they must living in a world when day dreamers are full of.

    Anyways thanks Aiga!

    • Wedi Wiyn, with all respect, Aiga is doing exactly what you are telling them to do. They did not post any of my comments for that matter. The reasons there are no comments is because AIGA is deleting every comment that bash them. Aiga do not post does not opposing views does not mean there are no oppositions. You are actually beefing up more opposition by suppressing views, free expressions. Your way is the only way to follow? that is very dangerous to do.

      Ethiopians never elected TPLF to lead them. TPLF forced itself on Ethiopians. This is the hard true. I and Mr. Red did not get it? kkk, Even Siye Abraha never got it? Even Ato Gebru never got it? Even Hayelom died without getting it ? I have never heard of anyone getting it? kkk, I honestly can not get the idea that Ethiopians have to be denied their mobility, commerce by being forcibly landlocked? There is no way I can get this even if I live 1 billion years.
      Anyway, Aiga is doing what you would like to them. But the world is big now and you can not control it. You may delete our comments here but that does not mean anything from my point of view. It will not have an iota of change the way I think. The only way to change me is to give reasons and ideas that can convince me, banning me or excluding me or discriminating me because my ideas do not agree with you is just primitivity.

  27. If the struggle for freedom is going to have meaning, there needs to be improvement in the following areas:

    1. Democratic rights need to be respected: peoplle should be able to express themselves freely and peacefully: be organized by political party of their choice and ran for parliamentary sits.

    2. Property rights should be well protected by law.

    3. Courts should be free to do their job without any interference. Building a respected judicial system now will benefit everybody in the future, including those who are in power now, when they are out of office one day.
    No body can bring frivalous charges against them, if there are strong and independent courts in the country.

    4. Independant press should be encouraged to grow. It is a useful watchdog against corruption and rights abuse under current or future governments.

    The sacrifice of TPLF martyrs can only have meaning to the country if Ethiopia becomes a truly democratic state. It must be possible for the first time in Ethiopia’s history to change government peacefully, and not by violence through armed confrontation. Then the sacrifice of thousands of TPLF martyrs (like Amoraw) will have a meaning. If they have died just to replace one form of dictatorship by another one and there is no democracy in Ethiopia, their sacrifice will have no meaning, and that will be very sad history.

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