GTP Phase 2: The making of new policy In Democratic Societies.

The first phase of GTP is coming to an end. By and large the first phase is considered successful considering that it was the first time the country embarked on such a large scale of development. But there were shortcomings. What do you think were the main shortcomings?

The second phase is being discussed and formalized and we thought the public should as well become aware on what the new policy means. What do you think about the new organization of committees? Do you know what a country’s policy means and how it affects the lives of the people? And, by the way what were the policies thus far that were instrumental in bringing such outstanding development process. Have your say and reflect on the first phase of the GTP and what should and should not include the next phase.

48 thoughts on “GTP Phase 2: The making of new policy In Democratic Societies.

  1. Good to plan GTP 1, 2, 3, .. and great to put them on the ground. GTP 1 has shown a great deal of economic progress and impressive growth in the nation. We hope GTP 2 will even take the country to another level where the majority of Ethiopians will benefit out of it. However, all these effort and hope will be in vain unless the prevalent and ever growing corruption, nepotism, and favoritism (it especially got worse after the death of PM Meles) stops. Until the opportunist high officials and cadres of the regime are hold accountable when they mess up and waste millions of poor mam Ethiopia’s money, all gains will be very short lived and not sustainable. Corruption, nepotism, favoritism are growing at alarming rate and the fear is they will overtake whatever growth will be registered by GTPs. This is a recipe for disaster and failure, and EPRDF must wake up; smell the good Ethiopian coffee and clean itself from the many dirty, incompetent, clueless and opportunist officials. God bless Ethiopia.

  2. The EPRDF led Government has been demonstrating its commitment and determination to uproot poverty and ensure development and prosperity in the country. This was proven through designing and implementing relevant development policies and strategies for the last twenty plus years. The country has exhibited significant change and growth in agriculture, service and industrial sector. In my view, the party and Government should make additional effort to to take corrective measures in the land policy if the overriding objective is to attain transformation and shift the economy from Agriculture led to industry. Moreover, sustainability of development or the transformation can only be achieved if there is only strong commitment to take further steps towards enhancing good governance.
    Regarding the senior officials assigned to coordinate the development of five year program, my opinion is positive and I am quite sure they have the competency to coordinate for mobilizing public opinion by organizing symposium, seminars and different fora. Their broader understanding on the public interests, their critical and analytical thinking towards economic, social and political dynamics is evidently proven in their past experience.

  3. I am in the Telecommunications & Electrical Cabling business ,
    I have visited my home land several times and I like what I saw so far , only from my observation in my field ( I am not judging anyones work ) but I would rate most of the quality of work very low . Next time you visit Ethiopia please observe the cabling at Bole road in Addis just as a reference . The sloppy work performed by some of the foreign companies that are paid Millions or billions of dollars who do a Mickey Mouse job but worst by some Ethiopian companies is unacceptable by any standard . Things will work for the time being but down the road I see a lot of problems where most of the work will require recabling , we are talking about infrastructure and things have to be done the right way the first time .
    My recommendation to the architects of the GTP is :
    There has to be CODES , STANDARDS and a STRICT LAW to in force it .
    It was not until 1994 for California the most advanced State in the world and some developing countries to put these in the books because of the objections of the special interest groups . It can be done in Ethiopia because the peoples support it and the Government is working hard to implement any project that will benefit the people and the country . The thing is ,
    ELECTRICAL : nothing is done with out power .
    TELECOMMUNICATIONS : information exchange is a must , no line of communication no work .
    These are some of the main engines of progress .
    The second BIG concern I have is the SAFTEY of our working citizens .
    They should be protected by any means necessary NOW , it will require a lot of work from the Government because there will be a lot of Resistance from the companies . The TWO basic SAFTEY gears required are HARD HAT & SAFTEY GLASSES and should be provided by law .
    Against all odds like the song goes , I Would say Ethiopia & Ethiopians are on the move and nothing will stop them now .
    GOD Bless the people who are working so hard day and night to make a difference in the lives of our people ,
    Much Love to all.

  4. I trust this old gurd to do the right thing. But need to be carful about financing new projects who does the projects. Ie sugar industry with the Indians karturi type of deals, and those FDI munchers who come without finance and complain about not getting loans ie karturi and some western companies

  5. Ethiopia has witnessed significant growth in a very short time.. I hope we can build on what has been accomplished and work to smooth some of the wrinkles. Corruption, nepotism, endless meetings must give way to good governance and to accepting constructive criticism. Ethiopian Embassies must be given timely information to do their work properly and to respond to questions from diaspora Ethiopians.

  6. Well! well! GTP 1,2 or 3 what ever it is , i would say that the ruling party has to be damned careful and stick on Meles´s Blueprint.In the near future there is no more Dollar as international currency, so i can hardly wait to see how the ruling party solve this financial issue because our currency is not backed by ENOUGH gold!!!


  7. It is uplifting to read good constructive comments below (like Solomon, Amtakaman, etc.. ). Now I would like to offer my view concerning what has been bothering me long enough.
    It is highly commendable that education in Ethiopia has been expanding during the last 2 decades. Many schools and universities have popped up in many regions like Sene (June) mushrooms. But there is a great concern about the quality of education in those public schools, including the new universities.

    The 2nd phase of the transformation plan should include how to improve the quality of education with special focus in English and Maths at the secondary school education. The goal should be to raise the quality at the secondary school level so that in the future students admitted to universities could achieve their first degree (BSc, BA, etc) in three years. This is possible if secondary education has quality. Today they are spending 5 long years to do that. Students at all the renowned western universities get their first degrees in 3 years (MIT, Standford, UCl, Oxbridge, etc.).. In non-Anglo Saxon countries like Germany, the Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe, they study for 5 years to get the masters degree.

    • Yes !
      Apart from Eduction another area of concern is Health . The government is doing a commendable job but to have a Healthy society , access to water is the number one priority , a Nation without access to water is a SICK NATION . I visit Mekelle occasionally and through the years I observed that there is no access to water , I did not care about Electricity and hot water but I am always for a DESCENT SHOWER no matter how COLD , please do not take me wrong but I if people can not clean themselves and their neighborhood they are not healthy period . I am sure there are other places like Mekelle , we can talk about and may be come up with suggestions ?
      While building clinics to treat patients is a Nobel idea and I am for it, we can also minimize health problems by building reservoirs to provide clean water .
      We can also discuss about the unending meetings .
      Hey ! if Aigaforum is for open suggestions let’s go for it and let our people in Government hear it from us .
      Much Love .

      • Absolutely right! To have good access to clean water is of utmost priority. Over 80% of diseases are waterborne. Access to clean water would improve health immensely. Enough supply of water means clean toilettes; it is having an acceptable working sewerage system.
        In the next phase, all roads (that have been built/ to be built) should incorporate well planned sewerage system.

        Another area is public transport in Addis Ababa. The 2nd phase of the plan should phase out completely the notoriously unpredictable taxi in the city and replace them with efficient buss system which can serve the public on time table. The Light train will hopefully ameliorate the pain of Addis residents.
        Let us recap now our suggestions:
        1. Supply of clean water and sewerage system
        2. Improve quality of education
        3. Communication and Internet access on wider base; aiming at 4G access in all the major cities of the country
        4. etc

  8. GTP1 has brought a positive change in the overall development of the country. Planning for GTP2 is good and I hope the leaders will identify the main weaknesses of GTP1 and improve it in the GTP2. Second, but very crucial is that our government has not yet used the potential of Ethiopian professionals. The country has thousands of professional working in the country as well as in abroad, unfortunately, out policy makers are not exploit it. I know of highly skilled engineers who have requested government officials to serve their country, but in vain. This must be evaluated and improved to contribute to the GTP2. Otherwise, I am proud of our leaders for making development real.

  9. what a Plan is, in my opinion, to analyze a need, at any given point, and address the current and future gaps. Easy. Anybody with wit and high school education can do this. The crux of the matter is: effective implementation and coordination. That, my friends, is where GTP1 struggled (not blaming the officials that tried, but the facts) and I don’t know if it succeeded well enough, commiserate to the $$$ that were pumped to it.

  10. I did not have any idea what was in phase 1 and can not evaluate whether it was accomplished or half-way or not at all, but I have seen some basic changes in the development of Ethiopia especially the success and progress of three giant projects: the Gibe III, The GERD, and the Addis Ababa train. However, let me remind you guys always think big but never forget the minor or small things. What do you think these minor things? as example are sewerage- do it now!! in every established or new city, better start from Addis Ababa, start the plan because needs a huge constructions works and may take decades to accomplish. 2nd example is address of a location, is null – zero in Ethiopia, GPS has no use in Ethiopia, you know is the most easy job if every Municipal cities gives hero names and numbers for every road and house built in its neighbor. The rest is the job of the architect just put in latitude-altitude coordinates and use GPS as spider network of the whole country-Ethiopia. From the deep 120 meter below sea level Denakil depression to the highest 4,550 meter above sea level Ras Dashen mountain will be easily accessed and searched in any mobile phone in your hand. But please start the job today, who are you waiting for, no one it is your job. I wish I can help, please naming the roads and giving numbers of house is the easiest job, if the administration of each Kebele can do this it will be easy for the surveyor or architect to do the rest. I do not know what in the mind of these nine genius guys is but I recommend to do these two basic projects before you escape to the next step. Thank you Aiga!

    • Your ideas are great. The sewerage system has to be meticulously planed and done in parallel with the construction of every modern street in the towns. But the second one, street addressing and other places, is not going to happen any soon. Let us take Addis for example, where over 80% of the population lives in a labyrinth of shanti shelters. If you have seen people are being moved and many shanti places are destroyed giving place for modern houses. This will take many years. By the time about 50% of Addis is face lifted, street addressing might ensue.

      In the meantime, each kebelle in the city may build temporary post office and lend post boxes for its residents at an affordable price/year. But addressing of the newly built condominiums may take place, which is not much at present.

  11. I did not have any idea what was in phase 1 and can not evaluate whether it was accomplished or half-way or not at all, but I have seen some basic changes in the development of Ethiopia especially the success and progress of three giant projects: the Gibe III, The GERD, and the Addis Ababa train. However, let me remind you guys always think big but never forget the minor or small things. What do you think these minor things? as example are sewerage- do it now!! in every established or new city, better start from Addis Ababa, start the plan because needs a huge constructions works and may take decades to accomplish. 2nd example is address of a locations, is null – zero in Ethiopia, GPS has no use in Ethiopia, you know is the most easy job if every Municipal cities gives hero names and numbers for every road and house built in its neighbor. The rest is the job of the architect just put in latitude-altitude coordinates and use GPS as spider network of the whole country-Ethiopia. From the deep 120 meter below sea level Denakil depression to the highest 4,550 meter above sea level Ras Dashen mountain will be easily accessed and searched in any mobile phone in your hand. But please start the job today, who are you waiting for, no one it is your job. I wish I can help, please naming the roads and giving numbers of house is the easiest job, if the administration of each Kebele can do this it will be easy for the surveyor or architect to do the rest. I do not know what in the mind of these nine genius guys is but I recommend to do these two basic projects before you escape to the next step. Thank you Aiga!

  12. I think in GTP-2 the Ethiopian government should make sure 5% of Ethiopian farmers use tractors and modern technology. Setting 25billion fund for farmers to lease tractors every budget year would do the trick. farmers who use tractor can produce enough to cover cost of tractor in ten years. the plan also helps tractor manufacturing sector to bloom.
    1. 25billion a year budget to transform the traditional agriculture method(shocking the agriculture sector)
    2.Organaize ten potential farmers that can use tractor tractor for this farmers for ten years
    4. charge minimum interest
    5. make sure the farmers get good market for their product
    6. do the some thing for ten years
    7. when farmers reach a certain income level move them to agro processing
    another thing that should be given good attention is the military industry which can be a key for stability of the country as well as the region. Ethiopia can’t be pushed around just because it does not have enough military hard ware in its disposal. The difference between Ethiopia and Egypt is a gap of military strength and the ability to fight a war long enough without running out of army hard ware. Ethiopia should finish developing the missile program and start technical school at Bhardar for ship yard project and start developing proto type military ship and submarines. Ethiopia also should have state of the art air defense system as well as an elite air force. Ethiopia’s next war would not be fought on the ground since most of the neighboring countries have no military strength to attack Ethiopia. The next confrontation would be with Egypt and who ever has air power superiority will dominate the regional politics.

  13. The performance of the GTP1 is great and we are expecting to achieve more in the GTP2. however, the government need to develop the plan with active participation of relevant sector professionals within the country and also give due attention to maintenance and sustainability of the mega projects, especially those of roads and railways. the government is investing billions of dollars in the construction of roads but it does not seem there is any body who is responsible for taking care of them after being constructed and even to oversee the quality of construction. it is common to see roads deteriorated after a few months of operation.

    More importantly is that the government need to assign ministers and other higher officials based on their skills, professional background and experiences rather than simply based on their political status.

  14. Dear Aiga,
    talking always not gives life people the main important is to work and develop the people life standard, food, health, salary, school, electricity, and some additional, communication, road construction, the most important agriculture production to increase by irrigation in arid land, and fertile land, don’t be gealous to other people work, and development, and do not afraid to do your work like loose of self confidence to compete other countries, do not thik to do war with out nothing reason that makes you to loose acceptance by the people of Ethiopia, nothing you gain from war, except kill people life, distruction, lose of money , economy, and don’t fool the peole by using the word ” NO PEACE NO WAR”, no one fool to listen you waste your time, and always back of the world your idea is good, but we can see in the future. Time will show us not far.

  15. In my opinion Ethiopia is moving fast and showing progress. No doubt there will be problems such us corruption . I have experienced it and I fought the bureaucrats who gave me hard time and won. in my struggle. I noticed the government is trying to fight corruption all out. They must continue to fight corruption and we as individuals must pin point where there is corruption and expose the corrupt leaders . We must realize also false corruption complain can be used against Ethiopia.
    seize the time for progress Ethiopia .

  16. Gtp 1 is deffinetly full of success but also shadowed with drawbacks.
    1. The information technology performance is very poor,as such it has gone backwards. Internet is not spreading as it should be, too slow and too expensive by any standard. Telefon quality is very poor one can hardely make a successful call with the first try at any time any where in the country, if it works by the 2nd or 3rd try one is lucky enough. The main reaseon i am afraid is the responsible persons have wrong understanding of what it is and what its potentials are and also the highly qualified proffesionals engaged with it deliver a poor quality result without any worry, quality assurance must be given a high priority. Ethiopia for that matter the entire Africa can not afford to miss the IT development and lag behind. Unfortunately this is already the case. A decade ago when all internete connection were made through modem on the telephon line the level(quality) of internet in Eth and EU were comparable. Today Eth lag way behind EU. There is no plausible reason for that it could have been the other way round. I am even afraid we are going to repeat the same mistake we did with the train. Then, to introduce a one line train at the bigning of 20 century was a big jump but to keep it as it is for the rest of the century is a grave mistake, which kept us poor. The same may hold with IT, if we are not quick and efficient to grasp it comprehensively. If internet is widely spread to every ones reach its potential is unmesaurable. If we are small, gready and start to count every bit, we will definetely loos the main purpose. That exactly is what tele is doing now. To illustrate, the difference between one line of train road and a 2 lines is not only double but infinite. By the same token to enable every one unlimitted internet access, is not a luxary rather a necessity, this may sound bumptious but is not if one has a deep understanding of what IT is. A family in EU spents a very small fraction of its income(salery) for surfing, gaming, movinig, studing and what have you, but in eth even a highly paid family dont afford to google a few things let alone to have flat rate of everything. This is weiered, the technology is all there with a little bit of effort and creativity. Wake up Africans we cant afford to loos this chance, if it is undoable for one country alone many should coopetate and realise the infrastructure necessary for that before it is too late. Offcourse a a wide internet accesse may bring its own danger, like extriemiest may exploit it, but no where is life any where any different. The Gtp 2 responsibles must be bold enough to put ambitus plan to meet this goal.

    2. Wealth distribution, the gap between poor and reach is widening in alarming speed. To me Eth at the moment is neither pro poor nor for the rich. It lucks understanding of a justified tax system. The constitution is actyally against this. Gtp 2 should state and articulate a lot in this regard.
    3. There shoud be insurance for every thing. Customers should be able to claim damage caused by poor quality from the insurances at any time. This will force and regulate the service and the market to keep certain quality. May be this is not affordable in Gtp 2 but for sure in Gtp 3.

  17. There is no question Ethiopia is now one of the top three well governed countries in Africa, mainly due to PM Meles’s well crafted GTP 1 .
    GTP 1 has truly transformed the country, especially considering the level of poverty that existed. However, GTP effort was retarded by dangerous forces, namely corruption and bureaucracy to the point one can clearly see those forces at play in broad day light, even at times, frighteningly taking control of the country. During GTP 1, the red-tape, ever-changing rules and regulations did not infuse comfort and risk taking courage on the “true” private investor, hence the almost missing component of GTP 1.
    In my opinion, as we craft GTP 2, we should create plat-form based on true sense of contract and rule of law so we may create level-field for all private economy actors. If we scrupulously do that, the country, at the end of GTP II, will be propelled to the next orbit and attain enough middle class households that will sustain future development endeavors. Without this crucial component, all we are going to create is a country of have and have-nots where income disparity is so high virtually these few at the top will rule and control the country.

    God Bless Ethiopia

  18. I give the current government for having such an ambitious plans in GTP 1. Not withstanding the corruption and nepotism that vividly hindered the implementation of the first GTP, it is commendable to see such a plan and marginally acceptable conclusion. A lot of progress has been made in every aspect of the plan. infrastructure as related to health, education, power generation, and roads have shown a noticeable progress while Telecommunication and Power distribution have shown quite the opposite married with corruption from top to bottom. I don’t believe the same people currently running these failed organizations should be rewarded to draft yet another GTP. We need a new blood for Telecom and Power distribution management and leadership. Otherwise, I don’t have a beef with other organizations and the people selected to lead for drafting the next GTP.

  19. Different people have commented on what can be improved & I have nothing to add__power ,technology & above all basic infrastructures have been included .Excellent recommendations.On top of that, I want the government to continue empowering people ,Ethiopia´s greatest treasure is it´s people ,Ethiopia is & will continue to progress, because the governments greatest objective is to remove the negativity of we can´t & has embraced it´s motto & principle of course ,YES ,WE CAN (yichalal)..& I even read on this website the governments introductionj of Japan´s motivating ideology ,(I forgot what it is called). Ethiopia is way better from countries like Mexico & Phillipines in the coruption index ,however ,specially visitors that come from visiting Tigray kilil, major complain is corruption ,let the people know they have power ,besides simple complainning.

    Health & wealth to Ethiopian people.

  20. I believe, Eprdf as a party, or the leaders of the party (the government) they are doing what the party is planed to do for the nation. the party’s plan and program is acceptable and it is designed based on Ethiopian political, geographical cultural & social ground!!!!!!
    as pm melees have said
    cote” Ethiopia in 20 years well be one of the middle income country’s, 40 years from know well be in a line with the richest country’s “he new and he believed on the party he lead !!!!!
    having say that, with all the ups and downs, with all the good job they are doing there is a lots of miss justice, miss management, authoritarian treatments to the general public by individuals !!
    programs and party plans are twisted by individuals, by party cadres and by some high order to implement there personal power and wealth.
    there is no accountability at all,
    worst of the worst, the elder party leaders have known for there genuine leader sheep and scarifies of there life to bring to where the nation is right know .
    so,,,, how can they tolerate corruption and miss justice on the people which they fought for ????
    I don’t believe they don’t know !!!
    I don’t believe they don’t her !!
    I don’t believe they don’t see !!! but I don’t know why ???
    Eprdfs program is well crafted and well studied and it is the wright political plan for Ethiopia I am 100% behind every program and plan .
    but few party members are destroying the image of this precious political party !!!
    I believe party leaders need to be more open and the party needs to control his members, and there activities, every body needs to be accountable to his/ her action the public is saying, talking and complaining a lot (open your ears &your eyes) if Addis is ok, it doesn’t mean the rest of the country is ok !!
    go and see the small areas, woredas, kebeles and zonas !!
    take a measure action on electric, water, road and communication authorities.
    this are the basic and major problems of the public,, be side individual Eprdf cadres !!!
    the government needs to establish (enforce) kleloch (zones)to have at the End of the year public auditoria reports to the public !
    un less how do the public know what, went where ??? we need accountability
    to fight corruption you need to have accountability and annual report !!
    to close the door of corruption public sectors need to have annual report to the public !
    for example
    If Effort, Mesobo, Selam bus and so on,, are the property of the people of Tegray
    the congress of Tegray needs to have, auditoria boards from the people of Tegray and from the government of Ethiopia to audited this public properties.
    if this public properties didn’t audited yearly, by the people and for the people, then,,, who well audited them ?
    how did the public know ?
    individuals can miss managed it, miss used it to there personal uses.
    those individuals letter be come corrupts, dictators and gradually this people start to deceive the public and the government .
    and the public well label them not as individuals but as Eprdfs, so personally
    Eprdf needs to learn from the past, and current objective bowled mistakes of party members !!!!
    because at the End they are individuals ,,,,, but EPRDF representatives !!!!
    long live Ethiopia !!!
    love and respect to all the fallen hero’s !!!
    long live woyen/eprdf

  21. The first GTP was a start and relatively it has been successful; the 2nd GTP should be brain stormed or planned by various professionals included young and old politicians. I recommend they read other countries experience how they accomplish the second five years plan example China, Brazil, Turkey and India etc. The second GTP should focus in human development capacity QUALITY of EDUCATION especially, engineers, inventors we have many bright young Ethiopians they must earn a highly quality, BA, MBA etc. I must also stress that the English language be taught at early age, most Ethiopians who educated the last 30 years we have difficulties in the English language to clearly express our thoughts when dealing with other nationals talking or writing. In the second GTP I like to see implemented
    Finally, to accomplish all the above we must have a QUALITY EDUCATED Ethiopians. The schools /colleges and universities must be held to highest standard. Thank you

  22. for the next time what should be done regarding wechi yemilaku baltetoche,
    bemejemeria ye edme gudai new endiaw welaje yehone sew lijun endet endemichenek hulm yawekal selezi what ever rejim hona enkuan edemewa tinishe
    mehonua yastawekal yihe lela corrabtion new becouse promise gebtew yihedalu
    yalakemachew yimutu yinuru saytawek.

    kemigebawe belay yasazenal 18 amet enkuan saymolachew ye 14 amet endet belew endemilaku yasazenal yihe haimanotun yemifera,christian weyem islam
    uehone fetarin yeferu bihonu ezi bota yemiseru menyahl tekorkuari endemihonu

    chigeru ahunem kelay new kenya bewed eylakech yegawochu berekash yemilakubet corruption new.

    lelaw enezi lejoch from the beggning kebalager yemetu nachew buambua weha endet endemikeda yemayaweku nachew ebet be vacum cleaner tergew emayaweku nachew,shuka yezew yemayaweku nachew,

    enezi lejoch eko ye ethiopia ambasaderoch nachew tadia ye lelaw hager benesu ayne new hageritun yemiaut.

    wet meserat yemaichelu,ke kenya yemihedut teru englizegna seleminageru yakebruachewal yegna amaregna enkuan mestafe aychelum english aychilum,arebigna aychilum,

    tadia cheger sinore embassy interfer mehone yemayfelegew he knew men aynet
    lejoch endehonu selemiyak becouse setet endemiseru yawkal bemawek balemawek luck of education who to be blame the authority back home.

    lelaw all this should be focused before those lady jump into plane they should
    have in a big scale education from cleaning ,shower endet endemiwesed.aytew ayawekum,how to protect one self from abuse specialy ,i reapet specialy the body language how to deal with the house owner either the wife or the husband.

    there is this poor girls some who went short cut lemkeber yemifelegu
    ye setiyewan tedar betnew ke baliyew genzeb lembelat yemimokeru.

    yemitaseb gudai betleku mesemer yemigebawe.
    the body language am talking this girls should be tought

    let say if the wife went to shopping while she is out side there is a viberation
    she even before she came home she knows whats going on back in her home
    this is 100% must know.

    one example.if there are 30 women in one room with a single man in the middel
    yehe sew ke yetegnawa gare felagot endalew setochu yawekalu tefetro gifted nachew selezi yegna setoch yemihedut yehelm injera new resachew new hager yemigebaw metenkek teru new.

    the best solution alamchin mindenew,the main kerb genegnunet keseteyewa enji kebaleyw gar menem aynet nekeki makom be hiwet mefred kefelgu besteker.

    lelaw egency full protection for their return after their contract end this should be respected.

    for all this we need to give them comminecation skill even with their embassy

    their education level ?

    this girls can be more productive than being slave.

    thank you.

    lelaw landena lemcheresha mengest ende mengest behave siyaderg
    gelesebochin ye developement chain meserat yemicheluten geleseboch weshmet kemkuret coruption eyale kemaser bikoteb yehe degmo kelay yalu halafiwoch sayhonu begleseboch teseser mekegnet yemibedelu nachew

    we ketat teketew wed sera medebachew yemigebubet mechu huneta mefter enji
    magulalatu men ayfeyedem.

    in europe they have every detail of you the gave you a gun becouse they have the better one the can control you look nin america they sell million guns but the put in place how to control them.

    in our country its only prison or bank krupting indivduals
    systematicaly thats the only way to control.

    if we need to progress like a country challenge people
    mentaly not arresting becouse one is smart than you.

    i reapet not the goverment but people who are challenged in businesse with
    some close to goverment some individuals .

    so you we go hand in hand with the developement of the country.

    thank you

  23. Aiga,
    Thanks for creating this forum.
    I have not read the GTP performance report, but we know that the projects were monumental and intended to provide a strong foundation for the transformation of Ethiopian economy. Right off the top of my head, I think GTP2 should build on the current GTP. The government should intensify efforts to develop major road and railway networks in regions in order to decentralize industrial development. At present most of the industries are concentrated in Central Ethiopia because of the availability of infrastructure, but communities are paying the price by losing land and their social and cultural traditions. This also encourages labour migration and continues to put more pressure on resources. The Ports of Lamo (Kenya) and Port Sudan will play a crucial role in linking regions with international markets and encouraging regional industrial development. Another point: can Ethiopia design something like a hand rotary tractor to help subsistence farmers improve productivity (instead of the traditional oxen-plough technology)? If there are heavy metal industries producing military and industrial hardware, why would it be difficult to develop appropriate plough and harvest technology for the mass of Ethiopian farmers?

  24. Dear Aiga,
    When you get bored you open have you say forum? I have to tell you that it is unfortunate, but woyane did not /have not / an idea of democracy. Democracy is not a joke. A country ruled by one handful of dictators from one ethnic group have no the moral ground even to talk about democracy. There is no democracy Aiga.

    Employment by party member?
    Housing by party member?
    Landowner ship by party member?
    Trade by party member?
    Import and export by party member?
    Everything by party member?
    Public property owned by EPRDF /AKA tplf?


    In order to have democracy?
    1. There is law
    2. There is no corruption
    3. Employment or opportunity is only by merit, not by ethnic or party member
    4. National policies marshalled by public vote of confidence. For example, woyane landlocked Ethiopia by force or by gun, against the interest of every Ethiopian and against the right of every single Ethiopian?
    5. There is no zemedbezemed
    6. There is no selling of public property as you own property
    7. You have no right own public property such airline, bank, telecom,… now this entity are not public property. Woyane owns everything as if it has inherited from predecessors.
    8. In general, Ethiopians are second citizen in their country because Woyane and its collaboratotes like Almouldi own Ethiopia.
    9. Projects are implemented by bidding of international professionals based on their merit, quality of services, not by zemedbezemed,

    In general, woyane does not qualify to talk about democracy because it runs the country as its own private property. Ethiopia is now a country run by Saudi King.
    10. Let us be honest, why are Ethiopians dying everyday in the middle east? do you know why? it is because Ethiopians are people with no leader and with shepherd.

    11. Expecting democracy from woyane is expecting honey from fly. Do you think a fly to make honey like a bee? Can an oxen become pregnant and give birth to a calf ?

    Aiga, you do not make sense Aiga at all. Do you know TPLF is ruling Ethiopia now for 25 years? 5 years less than Gadaffi? now you are even talking about GTP 2? so addd 25 + 5 = 30 and you still wanted GTP 3? add 30 + 5 = 35? Then TPLF = Gadaffi. We humans are so selfish that we would not mind becoming burden to others if we are comfortable. It is very sad. But that is what Ethiopia is facing. Remember AIGA, Mengistu Hailemariam also run elections every 4 or 5 years? haha, who won? Mengie won about 4 times. Now again, the same story repeating itself again and again. That is why Ethiopia is stuck and its people are dying everywhere everyday.

    I can agree with you if talk about something else. But it is an insane to talk about democracy while you have been forcing yourself on the people of Ethiopia for so long. I wish Ethiopia was the way you potray it. But the truth is everyone knows about it.


      Gezaee, we are still hopeful one of these days we will win you over to our side or you will throw the towel as many have done before you and leave the democratic space to those who can better use it!
    • I would prefer to hang myself than to be a part of your side AIGA. I am clean AIGA, I can not afford to be part of corrupt people and system. It will be a deservice to my conscience or Hilna or to the virtue of my awesome life experience. it will be like tatbo chika. I have Hilna Aiga, I am not hodam who sell my country, my people in the name of orphan, domestic worker, sell land in the name of investment,and dance, spend money while people are dying everywhere and while hospitals run with no water, medicine.. Winning me over to your side, will never ever happen while I am normal person.

      • It can happen if and only if :
        1. Woyane release all political prisoners
        2. If woyane stop denying Ethiopia its natural ports
        3. Woyane stop removing people from their land and selling their land
        4. If woyane remove article 39
        5. If woyane change ethnic federalism to non-ethnic federalism
        6. If Woyane stop islamizing Ethiopia in the name of investment.

        I am 100% woyane will not do this. That means I will never ever be part of you in your life.

        I am interested now forming a Christian government in Ethiopia, we do not need aethiest government that worship money and people who have money, sell land and people. I am against communism and capitalism. I follow whdetism or Tewahdo.

        • Dear Gezaee,
          your name according to direct tranlation is ” Buyer”, according to indirect translation “to govern by Force”,. so that many times you mix things to express your feeling. That is why you mention about ports in any your comment. Don’t think about the dead fish, already they are dead, you could not give them back life. Either you are “GOD”, or “supper magic” person. if you fall grade 12, then you do it again, and again you got the same result, then you should have to stop it ; find other solution, so and so you talk about grade 12 you loose your time you get sick. The same thing in history the read sea is belongs to Eritrea and Eritrean, but not to Ethiopia and Ethiopian, you should have to understood, don’t be rock head. whether you live in US or Jupiter it doesn’t give sense. So you need to strat war again.That’s it!
          Thanks, Halay

  25. I hope GTP Phase 2 will have at least one or two VERY bold projects in it which can mobilise local or regional resources. We have seen with dedication, scientific proven carefully designed methods and hard work anything is possible. Ethiopians resources are the people which mostly live right now in the rural area. Any plan should be focused towards enabling this population. If we enable this mass a bit, the gain is huge. For me the big gain in the GTP I is the gain in health sector which enabled the masses. We should go on this track and enable each and every one of the Ethiopians
    nations nationalities, women and girls in making them productive. So health and education coverage should be further a focus. Intensive road and communication coverage to every village and corner(without leaving white spots) of the country will further enable Ethiopia to live to it’s potential.

  26. Oh Gezaee H.You are still around! Heym this forum is for Ethiopians. Eritreans have their own headache. Go to, or You have millions of problems in Asmera and try to solve that before meddling in politics of neighboring states. Cheers!

  27. I remember when I was a young person one of the enlightened relative told us “ Regional autonomy don’t mean settling people from Wello province in Wellega province” that is what doomed Mengistu Haile Mariam Derg regime, know it all what is good for you. Then why repeat it again and again? Let the Regional government have full control of economic planning and implementation regional development have been dominated by the development from above approach and have emphasized spatial decentralization in order to dispersed development throughout the country ‘ Except some cities”. Economic stability through increased participation of the local community in development, which is needed in Ethiopia, let regional government control all aspect of economic development. The federal government roll should be limited to allocating budget for regional economic plan and supervising the implementations.

  28. Hello dear Aiga, first of all what happen to GTP-1 in Tigray ? Where is the rail road plan that was supposed to connect Mekelle to Tadjoura -Djibouti ?? Tigray has a huge mining potential and huge ever eager hardworking people who can tap this resources for the development of the region and the country but the luck of access to machinery (rail road, wide high ways etc) is undermining this. Please if we are serious about real development, a rail road from Mekelle to Tadijoura or Humera to port Sudan should come as top priority above anything else.
    2ns in line is we need a high speed fiber optic internet ASAP. Fast internet is becoming the top necessity for any fast development in any country, access the wealth of knowledge easily from home and for literally anything required for a societies development, to collect & manage taxes for gov’t effectively, banking and other transaction system, really everything depends on fast internet.
    3rd, The gov’t should block facebook and other social networks which are unnecessary waste of time and resource like china. China with 1.3 billion people has only a few thousand facebook users and that is why china is fastest growing economy in the world. In order to get something you have to work hard for it, and social networking websites like facebook are being used for ugly non constructive purposed against our government and our people. So, blocking this things has many advantages.

    …Actually we kind of agree with you on your comment about facebook and other social media use in Ethiopia. It seems to youth and some elders are very consumed by it and agree with you it does not seem this has been productive exercises. Not sure blocking it, is a solution though!

  29. Ethiopia’s economy can grow double digits for the next ten to fifteen years, easily tripling the current GDP. The major sectors of this economic drives are five, agriculture, manufacturing, construction in housing and infrastructure, energy production and finally communication/IT. Health care and education expiation will augment drive this unprecedented growth. All these rosy outlook will only happen if EPRDF is willing to share power and start to democratize public institutions, materialize the existence of rule of low, including independent and accountable division of power in governing institutions. As it stands right now, this government is not showing neither willingness nor capability to change its course. On the contrary, it is driving in reverse.

  30. Exporting electric power to Djibouti while Ethiopians don’t get enough electricity is wrong and misguided. How can you leave your citizens in the dark and export electric power to foreigners? That is why many in the Diaspora don’t trust the objective of the Renaissance dam and reluctant to give their money to the government. What happens after the dam is built? Export the electric power to foreigners and leave Ethiopians in the dark again? The next GTP plan need to address this issue and build confidence in the government’s projects.

  31. China was able to grow double digit for the last 30 years and more by standing firm to it’s own way and policies in spite of fierce opposition from all over the west. Year in year out, till the point where their opposition was proven wrong and defeated by China. Other east and even now latin american countries like Brazil are following China and are becoming successful. We have plenty of places when we can learn how to do it right. I am ready to contribute my share for the transformation of Ethiopia.

  32. It is a good start, but, ignoring the main issue, corruption.
    Clearly, corruption is a problem that cannot be ignored if we are to see the progress of developing our nation to continue into the next millennium. Empirical evidence suggests that corruption lowers investment and retards economic growth to a significant extent i.e. slows economic growth through a wide range of channels.

  33. The culture of peaceful opposition and parliamentary democracy should be strengthened. Legal opposition Parties should be encouraged and supported to compete for parliamentary sits. Opposition parties that come to power through the electoral system are the only guaranty for the rue of law. EPRDF’s long term allies are those who are now participating in peaceful struggle. If EPRDF weakens and suffocates these peaceful opposition parties, it will create deep seated resentment and a fertile ground to grow for those that have opted for armed struggle No one will benefit from this in the end.

    EPRDF & the Election Board should encourage/not discourage major opposition parties to take part in the upcoming election in May.

  34. Dear Aiga,
    I wonder why you call yourself Ethiopian while you advocate land-locking, Ethiopian? you love Ethiopians only to sell them and to sell their land, to milk them until you die? I can not believe you have the audacity to point fingers on Aite Gebru and Aite Aregawi? You come out like this to express your arrogance ? Zeyewegih Mesluwas Abdhri Metahn tharie ybehal. Mr. Gebru, and Ato Aregawi got it right . You will die like your dead boss without learning or getting it. Shame on you, shameful and you must ashamed to call yourself Ethiopian. If you wanted Ethiopians to be landlocked? then my advise to you, leave alone the other Ethiopians and go away to your tigrai region and live there. Stop looting and abusing people by taking their land and making business. Betaemi ekuye zegerm. Armamat, Zemamat. Aiga, who the hell are you to talk on the behalf of 96 million people? who elected you? You are boss Meles was not a traitor of many times and a sworn anti Ethiopia. Only you love him which is obvious because even Mengistu had lovers too. No wonder. But you must stop peeing on us. We are men like you although we do not know how to kill people. you better shut than exposing your arrogance and ignorance.

  35. Dear Aiga,

    My apology aiga, the anti Gebru and Anti-Ethiopia and Anti Aregawi Berhe comments, I misread it that you wrote because I defaulted it to you. But I see now it was written by a loser man so called Zeru Hagos. Zeru diea ytfaember.

  36. First thing first before I write about the GTP1 (which I wrote my critics before implemntation) or the GTPII I can simply conclude by saiyng the following.


    Any deveopmental plan is an evitable in any country but planning needs first problem identification, analysis and possible solutions to make the end meet.
    when planning is top down the plan is politicized and looks superficial. In addition to this planning should be done with qualified experts and needs participation of the grassroots. Unless these are incorporated planning will be a nice fiction written for five years.
    Planning also needs participation of the stakeholders,experties, civil societies and free associations that are organized in their own terms. What we see in TPLF Ethiopia is a day dream of politicians that could not be Implemented. what we see from the last four years achievements (to be generous) are about 53 percent in most of the sectors but more than 100 percent in practicing attrocities and human right abuses and trashing democratic governance.
    why a country needs telecomunication and internet development where all internet sites are blocked and all telephone calls are watched to syphon individual discussion (law of voice over internet portal)? Moreover for pressing to take facebook and EMail passworts to extract freedom of expression of individuals.
    As a whole unless people have to express their Ideas what they need and have not entrance to entitlment and endowment writing a plan is a waste of time and resources. It is also legitimazing corrupted officials to syphon the meagre foreign currency for capital flight.
    let we see the following from the GTPI
    One can continue the lists and it goes on. What I feel currently is that TPLF led EPRDF is a recycled form of failed state as that of the forgone Derg Regime except the former ine was fighting for Sovereignity while TPLF led EPRDF IS FOR DISMANTELING THE COUNTRY.

    • Every country sniffs all incoming and outgoing emails to protects the country. I do not think TPLF have such system due to lack of capacity or ignorance.

      I agree internet must be a staple of the modern society, but since there is a lot of crimes online, any government needs cyber defense system. If I was to be the president, I would make internet accessible to every Ethiopian but I must also sniff each email for smelling what they are ; I would set up a cyber army. In this new edge you do not need to fight your enemies on the ground, but you can do it online with no blood. I would develop a new cyber militaries, cyber intelligence net works, cyber sharp shooters( hackers). Internet security is the next big business in the coming.

  37. Ethiopia should go an innovative way than trying to immitate others.

    Enviromental aware and centerned development could bring us far than most of us emagine. We would be a head of everybody if we put our strenght forexample in electric cars and oil free transportation systems. Planting trees and greening the country and the cities is another thing which can be organized with relative little financial resource but which later will give the country a huge and lasting enviromental resiliance against hunger and food shortage. This alone will free much resource.
    Another big point of investiment is school free feeding for childeren. A lasting investiment which will produce a strong and healthy workforce who will be able to excute the next GTP of building techologically advanced society!!

  38. The next big things not electric cars, that is old abandoned technology. The next cars will be photonic cars, cars driven not by fuel but by light with no co2, No2, SO2, CFC , no batteriesl, … energy stored in vacuum cavities or photonic resonators… pollutants. Driving intelligent cars, cars which drives you to your final destinations based relativity technology or GPS.

  39. The other next big things coming soon is optical computers, computers driven by light, not by electrons. The sky is the limit. Electronic is now becoming old technology, the new industries coming up is atto, femto, pico, nano photonic technology like nanophotonics and biophotonics. The next big things is non-invasive surgery and imaging which allows doctors to do surgery without touch the body of the patient using novel nanophotonic novel machineries because CT MNR, Proton, Positron therapy is invasive and carcinogenic. I do not know the Arabs will do when we built the first light driven car.

  40. People may not agree with me, but HRW is another type of terrorist group that advances its hidden agenda in the name of others. There are three type of terrorists:

    1. Hardcore terrorists: The Islamicist Jihadist.
    2. The second type of terrorist are those who use bullying, disrupting cultures, religions, … who meddle and create cosmic chaos which is USA Bush administration.
    3. The third type of terrorists are called soft-core terrorists. The soft core terrorists includes HRW.
    1. The hard core terrorists believe that it is only them God allowed to live on our planet. And they will not hesitate for a second to kill all non-muslims on earth or convert to them Islam by force. It is them or none.Coexistence, recognition of those who do not follow their faith is not in their Vacubolary. That is the reason they murdering are humans being across the globe on daily basis.

    2. USA government invaded Iraq, Afganistan, … now USA gave us a war torn Iraq, Afganistan, … which are now a breeding ground of ultra extreme Islamicists. A point in case, ISIS is the creation of George Bush, USA. It is true the west thought wrongly that they can liberate the oppressed Muslims the way they did. That was great, but the way they did it was wrong. Today we are sitting on time bomb planted about 15 years ago by George Bush.

    Also I know Bush did that to be proactive and to strike Islamicists by pre-emptying like that. But you all know now what we got from it. The entire middle east is now hot bed of ultra extreme Islamicists who are menace now to the existence of human race on this planet.

    You can see how Bin Laden has affected how we live today. The miscalculation or wrongs of one person has made the world an ugly place to live despite the civilization brought by the west.

    What do this HRW wanted? do they really care about Ethiopians more than Ethiopians? I do not believes so. What I believe is they have their own agenda which is neoliberalism. They do not kill people outright by shooting like the terrorists, but they do kill people by fostering antagonism, creating dispute, anarchy, schism, hatred. Their agenda is to make me people fight each other, kill each other so that in that way they can achieve their ultimate goal indirectly.

    I am not saying the government we have is democratic and Good. I know it is not good for the Ethiopian people. But I do strongly believe it is our business to do our own home work. It is no one’s business to meddle in our home affaires.

    At the same, even if we give them the benefit of doubt they have good intention and they care very much about Ethiopian people? You do not solve problem by spreading hatred, lies, fabrication, antagonism, rivalry, rebellion. It never work like that. You can not reconcile people or make harmony by creating antagonism based on biases and prejudice and lies.

    I do strongly believe they have their sinister agenda to hurt our people and they do not want to our people to live in peace. I do not believe you can give democracy or freedom by antagonizing , and creating anarchy.

    What about the double standard and hypocracy?

    Why these so called HRW do not give instruction to the Saudi King to reform, or eliminate stoning, beheading of people for whatever crime that happens? No country on earth beheads people by sword in public than Saudi Arabia. Yet, Saudi Arabia is now a council member of the United Nations Human right Commission? do you know why? Genzeb kale besemai menged ale,They paid money to UN and lobbied to be member by bribing countries and they are now on UNHRC council.

    Why they do not go to North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia,… and give them a pre-written law on a silver plate according to their whims?

    Let this HRW go to Asmara and give instruction to Issayas ? Sometimes I love this dictator Issayas because he know how to handle them. They are bullshit and they have no moral, ethical standard.

    I have to admit I am in love with the west. But I have no respect for this so called HRW. They do not measure to the standard I hold on the west. They are just rubbish to be honest.

    If there is anything good things this government has done to Ethiopia and Ethiopian people? they are two:
    1. The GERD
    2. The anti-terrorism law.

    EPRDF must tell them to fuck off from our internal affaires. I know we have problems and this government is not elected by Ethiopian in a fair and free election because we know this. But we do not want this regime to administer our people by taking prewritten laws from this psychological terrorists or mercenaries.
    My suggestion to the government is the following:
    1. Do not give attention to HRW organisation because they are a different kind of terrorists.
    2. I suggest you add more antiterrorism law so that we will not have the type of terrorist attacks like in Paris, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Canada, last time one Libyan Muslim came from no where and shot a Canadian Guard of honor in the main down town Ottawa and he tried to storm and kill the prime minister. No Canadian would expect such thing can happen in Canada. Luckily, he was shot before entering the parliament and the prime minister’s office. Terrorism needs more than anti terrorism law to handle. Anyone who does not like the anti-terrorism law in Ethiopia, let him blow herself or himself, let them explode by the anti-terrorism law, yfendu. It is none of their business because of this antiterrorism law our people are at least enjoying relative peace. People are not dying in Ethiopia like in Kenya, Nigeria.
    3. I suggest you make immigration more strict and know who is coming in and out of the country because terrorism has become a menace to every country. Ethiopia really must know who is coming in and out of the country one by one. Even the derg government was very successful on keeping Islamicists out of Ethiopia. They did not have base in Ethiopia. They were operating from Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia only.

    4. I also suggest more media covering on awareness of terrorism among Ethiopians so that hotels do not accommodate terrorists and land home owners do not accommodate or rent terrorists. The government must also campaign awareness among villagers so that they know is in their community and terrorist will not use as launch bad using the ignorance of villagers. They can prepare bombs in villages and drive to their targets.
    5. I also suggest the regime to release all the political prisoners so that meddlers will not use such things to foster war, civil strife in our country and to advance their sinister agenda against our country.
    6. I suggest to stop dealing with those HRW people. The government must cooperate with western governments of Europe, North America on promoting and improving freedom for the people because freedom is important for development and good society. But the government must stop dealing with these fringe groups who are sowing hatred, antagonism for their own agenda.

    7. Let them go to Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Eritrea, and the entire middle east who live in much worse repression than Ethiopia. Let them go to South Sudan and stop the warring faction there. Let them to go Somalia and give instruction to Alshabab. Let them go to Nigeria and give instruction to Boko Haram to set free the 200 girls who were taken hostage from their school which now have been forgotten for 7 months? Let them go to Nigeria and help that government to handle the book haram. Let them go to Iraq and Syria and respect human right.

    Let them go to Saudi Arabia and give instruction to the Saudi King to have a prewritten law from them.

    Also I hate this regime in Ethiopia very much. I thank them for having the antiterrorism law because they have saved many lives so far. We could have lost many innocent lives by now if we were like Kenya, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan.

    I assure EPRDF the antiterrorism the best thing you have done for Ethiopian people.

    Ethiopia must be ruled by Ethiopian only. There is no need for meddlers, ignorants and idiots. We have problems we know and we have to address them ourselves. We do not need babysitters from anywhere.

    What they are doing exactly is what the terrorists Islamicists are doing . The only difference is that this is soft terrorism terrorists that does not kill you physically, but they kills you mentally by making you feel you are less than them. What annoyed me is giving instruction to change the anti-terrorism law? Ethiopians do not know you and I do not know you. I do not need you. Leave my country alone, idiots. Your level of ignorance is beyond understanding.

    I wanted to emphasis that the government must not change any law because of these fringe groups because they are not stake holders in our society. What the government must do is strengthen the rule of law and real democracy in the context of Ethiopia and also releasing all political prisoners and so that these type of new type of foreign mercenaries will not have window to create havoc.

  41. Dear Aiga,
    Instead of mocking and joking on Ethiopia’s legal opposition parties such as UJD, try to help them to build democratic culture in our country by participating in the upcoming election in May. If you really want to contribute to building democratic system in Ethiopia, you need to give good advice to EPRDF leaders, and not endorsing all what they do.

    The existence of peaceful opposition parties is the only guaranty for lasting peace and the rule of law. However, you seem to sing with the dictatorial behaviour of EPRDF. This doesn’t help anyone in the long run. It only pushes the people to despair, hopelessness, and to ultimate violence. This may or may not affect some of us directly, but our children and grand children will pay the price later for our cajoling of dictators now. That is for sure. They will then curse us for our selfishness.

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