Building Democratic Ethiopia and its Challenges

We think most of you would agree with us Ethiopia is moving forward. Despite the challenges, the country is continuing to register growth both in economic and social development terms! The economic gains it had so far is an open secret but the social development may not be. One of the growing pain challenges is the continuous tag of war between the government and the fledgling private press. The private media is continuously tasting the water by clearly violating the law of the land and the government is strictly enforcing the law and putting editors and bloggers to jail.

In a normal developed country the private press finds ways to work within the law and still play its role as the watch man. Equally true, in a developed and democratic world, the government also finds ways to accommodate the private media despite their role is to investigate and expose the government excess.

We understand Ethiopia is still developing and has many challenges it can spent its meager resources rather than spent it in managing crisis that may be caused by the irresponsible private media. However we think the government can help the development of a democratic and responsible society by leaning more towards tolerance when it comes to some of the private press editors and bloggers in jail. The best tools the government has in its hand to use is the pardon process! And it should use it to pardon some of the jailed journalist who have served enough and were jailed for simple transgression of the law not for committing or intending to commit a crime. The face book and twitter generation journalists who often play copycat to any uprising elsewhere in the world can be tamed and their plan disrupted easily without a long term jail.

It saddens us to note the image of Ethiopia as far as democracy goes is not that good outside Ethiopia! We like it or not the high priests of the west have managed to tarnish its images because of the many editors and bloggers in jail at the moment. If the government plays this game differently it can win back the image battle and change the country’s image the same way it did with its economic success. Have Your Say and share with readers if there is a benefit to release some of the journalist and bloggers in jail!

38 thoughts on “Building Democratic Ethiopia and its Challenges

  1. The government has a responsibility to keep peace and order. The problem is with those so called journalists who conspire with outside forces for few dollars and simply to promote their political agenda. Journalist should remain free of any influence. Having said that the Ethiopian government should play using all cards and I am sure if pardon will help it will use it. The western actors will always find ways to tarnish the country for many other reasons but if Aiga thinks it will help if some of those are freed today so be it. I have no way of knowing what they did to go to jail except what is said. Thank you though for being mindful of the country’s image.

  2. The issue of press in Ethiopia is on its dark time in both the private press and the government side itself.
    The government said everything is “terrorism” , it forgets 1 journalist is to 10 family members-all of them will be terrorists according to it since if you have one person at your home whom the government said he is a terrorist-all the family member will be searched, punished and sometimes (if at all the time) will be in jail. Everybody knows mock exercises how one is said to be terrorist!
    Sometimes it is sad, the journalists will be in jail because they write about the death of the former prime minister-it is only different when written by external journalists-this is ridiculous.
    Currently, can we assume the number of journalists in jail in Ethiopia-it is painful. There is a saying in our culture
    “If you quarrel with one person-that person may be wrong”
    “if you quarrel with two-the second may support your enemy”
    “If you quarrel with more than three -you have a problem”
    Now our government is like this. It quarrel with everybody and send
    1. Oppositions to jail
    2. Journalist to jail
    3. Students to jail
    Finally every body is Terrorist- painful democracy!
    I did not know who is terrorizing now, is it the government or the journalists as the member of the community!

  3. I was in Ethiopia for the new year and travelled to Arbaminch, Harar, and Jijiga, Gondar and Tigray. There is change everywhere which is slowly but surely making poverty history. We have a long way to go but the direction travelled so far is very promising and should make every Ethiopian proud. There are many areas that will require concerted effort by evry Ethiopian if we are to braek the yoke of poverty.

    1. Corruption: If you go to any government office, it is very difficult to have your business given attention unless you give something. I will give you an example, I went with my sister and elderly mother to get a permit to re-build my mother’s washroom. It was leaking and has not been well maintained for thelast 25We were told by the first person we met. He did not ask even why we wanted to re-build it

  4. There might be some benefit to release some of ” journalists” to show the world that the intention is not to harm citizens specially those who are ready to learn from there mistakes. But the most important part would be that our government should increase the threshold of its tolerance before putting them to jail either by amending the laws or creating a transparent media which can accommodate different ideas.

  5. There is a good deal of benefit to play cat and mouse with these journalists.. Jail them and release them a few serving few years. The government should understand the world does not revolve around purity or politics/international norm does not rely on black and white. Look USA makes all kind of deals with China and Germany is key supporter of Putin Russia. So Although Ethiopia has every right to enforce its own law…most of the journalists are considered as journalist be it a bad journalists who knows no journalistic disciple. For that play wrestling like PM Said long time ago…the struggle with the elites in Addis will be like “wrestling” it is not a gun battle struggle. wrestling requires give and take. Didn’t the government release Kinjit leaders who caused the death of 200 people?

    Appreciate for the chance Aigaforum.

  6. As we were leaving the office to go home a young lady followed us and told us to give him at list 200Br and he will give us the permit. I refused but my sister did not hesitate and she gave her what she asked for. We were told to return in the afternoon to pick the permit. We went in the afternoon and the permit was ready.

    2. I went to the Kazanchis office to finalize power of attorney with my brother. I picked a number and when my number was called I went to the kiosk and submitted the completed application. I was told it will take a week while the information posted on the wall says in less than a day. I directed his attention to the notice but to no avail. I insisted that I need the permit immediately because that is what the information posted on the wall says. He said he is going out for lunch and informed me again to return in a week. I went home and I returned after lunch. I gave him 100 br and all was done. I got my permit.
    3. Addis is being rebuilt and is becoming modern city. But it is very embarrassing to see people relieving themselves on the street. There is no public washroom any where. They teach the people about sanitation and there are no public washrooms any where. this has to be a priority if the public is to stay healthy and to have a clean city,

  7. I am puzzled by licensing of journalists in Ethiopia. I can not license myself to practice in any responsible profession without training and rigorous licensing process. Trainings to be a professional, among others, include professional ethics, working guidelines, legal framework, cultural context, international norm and of course the alpha and omega of the profession. Be it a police, a doctor, a pilot or attorney, they all work with those given frameworks. When it comes to journalism, particularly in Ethiopia, it is just enough to label myself as a journalist to operate at wanton.
    Because of their clandestine international network and big mouth, they are the most privileged human beings whom you can not put in jail for lying, and misinforming. That is, I guess, the reason why journalism is slowly loosing its flare and societal favor.
    Eth. government shall be also a bit tolerant for those bitter mouths. Any of those so called news papers have not more than 3000 circulation in a country of 90 mill. Their impact is nil. They benefit more from the government instinctual action to their provocation. Who is reading them? None.
    I am amazed how rumor to jail them has worked effectively in the past. The so called journalists left Eth. via Bole and Bale to become Ethiopian restaurant kitchen boys in DC. I loved it. They are now working their butt off to survive.

  8. My dears for the development activity it is crystal clear. when we come to social development. there is very clear problem from both the government and the opposition parties. Both of them do not have point of junction. that is in many countries the point of junction for different parties is national interest. We can take the involvement of the opposition group against EGRD. We can also mention the existing government was also working together with the enemy of Ethiopia like Shaebiya somaliya and others. this is very dangerous trend that is accepted by most political people of Ethiopia. On their part now the journalists are also becoming instruments for different external forces. this is very very bad trend what ever development is build it can be destroyed within a week by external forces supported from the internal mercenaries using our diversity. Now it is not a matter of keeping two three so called journalists in prison or not it is beyond this. This must be the question how can we build responsible professionals and politicians who can do their profession without engaging to external forces.
    The leading party must also appreciate and support for dedicated genuine parties and journalists who are working for the development of democracy in our country. eg the party of Lidetu is good for instance journalists like reporter gazeta owner are good. Finally I suggest to release those who are relatively less bad that is those who do not involve in ethnic and religious inciting. But I beg the government not to release Endalkachew Tsige because he has already breached what I mentioned at beginning of my script. Any one who stands against our national interest must penalize even those who are in power now.Because this is a pillar which should not be crossed if a country is to exist.

  9. Stop talking about this ” Democracy” crap! Multicultural nations like Ethiopia are extremely hard to govern. In addition to the hundreds of ethnic groups, we have major religions that can be the source of strife here and there. Having said that, look around the world and learn from the wars that are raging in the middle East, Ukraine, Nigeria, Mali, Somalia, Sudan, Libya etc…Behind all these wars are the powerful middle Eastern countries or the West , who are fueling and financing groups they think are on their side.
    The peace loving people of Ethiopia have been there and fully understand the consequences of war. If journalists in the name of free press are involved in inciting violence, they must be arrested or put out of business for the sake of public safety and tranquility that we all have been yearning for the last 40 years.

    If you expect the US to bring you Democracy on a silver plate, well expect the Types of Democracies in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Ukraine and here in Ferguson, MO.
    If I were you AIGA people-I wouldn’t be worried about an image of our country in the WEST. To me,it is much better than what is going on in Syria or Iraq.

    • To Alene,
      You missed the point. What causes a country to go in to chaos, war and bloodshed is too much suppression and abuse of human rights. People will finally say “enough is enough” and look for guns to resolve disputes. That is what happened in those Arab countries, except Tunisia which respected the will of the people.

      The result of civil war is total anarchy. Most of the selfish Arab leaders couldn’t accommodate democratic rights, like simple peaceful demonstrations and the people finally opted for armed confrontation. Evrybody took guns, violence led to more violence and look where they are now.
      Countries that built democratic institutions and respect individual human rights will not go to gun violence. If there are independent courts, people will have trust on them and will look for justice peacefully.

      The current. EPRDF leaders will benefit from building independent institutions like free courts and private press. When the time comes and they leave office, it is the independent court system that can protect them from frivolous charges and unjustified criminal prosecutions. If you kill justice now, no one will save you when your time is up and removed from political office. It is also independent press that can speak for you.

      Look to democratic countries around you. People trust the justice system and there is no violence. Don’t be too shortsighted in your calculations. Think about tomorrow!

  10. Due to many factors, building democratic society is a challenge for countries like Ethiopia at this time. Building democratic society should come from within. In this case it is the Ethiopian people responsibility promote and enrich democratic process through their government, different political parties, civil, genders, professional associations, and media outlets etc. Especially, the private media have a pivotal role in promoting democracy. However, sadly we do not have free media outlets that abide by the rule and ethics of the so called “universal free media”. The content and conduct of the media in Ethiopia is not working according to the sound press ethics. I am not blaming them for their shortfall. But it doesn’t mean they have to be free from accountability for their action. The role of journalism is very broad and need deep understanding of events by reasoning and with knowledge. The problems for us Ethiopian are two things:
    1. We as a people like to read bad and negative news and eager to read or hear what we want, not the truth!. We do not care for facts and reasons. We follow the river like a dead fish! My apology for my words.
    2. We do have pseudo- journalist, but we do not have gifted, talented, knowledgeable journalist who stand for truth with responsibilities and loyal to his people and country. To be jailed does not mean they speak the truth, or stand for the benefit of the people or country. Being loyal to the people and for your country is different than loyal to your own belief or group’s interest. In general, in the absence of these it will be hard to promote democracy in our country.
    What is scarier is that if hate is a center of our daily politics, it is better to forget to talk about democracy. Democracy is a cover-up! This is the reality in Ethiopian mass media.
    Let’s look around us all those Ethiopian media outlets. Do we really think these media outlets which are growing like a mushrooms are helpful to promote democracy back home? Do we think they care about Ethiopians or about themselves in the name free media? I do not think that is the case. To me they are a source of problem by spreading hate and leading the country to misery. For some spreading hate is a source of business to get refugee in western countries in the name of “free media”, which our enemies are working day and night to destabilize our country.
    If there is no good writers there is no good readers, or there will be no good readers without good writers. Until we find both, our country problem will not be solved. Jailing, journalist will continue and our country’s images will be damaging. It seems the government is determined to take action and the “infantile” journalists are determined to continue in the same fashion, by the help of outside actors in the name of human right and free press. There are many foreign actors infiltrated in Ethiopian internal affairs in the name of democracy, human write, environment, indigenous people right etc. They have local advocates and supporters in the name of political opposition, and free press journalist. The danger is if this thing is continuing, what will be the outcome of the coming election? Does it bring a better or a worst Ethiopia? I pray to God for all Ethiopians to come to their mind and think twice for peace and security to our beloved country. Tolerance, pardoning and refrain from unnecessary arrest are important steps for peace.
    Last we have to admit that we are way behind building democratic societies. The steps taken are still in infant stages. Much is expected from the government to prepare the ground for fair political game.
    Long Live Ethiopia!

  11. I personally believed,, that every adult person have a mandate of doing the right thing in his/her life in general !!
    Also when we think politics, I believed it is to serve the public, the public her is the Ethiopian people in general !!
    so if we are going to speak politically correctness, it is up to each of as, to look our history as a hole from where we came from. we in general have to accept and recognize that our democracy is only 23 years old !!
    of course we Ethiopians, have long history over 100,1000,3000,50000 and so on. but we use to be in a feudal society until the past 20, 30,40 years.
    some times we don’t have to be a rocket scientist,,, democracy is a continuous building proses. Americans have go thru this for over 214years but steel they are not perfect. how can we ?? hey common sense
    that means there is some good work also bad. we need to be faire people in our personal judgment, in order to have a balance out come !!
    some times we rush for judgment, as they say ( kebero siayut yamral- sizut yadnageral) and we are so emotional judges when it comes to our political arena.
    we always think we are right, and any body who opposed as is wrong this is our Ethiopian politics it is so sad !!
    when some one be came journalist or PhD, or a doctor or un engineer or professor or any thing.
    They ( he/she) likes to comment on the political field of Ethiopia,
    having say this I am not saying it is wrong, but we need to have the full potential, & knowledge to become politicians in the 1st peace !!!
    we need to study our history,,,, where we use to be,,, where we are know,,,, where we need to go !!!
    also what to do,,,, when to do it,,,,, how to do it & with whom to do it !!!
    we need to examine every word coming out of our mouth,,,we are 86 ethnices we don’t need to thinck like befor 23 years a go !! we will harm or offend some one,, we need to respect each other !!
    every article we right it well offend some one because we are a very divers society.
    as I say, we are just on the beginning of building a democratic society, and each of as have a national responsibility for our nation !!
    when we work together government don’t have power !! b/c we elect the government. any democratic government is a public servant, ones we elect the government , the government have public mandate and responsibility to keep the public save !!
    And mandate to keep the constitution of the public(COUNTRY) to be respected !!
    so to summarize my opinion this is my personal point of view,, on any journalist or blogger who he/she is in jail !!!!
    First & most the government of Ethiopia (EPRDF) came to power by over throwing the dictatorial military regime of Ethiopia, well disserved victory.
    2nd they implement democratic system, inclusive of the forgotten ethnic groups of Ethiopia !!
    3rd they create a democratic republic of Ethiopia, with every one and any one is equal according the constitution of the nation ! so in order to implement this democratic system we need to ask each of as what have I done to my country,??
    am I respecting the constitution of the nation ?,,,not the government ,,then I have the right to ask my rights. ones I fulfill my responsibility, people well be behind me(supported) me. I know that,
    but our journalists, PhDs, doctors, engineers think they are above the constitution of the nation,,, government comes and goes,, the constitution of the nation needs to be respected….. end of story !!!!
    not the other way around what my country can do for me ???????
    I don’t believe the government needs to soften to any body unless other wise if the criminals have asked for forgiveness yes the government needs to pardon them if not so be it !!!!
    also based on our history, Ethiopia never bawd for no body, America, Europa, Asia, etc. !!! we used to be big,,,,, and we will be beiger soon !!!
    long live Ethiopia !!!!

  12. The question is what is the Ethiopian government’s purpose ? is it to please the outside world who have different interest of its own or build democratic system that benefits the majority of the Ethiopians based on rule of law ? if the aim is to please the special interest group yes they should disregard all the rules on the book and pardon and release all rule breakers not pick and choose who to release and who to lack up. Rules should be made to be respected violators if convected in a court of law should serve their time accordingly.

    Other wise we should understand that building a democratic process in a poor country like ours is not easy, but it should not come by appeasement. To begin with when democracy was introduced it was totally new to the land and has many doubters, but slowly but surely the people understood its benefits they now own it and will protect it. So the people and the ruling party has come a long way as we witness it in the past four elections. For example lets take the last two elections where on the first instance the opposition parties gained seats that surprise many and scared EPRDF, but they were too greedy and inpatient to accept the will of the voters and build on their success and prepare for the next election, Instead they want it all by violence as a result the voters who gave them the benefit of the doubt were really disappointed by the course of action they took. Second they were whipped out when the second election came around leaving them in disarray and gave the party in power 99% of the vote. Now as the country is getting ready for the coming election special interest groups are starting to distort the facts on the ground so they can influence the election to their liking as they always do in many countries in he world and are using some disgruntled citizens to do so. These special interest groups will never stop trying until they get their wish, so the government should strictly respect the law of the land and not be naive of world politics and try to please everyone by means of pardon, this to me is a weakness sign in part of the ruling party. The Goal should be to build strong nation of law abiding citizens.

  13. Ethiopia is changed in all fronts. As a citizen we should be proud of that. However, we have to travel a long way to reach our goal of eradicating poverty, by which we had been defined. Every citizen should be ready to sacrifice to attain our goal. This does not mean that we should not have different opinion to reach our destination. But we have strive for our common ground. When it comes to journalists, yes they clearly crossed the red line and is evident for some had followed their reports and writings. Free speech or free press comes with responsibility. I agree with your suggestion to pardon them. But it should be done according to our culture not to please international agencies. No matter what we do, we can not please these agencies.

    Thank Aiga for a wonderful job. Keep it up

  14. I agree the development in Ethiopia speaks for itself, In the past ten years I have been visiting Ethiopia every two years and each time I go there the change I see is extra ordinary. This is really commendable and every Ethiopian should be very proud. Having said that, when I see the democratic process it is in slumber; deteriorating from year to year, month to month and day to day. It is shameful to even say there is democratic process in Ethiopia. The dominant party in the EPRDF the TPLF has never been democratic organization since its inception and we cannot expect a dove out of a snake’s egg. In a country where there is no:
    1. Independent judiciary
    2. Free press
    3. Fare election
    4. Free speech
    5. Action against corrupted top officials
    6. Action against dived and rule
    7. Action against under educated people in high positions
    The country will lag behind regardless how far we go on the development front. If there is no balance between the social and economic front the gain made on the economic front may collapse at one point. Even the development may not be sustainable when I see how much the country is borrowing and how the corrupted chine companies are looting the country.
    EPRDF is allergic to educated people who can transform the country to a sustainable development and democratic culture.

  15. Ethiopia today is on rope pulling game of democratic exercise; one in thrust pulling & the other group pulling in the opposite direction but not in unequal force which is a blessing.Otherwise we would have stagnated.The thrust force is on stride gaining more momentum every following year. The opposition parties crumble in spite of the wish of many that they consolidate; they grow but like a carrot downwards despite many wish the do like a bamboo up straight … “ADRO KARIA….It appears to continue in disappointing direction as long as its politiking is the likeness of
    bamboo wind & its leadership is of septugerians.I don’t know if it is a blessing in blessing or a blessing in disguise for EPRDF.

  16. It is very simple what you 100% focus on will expand on you. Look at the US DRUGS OUT OF HAND, JAIL BIRDS BY THE MILLION, DRINKING AND DUI OFF THE CHARTS. Our governments needs to focus on corruption , bribing middle management sabotage rather than chasing these drive by BLOGGERS. Restrict some one or block some one you just created an avalanche . Here in the USA the Enquirer , Globe, etc……. All publish and vomit their venom about any one including President Obama . It only matters for their audience . The Ethiopian government is wasting it’s time and public funds for these losers. If the government believes the majority of the population is behind it , let these so called journalist run their course until they hang themselves with their own rope. But at the actions of the government to filter the would be terrorist and the Banda’s need to continue . We , Ethiopians are enjoying our peace and stability .

  17. Too much democracy is bad at some point, and it’s like double edge sword. Anti govermnet, tribalist/Somalis and ethnicist/Ethiopians abuse democracy to destroy their country and create never ending violance. Good example is what’s currently happening, in Somaliland, Somlia and Ethiopia.

  18. I’m still a believer the government may change course and solve the overwhelming problems we face be it in lack of democracy or good governance in general. Notwithstanding the positive development taking place economically and socially (for example in education and health), we are at the crossroads when it comes to adapting to the fast moving changes in the society. Here are some areas where the government has trouble making adjustments;
    – unable to totally breakaway from Liberation Movement mindset; here it is sadly obvious and is reflected in the current military and overall security makeup. Needless to say these organizations are unable to integrate to the society perhaps due to their lack of confidence and trust; and the results shows every time they engage in resolving people’s greviences, overreacting resulting in shoot first and ask questions later. Case in point the recent Oromo Student demonstration…
    – corruption corruption corruption — unbelievably insensitive governance when it comes to this problem. Believe it or not, this may be their downfall unless they stop corrution. This problem is deep into the upper layer over the government officials including top military brass. This reminds me of the late emperor’s last days. I’m not convinced they even know it.

  19. PM Meles pardoned Kinjit leaders and other opposition leaders with confidence. He wanted to teach people for a short time, not punish them forever. After his untimely death, EPRDF didn’t find a confident leader to release journalists or opposition leader. It is so nervous and timid now that EPRDF only knows throwing people to jail for very little thing, like writing something criticizing the government. No one is released from prison since PM Meles passed away. This is not a sign of strength. It is a sign of extreme fear and nervousness of current EPRDF leaders. But one can’t suppress decent forever. Anything that is suppressed and suffocated too much will find its own way to burst and explode one day. The result won’t be good to anybody.

  20. I agree with the previous writer. Most of us who live in the developed countries take the daily necessities for granted. Unfortunately our people back home are still struggling to build everything from scratch.Giving freedom to the people to work, think,write with out fear will strengthen the country further than as the prevailing thought in the GOE, create chaos.There are many well intention-ed people in the government, but as you go down in the chain of command we cant deny the presence of many opportunists. Jailing people who speak there mind with out fear should be encouraged not stifled. Press freedom can help easily weed the opportunists who abuse there power and cause the people point there finger blame the whole government authorities.Press freedom helps fight corruption by being the medium of communication between the people and the government. If the price of freedom becomes high people will find other means to get there freedom. I say release every one who was jailed for political reasons and start afresh. We all know what kind of power the media wields in the developed countries and these how much these countries are very much stronger. Please lets build a country based on truth, justice and fairness. Keep the dreams of PM Meles and his fallen comrades alive.

  21. Forget about all the point you mentioned. The question of Red Sea is my top priority. The government has to listen what are our needs are. Our soverinity, accesses to the sea and ownership of our historical port are very important. Let us all work together based on Red sea as a common denominator. Then after that we might have s ground to claim what we want

  22. The problem is the current government of Ethiopia (TPLf woyane) want to control everything that why anything criticize tplf labeled as terrorist ,chuvenist ,narrow minede ,sorry we really tired of these kind of buleshit .

  23. To building democratic society in Ethiopia it takes time. If all we agree in this long process. They will be challenges. The challenge we see now.

  24. The founders of TPLF are Marxisist in mentality and they all belived that Economy is primary to ideas or freedom. Their view has support from other communist related countries like china or dictatorial regimes from Middle east. Time will tell if such philosophy will keeb the ethiopian state as a unified political entity.

  25. I think in the name of infant democracy, economical development and others same old song, it is unfair to send to jail people for even writing an article.
    I wonder what make us safe from being send to jail or arrested at Bole international airport for anyhting we post against the EPRDF?

    I think, as a supporter of EPRDF, I prefer they change their mind when managing some internal affairs.

    Even if I don’t support semayawi party, what the local official or policies are doing is not acceptable.

    I don’t expect a 100% democratic ethiopia at this stage but I don’t want to see also to see Lybia under Gadaffi system in Ethiopia.

    As Tedi mention above, it is true sinece the untimely pass aways of PM Meles, today once a journalist is sent to jail, no one dare to release him/her. So this show that no one is commanding.
    Bravo group work, it is not my fault…..
    Even if EPRDF have the force to control all, I prefer that they create a space in that country. If not I afraid what will happen.
    If EPRDF is wise, they should open the poletical space and leave around 30% for opposition parties. This helps, this doesn’t hurt any one.
    We will stop hating each other and then we will build a ideological political parties then we vote for ideas.
    I urge all the supporters of the Ethiopian government, to push to be flexible when comes to jailing and narrowing every day the space which is not a good sign. When I say this, by any means I am not saying that I am compromising the security and national interest of my country, far from that.

    Hope to see a better space


  26. There is no doubt there is real change but for any opposition including journalists to blame them as being terrorists doesn’t make sense. Who are the terrorists so far mind all of the following who oppose one way or the other the current system are blamed for being terrorists, those are

    – OLF
    -GINBOT 7

  27. I am against protest. I am not happy with the attitude of so called opposition. Where did we get protest in our country? I know my childhood, people in Ethiopia gather together and they discuss about important community issues by sitting down under a tree. Even during Mengistu, I remember as a kid, the community has to gather and discuss about problem and solve them. I never heard off or saw protest. This throwing stones, burning shops, destroying public properties like in Ambo is dangerous and is sponsored by mercenaries. There are many good things we can import from outside, but protest is not one of them. Where did you get protest from? what do you like copying? is protest better than wwyet (miyyit ) . In my ideology, protest is violence and destructive. Protest is not an Ethiopian way, I urge the regime protesting to be outlawed and instead promote local method of address social problems. you wanted to import everything ? why?

    I am not saying this because I am in love with TPLF? no, if there is a get disgusted it is TPLF that disgust so much, but I do not want burn Ethiopia because I do not like woyane.

    For instance, the so called Yilkal Semaywi party leader is warning he will use force? This is dangerous and this man can really put Ethiopia on fire. There are sick people in the name of freedom and democracy. Although I am against violent protest at all, no protest must be allowed without permit that involves singing contract by the organizer to take responsibility for any damage or violent behavior during the protest. For example, in 2005, the protest caused the death of 200 people by the protest was organized by Dr. Birhanu and his disciples. But they blamed it on woyane? Woyane did not accept it either. The 200 people perished, but no one was responsible and everyone is enjoying life while all those people perished for nothing. This must never be allowed again. Anyway who protest must sign a contract taking responsibility for the protest. This is how protest is done, protest is not done like the way it is done in the Arab spring.

    If you do not democracy, then first thing first, learn what is democracy before trying to practice it.

    The give away for the cursed TPLF;
    1. If you really have good intention, free all Ethiopian political prisoners
    2.Put strong law and legal institution in place
    3. Respect the law yourself and then other can respect it
    4. No one is allowed to be above the law including yourself
    5. Reform the ethnic apartheid slowly, change the ethnic federalism to non-ethnic federalism, you can do it slowly, not at once
    6. The Eritrean issue has to be revisited again and give a second chance to both side, Eritrea without Ethiopia is a mess and misery. I knew from the beginning. Eritrea is not only the head of Ethiopia, but Ethiopia is the body of Eritrea itself. You can have head without body or body without head? you can not ? If I cut you into two by cutting your head, you are dead. Eritrea without Ethiopia is dead. The people bound by blood, culture ,race, ethnic, way of life, …. you can not separate them. The old man Sibhat believes Eritrea was colonized by Ethiopia, It is really disgusting such a low level thinker led TPLF for 40 years. Please come out from the box, there are many brilliant people than these Aboy and other TPLF leaders. They might have been good fighting and killing their opponents, but their policy is sickening. Anyway, the Eritrean issue has to be revisited and Ethiopian and Eritreans discuss with good faith based on respect. The people are bound, and the believe Eritreans unique or different is fake and fictitious and is not supported by truth.
    7. Stop running the country by party membership, that means public offices has to be run by qualified people than by cadres or party members.
    8. Come to diaspora talk to every Ethiopian with no grudge, you have done mistakes and everyone has done. I am saying this this because I believe in healing than killing each other. We can not keep on destroying, forming and storming with no end on the sight. Wrong things must be corrected in time than forcing wrong things until Jesus comes. Come and be brave and talk to G7, and others and we can reach national consensus, otherwise, armed struggle even or protest like the one Yilkal is pushing will destroy the country. It is easy to put a country in chaos, but it is not easy to get it to normal. Look Somalia, Egypt, Sryia, Iraq, Afganistan,… USA tried to put puppets? but it never worked because it is not supported by the people. you can fake anything for sometimes, but not lasting one.
    8. Expel all NGOS, including UN, I am serious. If we reach national consensus, we do not NGOS or alms or charities.
    9. Kick out the so called human right. The best human right must be brought by ourselves, we do not need mentors from anywhere. I do not believe human right NGOS can provide us freedom or rights? why they can not provide that to Somalians who have been without government for 25 years now? why not they give it to Iraqies? Afgans? South Sudanese? Egptians? did you see when Isis Egypt killed about 3000 Egyptians? they kept quiet and did not say anything. Now they are in love with Isis. So human right bla bla is either a mercenary of neoliberal or agent of interested countries. It has nothing to do with humanity. It is about interest groups.

    10. If TPLF wants to make history, new history, not the 40 years mess of war, corruption, nepotism, … just new, realise political prisoners and unite the people. If woyane can be repaired? it is better to repair woyane than to form and storm by new leaders. But can woyane be repaired? I 100% believe, those people rigid, stagnant, arrogant, ignorant, anti Ethiopia, un-liberated and colonial mindsetted people. But if they can change, it would be better than to immerse our country into civil strife. Can they listen? I do not think so, they will keep on forcing themselves like Gadaffi until the last minute, this is what their track record shows.

    11. If you reform, we can unite and build more dams, Ethiopia has 1000s of highly skilled Engineers who can repatriate to their country to build it. The country is so rich but because of leadership poverty it is being called poor country.

    All the above comments and recommendations are in your favour, not in my favour. Stop forcing yourself and telling us you are right while we know you have done many national wrongs which are even difficult to comprehend.

    • @ gezaee !!!
      I am laughing at you,
      1st I thought you sound like you are going to apply for 60/40 condominium.
      then you just went to your old face, you can’t tell the government of a nation what to do !!!!!!!!!!!you see those periods’ !!!!!!
      because you are no body !!!
      above all you are Canadian or American or Iranian or Afghanistan or Eritrean etc., ones you denounce your origin you are no body !!
      right or wrong those people are leading the nation. and they well be holed accountable by the people of Ethiopia !!!for any wrong doing !
      not by you or andargachow tsege, brhanu nega, or any extreme diaspora !!
      Eprdf is doing way better than any previous ruler’s of Ethiopia !
      remember no body is perfect ! you think you are free her in Canada ? bulshet
      you think USA is haven ?? layer !
      remember except you and few like you’s most of the intellectual diasporas are doing every thing they can to bulled the country,
      do you want change ? start from your self !!!! AND ASK YOUR SELF WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MY COUNTRY ?
      change comes from inside of your self !!!
      by the way, you can take a horse to a stream to have a drink of water, but you well never ever force that horse to drink the water, so do Eritreans !
      they choose to go, and pm meles have say to them ((mengedun cherk yarglachuh)) what ever happen in Eritrea stays in Eritrea end of story !
      have you seen the un report 6200 refuges in 37 days !!!!
      almost 99,000 refuges in tegray, some times misery well bring ever lusting peace !! as human,, my hart goes to the people of Eretria, but in my political view Ethiopia is way better of with out Eretria.
      when the time comes they well beige Ethiopia to be part of Ethiopia (to be reunified ) time well tell. if me and you are Lucy to live we will see it !
      it seems to me people like you are the problem of Ethiopia,,,
      “alawaki same neft ylklkal “endalut hone.
      let live the politics for those who serve the nation regardless of right or wrong !! because they didn’t hand over by any one like you or by any extreme diaspora or neftegna !!
      that doesn’t mean I agree with every thing they do….but I am giving them the benefit of doughty they deserve !!
      they earned my respect and support .
      they well learn on the proses, democracy is not un over night successes, it is ongoing building proses.
      look at the country you live Canada, USA, look at Europe, and look at the middle east & Asia, it is just a common sense if you people have one ? why can’t you people open your eyes and look where we use to be, and where we are know how far we came, and we have very long way to go …….in order to bulled the democracy we are hoping.
      don’t you think it is up to each of as to do our part, honestly and fairly to do our part, to bulled mother Ethiopia ? ? ?
      long live Ethiopia !!!

  28. I am so amazed recent Aigaforum articles and opinions.First I want to say bravo to Aiga to excersise your jourlanis ethic.EPRDF has to change the ideology they follow which is the Abyotawi Democracy the leftist idea.and open the forum abide by his constitution.If the implement the constitution then there will be a feild to compete with.right now, it is a joke,Press is indanger, some one who writes his opinion he will be jailed with Terrerisim charge.They have to amend or re write the terrerisim law.other wise it will be dificult for opposition parties to participate this coming election.EPRDF shoul open a door of dialoge with the opositons.

    Thanks Aiga keep up the good work.



  30. The EPRDF led government is doing a stellar job when it comes to the economic development of the country. I am not sure how anyone especially Ethiopians who live in Ethiopia, visit the country or read news from credible sources can deny the progress. Ethiopian parents can tell their children about hope and a bright future, which was unthinkable in the previous regime. However, poor governance is becoming a major problem. Corruption is institutionalized. Senior government officials are inaccessible to the ordinary people. Government taxes are very high in Tigray (tax rates are more reasonable in other parts of the country). Capital flight is at an extremely alarming state. Some of the senior EPRDF leadership still favor Eritrean interests even at the cost of Ethiopia’s national interests. The EPRDF leadership can improve the shortcomings if they want to, but not sure if they are ready yet.

  31. I am disturbed by the way we are forming our ideas. we do not see issues. We see blood and ethnicity as decisive for every thing.
    1) There are some of us we call the government ours. We call them our brothers. Government does not belong to any body. The function of government is ruling people. Government have army, prion, intelligence and security force. It does not make for us to get organized and support government. It is shameful find excuses to support when it makes mistakes.s We always should watch and remind government to be righteous and fair to all citizens. Our focus of attention must be the people and the country.
    2) Revolutionary Democracy is not Democracy. The problem is not our destination. It is our direction. A party that want to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat have in mind to destroy some classes of citizens siding the farmers and proletariat. This is the source of confusion. China and the soviet union grew fast. You know the foundation Not relievable
    3) This party is in business. There is a conflict of interest. The soviet union and china had State monopoly economy, We have parties monopoly. We have very rich parties and they can not be interested in good policies that benefit citizen and hurt their businesses
    4) It bothers me when people Advocate for the Eritrean cause to extent of hurting our country. The First Person to have a rodeo station and money in Egypt to destabilize Ethiopia is Woldab Woldemariam then comes Esayas both this people are Ethiopians.There so many others that want make Ethiopia loose it interests to Eritrea. They argue with argument point that Eritreans are accustomed. They really annoy me when I hear them when I hear them from Tigreans.
    For me we do not have a direction to Democratic nation. We can not have free press. No election. Winners can go to prison. No political debate. people can not have a job and oppose the government by any means. That is what people are saying. People are saying they have social problems Mainly democratic rights.
    Although I an not going to fight this government I do not mind voicing the people demands every opportunity I got.


  33. Democracy never existed that is applicable equally to all people it symbolises and signifies once wealth, race and religion it does not apply to blacks as well as whites or Muslims as well to Jews. A journalist can not write all truth, there is an editor who re writes to the wishes of the owners of the media or he gets fired. Defamation of a good name has sever consequences.Justice is not rendered equally to all, more blacks are killed by police who goes free by society. Blacks are hired last and fired first. Black unemployment ten times higher than the average. 15 million blacks do not get represented in the Senate of 100, while a small state with a population of half a million must have two constitutionally. Iremined you an Ethiopian diaspora is a black man and he knows the law and abides by it, by the people for the people is a myth, I bet my shirt that an Ethiopian journalist has higher level of freedom of speech and writing than any well known democracy of the world.

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