GERD, the Game Changer

By Dade Desta / Ermine Media

Nov 11, 2014

What a work of magic was it to plan and build this project called GERD which is now emerging as the best geopolitical peace maker between Ethiopia and Egypt! What Gerd is doing now, no height of diplomatic dispatch, no density of public awareness campaign, no amount of global support mobilization would ever do. Let’s go back and revisit how that very idea might have been conceived and put on hold until the right time comes.

Nearly two-and-half decades ago, shortly after EPRDF took power, the new Ethiopian leaders were being given a crash course on diplomatic etiquette to help them with standard manners. A certain western professor was giving the course to the new Ethiopian leaders who had been away for most part of their adult life in the bushes. And now that they have had the whole Ethiopia with all its complex problems to lead, they must interact and communicate with the world; hence, the need for such a training. But that was not the only story. The professor was put for a double task as he later confessed himself. Some of the embassies representing powerful western nations in Addis were very curious (or may be “anxious” is the right word) to know the real intentions of the new leaders and how they would be different from their predecessors. They urgently wanted to know what their priorities are and how they see themselves and Ethiopia’s space in the immediate time and region, in the long run and in the wider world. That was the professor’s assignment.

Learning the views of incoming new leaders had never been a difficult matter for such powerful embassies elsewhere and at other times. Throwing welcoming and warming cocktail parties and inviting the leaders and making them talk would do the trick. Whatever is not harvested in such parties, there are so many formal and informal intelligence tools employed as a supplement. But there was something different about these fighters who now turned rulers. In those initial months, EPRDFites were too shy and never at ease to go out and mix with mission officials and foreign leaders. Whenever an opportunity of meeting presented itself, the Ethiopian leaders had not a habit of talking much and the foreigners had to do more talking to fill the silence.

So, this good professor was double tasked to read the hearts and minds of his students as a primary access link at the time. All he had to do was become friendly to them and throw seemingly innocent questions and take a mental note on whatever came out as an answer. One such question was, “where do you want to see Ethiopia after 20 years from now?” Siye was one of the top EPRDF leaders to meet that question, Meles was another among others. The professor was impressed by what he heard from Siye (then 2nd person in TPLF and a Defense Minister) while confused by the response he got from Meles (chairman of EPRDF and President of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia). Siye told him, in 20 years, we envisage Ethiopia to enjoy a consolidated peace and overcome poverty, or something to that effect. It was three years ago the professor posted an article on the internet reflecting on those early interactions, also acknowledging the brilliance of Siye. But he literally gave his very telling confession on how he missed the depth of Meles’ point then: [not verbatim], “two decades later, Ethiopia should be able to overtake Egypt as a lead diplomatic and geopolitical actor in Africa and beyond.”

What forced the (trainer, spy) professor to unmask himself about his double tasks and recount his first impressions of the new leaders exactly after 20 years? This: after 20 years, Ethiopia announced about the plan to build a huge dam on the Nile basin, the Great Ethiopian Millennium Dam, later appropriately renamed The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD for short), and officially placed a foundation stone on the site. The good professor had to wait 20 years to have made any sense of the words he heard from Meles and forced an “aha moment” on himself upon hearing the announcement. The professor has now connected the two far apart dots: one dote here, another dot there and two decades between them.

Nearly 4 years into the project of building Gerd, and slightly over 40% of the construction work now completed, we are already witnessing the majestic effect of the Dam playing a peace maker’s mission. Nobody would dare to belittle the economic return to be gained from the energy production to be harvested up on going operational. However, there should be no confusion at all that Gerd is more of a political project than economic. Egypt’s security matrix with regard to the Nile has been all about sustaining the exclusivity of her control and fending off any suspicious move that might disturb the status quo. This is understandable as every rational theory would dictate that any country with the same situation, Ethiopia included, would be walking exactly along the same path. The same rational theory justifies the flipside of it, i.e., once Ethiopia achieved a capacity to change the status quo, Egypt could see the futility of deploying its unilateral resources to block or sabotage Ethiopia’s dam projects. That is now the magical moment heralding that the Ethio-Egypt history of relationship has turned the page into a completely new chapter.

If there has been a single peaceful national project bringing multiple benefits of historic magnitude in the history of Ethiopia, none comes to the mind of this blogger to compete with the Gerd. It is a single stroke of genius that is writing the first pages of its own history as we speak. After the expected threats advanced and maneuverings attempted, at times with scary surges and sensible retreats during the initial years of construction, the dusts of the Nile now appear to be descending and settling slowly but surely. The trend is unmistakable that as the Dam progresses towards completions, the relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia is maintaining an upward orientation. Just last week, we have seen unprecedented number of trade and business treaties signed by higher officials of the two countries. Ethiopia and Egypt are knotted forever with a natural rope and destined to drink from the same well. Nile is one thread. History is another. And now Gerd is a newly added layer to bring the relation into its natural character by clearing all sources of mistrust and miscalculations off the way, and from there flourishing up and wide non-stop. Gerd would harvest peace for Ethiopia as imminently as it would energy. It is not too early to feel optimistic. Times seem to have passed when Egypt and Ethiopia compete in rivalry and a new time of complementarity seems to have filled the air in our region. Gerd is a real peace maker.

The Renaissance Dam has already started paying dividends. Some problems may deceive on the surface appearing as if they are permanent walls blocking you from going a step forward. Facing them with endured determination however, they actually are a door to amazing new opportunities. The entire Nile basin is almost double the mighty Mekong River in south East Asia in terms of length and the number of riparian countries it connects. Mekong riparian countries has pioneered in showing the whole world how a once contested and rivaled common resource can be transformed into a field of great partnership bringing together diverse stakeholders and best science to work toward sustainable management and development of the world’s most critical river systems. Nile River countries should copy that spirit and stand together not as different parts of the Nile but of the Nile.

What is trending now between Ethiopia and Egypt positively stimulated by Gerd is an eye opener to see the ramifications of such a regional cooperation on common trans-boundary resources (forests, valleys, green belts and minerals) at a continental level, particularly in forging common position on global issues and projecting strong bargaining power in political and economic dealings with other parts of the world. One imagines the powerful influence gravity that can emerge from a single-belted Nile Society standing shoulder to shoulder on strategic African and Near East issues and interests. Ethiopians have an Amharic saying that cuts across generations, ye wenzie lij. It literally means my river boy, or an expression to mean we belong to the same river or village, a profound message of emphasizing the belongingness to each other. It feels as if Emily Dickinson had in her mind ‘Ethiopia talking to Egypt’ when she wrote her mysterious poem: “My River runs to thee”.

What a wonderful and insightful article Dade! leave your comments below readers!!….

40 thoughts on “GERD, the Game Changer

  1. Ato Dade,
    Good observation indeed. Many used to say Egypt is strategic enemy of Ethiopia but thanks to the EPRDF govt and PM Meles Egypt may not be a strategic enemy any more!

    On a side note the extremists in diaspora were belittling Dedebit universty but I wonder if they will open their mouth once Gerd is complete and egypt is at peace with Ethiopia due to the wisdom of the dedebit graduates!.

    Gerd may also seal the need for sovereign sea outlet argument and trulry make port a commodity issue since egypt priorty will be how to invest in Ethiopia not how to distablize Ethiopia after Gerd.

  2. Well! we have thought that the Arab republic of Egypt is the historical enemy of Ethiopia, but for me the power of Egypt is just like phone box which does not work with out penny. Egypt is just facade, the real enemy of ethiopia are United state of Corporation and Israel, check out! what J P Morgan did against Gilgel Gibe 3.
    @ Aiga, does Abay dam belong to the people of ethiopia 100%?

  3. Well, the articl is very constructiv, Ethiopians and Egyptians have long reation ship, and brother hood, I think both of them they will benefit from these understanding to use the Nile River properly.

  4. I do not understands how Egypt has become now an EPRDF friend? I do not get it. Egypt is still an enemy and will be an enemy of Ethiopia. Why does Egypt invest in Ethiopia while its population is languishing in poverty and its people traded as organ cash crop across the planet? Simple, if ever Egypt invest in Ethiopia, it will be with a grand mission of islamizing Ethiopia, and it will get the money its needs from Saudi Arabia like Alamouldi. Those who claim or hail Egypt as partner are stupid people.
    The people from dedebit are really dedeboch of all time. TPFL-shabia people the most stupid people on the planet who lobbied the entire world to landlock their country. Do you think Ethiopians will continue allowing you gambling with our country’s interest? No, it is a matter of time. GERD is diversionary for TPLF banda shabia. I think the banda TPLFites wanted to convert to Islam? They say America and Israel is their enemy? First of all why you have enemies? America is not an enemy, is it not America and Canada who saved your asses from famine death? Is there an Ethiopian who is saved by American and Canadian wheat or life saving food package? Egypt was watching dying alive and just as recent as before last month it has travelled across the globe and asking the entire world to cut of with woyane? How come now the rkash and dedeb woyane think or consider Egypt has friend? I think woyanes loves those who stab him at the back? Anyway, do not be complacent very much. Time is coming soon and you will be kicked out of Arat kilo. Dedeb woyane, you have no right to make decision in the name of Ethiopian. You took power by gun and you are ruling by gun . You will see when the time comes. Kehadi woyane

    • Ha..ha….isn’t it Tuesday? Taxi business is slow enough to let your dirty mouth open wide. Get out of here, toxic Diaspora!

    • @gezzzzae, gezaka yetfae rekus !!!
      first and most you don’t have any good thing to say about any one and any body ! you are so sick and mentally retarded !
      I have seen all your comments in Awramba, on Tgray on line, and her on Aiga !
      you always accused Woyane for land locked Ethiopia, I already tolled you before to go and read Ethiopian history.
      Start from minlik 1900 read the wuchale welle, look at the history of confederation proses of Eritrea 1963 with haile selass, and look the war with derg for 17 years and decide from there you Ediot !!!
      look where Ethiopia is right know you moran !!!
      time well tell where mother Ethiopia well be 2025, you and your likes keep yapen !!!
      me and my fellow Ethiopians we will keep supporting and building hydro dames, roads, and any thing what ever mama Ethiopia needs, do you know why all Ethiopians and woyane (tplf) have done a great job when there time is over by the diction of the Ethiopian people, they well give it to the next publicly elected political party, (if there is one )if not they well keep leading Ethiopia for ever and ever, and I am going to support them and stood for them in front of some “sheet” head like you !!!
      by the way I know you, you are not like your sister, you know your sister gave her life for tplf ?and one of your sister she use to be dergs cadre, like you,,, fesamoch !!!
      long live woyen
      long live Ethiopia !!

    • @gezaee
      I usually read your comments which you posted at TOL, Aiga forum and Awramba times. All your comments are so hateful and destructive. Especially your hate towards EPRDF/TPLF is deep rooted. But why? If you are really an Ethiopian, if you are not messenger of our enemies, or if you are not one of the hate mongers, you do not have any good rational to hate EPRDF so much. Please open your mind and realize the reality especially with regard to the all round development and sustainable peace and security which our country is experiencing. The multidimensional development which our country is having which is also witnessed by the world communities has come in the last 23 years by this regime. Because of this continuous development which our country is experiencing our country’s status in the world is totally changed positively. It is becoming emblem of peace and economical development in Africa and the world at large. This is rather astonishing for a country which was once categorized as hopeless and famine stricken country before 23 years ago? The other surprising opinion you mentioned is the good relationship which Ethiopia is establishing with Egypt. What is your justification that these two countries can’t establish good relations? History tells us that, these two countries have long standing historical relations. Yes there can be some conflict of interest especially with regard to the Blue Nile River. But the doubts the two countries(especially Egypt’s fear in relation to the construction of GERD) is getting solution with open minded dialogue between the two countries. Remember, during WWII many countries which were fighting with each other are now becoming good friends and making strong economical and political relations and developing in tie. So, the healthy relationship which Ethiopia is currently establishing with Egypt should be appreciated by all peace loving Ethiopians. Of course for the messengers of our enemies and hate mongers peace is bitter for them. They get joy when they see people killed each other, when war spread every where and when peace and security is lost. So, mr gezaee, if you are really an Ethiopian, please make your mind work properly and criticize what is not good and appreciate good works that are accomplished by EPRDF. By the way, you can’t make people believe you by spreading hate and unrealistic opinions. Don’t for get we are living in the 21 century.
      God bless Ethiopia.

  5. ጥዑም፣ ፅፉፍን ዕሙቕን ፅሑፍ፡፡ ዕድመ፣ ክብረትን ጥዒናን ይሃበልና ኣይተ ዳደ፡፡


  6. Simply pizzazz. This interesting piece captures how focused Meles and his colleagues were as to what they wanted to do after they found themselves at the helm of power. Most importantly, it sheds light on their political acumen and far sighted move to identify existing realities, however controversial they may appear, that can be turned into vehicles of realizing Ethiopia’s glorious come back but also establish a common ground to achieve a shared vision. The potency of the argument in this article springs from the timeless truth that if people just accept reality and try to be creative to make optimum use of it, they find amazing ways that they never thought could be there.

  7. Dear Dade,
    if there is a strong feeling in me, you just touched it , well done good analyses,
    I see it exactly the way you presented it.
    but some times, time well tell, can we trust the Arabs ???
    our government needs to pay more attention, not only for Egyptians also the Saudis, Arab Emeritus and so on,
    also the religious extremist’s and so on. this well be the time our enemies well change there strategy, and play filed to.
    like the say” if you can’t beat them you just join them”
    any way good job !

  8. Thanks Aiga and Ato Dade,

    Its insightful and well written. But I would prefer if the good writer added a paragraph that examine the psychological make-up of the Egyptian political elite. The article is incomplete without this.

    This would help to understand two things . First , how this political machinery decided and acted 24/7 to dehumanize all upper riparian black Africans . And second it can vividly point us to how this political machinery would behave in the future under similar circumstances.
    This Egypt political elites generation is the same generation that was working 24/7 to dehumanize their southern neighbors.The same actors. The same generation. We are only emotionally carried away if we think these guys turned to angel over night. It would be devoid of naivety if we cautiously follow up the action of this political machinery rather than hailing it for doing less than the normal action. The normal action would have been Egypt remorse for all the inhumane act it carried out against its southern Black neighbors and join the Nile Basin Initiative without preconditions.When is Egypt to publicly apologize for all those who died in draught and famine on the beaches of Nile? When is Egypt going to stop its hidden war though the Financial institutions? Let alone a public remorse and apology, they have never shown us a prove that they would never again dehumanize or harm the hundreds of millions blacks. Rather they are acting as a victim and Ethiopia is tasked with proving its positive intention of the GERD. Its like telling your innocence to the thief you know, instead of asking the thief to show some genuine repentance. And stop stealing.
    The greatness of PM Meles and his thoughtful colleagues is that they never been naive about the wrong intention of big-ego Egyptian elite .They knew Egyptian elite would never remorse for all the wrong doing against black african and hence GERD. Kudos to Meles and his colleagues!

    • The writer is naïve who have no clue about Arabs. We know them they wanted to eliminate all human from our planet. But this new writer have no clue what Egptians Arabs are . Inviting Egypt into Ethiopia is like inviting a fox to live together with goats or sheeps, woyane is preparing Ethiopia for Arab Islamic sword, all woyane see is only money , does not see the sword that will cut his throat that is why I hate woyane? What will the fox do to the goats or sheeps?? Dade you are naïve, probably small baby boy. Egyptian would not mind wiping you out from this planet if they get chance. All these Egyptian this and that is crap, empty. You do not know the nature of Arab muslims, you have no clue.

  9. Yes Dade!
    Well said, I can see daily lights in you and thank you for your insightful article!
    A little on the balance side, we can give the credit due for his excellency prime minister melles and his government for his vigorous touch and indeed political patience particularly for those arduous over a decade negotiations to accommodate Egypt and other riparian States though still a long way to go!
    What i am not convinced in your dwelling assessment to bring forth over the 20 years vision of melles and in reference to Gerd as if it is/was conceived in the hearts and mind of Melles only was a little bit cheap at least and lop sided at best!
    Dade, Should we have to read, the Gerd project ( though named in a different way) was there eventually in a blue print paper along with the cost benefit analysis and the budget during the reign of emperor earmarked by the Americans, prior to the coming to scene of the both dergue and Tplf.
    Please do not take it as negative feed back on you!
    If these kind of piece was coming from any one, i would not have budged at all.
    People who have a journalistic nomenclature like yourself has to be careful to keep and present the balance when reporting or assessing a given entity or an achievement.
    Likewise, to agree to your pieces that Gerd is a game changer to the political arena of ethiopia is well substantiated!
    With that note, ethiopia should carefully handle its diplomatic curvature and closely asses Egypt’s insatiable and blind interest in the nile before celebrating a long but certain success story! I would rather stick to Seye’s careful assessment before jumping to the unknown
    With great care, brother!
    Berhane E Tesfay

    • Thanks Birhane,
      I don’t think Meles was specifically talking about this particular Dam 25 years ago. He was generally referring to Egypt’s powerful position in Africa and near East, and deploying that geopolitical clout against Ethiopia’s development initiatives. From that talk, it would be fair to say Meles seemed to have sensed the urgency of doing something about it. Later, GERD was picked as only one actionable item to counter such unfairness from Egypt.

  10. It makes me laugh when liberal and conservative Zeregnoch blame each other. You idiots, you all are the same. Do you know the nick name of thief or stingy person in Asmara? Let me put it in another way, do you know the name of the treacherous road between Keren and Elebared? I hope you do!


  12. Dear Dade,
    You have put an invoking article that touches several chords.Firstly the divergence of views of the two TPLF leaders addresses on how to fight poverty.One seemingly through peace and security and the other working through the annals of diplomacy.Both were correct.Since the fight against poverty has registered sustainable growth at a rate that has astounded the likes of the World Bank and the IMF, Ethiopia embarked in further developing its energy sector by launching the GERD among the other dams.This has baffled all the propenents and antagonists of Ethiopia.Damn it if we care for the antagonists.We need only to show our respect for our supporters by further developing our natural resources.This I believe was the insight that Meles gave to the professor.Surprise the world by swaying the diplomatic manuvuers of Egypt so that the world can rally behind the development endeavours of Ethiopia.Both sons of Tigray have shown thru their own legitimate visions the way forward.Blessed be the mothers who produced these visionaries and their compatriots.

    • Dear Gezaee,
      if I do not monitor you then the forum will be a forum for the deaf and the blind— sometimes I really wonder if you are sane? Why can’t you print your opinion in a civilized way? Are you here to convince others or to insult and spew your wild allegations? Man you really need help on how to communicate!

      • Aye aiga, those who have gun are sane? those of us who have no guns are insane? What a joke, if you still do not get it, then you will never get it Aiga. Aboy Sibhat got it after 40 years? what about you? you may never get it? Gebvru Asrat got more than 10 years ago? But you are telling us he is insane? We tell you the truth, but you do not like truth. Monitoring me? Aiga is not the world aiga? aiga is the website. If you delete my comments, then it does not mean anything. It is because you delete comments there are no comments because there is no freedom of expression and it is not our culture as you know. It is hard to listen to others as Ethiopians. I can not convince woyane even in 100 years because even Siye, Gebru could not do it leave alone me who is not close to woyane aka TPLF , Tigrai people Lie front? We are done Aiga with TPLF because now what TPFL is about from the TPLF patriarch. Your organisation is a curse to Ethiopian people and I do understand you love it? Well, Even Memgistu loved his ESEPA, workers party? No wonder if there are still die hard woyanes who love and are passionate about the cursed criminal TPLF gangs who are raping Ethiopia and its people in the name of investment and business. you can not swallow the truth Aiga because truth is bitter to chew and swallow. Anyways, I hope TPLF will vanish like derg in due time. You have been preparing it for that and you will only understand when TPLF vanishs from the scene. Truth will win and prevail at the end. you can not gloss over and trampled on truth forever. My mission is truth, not tribal mission. You can kill my comment on your website, but I talk truth, they will spread like wind everywhere with time. The power of truth is like that.

        • Ya! Your truth is spreading like a wild fire and you are winning….did you say you convinced aboy sebhat and gebru in the last 40 years! No wonder you are loosing it left and right and forced to name calling Gezaee. It is hard to lead a revolution if you only convince 2 people in the last 40 years!
          On a somber note, you can share your opinion but easy on the name calling and wild allegations..there are people behind those organization you insult, it is not fair!

  13. I did not convince your patriarch or Gebru or Siye, they realized their mistakes very late. But you are not able still able to get it? That is my point, I am a revolutionary, not by gun or collecting corrupt people, I am revolutionary by ideology. You may not see it now, but you actually know I am a revolutionary in real and that is why you delete all my comment all the time because I do not badge for anyone. Truth is the weapon I use. I can tell you I can remove woyane in one day with no gun, with no soldiers, just in one day, no armed struggle or no sponsorship from Egypt and no selling land or no landlocking 90 million to pay money taken from Egypt. you may not believe me, but in one single day I can remove woyane. My skill is tested even on outside governments. One foreign government has to put me in prison for three months when they could not manage me. Another foreign government has to violate all its national laws to run away from me. I am indomitable and strong, earth moving, an agent of change. Wait your time if you think you can sell my country and my people to Arabs for cash as you have done it many times. PM HD have been selling Ethiopian teens for sex to Arab in the name of domestic workers. Watch me aiga, I will do miracle by mobilizing all Ethiopian regardless ethnic. With one ideology that no human is above or below another human. Truth is my weapon and it is the most dangerous weapon because no one can defend truth. Truth is pure, clean, untainted, blameless, immaculate, with no blemish, no defect. This is my principle for change. I never shed even an insects blood, never stole anything from anyone. I am clean, clean, …. just wait

    • dear Aiga,
      you don’t need some one like this sick ,wired, retarded human Bing called Gezaee !!
      he is not only disturbs this sight, he is the same way in Awramba, on TOL and so on, he is rigid like his commander (Mengestu h/Mariam) he use to be member of the Derg Armey like his sister, but one of his sister have gave her life for Tplf, and he is Tegraway, and he lives in Toronto Canada.
      I know him !!
      you sick person Gezaee, have the moral believe and respect for others, to express there point of view right or wrong like you do !!!
      if not we well never allow you to run down every one & every body with baseless accusation !!!
      long live Ethiopia !!!

  14. Dear Dade,
    Very nice article and thank you very much. It is well organized and well written. It is interesting to see such detail and analysis. I am hopeful Egyptian scholars and politicians will read this article. This project is for power generation and it will not reduce the water flow to Sudan and Egypt. I think the government is handling this Nile issue very well.

  15. Gezae,

    There are those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. It is not that difficult to recognize who is who. GERD is the fruit of the rear and genius Meles. It is very complicated for you so i rather not waste my time explaining it. Lets keep on moving with what ever we are capable of doing and hopefully we learn from it.

  16. Truth = Ethiopia will prevail. A skyscraper built on the foundation of a sand will crumble down in no time, will not last long.. Anything façade or wealth or riches status accumulated at the expense of others will vanish like mother cloud. This world is not a random object that popped out of nothing. There is a cosmic order that rules the universe, thieves, corrupts, … will pay back for their corruption. If they think they smarter because they abuse and use their subjects? they are deadly wrong. There is time for everything sooner or later because there is one super power up who sees everything .

  17. @ Gezaee , you got it wrong. The writer is not naive, he is amazing critical thinker, that is why I asked for more of his analysis with regard to the psychological make up of big-ego Egypt political elites.

    I only said he felt short of dissecting inner-working of the Egyptian political machinery and how their “superiority-complex” towards black Africans disable their ability to contribute to the well-being of all Africans.

    Look the current Egyptian President and some of his colleagues/surrogates were instrumental in the implementation of all the inhumane act Egyptian elite launched against the Black Africans.
    And its erroneous and dangerous to say we would have done the same if we were on their shoes.The Ethiopian political landscape has produced good Samaritan such as Meles whose decision-making is governed only by the Golden-rule for the mutual benefit of all Africans, inclusive of the Arab Egyptian.

    In my opinion critical thinkers should focus on this topic to help the young Ethiopian leaders to be on-guard devoid of naivety towards the old guard Egyptian Elite masked in new leadership trousers .

    • Sir, Robel, I hope you will not get upset, but you are naïve too.You do not know what I know. I know the secret of the world, not speculation or good wish, but in real time. I am not saying all Arabs are bad, no, it is not the people, it is the culture and the mindset, the cultural arab religion that is dangerous. It is not only dangerous, it is a menace to all human being on this planet. Egyptians are not claiming something that is not theirs belongs to them for no reasons. It is based on the Arabic religion that says all human being are supposed to be killed if they do not accept Islam by force. You may not agree with these, but this is the rock bottomed creed. Not the Nile, but the entire planet belongs only to one religion called Islam. This is the objective reality. Ethiopians have no right to Nile because they are not even supposed to be on this planet. All the rivers, trees, land, seas, oceans, fishes,… belong to Allah. Allah does not like Kaffirs. The Arab claims of the Nile is not based on anything but based on the grand mission of Islam. You may not believe, but the third world war will be between Islam and the rest. You do know them because they do not tell you who they are. I do not believe any Ethiopian knows about them, may be some muslim Ethiopians. Inviting an Arab into your country is inviting a sword.

      But assure you the writer is naïve, immature, have no clue what he is taking about at all. I am thinking the writer wrote this perhaps to thinking he can play with Arab mind, but the Arab mind can not be overwritten because it is wired by Arab cultural religious imperialism. I just wanted to see woyane forced to go to mosque to pray 5 times a day. The woyanes are taking the freedom in Ethiopia, but after 20 or less years, we will have Woyane Muslims who cut head, foot, hand, stone women to death. This is what the cursed woyanes is importing to Ethiopia. Ethiopia does not need Egypt, the Nubians yes, they are our people and we can liberate them even because they are still colonized by them. Their culture destroyed and assimilated to be Arabs.

      In short, Ethiopia does not need Egypt in form and shape. There is nothing Ethiopia need from Egypt, nothing. Only they use our white oil for free. They are selling their toxic oil that causes, environmental pollution, carcinogenic diseases, but they are selling it by liter? who said water the life giving fresh water can not be sold? Who said oil has to be sold but not Ethiopian waters?
      The problem is Ethiopians lacks knowledge and do not know their rights. Egypt diverts, twist the Nile water from its natural course t to farm a big project of 90 billion dollars and build all kind of artificial water bodies? but Egypt tell us we can not affect the flow ? who said Egypt can use or divert the river but Ethiopia cannot ? who said that? who the hell are they to tell Ethiopia it can not touch or divert the flow? We have the all the right to do whateve we want with the resources in our land. But the Kehadi, denkoro woyanes are coming here and promising Egypt we will not the water, Ethiopia cannot do farm or have no land to farm, we are building the dam for electricity only? Why do you have to say all those rubbish ? Ethiopia has no obligation to agree with anyone or asking anyone’s blessing to use its resources.
      Anyway, woyanes are denkoro number one and will again sign agreements and even drag Ethiopia into arbitration? We are living on this planet because Arabs have no power, if they had, they will wipe out all human from this planet I am not joking. This is the grand agenda of Arab to force all humanity to become Arab muslims and everyone to learn Arabic because Allah is deaf and he can not listen or understand English? you have to learn Arabic language, adopt Arab culture, arab way to be true Muslim. Anyway, woyane is trying to eat fruits with worm in them. I do not mind if woyane eats fruits and die.

      In short, Ethiopia and Ethiopians do not need Arabs, period. Our citizens dying everything day in the middle east, but we have no government yet who can stand for our people. The banda woyane is there to sell land and remove people from their land and sell it to Arabs for 100 years. Arab = Al-woyanes

  18. The real enemies of Ethiopians were the Arabs, I believe. The had been and some even have been working against the interest of our country. Although we have the reality and truth, we are used be victims and I always rise the question why? They were doing so because the want to fully use our natural resource for themselves and this is greediness. They have never thought of developing the spring or making water management around the water source. We call they our enemies because they are not happy to even properly use the God gift resource.Our What will the Egyptians do if the worst comes, say the Abbai river run out. Nothing is worse than this. But they have never dreamt of such natural calamities. Hence, the scare of the Arabs is economic growth of neighbouring countries. They will not continue like this, Abbai is our natural river and we can use it for development purposes as much as we can. Then I will like to thank you, Dade Desta for opening the floor.

    Haileselassie B. Tesfai

    Mekele, Tigrai

  19. Just go on working on the dam to its completion and start of service. That will be enough to silence any nonsensical opposition to death now and in the future.


  21. It is just wonderful article. GERD is just a game changer as stated above and it will serve as leverage for any negative act that comes from Egypt .

  22. Gezae the indomitable, earth moving guy has said “I can remove TPLF in one day and and my skill is tested by foreign governments”. Wey gud! If you have such power who is holding you from overthrowing TPLF? To be frank this guy is mentally disturbed person and needs medical attention.
    Dade has written wonderful article. Those who label Arabs as our enemies also need join Gezae for medical treatment. There is no enmity among people. It is the leaders who do bad things on other people. For instance Tigray has been victimized by Menelik, Hailselsse, and Mengistu for the last 100 years. We (tigryans) have lost our fathers, brothers and sisters and according to the logic of gezea and cliques we need to hate the people of Amahara . But we do not blame the people of Amhra as a whole, we blame their leaders. Thus stop your hateful propaganda and lets work for peace and friendship.

  23. Atakliti, you better ask me how I can remove woyane in one day than saying boha boha boha. I have met many woyanes in restraunts where I go and they have no ability to argue or reason, they say boha boha, boha, … become silent. You are saying now boha boha,… because I said I will remove woyane in one day? do you want me then to kill 60 000 Ethiopians in the name of struggle? also you wanted me to maim or disable 100 000 Ethiopians inorder to get rid you from Arat kilo? I can do it without a drop of a blood or spending 17 or 30 years. I can do it in one day, all my weapon is not gun bought by starving people. My weapon is truth only. You know deep in your heart, all Ethiopians do not like you including your Tigreans tribes? do not you know that? The reason is simple, you have an idiotic organisation is made of deaf people who can never learn or change. The problem is not me, you are the problem.If you were not the problem? who really cares if you rule Ethiopia? I must tell you the truth, you are hated by most Ethiopians because of your evil and antiEthiopia policy. We have told you this for the past 24 years, but you never get it yet. I am not the problem Atkalti anzar Asha, Niashebia baria. You do not know me and you asked me why I am waiting? why I can not remove woyane in one day. This requires technology and time with no war but devising and designing and implementing. Then the job will be done in one day with no even protest on the streets? you may not believe it, wait and you will only see when see it happening in real time. I can not chasing using gun because that is stupid and bloody like your bloody war of 17 years. How can you liberate anyone by killing 60 000 youth? who is being liberated if the liberation requires 17 years and 60 000 lives, 100 000 maiming, 1 million killing of Ethiopian soldiers, burning schools, demolishing hospitals, destroying bridges, displacing people entirely, whom do you liberate? After all that you ended up exporting teen girls to Saudi Arabia using Ethiopian airlines lead by FM then now PM HD. Did you really liberate anyone? if so who? Is corruption liberation? is employment by membership of EPRDF liberation? is removing people from their own land and selling it to Arabs or so called investors liberation? Well, we do not call all these liberation, we will call these destruction, defilement, corruption never seen before in our land. No Ethiopian has ever sold girls in the name of demostic workers? did you not have sisters, daughters? how can one sell his sisters and daughters in the name of work in the most barbaric way? Is there any crime more than shipping your citizens to the middle east? Whom did you liberate? The GERD costs 4 billion dollars the biggest project you call it? But you spent 50 billion dollars buying port by forcing Ethiopians to buy ports from Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti,… is it not weird the so called liberators turned against the people whom they claim to liberate and forced them to be landlocked and force the entire nation to buy ports ? Hey, I have heard enough weirdness from woyanes, enough is enough. You even told us now Ethiopia colonized Eritrea? Haha, you are a miscarriage to our country and our people. No Ethiopian would do such national treason in the name of liberation. Atakliti, one day is enough , no need for armed struggle, protest on the streets or fighting with woyane. All that is needed liberating people by ideas and mind, not by gun tooting woyane style. Anyway, you know deep in your heart, you are hated by the Ethiopian people. You have seen it in 2005. That is still there, it is just suppressed by woyane, it will boil over one day. You do not like those who wanted to fight you by guns like G7? you do not like those who wanted to remove you in one day with no blood or killing? I do not whom you would love. When you do wrongs all along it is okay? when we say something against you, you say Boha Boha Boha,… it is a matter of time, Ethiopia will be landlocked and Eritrean and Ethiopian will be living in peace as brothers and sisters in eternal peace the day woyane and Shabia are removed. Victory to all Ethiopian people. Change is inevitable even if you do not like it. It is a natural process, you cannot change by shooting gun or by putting people in prison. Changing is a natural process which no one can stop it. It is coming do not worry and I do not expect you to agree with my prophesy or forecasting. But change is inevitable in Ethiopia but this time, it will not be the bloody way you love to see. You have not liberated anyone. You made us refugees all over the world and you killed many lives 17 years and held the country hostage for 17 years. Even after that you ended up confiscating land and selling it to foreigners in the name of investment. I hope you read what Ethiopians are complaining and take the thermometer of the people’s anger and save yourself before it is too late. The Dam or GERD will not save you from your treason trial. Woyanes will be tried in in a civil court for betraying Ethiopia, selling its citizen’s to the middle east, keeping quiet while Ethiopians are murdered and abused, raped on daily basis. Selling land for 100 years to the barbaric Arabs who do not even allow our people to dress their dress and pray to their God.

    • @Gezaee, you have too much hatred to the gallant fighters who never hesitated to sacrifice their only one life to get rid of derg. Hate is going to eat you alive. Your hate to the Tigray people resembles the way the petro dollar Arab ellites hate Ethiopian

      • I hate no one, leave alone the dead, I do not even hate anyone or anything that is living. you are crooked man. you try to use the fighters to hide your crime? why? that is bad. Why now you talk about fighters? Where did I talk about fighters or hate? You use the fighters or the people of tigrai to hide your betrayal, or crime? That means because of the fighters and the people of Tigrai, we need to let loot, steal, kill, imprison, … people? do you know you are using the fighters and the people of tigrai to abuse or loot Ethiopia? This is breaching a contract with the fighters assuming you had a contract with them which AIGA call it Hidri? where is that so called Hidri? was the Hidri to betray Ethiopians and Ethiopia? was that Hidri to landlock Ethiopia? was that Hidri to remove people from their land and to sell it for Arabs for 100 years? was the hidri to steal, abuse, kill Ethiopians ? was the hidri to force Ethiopians to be landlocked Ethiopia and Ethiopians to force Ethiopians to buy ports at the cost of 50 billion dollars? Does the people of tigrai love Khdet, theft, injustice, crime, …? this is a miscarriage of your Hidri and I doubt you had any Hidri because if there was anyone, you have breached it long ago by betraying Ethiopia100 times.
        Please do not talk about fighters or Tigrai people you do not represent even Tigreans because there is no elected leader in Tigrai like in Eritrea or the rest of Ethiopia. That means you can represent any Tigreans because no Tigrean elected you.
        If the people of Tigrai has to be blamed for TPLF crimes, then that will be another miscarriage and misrepresentation and please removed yourself from the people, you can not sacrifice 7 million people for your own personal sin. you need to be responsible for your own actions, not use fighters or people of tigrai for you own personal gain and agenda. you can steal and do all kind of corruption in broad day light and try to escape from it using your tribes name? that is an immoral, unethical and selfish of you. Please talk about your beliefs and party, not about innocent people. Such people are called Laminar. They use their tribe to achieve their personal agenda and you are that kind of person and that is selfishness and even evilness.

  24. Gezae matoo, you didn’t say anything new. You are just repeating what derg, kinjit, gem sebat,and andenet have propagated for years. You can keep on talking and even bark for years. You are not going to change nothing. As you usual you do the talk and we do the walk.

  25. I know that you can not change, learn, develop , grow, but never mind, the day of reckoning will arrive whether you like it or not, whether you change or not, because matter is always in motion even woyanes think matter is stationary.

    • Dear Gezaee,
      you have good name that it seems like “Royal family”, maybe that is why you interpret your name in the wrong way and lost something from the people of Tigray or Eritreans. You have too much hate with out any limit. You live in USA or Europe means not educated or better than any one, but of course there are exceptionals, that they have bright mined. Peoples living in their country they have more role than any those residing out side like you. Fighting by pen is much easier than practical. Always you mentioned about landlocked and against of Eritrean that is the way of your civilization. If you woul get a chance to put feul and set fire that is the only your solution; look for example South Sudan and other like former Soviet Union there were divided to live in peace, development and progress. Recent like Scotland they voted, but they didn’t like to separte, but this is the decision of the people.The same thing like Eritrean, South Sudan, etc.. in the World, not to live by force, that is your way want to force them to bring back by weapon. Do you hink is it possible? May be your dream is far like sky with out people interest. If you need war go to the write place and try, not like mouse in the big city and buildings hiding yourself, that it doesn’t give you solution. Of course you can say your feeling and idea, but you lost your time, dignity, and you get mad and crazy for nothing: I know i could not change you, but i want to tell you. You are not Tigrayan, but you born in Tigray, and grown and you speak the language, and at last you went to those white people.

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