President Abay Woldu : Challenges of Tigrai Today!

It has been few years since president Abay Woldu became the president of Tigrai. The president was chosen as we were told because of his unflinching desire not to be corrupt and his achievement during his prior assignment which was mainly dealing with the rural/agricultural development of the region. The President has set his government priorities for the coming year as you can see in this reportage.

After you read it carefully and if you have been to Tigrai recently share your thoughts about the president’s priority. What is your impression overall where Tigrai is today in terms of development and carrying on with Meles Vision. Are you satisfied the achievements made so far is worthy of all the sacrifices our people made over the years? What is the most troubling development you observed and faced in Tigrai? And what do you think the regional government can do to improve things? Have Your say!

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  1. The Abay Woldu led regional government had never had any problem in giving empty promises to promote good governance and to combat corruption. However, in practical sense the terms , ”good governance and combating corruption” are just only in vocabulary. Go down to the local, go to the government offices/ different levels/, the people are crying,investors are suffering. With out giving bribe you can not move an inch. I think corruption is becoming beyond the government control. The wisdom starts here. Acknowledge the full force of the problem. Then if you have willingness and commitment you can still minimize it. Have a courage even to ask your adversary’s help to fight this evil deeds.
    And I don’t believe Abay Woldu has that ability and courage to do that for the obvious reasons.

    • I agree! But it is beyond empty promise.

  2. Mr. President
    I wish you good health and successes on your leadership.
    We all know the level of corruption in your state and the undemocratic behavior of fellow staff members . It is true that the people of tigray are suffering from such party loyalist who have no idea how to serve the people . Through so many complains it is obvious that you are aware of what is going on but for some reason you wouldn’t dare to take action and now just to manipulate the people of Tigray you are promising to fight corruption and this is just a joke. The poverty level of Tigray is tremendous you can see in the streets of Addis Ababa, have you ever tried to help and educate this homeless poor Tigrians in the street of Addis? Do you have any program that will improve the lives of this poor Tigrians? The corruption is from top to bottom please don’t kid us we know it all
    and I don’t think you are going to cure it by just lip service. Action is needed more than anything else , those officials who were supposed to serve the people and are corrupt should face the law and please put qualified people to serve instead of party loyalists.
    I don’t know how you sleep and rest while the people of Tigray are crying punished by your corrupt party loyalists they are demanding democracy they are demanding for reasonable leaders they are demanding for a peaceful life hope you get it

    • First let me mention z positive achievements of z region-1,z good improvements in education(not quality),health,road infrastructure,soil&water conservation,reforestation etc.-2,failures are z high corruption,absence of good governance,absence of democracy,worsening poverty(number of tigrian beggars in A.A is increasing every day),absence of mechanized irrigation(even though z TRS say 50% of tigray land is irrigated in reality no at all except small irrelevant ponds&wells),forced distribution of( selected seed,fertilizer and lending money without convincing),no accountability and transparency etc.

    • I do respect the from the bottom of my hear that Ato Abay Weldu and his comrades have done miracles in fighting the Dege regime. However, if we come to the development agenda, the people of Tigray is crying, crying, crying, with nobody to hear its voice!!!!!!!!!!!! There are serious problems in Tigray: lack of good governance, corruption and lack of visionary leaders. The problem is on the Shumegnas (Wereda & Region), CCs, Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces, etc. The inner shell is so strong to expose that people can not defend its rights at this time. Nothing can be said except “May God give them Mercy!!!!” Everything will pass, and the People of Tigray will remain strong, united and respected forever! God Bless Ethiopia

  3. The title by itself is funny. Is there any single instance in the history of tplf when they took the blame for their failures ? They have been always ´´ perfect´´ in thier mouths while the ground reality is completely different. Absence of democracy and transparency, lack of skills and information ( most people in tigray are dogmatized by tplf politics and unable to see the bigger picture), corruption, false data cooking, tit-for-tat system, extremely low education quality ( signals 2morrows dark time), etc…
    With all those problems, Abay Woldu is shouting load he has done termendous progress in every front of deve´t.
    by the wa, What does it cost to tplf if they do good things in tigray ?
    why are they not ready to learn from thier mstakes and fro others ?

    • @mehari , its arrogant to say “most people in tigray are dogmatized by tplf politics and unable to see the bigger picture” , you(nobody) are in no way qualified to say this on Tigray people. According to your Big Ego , Your “ingenuity” is better than “most” Tigray people? Very Bully!!!! Your “enlightment”(expressed in poor english ) tells something else.

      Be wise and criticize only those institutions you think has failed their promise!

      • @robel
        Why I can’t say that ? isn’t it true that most people are under the only one political idealogy of tplf ? whats wrong saying this ? isn’t it true that having a different view on politics could get you in prison or to the worst get you vanished ? either deceived or just mere fear people are still living under the mal-administered system of tplf ? this is what I mean most people are dogmatized . plus, I am no less no more Tigrian like every body else. I have the right to say what ever I want to say about my people. Don’t go further to manipulate my comments negatively. My core point is that every thing in Tigray smells tplf. In my view, the contemporary tplf is the worst organization in the 21 century. this is the bitter truth you need to swallow. The sources of all probelms in Tigray have their origin in the ill posed mentality of tplf and its cadres. Otherwise, I know, perhaps better than you that Tigray people are hard working, easy to change and easy to mobilize for good.

        I would take your final comment though. It is good to criticize the institutions who failed, but in my view all institutions in Tigray have failed. Thus, I want to address the root cause of the problem which is the system spearheaded by the current tplf leaders. I don’t have with any body coming to power let alone tplf. What I demand for the is good education, democracy and transparency, good social service, infrastructure, etc.. I don’t see such things in Tigray . rather corruption ,fear, poverty, lack of good governance, extremely low quality education, lack of modern and free media, etc..

        So mr robel my enlightment tells clear and concrete message . Sorry for my poor english though 🙂

        • My friend u r still on that Big ego wagon, u r entitled to deceive your soul…but its arrogant to insult people. You would have felt your insult if u were from this Golden people .
          These people sacrificed the most and they are insulted by the likes of u, most probably who benefited a lot from their sacrifice…we know all the stinky insults u talk in your kitchen but ayleast don’t say it in public, keep it in your “enlighted” heart

          • @robel

            Not yet clear for you ha.
            I repeat it for you until u got it right dude.
            I said most people are dogmatized by tplf politics. Is this an insult to the people? i am referring to the absence of alternative, progressive political ideologies in Tigray. To a free man this could not be translated as an insult. Don’t pretend as if you were more TIGRAWAY than any one else.

            My freind the phrase ‘golden people’ didn’t bring any gold to the people upto now. Don’t cheat yourself saying this. All people are same by any measure. Any people, if led and organized properly can make a difference. That was what happened during the 17 year struggle. Now, because all the tplf cadress didn’t care much ( also don’t have the required skills) the people can’t get out of poverty and illiteracy. Now, ‘thanks’ to our leaders people are suffering to a magnitude you can’t imagine in this era. In my view, all people are same. the difference is how you lead them, how you mobilize them, ..

            You seem to have a complexity on my enlightment ( to use ur word). I assure you I am. The ultimate goal of education is to get your self enlightened. I wish every other Tigraway did same. Off course I am a beneficiary of the sacrify paid by my people. That was the goal indeed. What is the problem with that ? Being benefited from doesn’t mean I have to keep my mouth shut up and say nothing on tplf. This silly dude.

            I never thought TIGRAY would be this much bad in the hand of tplf for that matter. I have been a supporter for long. BUT then 23 years passed and nothing fundamentally changed. The changes we see belong to the FEDERAL GOV ( EPRDF) which is much better than tplf in my view.

            I still believe it is not too late for the tplf to correct thier mistakes if they have an ear to listen.

          • You seem irritated by the term “Golden people”, I got you baby. Take it easy lol

            THe people coming to this blog are much smarter than your world…hope you got it dude

            And By the way, read your first thread well before commenting on another thread, that way you will avoid contradicting yourself lol

    • As much as I complained, like many others about some of the leaders of the TPLF you have to understand most of us are Woyenty and well wishers to the TPLF, don’t get carried over. I need to defilate your frenzied attack on the TPLF and tell you that there has never been a political party or front in Ethiopia, as forth right and selfcritcizing as the TPLF.
      It was the culture of the TPLF to reevaluate every action it took, selfcricize and atone to its mistakes, which was not and still not the custom in the Ethiopian body politic.
      The TPLF for most of us here complaining is our front and lifeline. We may complain and grumble but we will not forsake it, not because it doesn’t have faults but because by large it has done a lot of good and there is no other party or front at present or the near future that can much the TPLF.
      This is what they call love and hate relationship. You can’t leave with out it an you can’t live with it that is love.

      • “The TPLF for most of us here complaining is our front and lifeline.”

        This statement doesn’t represent me and I don’t think it represents the majority Tigreans ether. good for you Dderbew! you are a lucky man having someone at the top of the lader!!

  4. Tigray has come a long way under TPLF government. Ever one of the presidents before Abay Woldu has left it a bit more better. However given the potential desire to do more and to be self sufficient of the people a lot could have been achieved.

    The impression I and many have is TPLF is too protective to bring in private investors. The TPLF government is too much consumed in the rural side of the country. As we see the people are changing the landscape, they are converting monumental mountains in to active and productive land. Such achievements will not have been achieved without the steadfast leadership of TPLF.

    if Ethiopia is to move in to the industrial economy, Tigray needs to be at the front for the following reasons. Tigray has a cohesive government and the benefit of TPLF and its extensive human resource in every village.

    The side effect of fighting corruption in Tigray is that it has caused many private investors to stay away from the region. The government needs a continuous engagement with private investors. The investors need to be convinced why Tigray is #1 in collecting taxes? What
    I heard is although such ranking may be good it has given the impression Tigray is not good for investing since the government will breath behind your neck so to speak…

    The current effort to industrialize is not going smooth. The infrastructure to accommodate manufacturing companies is not there. Electric and water are scares. There are many examples where small scale manufactures are facing uphill battle to become profitable with the bad road infrastructure and ready availability of electric city.

    president Abay has done well since his became president. The challenges he faced were tremendous. He has handle well the effects of turbulence in the world economy and the death of Meles, which gave extra responsibility to manage-TPLF Chairmanship.

    My hope is Abay will have the strength and stamina to ride the political uncertainty within EPRDF and manage the affairs of Tigray. I wish EPRDF has the wisdom to separate the party Chairmanship and head of Government position! Both position requires hard work. The party needs constant grooming to bring young leaders and the government needs full attention to run the day to day attention.

    Thank You Aigaforum.

    • No Abay has no insight of the problem, which is himself. The corruption which everyone is talking about doesn’t exist in the eyes of Abay because is the money goes into his coffers it is not corruption, but if any Tigrian becomes rich with hard work he or she are rent sicker.
      Melee had a vision for Ethiopia but I suspect he had either fatigue or disdain to the people of Tigray, he made sure all gains by the Tigray was lost systematically. The TPLF was/is my life and I would have given my life and would still do for there is no other better party but it hurts me to see that the purpose & principle’s of the 17 years of struggle are squandered by none other than the leaders of the struggle who marshaled hundreds of thousands of youth to sacrifice all they have including life, sight and and limbs.
      Meles stuck the dagger in the back of the people of Tigray and Abay is pushing and screwing it deeper. Now to finish it he is aiming to kill the meage investment in Tigray by attacking the few remaining investors in the name of fighting rent sicking.

    • Good point, but also his addmenstration has brought some security to the general population , what it need to change is 1) tplf need to bring new generation young people 2) they need to let new faces to run the government and be come the guardian to those who are new, what we see in Tigray is the same old faces. 3) do not let some one go with out teaching the young what I mean is retire 4) take responsibly for your own fault. TPLF is the only party that has not change yet…. Need to be soon than letter

      • I disagree. The Tigray government has not brought security to the people at all. To the contrary people are afraid to speak up. What ever is being done in the kilil is planned by the federal government. As to transfer to the young generation who are they to train anyone? (unless you mean on how to be corrupt). What they ought to do is give every Ethiopian a chance to compete for any job irrespective of his/her political views as long as he is law abiding and able. The way it is now some Kadre will recruit you to be a TPLF member , you some how get a paper from some private “school ” then you enroll in civil service college and you get to be somebody. Because those people are not fit to fill the jobs they will be servants of those who gave them those jobs and of course they will be in the mix with their corrupt practices.

  5. Like everybody I wish good luck to Ato Abay Woldu. However, when it comes to Tigrai, there are things that makes me wonder all the time. After I visted Ethiopia, I found out Tigrai is behind all regions in Ethiopia, Hawassa, Bahredar, Adama, and so on, they are far better in every sector of development than Tigrai. Sad but true, I found out that Tigrai is not among those Industrial zone in Ethiopia. Ato Abay and other leaders have been saying about reduction of poverity in Ethiopia, but there is no sign of that other than talk, talk and talk. Can Ato Woldu for that matter any TPLF/EPDRF members and leaders tell me why Tigrai is condemned from having Industrial zone? The only way out of poverity is Industrialization, Mining, and tourism which is not happening in Tigrai. I always ask myself why all the direct foreign investement not happening in Tigrai but in other regions of Ethiopia, can say something about this, including Ato Abay? I have over one thousand questions to ask? Please I need an honest answer to the above questions.
    Yemrehane Kirstos

  6. Well, all of the commentators before me said it all. Twenty four years in power and 17 years in the bushes is long to know the system of TPLF. The leaders never took responsibility always the people or the small fishes are the price to be sacrificed in order to prolong the brutality of TPLF. By the way, if someone in power if he/she isn’t corrupt they too will pay the price for not being corrupt as their comrades.
    The constitution, equality of nations/nationalities, development, democracy, and rule of law are all in theory(on paper) and just to confuse the international communities. The people on the ground experiences otherwise. The only thing TPLF/EPRDF good at is false propaganda.

  7. Tigrai is not in good administration. You can see it in water,electricity, investment supply.TPLF especially Aite Abaye woldu focus too much in politics .He is good only in day and night meeting.He has to resign

  8. Hi All Aiga formu readers, today i would like to give some comments on Abbay Woldu promise to bring Justice and fight corrupation Tigray Agenda. i was in mekele this Summer for tigray festival celebration and i came back to USA with Broken Heart all what I see in tigray make me sick those Peoples fighting and losing their life to bring peace and stability to tigray was just a lost for me. peoples are begging for good governance and Justice. The Regional government higher leaders spent thier time drinking liquoar all night and they are so corrupted. i am number one TPLF/EPRDF supporter but after my visit and I decide my self to be abstain from all political agenda today i heard in EBC Ato Abbay give empty promise to the people of tigray to fight corruption and to bring Justice and good governance to the people of tigray. In my opinion it is not change to practices because it will bring a high conflict between them self. Thank you for allowing me to share my opinion in this page

  9. Mr. president,
    It is not enough to say you will fight corruption. In Tigray TPLF and it’s companies are the only employers save for coffee shops and bars. Employement is given to party members and those affilated with it. Under this conditions no one will dare to speak up because if he is fired economically he is finished. That is where your corruption starts. Also the party is in charge of all branches of government. You are forcing people to pay astronomical amount in taxes because people have no recourse to what ever you do and claim to be number one in tax collection.
    By the way have the endowment companies ever been audited by a third party. How can you talk about “kiray sebsabinet” of others if no one knows the income of those companies; one of the most profitable in the country like the cement factory that has been working round the clock since it was built. I will believe you will fight corruption when you get those cash cows audited by a third party.
    You controll all branches of government. Is not that corruption? Who are you kidding? You are a political party and you own many companies. Is that constitutional?

  10. First for most, I put forward every TPLF leaders to read the book of Mr. Asrat Gebru to understand the real cause for the bad governance and corruption. The so called “Meles Vision” is also another striking corruption. The mother of all bad governance and corruption is inside the slogan of “ye meles Raei”, as there was none exist on the leadership of TPLF. Wake Up Mr. President. The people(s) of Tigray are lessening behind as I text here. Do not measure the success of the people/nation by the wealth of few people of a certain clan (group). People are observing with a bitter sadness. Before facing the overdue, you better be attentive to save the struggle of weyane. The stolen money is being laundered to Dubai and West by the few groups your Visionary made. BTW; I have a question to ask….Is that the vision you followed when your party appoints your wife to the top leadership of TPLF? That is a great vision to follow. For your information it is an insult to the woman of TIGRAY when your predecessor and yourself done the same-appointing your wives to the top leadership of the party- saying as the woman only able or achieve to the leadership when her man being achieved a post. I am a woman and being insult.
    Thank You,

  11. Dear Aiga, I have been in Tigtai for two months. What. I noticed was complain after complain about tigray administrator of his capability to administer the state. The are. Working hard to change their lives for better however, upper and lower admistrators are corrupt and unable to be part of solution. People are crying because of lack of hopitals. Water, and good governance. Local investores are moving out of tigray to other regions.I think abay is beyond his capacity to lead TPLF and Tigray for better life. He must admit his failure and resign. Tigray needs capable person like Dr. Arkebe, to govern and trasform like other states.

    • On that I was like you . The first time I went, people were crying b/c they took Arkebe to addis, then haleka tsegay came with his wife and it was very bad managed then Abay came and people had hope until they selected his wife to parliament or the position she is on, do we Tigrians lack young and educated individuals other than their wives? Please Mr. Abay for the sake of the fallen heroes, do the right thing. Our people are suffering with on one to listen.


  13. I have been to Tigray during the Tigray festival and stayed there for a month and half. I have had firsthand observations, conversations with ordinary people from towns and countrysides.

    Tigray is in a sad state of affairs: corruption is rampant; nepotism is the norm, and hopelessness is high. I have understood that having another opinion is a crime in Tigray. Many people are in jails in Tigray dungeons on the basis of suspicion that they support Arena. Publicly declaring your support for Arena Tigray in countrysides and small towns is a heavy crime punishable by ‘law’. One of TPLF veterans who fought all his life with TPLF and who now witness the fear under which himself and the people live, the lack of freedom, the rampant corruption expressed his anger and hopelessness by saying this: “It breaks my heart to realize that I fought all my life for nothing”

    Employment is on one and only one criteria: party membership. However bright you might be, if you do not have a party membership certificate, you are no one. If you are not a member, you either have to go to the other parts of the country (mainly Addis Abeba), or you open a small business (if you have any initial capital), or you live the country to work anywhere outside.

    Tigray has no FDI investment (even the Government admits this: they said they have only two garment factories that have shown interest to invest there and one American person who invested in chicken). The reasons for lack of investment are many. One is the proximity to war zone, but the main reasons are lack of good governance, lack of information, lack of established work procedures, lack of promotion, bureaucratic maze, corruption, and excessive taxation. Taxation is higher in Tigray and since business people are by nature interested in making profits even at the expense of exploiting lope-holes, they prefer other parts of the country. Strict and high taxation rules different from the country have made Tigray a scary place for investors and business men. Tigayans who made their fortunes in Tigray are moving their wealth and businesses elsewhere, mainly to Addis Abeba.

    We might fool ourselves by saying that Tigray is in good condition, but the truth is otherwise. Tigray is in a bad state in many economic indicators. Data about Tigray’s economic and social indicators are all exaggerated. The Tigray government says that 100% Tigrayan farmers are model farmers and that they all graduated from safetynet. The truth is that the farmers do not even know that they graduated, it was just reported. They tell us that about 40% of land is irrigated. The truth is that wherever I moved around, I could not come across any irrigated land.

    I think it is time to talk truth and only it.

  14. At times, government officials travel abroad to gain experience and use it as it fits their situation at home.
    In the case of Tigray, I recommend that these officials travel to Addis and other regions in Ethiopia to see how they are attracting business and may be they can learn something if they have the willingness.
    Mediocre and corrupt officials everywhere from the Wereda level to the Regional level are killing the business atmosphere in Tigray.

  15. Hahahahahahahahaha !!!!!! What a jock !!!! talk is cheap !!!! Haven’t they fighting it since the TPLF’s inception. The more they talked about it the worst it gets. Bla bla bla bla and bla ……….. To fight Kiray Sebsabinet :

    1. Independent judiciary
    2.Independent media
    3.educated people ( from good universities ) in leadership
    4. leadership by profession
    5.Free election
    6. Good pay .
    7. Listen to the people
    8. Get out of ethnic politics
    9.Get out of impunity culture
    10. 17 years in the bush 23 years in power still no solution for corruption …. TPLF is going out of date… expiring a day at a time. Bring the best and brightest, the young and ambitious to power and you will see how they will change the country.

  16. One of the challenges facing our Tigrai in particular is the lack of competition in politics. your TPLF is still a front and doe not allow any other party to compete without being harassed, imprisoned, tortured, etc. Competition would allow the people to have choices to unseat bad parties and reward the parties that are accountable to the needs of the people.
    Mr. President,
    Are you accountable to the people of Tigrai? Can the people impeach you if you don’t meet their expectations. You get my point.

    • You are a sheer nonsense and out of control crit. Can’t you say anything that helps mitigate the century old problems of the country? Your fathers and grand fathers destroyed the whole country and made it a beggar in the street of the planet. Shame on the part of you and your neftegna governments. And now, your sickness is persistently aggravating and you are trying to bite any thing on your way like a mad dog to derail the correct path of the socioeconomic development the country is registering. Kentu fitret.

  17. I was in Mekelle Tigrai, for the Ethiopian new year and I spoke to a few people what I heard was complain about corruption, bad governance and betrayed the good will of the martyr.

  18. Do you know mr. President how many years it. Is now with unfinished asphalet road which connects mekelle-tembien-adwa? It is now 3 years not even started tembien to adwa! Within your administration you have the right to check and control federal projects but you failed to do so thus why people are complaining about you, lack of proper transportation to tembien. Not only that you denied the non existance of hospital in adwa but the structure exists without proper medical service during tigray festival conference. This shows the incompitent nature of leadership. I urge you as a diaspors our people are suffering under your leadership is not good for your legacy and future generation of tigray. You listen to your people step down give the torch to others.

  19. By the way, he didn’t tell the details of the meeting he had, it was tense with participants forwarding very challenging issues to the leadership mainly to the president, the following were mentioned among several points:
    1. Democracy is dead within the party, networking, nepotism,, opportunism, power hunger is dominating
    2. People are brought to senior positions not by their merit but simply because they are puppets
    3. There is no decision and respond by senior govt officials including the president to peoples demands
    4. There is no accountability, the council is a dead body which never challenges to the executive
    5. TPLF rushes to such meetings when elections come, it makes a lot of promises which evaporate immediately after the election, a case was mentioned about Wukro where during the eve of the previous election people were given land and immediately after the election, the decision was revised and the land was taken back by the city administration. several similar examples can be mentioned
    6. The internal struggle is now dead, the regional cabinet members never make any criticism to corrupted leaders, it was put perfectly as ‘KEHAKEKA HIKEKENI’
    7. some weak leaders are just kept in senior positions because they are wives of leaders, they make zero contribution but they earn high and they abuse their power against the people.

  20. It is facinating and intriguing as well to expect new insights from a leadership that is consumated with endless meetings that culminate in either self aggrandization or in finger pinting to the lower level of the leadership that has neither a determining role nor in challenging the middle and higher leadership.Actual realities show the perpetuation of clanish and family promotions all across the higher leadership.At present in Tigray,no body dares to mention the names of those known familyies and relatives who have amassed massive land in Mekelle and the major towns.Let us not be fooed, they are using their cousins,nephews,aunts,uncles,inlaws etc who are either residing elsewhere or allegedly marked as diaspora not to put a trace on their actual names and identities.If chances are given to the residents of urban and rural Tigreans,we could have listened quite a lot of grivances related to corruption, cronisim,mismanagement of resources,injustice and arrogance.The President can be a nice person but he is not decisive enough to garner the support of the masses because he is detached and not responding in good time and faith to the mirad of complaints flooding to his office and the offices of his cronies.Time and again the failure of TPLF in Tigray will send a nauseating message to the other parties elsewhere in Ethiopia hence the need to seriously listen to what the trodden masses are voicing rather than rely on the reports of caderes and those bent on transmitting an image of plenty,good governance and oponeness of the leadership.What has happened to the extended consultations made by Abay,Sibhat and Seyoum lat May?Have not they crossed the width and breadth of the region?Have not they been told point blank that the region is suffering from bad governance,corruption and cronism?We all thought this consultation would have been a basis for drawing a strategy and an action plan to address the issues and save the region from perpetual bad governance.

  21. Mr. President! Do you know? That we tigreans are complaining about;
    -The Tigray people are the champion in paying a tax. Why? Is it because we are rich, or more responsible than others?
    -The tigray people are the champion of contributing more money for the dam than any other states in Ethiopia. Why? Is it because we are rich, or more responsible than others?
    -Large number of tigreans including young children are begging in the streets of Addis. Why? Is it because we are poor or begging is the habit of tigreans?
    -Huge number of investors are lost confidence in tigray and they are immigrating to Addis and other regions of Ethiopia. What is wrong? Does it mean that tigray is not a promise land for investors?
    – Endowment companies never been audited by independent or concerned bodies. Why?
    -The people of tigray are complaining about corruption, justice and good governance, why? Have you ever talk with the poors who scarifies precious life and dignity in the struggle against the dergs? Do you think they are happy with you and your government? Please wake up; some of them are homeless and begging in the streets to survive. Do they deserve that? What is wrong with the good governance?

    Zebenay shafo


  22. The strategy to fight corruption is not there. Real “gemgam” is not there. Gemgam is conducted to cheat the government and the people. the high expenditure life and low income of households have killed the confidence of exposing corrupters. There is no also strong opposition. So where the system to fight corruption? If the participation (gemgam) of people in their localities and institutions is died, where is the system to fight corruption. Do you know how people cheat the system this time? Participants cheat the chairman of the gemgam for giving wise leadership hiding the truth. Because they have to look tomorrow’s business to get food for their kids. If the system fail to be participatory, how can you fight corruption in many offices at different level.

  23. I have read most of the comments. Many have spoken out the reality on ground, but some comments have political inclination. Few have even mentioned about arrest of people who do not support TPLF’s political stand. I live in Tigray (not member of TPLF) and have never witnessed any arrest of individuals because of their political views. I’m one who openly express my view against TPLFs weakness and nothing happened to me. Some like Abraha Desta might have been arrested because of their connection to violent political groups. It is not because of his membership to ARENA that he is sent to jail. Others are also arrested because of corruption. But over all it is not the arrest of such people that I oppose, but it the legal process that is damaging TPLFs image. People are arrested with out evidence and leaving them in jail and looking for evidence after their arrest is illegal. People are arrested with out due process. Those who are arrested should be in court with in 48 hours or should be left free. Eg Haile Assefa a Tigrawy investor who was on the process of building the best 5 star hotel around hawelti in mekelle is in jail for more than 5 years with out due process. Why? Am not saying he is clean. I do not know but he should get legal justice. One who illegally arrest people with out due process and giving fake excuse of collecting evidence should be sent to jail himself for arresting individuals with out due process. I guess those who commit an illegal arrest are the security people. They should not be above the law and should be accountable when the illegally arrest people.
    Corruption, lack of good governance issue is not limited to Tigray. It is an over all problem of the country. To be honest the most corrupted segment of the society is not TPLF or EPRDF officials. The most corrupted ones are those “educated” young men who are in key govt positions. But since the most of independent media focus is for political power, they mostly attach corruption to TPLF officials.
    Many of us are just blaming only Abay Weldu for the lack of progress in Tigray. It is not only Abay who should be blamed. The whole TPLF people especially the representative of the people of Tigray in the parliament are responsible. Have you heard any representative from Tigray in the parliament presenting Tigryan issues and problems? They could have raised lack of drinking water, lack of infrastructure, the lack of budget for education and health in Tigray? Why are they in the parliament to begin with? Are they in the parliament just to clap what ever decision comes from the party? They should have voiced, and screamed the voice of the people of Tigray.

    Abay weldu is one of the few clean people with in TPLF. He is not corrupted like many other officials. Being clean is one of the best characters needed for good governance. But that is not enough. A good leadership is more than that. Above all one need be visionary and decisive. Abay lacks the two of them and I think he doesn’t deserve the governorship position. For a good leadership one should be uncorrupted like Abay, visionary as Aray zerihun, and decisive as Arkebe.
    Tigray is lagging behind because of the lack of good leadership. Some say Tigray aya yeblan. It is true there is no single one person with in TPLF who really cares about Tigray. No vision at all. Abay’s vision of Tigray is limited only to mayn hamedn eqeba. Shabiya like mayn hameden eqeba mentality is not going to leads us in to better future. We need better leadership who transfers Tigray to modern industrial world. Tigray needs better visionary leaders.

    But above all we need non political media who points out the problems with in Tigray. In Ethiopia almost 100% of private medias are have political motivation and objective. Thus pleas Aiga forum should allow every voice to be reflected. Please please allow every tigraway express his/ her feeling. Other wise habei kuslu is hbei fewsu.

    • Do you have any evidence that Abraha Desta was having connection to some insurgent groups? can you show that? or you are telling us if TPLF leaders say it, it is true? what a hypocritical comment! what about w/ro Alganesh Gebru and all other ARENA members? are you denying the unlawful imprisonment and harassing of ARENA members is legitimate?

      You claim you are not TPLF member! kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

      Guesh! please don’t make a laughing stock of yourself! don’t deny the undeniable!

  24. Aiga, I am sick and sick of you, why do you remove my comment? you are really corrupt yourself. If you post only what you like? how is then problem can be addressed? AIGA, you can not like what ever-body says. It is impossible to like every opinion. You only post opinion you like and now you are sitting making TPLF the most corrupt entity in the country. Can you see all the comments now? how come all the people says this if what you were telling was truth? Shame on you, you are adhari, asmesay. you have no the gut to work for people. you are here to serve your boss abay and his Co. But deleting comments, you will make TPLF only more corrupt. It is disgusting. This is primitivity and backwardness. I think you are only allowing comments to be posted from your clan? Disgusting, from ethnic now to clan and then what? Shame on you, your boss is promising to stampe out corruption and he has been saying the same things for two years and nothing changed so far. Why he has to be responsible to stampe out corruption? There must be a law that holds anyone responsible and accountable, corruption stamping out must not depend on individual leaders, but on the law. My friend actually arrived after 3 months in Ethiopia including in Tigrai. He told me there is now law and the law is you have to be party member. His cousin is an import and export agent and the way he got to be a big agent and access to be agent is nothing but party membership of EPRDF. He tried to convince him to become EPRDF and he can help him to establish a business in addis and stay home from going to North America. My friend told him he does not want to be EPRDF to do business and he came back. He admitted there are many good things done, he told me but they are tied to EPRDF and whatever is being built is given to EPRDF members. Even Condominium is given to EPRDF. Corruption starts right here at AIGA where nothing real is posted except good things. Have you ever posted any truth than something that emulate TPLF for everything? If what you have been posting was truth? why is then now all of a sudden corruption is top in the region you told us has become Europe? Shame on you AIGA.

  25. The Tigray state is now the fallen state like Iraq under the leadership of Mr Abay. Of course it is not only Mr. Abay, even the late prime mister is responsible for such a failure!
    The TPLF leaders are enjoying their life now, you easily found them in night clubs and disco houses. Really the don’t care about the well-being of the Tigray people. They are compensating the time they spent for 17 years.

    The Tigray people is passing through a hard time now than the Dergue regime, sorry to say that but it is true!
    It is sad!

  26. Dear Mr. President
    First I want to congratulate you on your achievement so far and I also recognize your commitment in the past and now. Some of the issues I want to raise is the situations in the cities. There are corruptions starting from the very person next to you let alone people in the bureaus. When we say Economy it is all about job creation. I have been to Tigray recently and people were complaining about taxes and mismanagement of business by your administration that forced many to consider closing their business not mentioning those who have closed in the past and return their licenses. It is a simple math. Any business regardless of size creates jobs for the owner and his/her family members and others. In other countries people are encouraged to open new business and even given tax incentives to stay in the business but in Tigray what is happening is the reverse. I am not saying they should not pay taxes but it should be reasonable that will not destroy the business and increase the jobless rate. Whether we like it or not if we can not correct this, I mean allow business to stay and create jobs, all the good work we are so far achieving in the rural area will fail to meet the final goal, POVERTY free society, because one without the other will not exist. Please do not ignore what other commentators are commenting on your administration.

  27. I would say to Ato Abbay, make my day! prove it. Just go ahead and clean up your mess. In the first place why did you allow rent seeking to take root under your nose. What was your adminstration doing when corruption has become the norm but not the exception in Tigray from Kebele to University, you name it. In the name of the fallen martyrs of Tigray clean up our beloved State from the mess you have created before it is to late! please do somthing about it!! It is your responsibility. Good luck.

  28. The source of corruption:

    A system built based on family pedigree. A system that is being built on family or clan pedigree relationship can not be freed from corruption by one leader. The absence of standard of professional duties, ethics of conduct and public services , accountability and responsibilities and the absence of checking system is the main source of corruption. you can not eradicate corruption by official daily declaration. There must be employment scheme based on profession and skill, merit. How are you going to stampe out corruption if you are giving government office to your wife and sister in law and brother in law? It is impossible to do. You have to have law and the law must hold everyone accountable for any corrupt deal. But if the law is the party leader then there is no law. Mr. Abay can not keep his eye on every office or people. The law that apply to everyone one equally must watch or check what goes wrong. There is no need for monthly declaration to do deal with it. The system must deal with it, not individual leaders. Check your system than blaming people. People only do what they see is being done. This is a systemic problem. But TPLF loves blaming others for its own messes. If Abay put his wife on the top office without any public vote, who is then to be blamed corrupt? Take the beam in your eyes before removing the specks from others.


  30. @Gezaee, many thanks for the facts you have stated above and your friend was absolutely right. Membership is a key for everything. I have 5 brothers, all working, they are all members but they became members at different times. Let me tell you their reasons. My older is marchant and he had many problems with nonsense meetings and tax issues, once he become member of TPLT he become member of the marchants committee and he has great mood with the illiterate authorities. My other brother works for one of the EFFERT and he became member of TPLF to stay there because his boss threatened him that he will send him out to the remote sights if not. My other brother is a teacher, he has been active member, but could not promote much because he tries to be honest in meetings. Now he is member only to stay in that job. Because he had hard time arguing about facts and honesty, as a result, he is denied to get access to further education. Others who are incompetent in all aspects but active in blackmailing others and because they are “YES” guys, they got masters education after working 3 years; but my brother is now his 10th year. My other brother graduated recently he has <3.00 grade but employed in one of the "good offices" of the country, at least good for him. My other brother is forced to be party member because he has got interesting job. He is only member because his fate of staying in that position is under question. I just wrote the fact in my family, I do not want to expose places and positions of some of my brothers' for their safety. But you believe it or not this happened to my family in Tigray. We always discuss the issue whenever all came together at home. But the only options they have is this one.

    I hate Tigray because of the corruption and the bad governance in the region. I used to be pro TPLF for sometime, but now, no more! The very problem is no one listens you if you complain! rather you will be again smashed from another direction. Bicha yasazinal!

  31. Forget it, can a pig stop being a pig and become a bulldog….just because it said so. No- Abay Woldu’s empty promise is the same. The only good thing he can do is, he and his TPLF idiots have to go

  32. Gimgema is for short term project implementation. And the gimgema must involve subjective and objective type. The subjective is done by the owner which is biased like AIGA website which talks emulation always.The objective gimgema is done by external agent which is biased but based on facts and findings. And this is gimgema is not only for temporary and short term project like the TPLF war project. Now TPLF is a government , not a rebel anymore. The gimgema must have been stopped 23 years ago after TPLF became a system. You can not run a country by gimgema. Running a country requires a system that takes input and delivers output which is delivering services with responsibility, accountability, duty and right. You can use gimgema to govern about 96 million people. This is a systemic problem, not a problem of one or two leaders or not even Abay’s problem. This is a bigger problem than people think. There must be a system that is keeps book keeping of a system. Even if Aite Abay is decisive, visionary, he can not do anything all alone if the whole system is set up wrongly or on the wrong path. This corruption or zemedbezemed has been there in Ethiopia from since I was born and it is built in in the mind of all Ethiopian people. This requires a systemic hauling which I do not believe TPLF leaders have the mindset to do that because it is a culture. You go hospital in Ethiopia, if u have zemed, your will be picked up and served. The same in other services. There is no first come first serve principle in Ethiopia. This is a general problem of the country. Believe me or not, the same happens in other regions in the new so called Oromia and Amhara kilill happens the same thing. Party membership makes in Ethiopia first citizen and if not you are second citizen. Authorities can do anything they want. I was reading the other day, an article where one journalists force another Journalist to fight with him for some reasons he was not happy. Do not use public wealth for personal gain. The public office belongs to the public. Do not own public wealth. The only thing that belongs to the party is its office only, can not control public office. That is wrong. In conclusion, this is systemic problem that can not be solved by arresting individuals or blaming individuals or be it leaders. A system must not depend on individual people. The system must depend on governing laws that apply to everyone. No one must be immune to the face the law. I do think there is no such law. My friend was telling me those things. I asked if there is law at all? He told me no one cares in Ethiopia about law these days. Even car drivers do not respect the road traffic rules. He told me it is like there is now in Ethiopia. He told me people talk only about business and everything is overridden by money and nepotism, even in addis like that as my friend observed in his three month stay in Ethiopia. He told me if you have right connection in Ethiopia today, you can live your dream life that can you dream to live anywhere. What matter in today’s Ethiopia is party membership and money. If you are party member, the door is open for you to do whatever you wanted. This is really lawlessness. Anyway, this is a big problem that can not be solved even by the anticorruption commission.There must be other system that operates with all the existing system. Anti corruption commission can not over sea 96 million people.There must be a bigger system that stops this. But the problem now is TPLF officials have already accepted it as normal. They blame the young people now. Young people can not become corrupt if there is a system that works against corruption.

  33. I have read the report of the gemgam and there is nothing new in it. As usual it is all about the Tigrya farmers activity on meseno, diga, mayn hameden eqeba and fighting keray akebti. Declaration treatments such as this one are just a norm after every meeting of TPLF. There is no statement at all a role a government should play to tackle infrastructure, lack of clean water and poverty in tigray.That means the government has no real plan to face the real issues in Tigray like lack of clean water, infarstructure and so on. It didn’t mention any of the previous mistakes TPLF had made. It just says we will carry on the so called transformation thing. That is the usual “Atnakren enqetlalen”

    If we really want a real development and progress we should stop cooking data for public consumption. According to ato Abay unemployment in Tigray is only 19% and wants to lower it to 15%. It really is incredible. Had employment been lowered to 19%, I would have congratulated TPLF for their success. But the reality on ground is not that. It is just a lie. It is cooked up data. We can not base our future development plan from a deceitful cooked data. The reality is almost 90% of tigryan youth is unemployed. The reason why our youth migrates in mass to Saudi and addisababa is lack of employment in Tigray. I deplore Tigryan officials to stop wasting their time on cooking data and instead work on how to alleviate poverty in Tigray. If real progress and development comes one doesn’t need cooked up data. The development and progress will speak up for itself.
    If I were an official in TPLF I will not wast my time about cooking data. instead I will come up with real plans to tackle the issues at hand
    1) Right away stop over taxing the population. Give incentive on taxation on those sectors that are productive. I might overtax those business sectors that are harmful to the population such as chat bet, drinking houses etc.
    2)Fight and convince and bring solution to chronic shortage of clean water in almost every Tigray towns. That would be building real dam, big dam at the center of Tigray in Werei. Digging water here and there is not real solution. Because by doing so we would be lowering the water level of the region. But if we build dam it would be helpful in raising the ground water level of the region.
    3)Schools, clincs and even roads are built by the people of Tigray. TDA, local development groups telethons have contributed a lot in this area. Well and good but where the role of the government in building roads, schools, hospitals? Are not we Ethiopians like the other Ethiopians?

    Thus the Tigray government should plan on solving the real issues. But for now it seems the government has no development plans except reporting the farmers product and meseno activities as his success. It similar to that of shabiya propaganda where they have nothing to report except the farmers product. TPLF needs bring real change if it wants to get the hearts of mind of tigryans

  34. I doubt most of these people commenting here are Tigrayans or have been to Tigray. To sum it up in a sentence Tigray has come a long way since 1991 but still has a long way to go. That is also the reality of Ethiopia as a whole. Considering this was one of the most poorest places in Ethiopia its rapid transformation is a testimony to the commitment of both the TPLF and the people of Tigray towards development. My family and friends who have went their recently attest to how much it has changed; new roads and buildings are everywhere more jobs and opportunity and how happy and carefree the people are.

    • Selam Binyam
      Who are you to question somebody’s citizeship? Tegelbituni belu!!!
      Tigray is a mess. If you want the facts listen to coverage on ETV, I think from last May where people from every where in Tigray were complaining. Of course the kilil administration is always right and they denied but the people spoke. Yes roads are being built but they are planned by the Federal government for the mose part. Remember road construction does not mean democracy and good governance. South Africans also had many roads but they had to fight to be where they are now..

  35. It is very encouraging to see so many comments based on the news that the leadership of Tigray is resolute to fight rent seeking and bad governance-meaning that so many people are reading and following what is going on their home state.
    Sometimes it is very confusion if the leadership understood the exact meaning the rent seeking behavior and the bad governance. Since, the topic is not on the meaning of the term or the concept, let me say what I suppose. I believe both the above behaviors originate from the top down or just the government leaders use these terms to avoid responsibility, to bully the public at large, to cover-up the deficiency of capacity fighting the problem or reversing the fact on others for the sake of self saving. Based on the above understanding, I am forwarding just few what have noticed on my recent travel to Tigray.
    For instance, if you notice the roads that lead to many government offices and the compounds recently build and open for use at the capital (Mekelle) is dirt/dust –no paved roads, no concrete, no cobblestones. The money spent to build such offices has not considered the roads and look, unless the public money spent to personal use. A government not able to see its offices and buildings is the beginning of bad governance.
    The water issue in Mekelle and other towns-Imagine expecting growth and investment without water. There is no any city in the world prospers with no water. There were many proposals for the lasting solution-for instance damming the River Giba for the City Mekelle. This can be done by public investing as issuing municipal bonds or other mechanism which can be done but not seen any progress so far. Water is the very key component for the growth of the state-retaining human capital, reversing immigration, Tourism, industrialization etc.
    Diaspora and FDI in the state-Tigray is the least among others states of our nation regarding attracting investments due to many factors, as instance the situation to the north. Nevertheless few groups of Diaspora have invested to be exemplar for others to do the same. But the situation in the state is not encouraging due to the lack of infrastructure-power failure not only the power shortage-failure of electrical ground poles, Bureaucratic nature of the governance etc. Such nature is not helping at all. Instead of utilizing the Diaspora investment, the state has done the minimum effort so far. Hence, great attention is needed. Lip servicing won’t do much at all.
    In conclusion, saying few deficiencies above, it would be also fare to mention the accomplishment done in the state. I have witnessed the landscape of Tigray has been transformed to green. The government and the people of Tigary deserve the credit and encouragement. What have been done on the mountains of Tigray, we want to see on every aspect of our life. Keep it up the Good work.


  36. Most of the regional officials are simply not qualified to handle the complex political, economical, and social issues that come with one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.
    Thanks to the federal government, Tigray is on a par with other regions when it comes to infrastructure except for the chronic intermittent power supply.

    The incapable and unqualified have to be replaced by those who have the vision to take the region and the country forward, regardless of their GEDLI status…..that’s a real METEKAKAT.

    The current regional leaders are good at one thing….imposing discretionary higher taxes on small business and scaring them away to Addis and other regions.
    While appreciating their sacrifice and service so far, they got to go for the sake of Tigray. TPLF can do a lot better than this……buae !

  37. Some of the comments are Gembot 7 ? or Derg? Or combine.
    The is no doubt that ,TPLT is proud of its Name & the foundation of the great Ethiopia &Ethiopianism.
    my comments to the government of Tigrai,are in the right track to the glorious development. To do more, there some distraction
    1 corruption
    2 a road for investment.
    This are the things that we have to fight .not the people who takes but those gives.[not only but us] let go for better Tigrai .
    Every region have its own gift.

  38. All,

    Some of you are trying to leave comments with different names. You do not need to change names /nicks to put forth your opinion and observation on the issues. Just be civil and leave your comments as many times as you want but do not change names with every opinion you post.

    Also, use this opportunity to do good and influence positive change. You should know by now we are not interested to read hearsays and grudges that are personal in nature.

    Thank You.

  39. Dear Haki,, did you read our message not to use different names? We could have deleted this post since you have used three different names so far but will let it go since it has some relevant info… (admin)

    Dear Aiga
    Thank you for offering this opportunity for people to comment, What we are not sure is would these inputs reach the relevant people in Tigray (higher officials including the president), do you have any means to make it reach these people? I have doubts that they read it from your website because I know these people have not the culture of reading from websites, newspapers, etc, they even don’t read letters/demands addressed to them, reports submitted to them. They are good in cooking fake reports/plans inside closed offices, repeating catch words spoken by their bosses, etc.
    Coming back to what the president has delivered about the recent meeting is laughable, neither he nor the media has told the public what really was in the meeting of senior and middle level leadership meeting.
    1.First of all, the type of the meeting was very confusing: was it a conference, a congress or just an annual meeting? people started commenting about this meeting,
    2. why didn’t the media not able to provide the public what agenda was discussed and what comments were given by participants, or in short why was the meeting kept secret?
    3. Can people expect a break through or a significant change from this meeting? what was new about it?
    4. Why did the meeting take to much time than planned? it was supposed to conclude on Saturday but extended until Tuesday, but why?
    Some answers to the above questions:
    1. The level of the meeting is not known, participants were not elected but hand picked
    2. There were very challenging issues forwarded by some of prominent participants and the chairpersons (Abay and Tewodros ) were shocked and that is why it was kept secret, while major comments were that the practice of transparency today is totally absent in the region, the meeting itself was not transparent to the public
    3. Since such promises (fighting rent seeking, transparency, good governance, etc) has been said several times specially during election periods, no major change is expected in near future from such false propaganda.
    4. The meeting was extended much than planned schedule because the report presented was a trash and along the discussion process, the agenda changed into critical failures of the president and his cronies, so what happened was people were made to discuss around the bush for the first 3 days and it was only after Abay Tsehaye, and others tried to sharpen and shape the agenda that the real (live dicussion) started to errupt. The chairpersons didn’t have words to comment on the emerging sensitive but urgent and crucial leadership issues coming from participants. The surprising thing was, that the report was meant to cheat participants with false and exaggerated achievements but was finally ridiculed by the participants.

  40. Dear all,
    First I would like to thank aigaforum for this opportunity !!!!!
    And second, I was amazed, really amazed because till my comments, all the above to the exception of two people, all have a critical views.
    In the first 10 to 15 comments, I was thinking it should be oppositions who doesn’t like TPFL who wrote all those comments but after reading the whole message, I come across to the conclusion that all comments are not only from opposition but also from people who strongly support TPFL.
    Now here is the question? what next?
    I thought always that many people support blindly TPLF but today I understand so many people are reasonably critical and they feel the pain as well.
    I congratulate for telling what you feel and this helps the government to improve everyhting if they listen.

    To aigaforum,
    Can you post another quesiton asking your followers if it is really normal to arrest all opposition members and journalists for being criticals of government?
    I hope people will say what they thing. I am also confident.
    One of the person above commented that law enforcement officials, like police should be accountable because they arrest some one and they ask the court to give them time to search for evidences….this is a joke because without having evidence, how comes on earth they arrest citizens?

    Aiga, please post this as well.
    These people are strong supporter of TPFL and they don’t want to see die tpfl sooner so they will tell the truth to advise them, to correct them from their mistake.
    But if the majority say, those journalists deserve to be arrested and sent to jail untill police get evidence, I accept.
    Thank you

  41. Moment of truth!
    These common and communicable social diseses spread all over the country no exception fot Tigray region. There are real dangers whether we believe or not this decay never be washed and cleaned. The dysfuntion of the system and the sub system already realized by most ethiopians if not for some. It is not individual effort or responsibility is is the tatality of the system that lacks culture of participatory and collaboration the citizens of the nation. Say corruption, lack of good governance, lack of tranparency, party loyalty. demotivation of the people except the looters, lack of accountability, living under “one man vision” Greatly abscence of democracy, beliefe of only my idea is right, most infectious behavioral corruption of the generation will take the country to the dead end un less the citizen take the initiative and act before it is too late to fix. The nation “economic development” will not be as a glue to bring all the people who believe consider them selves we are belong to this nation together regardless our differences. No justice in Tigray no justice everywhere.

  42. Dear aiga I hope you print all comments and send to Ato Abay weldu.
    Tegadalay abay is Top cadre and agronomist. In other hand he does not have a leadership quality to lead tplf and tigray state. He is hard working person but not enough to transform tigray to industralization. Leaders should have a quality of vision, planning and implementation to strick success. Mr. Abay lacks these qualities as a result tigray remains behind major states in terms of developmemt. There is no justice, no freedom of speech and a lot of corruption from top to bottom level leaders. Is that what tigray deserves? Our brothers and sisters shed their blood in 17 years of struggle! God give mercy.
    Thank you.

  43. Dearest Aiga:
    Please continue providing this format on issues so that people can continue making accountable comments.
    After I read the concise material …including part of the speech of the president. I know making critic is easy and wanted to remain silent as there are many things I do not know. The following is my reflection predicated on the speech of the president and others relevant to the issue.

    መቀሌ ጥቅምት 4/2007 በትግራይ ክልል የሚገኙ አመራሮች የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነትና የመልካም አስተዳደር ችግሮችን በመታገል የእድገትና ትራንስፎርሜሽን እቅድ ከግብ ለማድረስ የሚያደርጉትን ጥረት አጠናክረው እንዲቀጥሉ የክልሉ ርእሰ መስተዳድር አስገነዘቡ፡፡
    The people of Tegray have lived under one organizational umbrella for quite long time and, if functional, effective and time fitting lairdship dispenses its responsibility the people have been ready since long ago. By that the “የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነትና የመልካም አስተዳደር ችግሮችን” mantra is just another tedious harangue. Corruption is its name; the cure is swift legal action and it should have done it long ago.
    በክልሉ በ2007 በሚካሄዱ ቁልፍ የልማት ስራዎች ዙሪያ ዛሬ ለከፍተኛና መካከለኛ አመራሮች ማብራሪያ ተሰጥቷል፡፡
    የክልሉ ርእሰ መስተዳድር አቶ አባይ ወልዱ እንደተናገሩት በ2006 ዓ.ም በህብረተሰቡ ተሳትፎና በልማት ሰራዊት በተፈጥሮ ሃብት፣ በመስኖ ልማት፣ በመኸር እርሻ፣ በትምህርት፣ በጤናና በሌሎች የልማት ዘርፎች የተከናወኑ የልማት ስራዎች የተመዘገበው ውጤት አበረታች ነው፡፡
    The “አበረታች ነው” phrase is tantamount to “have not met”. The leadership has constitutional mandate and legal responsibility to fast meet the long lived detrimental material and administration needs of the people. As part of the shared overall objective, many selfless Ethiopians have sacrificed their lives so that (among others) those earthly and good governance needs can be secured. The leadership has to make ongoing formal and informal assessments based on the rubrics of its earlier plans. So long the needed (top-bottom and bottom up) leadership, materials and plans are presented at the right time, the people of Tegray have proven history in working hard for success. Hence, the people cannot be maligned, or are not part of the problem. What was the 2006 plan (በህብረተሰቡ ተሳትፎና በልማት ሰራዊት በተፈጥሮ ሃብት፣ በመስኖ ልማት፣ በመኸር እርሻ፣ በትምህርት፣ በጤናና በሌሎች የልማት ዘርፎች) and what percentage of that blueprints have been met? If there are valid failures, who takes the blame, and what would be the consequence?

    በዓመቱ በተለይ በገጠር የተደራጀው የልማት ሰራዊት ቴክኖሎጂዎችን ሙሉ በሙሉ የመጠቀም፣ የግብርና ምርት በጥራትና በመጠን ከገበያና ከኢንዱስትሪ ግብአት ጋር የማተሳሰር ላይ የታዩ ጉድለቶች በማረም በቀጣዩ ዓመት ተስተካክሎ ተጠናክሮ ሊሰራ እንደሚገባ አቶ አባይ ተናግረዋል።
    While use of technology is commendable and a must in today’s world, if my memory serves me right, about 75% of the people of Tegray reside in rural areas in which electric service is inexistent. What were/are the observed specific weaknesses and what was/were the cause? What were the earlier year’s specific plans to fulfil the proposal and the degree of faultier?

    አቶ አባይ እንዳሉት በክልሉ በ2007 የበጋ ወራት 374 ሺህ ሄክታር በላይ በመስኖ በማልማት ከ41 ነጥብ 3 ሚሊዮን ኩንታል በላይ ምርት ለመሰብሰብ ታቅዷል፡፡
    ይህንኑ ተግባራዊ ለማድረግም ሁሉም አርሶአደሮች አንድ የውሃ አማራጭ እንዲጠቀም ይደረጋል፡፡ በ160ሺህ ሄክታር ላይ ርጥበት የሚቋጥሩ ስራዎች በልማት ሰራዊት በመስራት የክልሉ የሰብል ምርት 52 ሚሊዮን ኩንታል ለማድረስ የተጠናከረ ስራ እንሰራለን ብለዋል ።
    In planning for 2007 year agriculture production goal, the first paragraph says አቶ አባይ እንዳሉት በክልሉ በ2007 የበጋ ወራት 374 ሺህ ሄክታር በላይ በመስኖ በማልማት ከ41 ነጥብ 3 ሚሊዮን ኩንታል በላይ ምርት ለመሰብሰብ ታቅዷል፡፡ And then the second paragraph on the same subject come up with “በ160ሺህ ሄክታር ላይ ርጥበት የሚቋጥሩ ስራዎች በልማት ሰራዊት በመስራት የክልሉ የሰብል ምርት 52 ሚሊዮን ኩንታል ለማድረስ የተጠናከረ ስራ እንሰራለን ብለዋል::” Although all of us would be ecstatic to see this really materialized, readers are apprehensive on the dubious statements.

    በክልሉ ያሉት የልማት ስራዎች በማጠናከርና ለማኑፋክቸሪንግ፣ አግሮ ፕሮሰሲንግና ለኢንዱስትሪ የሚውል ከ10 ሺህ ሄክታር የሚበልጥ መሬተ ከልሎ በማዘጋጀትና የመሰረተ ልማት በማሟላት ለባለሃብቶች በመስጠት የሴቶችና ወጣቶችን የስራ እድል ተጠቃሚነት ለማመቻቸት መታቀዱን አስታውቀዋል።
    Again the same overused jargons such as “ለማመቻቸት መታቀዱን አስታውቀዋል” are used. If thorough studies had been made to strengthen the manufacturing, agro processing, industry by providing 10 thousands hectares, the needy segments of the society, additional explanation are needed. If one bases his observation on past promises, this sounds more clumsily prepared bureaucracy promise to sooth the people.

    በክልሉ ከ16 ቢሊዮን ብር በላይ ካፒታል ለሚያስመዘግቡ አንድ ሺህ 500 ባለሃብቶች የኢንቨስትመንት ፍቃድ በመስጠት በልማቱ የበኩላቸውን ድርሻ እንዲያበረክቱ የማድረግ ስራ እንደሚሰራም አስታውቀዋል።
    If anything this paragraph, once again, focuses on promise.

    በክልሉ የልማት ስራዎቹ በተቀላጠፈ አሰራር በማከናወን የድህነት መጠን ከ26 ከመቶ ወደ 22 ከመቶ በታች ለማውረድና የስራ አጥነትን ደረጃም ከ19 ከመቶ ወደ 15 ከመቶ ለመቀነስ በሁሉም ዘርፍ ርብርብ እንደሚደረግ ገልጸዋል።
    The same promise

    በመንግስትና በጎአድራጊ ድርጅቶች ትብብር ለመጠጥ ውሀና ለተለያዩ አገልግሎቶች የውሀ ጉድጓድ ቁፋሮዎችና መስመር መዘርጋት ስራዎች ተጠናክረው የሚካሄዱ መሆናቸው አስታውቀዋል።
    The issue of clean drinking water should had been addressed years back. It pains me to know many Tegray cities, towns and hamlets do not have clean water. If we take Mekelle city, for instance, why the state leadership has failed to heed this enormously important human need? The need of reliable clean water for the city has been a long lived problem. There is NO meaningful development without clean water. One of the newest hotels, Planate Hotel, uses special water purifier and dumps about 40% of the original water. The dwellers of the city, on the other hand, use the entire water including the 40% dirty part and that (I assume) have serious health effects on the people. In fact, this subject is a serious issue the federal and the state governments should have addressed it long ago. Who is at fault and who is to blame here? The city of Mekelle will continue grow in all aspects including in the number its residents, and the municipality and the state government officials ought to have realistic planes to meet the critically important needs and services of the inhabitants, and the availability of clean water for all comes at the forefront.

    የትምህርት ጥራት ለማረጋገጥ የመምህራን አቅምን የማሳደግ ፤የተማሪዎች ትምህርት ማቋረጥን ለመቀነስና የጎልማሶች ትምህርትን የማጠናከር ስራ ከህብረተሰቡ ጋር በጋራ እንደሚሰሩ ተናግረዋል።
    Still promise. What is the state of education in Tegray? How many student are passing University exam and how many of them graduate? In specific Liberal Arts how do we rate the students comparing to students of other regions? Although preparing educational curriculum is the responsibility of the ministry of Education (up to high school) and office of Higher education (higher educations), the state has constitutional mandate to use its reserved power to create educational conducive atmosphere to better prepare enlightened mind. Once again, the detrimental role of education in the lives of current/future generations and the people beyond is words. Liberal art is the only medium that assures equality, freedom and security. If the youths are spending their time in bars, chewing ChaT or in other entertainments, (because of lack of other healthy alternatives) that is the symptom of serious social malady, and we will ripe the painful effects.

    በጤናው ዘርፍ የመከላከልን ፖሊሲ መሰረት በማድረግ የተጀመሩ ስራዎችን በማጠናከር የእናቶችና ህፃናትን ሞት ለመቀነስ የጤና ተቋማትን በህክምና መሳሪያዎችና በመድሃኒት ለማጠናከርና ለማሟላት ስራ ትኩረት እናደርጋለን ብለዋል።
    Good promise; but when we compare and contrast the current child mortality ratio, malnutrition and mother’s death rate in Tegray to Amara and Oromia states, what is the information? Do we have early marriage in rural Tegray, if yes, why? Few months ago there was an article (at walta) that states 60% of Tegray children die before reaching their 2 years age. Is that true?

    ህብረተሰቡ የልማት ተጠቃሚነቱን ለማረጋገጥ የልማት ስራዎቻችን የሚያደናቅፉ የመልካም አስተዳደርና የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት ተግባራትና አመለካከቶችን በፅናት መታገል አለብን ሲሉ አቶ አባይ አሳስበዋል።
    Well, all government employees were hired to do just that. Nothing new here.

    የልማት ስራዎቻችንን በየወቅቱ በመገምገምና በማስተካከል አቅማችንን አጠናክረን በእልህና በወኔ ከሰራን በቀሪው አንድ ዓመት የእድገትና ትራንስፎርሜሽን እቅዱ የማይሳካበት ምንም ምክንያት እንደማይኖር አስገንዝበዋል።
    Wish alone cannot substitute well researched people focus projects.

    የ2007 ምርጫን ፍትሃዊ ፣ሰላማዊና ተአማኒ እንዲሆን ከልማታችን ጎን ለጎን የመልካም አስተዳደርና የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት ችግሮችን በመፍታት የህብረተሰቡን ተጠቃሚነት ማረጋገጥ እንደሚገባም ገልጸዋል።

    በወይይቱ ላይ ከተሳተፉት ከቆላ ተምቤንና ራያ አላማጣ ወረዳ የተወከሉ ወይዘሮ አልጋነሽ ኪዳኑና ወይዘሮ አበባ ሽሻይ እንደተናገሩት ባለፈው ዓመት በአካባቢያቸው በመስኖ፣በተፈጥሮ ሀብትና ግብርና በጤናው ዘርፍ የተከናወኑ ስራዎች ውጤታማ ቢሆኑም አሁንም የተጠናከረ ስራ ይጠብቃቸዋል።
    What exactly did she say? Were there complains from the participants? Are the people truly happy in the overall services the leadership is rendering? How about good governance? How difficult is to effectively dispense justices to people that had years of organizational experiences?

    በጎልማሶች የተግባር ተኮር ትምህርትና በመሬት አስተዳደር ላይ የታዩት ድክመቶችን በማረምና የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት አመለካከትን በቁርጠኝነት በመታገል ህብረተሰቡ ቀልጣፋና ፍትሃዊ አገልግሎት እንዲያገኝ ጠንክረን እንሰራለን ብለዋል።
    It is so boring, depressing to hear/read over and over such tirades

    በግምገማው ላይ የተሳተፉ ሁለት ሺህ 300 የመካከለኛና ከፍተኛ አመራሮች ባወጡት የአቋም መግለጫ የእድገትና ትራንስፎርሜሽን እቅዱን ከግብ ለማድረስ በቀረው አንድ ዓመት በገጠርና በከተማ በተገኙ ድሎች ሳንኩራራ በላቀ ሃላፊነት የልማት ሰራዊት በማጠናከር ኪራይ ሰብሳቢነትና የመልካም አስተዳደር ችግሮችን በቁርጠኝነት እንታገላለን በሚል ተስማምተዋል።
    Let us get serious on the substances and try to communicate based on the interest of the people. I have much respect to the president of the tegray region and to the other civil servants that are working hard to meet the insatiable material needs of the people. I am privy to the extent of challenges, but do the people have verifiable grievances on real matters? Are those complaints just new or had been there for many years? Are the people getting the services they not they need by deserve? Are the available meager resources being used in ways and priorities that fit the efficacy, urgency and demand of the people? Although I am least qualified to talk on the subject or feign to represent the constituents, I am aware to say the quest of the time is much different than the years of the struggle time. Unlike that struggle era, today’s civil servants are dealing with so many individual, community, regional and national popular demands under highly demanding and scrutinized circumstances. Desire to become civil servant, qualification (competency), transparency and accountability are part and parcel of the overall work package. While we should always adore, respect and acknowledge the progressive fighters who lived to remove a barbaric system, the rubric of the time is much different, complex, higher and multifaceted.
    If the real data, reports actual results on ground are presented in diluted or watery ways to mislead the guidable, not only is it immoral that disrespects the tens of thousands of martyrs such as Amora and Qeshi Gebru but also a crime.

  44. Tigray???
    1. Agriculture: – The government tells us the agricultural production in now near to 40 million Quintals. If you divide it to 5 million people, you will get more than 7quintals per person. But in Oromia, the production is less than 160 million quintal. Dividing this to the population in Oromia, it is about 5 quintals per person. So, Tigray has a higher agricultural productivity than Oromia. This is what the Abay Woldu government tells us and reports.
    2. Education: – Quality of education is reported as better than before. But independent studies indicate that student in Tigray have less ability to read and write (far beyond the developing regions in Ethiopia – the regions which did not have the opportunity for schools). Quality of education is high, they tell us. But the no bureau head takes his children to the public school……….are not their children in the private school??? Even any civil servant who gives attention to the quality of education sends his children to the private school paying more than what he can afford. Because this is an investment in the future of his children. If the quality of education was good, no body would have paid unbearable school fee to send to the private schools.
    3.Corruption:- They always blame the civil servant of corruption. The Anti-corruption agency has never, NEVER, accused one of the bureau heads of corruption. But any Accountant who fails in making accounting balances, or who may lose some money is thrown in to prison. Things which can be settled through discipline committee are regarded as corruption to serve as an escape goat for the politicians. And any department head is asked to register his property. But these royal family own more than two houses here and there – how come?????????? Are not they civil servants paid almost the same salary as the rest of the civil servants? If they have some benefits as leaders or bureau heads, is that much far???? look at my argument: If any civil servant with an a salary similar to theirs(the politicians) needs 5 years to complete his villa house by taking credit from the DEDEBit, how come they can own two G+x, or A villa and another G+x house with in 5 years? If they could complete one house with no credit I would not be surprised because they have some opportunities.
    4. Democracy:- Have you EVER heard a demonstration conducted in Tigray to ask for something? Is that an indication of the existence of democracy? Or is that because the people are 100% comfortable with everything? When you have the right to ask, you can ask anything even in times of success and prosperity let alone in a hopeless region such as Tigray. The markets are sky rocket, but the people are silent! There is no enough water supply such as in Mekelle, but the people are silent! Cement is produced in Tigray (Mekelle), and it is more expensive in Mekelle than in other regions, then the people are silent! The leaders do what ever they want to do, the people are silent!! can’t a person with his head on his neck as why are the people silent??? ዝምታዬ ካልገባህ ንግግሬ አይገባህም ብሎ ዝም ያለ ህዝብ አያውቁም እንዴ?!
    Politicians in Tigray think that the people of Tigray are capital assets of their government ( ቋሚ ንብረት).
    5. Politics and Equality: – All people are equal, but party members are more equal!!!!!!!!! If you are not a party member, it is a matter of time until you are pushed out or tormented. Party members have got a name (ልማታዊ ሠራዊት) and now a new brand name, ግንባር ቀደም!!! ha! ha! Most of the party members are waiting for a favourable time to become department heads, or heads of some bureaus. And the regional leadership does not want to see any non-member civil servant in the public offices. Sometimes they tell you clearly, some times, it is indirect. If a member and non-member compete for a scholarship, promotion, etc, the member will get it first – Unless those opportunities escape somehow through a hole.

  45. How can they even talk about ‘Good Governance’ with hypocrites in every structure of the government be it in the higher and the middle. Let’s forget the word ‘GOOD’ and even the ‘Governance’, probably ‘Repression’ is the word that explains the situation on the ground right now.
    We all have been through meetings this past few weeks, the outcome was to observe the Regime still not ready to accept its shortcomings instead to blame, intermediate and lough at the public as if it will stay in power forever.
    Besides, we have seen new emerging dictators in every office even at higher institutions with higher academic hierarchies.

  46. Most of the weak and strong points are mentioned, all in all, the transformation process in Tigray is going in the Opposite direction, unfortunately Sad choice, I believe it is not the problem of Abay Weldu rather TPLF as a party. There must be something, Kennager eko kebdna tenefihu Kosele, bdege deki hawbo bwshti sltann genzebn metitom zeitsegbu hdrom zreseeuuuuuuuuuu, No more hope on TPLF leaders, the worest is they put Tigreans in danger than ever!!!!!

  47. The system is set up to divide and manipulate and rule the people by brute force and lies . The Tigreans can talk they are like sheeps or camels to be led blindly. They are divided along awraja lines in the name Adi biy wedi adi Alumnis, you have alumnis of Adwa, mekele, Tembien, Agame, … they are divided and can not complain together. If one awraja complains, the cadres use awraja politics to keep the people divided. It started from above, divided Ethiopians at large into ethnic enclaves and then play the Oromo, amhara, tigriee, nation and natioanlities card and keep Ethiopian divided, then loot what you get or send your kids to North America, Europe, China,… you can rule the people like this for 100 years even more because you keep them divided until Jesus comes. Then talk about development, GERD, Train project, road projects, … then you can rule Ethiopia until Jesus comes. Play also the democracy card, and tell them democracy is a process, it takes generations to achieve it. Play the card there was no democracy in Ethiopia before . Play the card how do you expect us to make a perfect democracy now? Excuses and excuses, there is no smell of democracy in Ethiopia. If there was democracy Meles Zenawi would have landlocked Ethiopia single headedly and forced the 96 million people to pay taxes to buy ports while their legal and natural ports are sitting idle for 23 years? Is that not an utter stupidity and high level idiocity. Look the people how they look? covered by red dust as ever. Too much talk about development but little or no change over 23 years now. 23 years is so long. Why people never get tired of lying and cheating for this long ? Shame, they have lost their fives senses to be honest.

    • Dear Gezaee,
      why you are against Tigray or Eritreans? Are you Amhara or Orom? It seems you are Tigryan maybe from Enderta area, that is why you don’t like TPLF and In general the Eritrean people, be in one side either you loss your identity like Asrat Gebru. He is in the narrow hole to loss his life or maybe he will sucide himself soon.

  48. Dear Aiga,
    thanks for this forum you open it, i gave my great gratitude to the poor people of Tigray that grown under this corruption classes of opression from Menlik – King Haileselassie that creat problem to this people to bow and give that what he has from 1kg of Sorghum to the sheep , cow, goat, hen, honey and land,…etc this things came to Tigray people as big diseases to remove and to creat classeless society in Tigray region, and through generation until now. That is Eritrean more advanced in thier society gave them knowledeg to grow in the modern world. Tigray they have link of diseases with Amhara society to grew blood transmited to the corruption. This things not only Tigray even in some world Europe they have problem, so that not easy to stop this things, because people it self to solve their problem they give some thing in advance, so that learn your self to be modern doing thins honest don’t messs your country. Please and please be modern. From the top to the bottom living in equality and right law than in dark community.

    Thanks, Halay

  49. Thank you Aiga for enertaining every one’s voice. Keep it up. We Tigryans need a forum to exchange varying views to bring the needed change in our country. I believe most of the voices here are from concerned Tigryans (except Gezae whose view is of Amharan chuavinists of Andenet or Qenjet version). There is nothing new in it, as we are used to the voices of Gezea and alike from various private medias. But the voices of concerned Tigryans seems new and interseting to me. Over all most Tigryans want to see good governance, developemnt and progress in Tigray. I think the people of Tigray have exceled and have much better views on how to bring real devlopment and good governance in Tigray than the TPLF people in many ways. TPLF are not ready to join the dynamic world of free market and they seems to be stucked in the old MLLT views. They have limited the development of Tigray in to agriculture and agro industry only. They have not raised issues on infrastructure, industry, man power development, transportaion, tourism, construction and son on. They have planned to see development through the participation of coopertive youth associations in agricultur and agro processing only. They wrongly expect to see agro industry processing manufucturing companies flourish from empty pocket unemployed youth of Tigray. They have no clue that agro processing company itself needs huge capital investment. Over all in the meeting they did not discuss the real issues and concerns of the people. some of the concerns of the people in view are the following.
    1)Tigryans have been demanding, voicing, and screaming for clean water for the last 20 years. The people want to have reliable clean water source but at present no Tigray town or city has clean water source. After 20 years of deaf ears,TPLF has come out with diging ground wells here and there as a solution. This is not what the people of tigray expect as solution after 20+ years of wait. They want to have reliable source of clean of water. Diging unreliable small wells should not be the solution. We need a dam -a real huge dam- built as a lasting solution. Digging wells is unreliable source and has negative impact on lowering the ground level of the region. however in addition to becoming reliable source of clean water, building a dam raises the ground level and and brings in a lot of spring water in the surrounding areas.
    2) In real sense TPLF has not built a new asphalt road in Tigray. They have only rebuilt the only single road we have that runs from Alamata to Humera. This was a road built during Italian occupation. It took them 23 years to even rebuilt this road. Where did the “tigray ayni Arat kenegbra eyina” moto of the struggle days dissipate?
    3)In education sector most schools are built by TDA and contribution from the local people. We do not see other kilels contributing money for schools as much as we Tigryans do. The schools in those areas are built by governent. Yet the number schools and coverage is much better in those areas than in Tigray.The schools in tigray are ill equipped and Tigrayns have lowest passing rate in matricluation exams than other kileles.
    4) Real hospitals equiped with proper instruments are not built in tigray. Those so called hospitals are not equipped with needed professionals and equipment. They are called hospitals but they are just clinics in terms of equipment. Ayder is not a referal hospital cause most people have to travel to addis for surgery. Ayder needs to be equipped with modern medical equipments and professionals to be called referal hospital. To add insult to injury, nursing, pharmacy, and labratory techincian diploma program are banned and closed in Tigray. The reason given by local administrators was saturation of market. Can u imagine Tigray getting saturated of medical proffessions? But even it is saturated they should not close medical schools for two reasons. One those graduates can go and get a job go to other places such addis or even in other countries such as saudia and get employed. Second since we are in a free market system we should leave thise choice to the individuals.
    4)Tigray is lagging in many things beihnd. Other kileles have built an international standard staduims but we can not even finish a small saduim that was started some 8 years ago. Others have set up their own Tv stations. look at Oromia, amhara and southern Tv staions.

    Over all TPLF leaders blame the people as “nay areaeya lewti zedlyo hizbi” But in my opinion it them (the TPLFs) who should change their communist or socialist mind set. TPLF wants to build schools, clinics, staduims, roads using money contribution from the people. That is impossible. Etti hizbi emo ab kendey keselaE? We have seen our people building roads, schools, mayn hameden eqeba, diggas and so on. But look at the result. It is not as productive as it should be. A real development requires a huge capital investment. Huge capital investment means poverity reduction and great money circulation in tigray. We would then see boom of economy and creation of jobs in our kelel. Building schools, infrastructues, clean water, hospitals, staduims is the job of a governemnt. Who should then develop projects and ask the central governemnt to spend money on such projects in Tigray? It is obvious the average Tigrawy on the street can not do that. It is the reprsentative in the parliament, the governors of Tigray, the bureu officials who should study such projects and demand the governemnt allocate money for such investments. Ethiopia gets billions of dollars as aid from western countries, loans from IMF and world bank and Tigray needs take its share and develop like itself like others.
    Thus in my opinion the officials should stop over taxing the population, forcing to contribute development projects such, abay gedeb, melse zenawi foundation, TDA, buying fertilizers and so on. Those contributions should be voluntary. I do contribute all those projects out my conviction but no one should be forced or pushed to contribute. They should wake up and look in to ways on how to creat more jobs, and increase money circulation in Tigray

    • Dear Dawit,
      Your points are interesting. But also remember that the Tigreans are divided into three by the leaders:
      1. The front lines (members)
      2. The non-members (with no stand)
      3. The enemies (opposition)

      Can you see the titles?
      They give the best title for themselves and their parrots. The rest are almost the same. If you are an opposition, you are simply an enemy. If you are not a member, you are almost the same to that of the enemy.

  50. Dear Aigaforum admin
    Thank you for opening this timely issue for discussion.
    In my humble opinion, wHat Ayte Abay is promising to clean corruption is an empty promise as usual. By any standard of good governance and justice, Tigray may be ranked as the worst end of the list from all the regions in the country. The peoples of Tigray sacrificed their sons and daughters hoping to see better life. Unfortunately their dream for justice and development never came true. Top down the leadership is corrupt and highly networked. I heard an old woman to have asked the honorable ambassador Seoyum Mesfin to come to Tigray to save the cause for which thousands have sacrificed their lives by trying to reconcile the people of Tigray with its corrupt and inept leadership instead of wasting his time to mediate the waring parties in the South Sudanese conflict. The sad thing is that the people who are in the helm of power in the region never understand the deep rooted dissatisfaction of the people with their extremely corrupt administration. They prepare and present cosmotic report at every party congress and conclude thier meetings with yet another empty promise which never brought any changes to the lives of the people. It is time for them to leave.

  51. This is my Owen personal opinion, I can be wright or wrong !
    for me it is hard to see and her this kind of negative comments about the organization who is formed and belted by the precious life of (martyrs/hero’s)of Tegray !!
    when I see the media TV of Oromia, Debube Hezboch, Amara rigio, comparing with the tegray Tv ,I am confused.
    the people of tegray have sacrifaied there life for the rust of Ethiopia !
    becous as all the comments from above,the people of tegray are yarning,craing for justes and good governing.
    I was in Ethiopia not long a go,and I visited tegray from mekle to shere enda selase,i applud the people of tegray and the praivet bussnesses mosy of the development have been done by individuals !
    keep up the good work for the general public and for the private investment sectors !!!
    but I agreed with most of the comments from the commenters.
    specialy with the one commentator.
    tegray needs a visionary leader, tegray needs desiseve leader tegray needs devoted leader !!!
    1) Tegray needs pople like Araya Zerihun, like pm melese zenawe, like dr Arkebe Ekbay, it is true.
    2) Tegray needs people with accountability, who is controlling the welth of the tegray people like EFORT,SELAM BUS,ALMEDA,MESEBO,e.t.c ?
    this sectors are the property of the people of Tegray, so they need to be audited
    publicly by the cunsel (meker bet) of Tegray if realy the president Ato Abay Woldu want to fight curaption !!
    3) alow the people of Tegray to speak what they belive about there leaders and take desisev action based on proof not on acusation !
    change needs to start from top to bottom ,not from bottom to top !
    *****good job Aiga form keep up this kind of public servis leaders well see it and awear of there action !

  52. I hope the administration is taking notes and reading all these comments. Credit is due where credit is due. I was in Tigray this year to visit family and I leaned a few things. My families are farmers and wanted to see their perspective. Here is what I heard.

    1. As far as poverty is concerned, we are no longer in danger of going hungry ever. They said, the government is really working hard trying to bring in better ways of farming that is more productive. The challenge is that despite years of hard work and examples being shown, people are relaxant to jump in and join new programs. But the efforts being made by the government are paying off.

    2. Three out of three of my brothers who are farmers have water banks. As soon as they are done the regular harvest season, they are using the wanter banks to produce one more crop. The additional crop being produced by the water bank has been a huge benefit to most of them. However, there are challenges with some times the water bank not being enough. So better ways of protecting evaporation and cup truing more water will be useful in the future.

    3. The majority of farmers are using fertilizers. This has proven to be a great benefit. but there are two challenges. a) most farmers are not using sufficient fertilizers as per the guidelines. Part of the reason is many see buying the fertilizer too expensive and cannot seem to bother to use enough which affects the yield. b) Some of them still believe that in the long term the land will be depleted by the use of the chemicals and will kill the land. Rightly or wrong, more education is required here.

    Corruption/incompetency/lack of systems/arrogance/no respect for other peoples time is really what I saw on the bad side of things. The minute you step out of the farmers field, there are systemic failures. Everything is too bureaucratic and cumber sum.

    On corruption – there is significant corruption taking place in almost anything related to government services. I do not know how high it goes but at least at the lower levels, I had seen it. I once went to the Ethiopian Power Corporation to inquire about a connection. I was told to take the guys number and call him later. I called him later and he told me that he will call me let me know. He never checked into the file and asked to fulfill a requirements. When I asked others as to why this might have happened, they asked me if I went there “on foot” or “on hand”. I did not understand but it came obvious that had I offered something, I could have facilitated a better out come.

    I needed to get my Ethiopian Origin card overseas but I did not have enough documentation to prove I was of Ethiopian origin. So to help me with it, I went to obtain a birth certificate. Here is the bureaucracy and system inadequacy in brief.
    1. Obtained a letter from the Wereda that was witnessed by three people and stamped as proof I was born there.
    2. Went to Mezagega bet to obtain a birth certificate – I was told they don’t issue that any more. I had to go to another office.
    3. Went there – they said they can do it. They looked at my letter and hesitated. The guy said, “we can do it” but since you letter is from outside the city, you have to go to “Wereda”.
    4. Went to Wereda and they were not sure but they said they probably can do it but the person was not in so to come after lunch.
    5. Took a bejjaj and went after lunch. She was not still in. Was told to come later again.
    6. Took a bejjaj and went back there. She still was not in..but there was another guy who might be able to do it. He said, oh yes we can do it. But I need you to go to such and such office and get samps for $20 birr.
    7. Took a bejjaj and went to there to get the stamps.
    8. They said they don’t have stamps there. I had to go to another location to get them.
    9. Took the bejjaj and went to the location indicated and got the stamps.
    10. Went to the Wreda and presented the stamps. At this time, the lady who does them is back. She looks at me and says, we don’t do them with stamps. You have to go to finance and pay $20 birr and get a receipt and then we can do it for you.
    The day was over and had to go home.
    11. Came the next day, went to Finance, paid the 20 birr and had my receipt.
    12. Take the bejjaj and go back to Werda and final I got my birth certificate all signed and stamped.
    13. I though I was done but they told me…now you have to go to Mekelle and have it certified. Although there was no obvious corruption here, I saw this as a massive systemic failure. I could not go to Mekelle…I simply took what I have and was able to get my ID in Addis.

    I have to say the process in Addis to get my Ethiopian Origin Identity was nearly flawless. Well organized, streamlined and efficient. The same could have been done in Tigray about altos of processes but no we don’t have it.

    So I would say to President Abay, it is not all bad but you have a lot of work to be done. My thoughts are there needs to be consequences for bribery and corruption at all levels and heads need to roll. We need to invest in systems to make processes easy for everyone. How can we expect people to be productive when government does not respect people’s time? We need to have qualified people in positions. Government also needs to empower people to complete tasks at one stop. My birth certificate issue should have been resolved in one place by one person. I wasted two days running around all over the place for a simple thing as a birth certificate.

    Thank you

  53. I do not care or talk about tribes or ethnics or regions or birth places because I am in the civilized world where racism, ethicism or tribalism or clannism is never an issue. Where I am living, we are all seen and treated as human being with human face. There is no place for tribalism or ethnicism or racism or extremism. It will be meaningless to respond to those who call me Amhara or Oromo. If the Oromos or Amharas those who have similar opinion or beliefs like me? then they are right and they are ahead of you. I have no problem being called Amhara or oromo or anything human being since I do not believe in racism or ethnicism or tribalism. I respect all human as human with human face. As such this talk of race or ethnic or tribe is a low level talk. I can ditch myself into such low level commentaries.

    You blame amhara for everything which is very wrong. I have come across with wonderful people from across race or ethnic or tribes which includes all kind of Ethiopians. I have lived across culture, race or ethnic, … as such this tribal or ethnic or racial slurs and gospels of hatred and narrow extremism does not pique my interest. You have to talk about those things with your level. I do not talk about Oromo or amhara or tigreans or others. In the civilized world such thing is outlandish and too low and too primitive to live with. I live in place like heaven where I am treated equally with all race or colour or religion. But I see where you are coming from, you are in Ethiopia, no surprises. We have no time here to talk about tribe or ethnic or race or religion. But making such narrow commentaries is not acceptable in the civilized world.

  54. I had the chance to watch the Ethiopian TV Tigrigna program this week. I saw President Abay Woldu, Teodros, Alem G/Wahid and Seyoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye from the old guards…… speaking their mind regarding the development of Tigray, good governance, corruption, nepotism….etc. It is good to see the old veterans included in such events. I hope their contribution will do good.
    President Abay was humbled to admit his party’s shortcomings and vowed to mend them. He called upon all the leadership and subordinates at all levels to come together and work hard in unison.
    Gemgam, in its true sense, has been a remarkable culture of the tplf combatants and the people of Tigray in the liberation areas since the armed struggle. It was an instrument to correctly guide the armed struggle of the people of Tigray. People recall those days as the old good days where justice had been served genuinely.
    But, these days, in my opinion, the culture of gemgam of the old good days has been eroded bit by bit. Today, it is not working as is expected.One always sees that much time is expended to evaluations (gemgam). I, on my part, commend the efforts, but the problem is that I could not see satisfactory results. Of course, I do not expect corruption, nepotism and other social evils to be eradicated from the surface of the country overnight. But I expect, at least, to see encouraging results that could address the pains of the people. Short of this, in my opinion, it is all rhetoric for show up. People have already begun to consider all these high level meetings and gemagams as sheer nonsense and business as usual. I think we need see into ourselves deeper. Things are smelling bad.
    Hence, dear the leadership, please wake up and listen to the people. People are asking for real/bold actions and results from you at the top. To my observation, I have no problem with the top leadership in regards to corruption and good governance on personal levels. But, since its responsibilities are beyond self cleanliness, the leadership has to be able to demonstrate its leadership through actions, set a mechanism to control all subordinates from top to bottom, listen to the heart and beat of the people, and eventually take bold actions that mitigate the problems. Rely on the people for they are the only ones who know the problems and remedies. Talk to the people and will tell you who does what in every corner of the police, justice and the administrations. So it is high time to pause for a second that the leadership see what is happening around and take a courageous political commitment to fight corruption, nepotism, and problems of good governance from the region.

  55. The intension of the leaders and the attendees of the meeting could be fine. But let us look at the cause and effect of corruption. It is not personal. The problem of corruption has causes and roots and also solutions. If we can not search and get this systematically we will be wishing and dreaming.
    Corruption is coursed mainly by power monopoly in a system. People have to get the right to reward and punish their local official by vote for the quality of service they provide or abuse of power. Investigative Journalism helps. Democratic institutions are important parts of the game These could be opposition parties election boards, debates on issues. One might say we practice all of those and we are all beginners., The speed corruption is growing it only shows we are not doing enough. The biggest corruption issue I hear is higher and middle level official work only few hours for the money they are paid and others follow their leaders. They spent most of the time in the meetings. The issue of meetings is mentioned by the people and other observers so often.

  56. Corruption is an epidemic anywhere in the world even in the developed countries. Obviously there is corruption in Ethiopia and Tigrai is no exception to that. But everyone is part of the corruption system even the people who are complaining here, let us be frank to ourselves. How many of you have gave a bribe directly or indirectly in order to expedite your work? By the way bribe comes in many shape and forms it can be connections to higher level delegates through somebody or family members which that can be use as influence to get done your desire on timely manner. We can complain as much as we would like but society has to change at large, blaming leaders is not the solution. Let us be the job creators, role model and live by examples, not do as I say but not as I do mentality.

    We the diaspora are also part of that problem, some people get phone #s of the few who comes to USA for diplomatic purpose or for something else. That is an issue we should follow the rule and get in line like anyone else when need something. There should not be a special treatment everyone is the same in the eye of the law. There should not be have and have not to get something done, favoritism is a disease itself.

    The government should advocate reducing corruption and educating the public every opportunity gets. Criticizing the government for trying to reduce corruption is contrary to the comments I have read above. I think it is healthy for the government to acknowledge corruptions. Fighting corruption is everyone’s business.


    • I think you are part and parcel of the corruption ring? you are happy about it. You are the only happy person about this as you can from the comment. You are brushing away the comment of all the people. you are the only person who is fine with it. You must be corrupt rotten to head. You are saying corruption is everywhere and it is okay. There is no corruption where I am now. You will end up in jail if you are corrupt even the prime minister is not immune and we have no corruption. This is why I say a blessing. People like you are corrupt and happy with it. You are trying to tell us it is okay and you trying to tell us everyone does because you have done it. Leba, you even do not want to be eradicated corruption? you wanted it to be reduced. You must be leba guhla. Corruption must rooted out from any society. Most of the developed country has no corruption. I hate people like you, corrupt.

      • gazae you are not just a mad dog, you are having a reading issues as well. Read carefully you may learn something before you start accusing pepe. Go back to school.

  57. Hello Aigaforum, why you delete my comments? i am 100% pure Tigrean Ethiopian and supporter of my government, but this seems you are working like a puppet for Abai Weldu!! I believe that you delete my comment because it tells the reality at the ground.

  58. Gezae who cares about where you live? People are not any more interested to live in your “civilized” world. That was true some 20 years ago. But that is not true any more. People are now running for for yellow card, not for green card. Your thinking is stacked by at least 20 years back. Your “civilized” world won’t last long and its already giving up to other civilizations. Any way what we are interested now is how we can solve our problems and not to hear a lecture of how good is your already crumbling civilization.

  59. I think the Tigryan administrators and bureau officials should not limit themselves on solving daily routine things only. They should think of empowering Tigryans and creating more jobs. They should be able to finish many things at wereda level. In addition the administrators of the kilelel can do many things to create job in Tigray.

    1)Set up immigration office in tigray.
    2) start TV Tigray in Tigray
    3)Finish every import export in Tigray. Let goods come up to Tigray directly from djobuti
    4)Give every kind of incentive to local investors. Ex It is hard to get bank loans in tigray than in other places. Find out where the problem is and give solution.
    5)Let the EFFORT co be audited. Where are all the promises of PVC, Aberge and many other projects. Why did it fail?
    6) What happen to the industrial projects from ministry of defense?
    7) Tigray could be center of tourism but as we see it now is dead. Do we have training facilities of hotels, and tourism and promotion of Tigray?
    8)We do not have Tigrigna movie and theatrical centers. why?
    9) We need have kilele level lottery system.
    10) “Ale” distribution system is in place in other places why not in Tigray. Because we have no ALE there was no sugar supply for the whole month in tigray.
    11)Give incentive to private educationa institutions. Those educational institutions should lower tuition to kelele residents like it is done in USA. Bring back the spirits of Araya zerihun by reviving MIT and Kalaymino schools so that brilliant Tigryans can get a chance of education. We need work on human capacity development.
    12) Build more hospitals and train more medical professionals and think of Tigray becoming destination of medical tourism. It is very very ridiculous to close and ban diploma medical professionalizes on an account of job saturation in tigray. Think on how to get modern medical equipment for Ayder hospital

    We can go on and on and talk about many issues and ways how to create job and empower Tigrayans. But for all those to happen one need be visionary. That is what is lacking in our leadership. And please stop abusing the people has “nay areaya tsegem”. On the contrary you (the leadership) are who has nay areaeya tsegem. The hard people of Tigray are doing their best to bring change it is you the weak leadershiop who is stacked in an old ideology who is obstacle to development.
    Stop talking the performance of tigray farmers are as that of your achievement. we give credit and praise the hard working farmers and not the lazy Tigryans officials who spend their time cooking data instead of doing real job.



  61. Aiga thanks for giving the audience the opportunity to discuss the issues but the topic you raised

    “After you read it carefully and if you have been to Tigrai recently share your thoughts about the president’s priority. What is your impression overall where Tigrai is today in terms of development and carrying on with Meles Vision. Are you satisfied the achievements made so far is worthy of all the sacrifices our people made over the years? What is the most troubling development you observed and faced in Tigrai? And what do you think the regional government can do to improve things? Have Your say!”

    is however too wide and very difficult to enrich it with useful comments and I think that is why we see a lot of diverse comments.

    To simply answer if the regional government has prioritized its options, I think yes they have, their stand against rent seeking is also good. They got keep it up because it is simply bad for development.

    My worry is however different, if I have to bring it up is that ” do we have competent and savvy leaders? or from the whole pool “Tigray” ” or are we seeing an ideologue of different color?

    I think we are destined to live with what we have…..

    My message to the administration, while doing what you can do with your current capacity, try to open up, seek from heart and honestly from inside of your circles and outside.

  62. The need to combat corruption and achieve good governance is not a mystery. If it were a mystery, several countries wouldn’t be able to successfully realize it. On the other hand the march towards good governance could never come through meetings, slogans and collective declaratives following meetings. If this was the true, the TPLF-led government in Tigray could attain good governance many years ago.

    The path towards good governance, democracy and corruption-proof public administration is very simple and straight forward. However, it requires genuine commitment, dedication, and practical action to achieve it. Here are the fundamental principles that should fulfill first, in order for any government system to be able to deliver good governance to the public:

    1. It requires a government that believes and understands that power is derived from a public voice through free and fair election. A government like this would institutionalize a free and fair election, and make itself obedient to public choice.

    2. It takes a government that believes and understands the importance of free mass media including radio, TV, and the Press. There is no way a government can effectively fight corruption and win without free private-owned media and press. Any government who claims to combat corruption should lay a strong foundation for free mass media. In a situation where there are few government and/or party controlled mass media, fighting corruption is only a rhetoric.

    3.It requires merit-based competence, credible background check for social integrity and proven track record of high quality of service delivery to the public as the criteria to select people to hold public office. This means there would not be any public office spot held by people with lower social integrity, including those who are not Fidel to their marriage, who spend nights drinking and dancing, who do not respect the public oath they commit into, etc.

    4. It requires the existence of rule of law. No public official should be above the law, and be immune from being held accountable for any misconduct. Public officials should always be held accountable immediately when the public loses confidence on them. They should not be immune simply because they are party members or they are loyal servants of their masters.

    5. It necessitates a free court system that is totally insulated from any form of government intervention and/or influence in any legal matters.

    6. When a public official is corrupted, the solution should not be conducting a series of meetings and giving collective slogans. The solution should rather be a strict penalty in a free and fair court system and an immediate dismissal of the corrupted personnel from office, rightawy.

    Therefore, when the Abay woldu/TPLF-led government of Tigray is scrutinized from the perspective of the above 6 points, I don’t think that there will be any human being on earth who will have the guts and the confidence to say the Abay/TPLF-led government of Tigray meets even a single one of the above criteria. So my challenge today is not to the opposition party members. I would rather challenge the members and supporters of Abay/TPLF-led government of Tigray. Are you certain that this was the form of the government that our brothers and sisters envisaged and died for? Are you really sure that this is the form of government that you wish to have? Don’t you deserve better than this? Don’t the people of Tigray deserve better than this? Please wake up before it is too late and advice your government to respond to the urgent plights of our people.


  63. I was just watching Ethiopian today’s daily TV news. It says that Ethiopian government has allocated 4.5 billion for bole airport expansion and 2.1 billion for Addisababa water and sewerage system to be built in kelati. I am at loose and stunned. I started to ask my self is Tigray part of Ethiopia? Are we Tigrayans Ethiopians or other citizens? The people of Tigray has been suffering due to lack of drinking water for the last 24 years. People are dieing in thousands due to the diseases caused by lack of clean water. Forget about the numerous diseases we even already had cholera cases in various parts of Tigray. In their last meeting TPLF leaders were talking that they will dig 5 wells in Maichew at cost of 3 million and UNICEF to going dig a well in Wukro. In addition we are told that the Sheraro people should contribute 3 million for the water supply of their town. Why is this happening to us? Are Addisababns more Ethiopians than Tigryans? Aren’t we all citizens of Ethiopia? The central government has announced that it has allocated 6.6 billion on daily news for Addisababa. Imagine this what I heard in just one day news. If we add up the one year government’s spending to Addis it might exceed 100 billion. To be honest we should ask who we are. Are we Ethiopians? Why is Tigray left out of development? What did the people of Tigray do to be treated like second class citizen. Did we fight for equality or for more unequality? We fought for equal share of the country’s wealth, but after all the sacrifice we pay we are becoming more unequal under the present government. It is really sad, very sad that our fathers brothers and sisters died in vain. Fair distrubtion of wealth is very important for the stability of any nation. It is natural citizens who are left of the countries wealth will revolt against the system for equality. In many instance we are told the country has no resource to build anything in Tigray. We used to believe we might not have resource. But the country gets aid from western dcountries and loans from world bank and IMF. But all the money goes to building addisbaba. I do not believe Tigray has future in Ethiopia if we keep going on this way. What alternative do we have since the equality we dream and fought is not going to happen in Ethiopia. I think this is vital, and crucial issue every Tigraway should think over

    • The development in Addis Ababa is a development of whole Ethiopia, do not be like those who were bleeding from the stomach and red eyed about EFFORT and other developments in Tigray.

      Do not get me wrong that I am not saying Tigray should not get its own fair share from Federal programs, but lets us support our complain with facts and figures. Are we really pushed away not to get our share from the federal gov? is it our in efficiency or is there and real discrimination as you have tried to point out?

      I might be wrong but any failures can only be our in efficiency not lack of support and will from federal government. It is up to state government who should work hard and challenge the Feds to get more budget and federally n funded projects.

      በመጨረሻ ጣል ማድረግ የምፈልገው፥ “እኛ ስንጣላ ጠላት ይስቃል ኣለ ቴዲ ኣፍሮ።”
      It is just my opinion.

      • Any development in addisababa helps the people of addisababa to prosper. When more money is allocated for addisababa, more jobs are created and the addisababans are the main beneficiaries. But for what ever reason if you believe development in addisababa is development of the whole Ethiopia, what makes development in tigray not development for the whole Ethiopia?
        The state government might be inefficient but it is wrong to lump every thing in to state government. In the first place, shouldn’t the central government allocate the budget of the country based on equal share of the counries wealth? Should they allocate money only when the kelil governments’ demand? if the kilele government is weak and inefficient doesn’t that mean to central government allocate the countries wealth in disproportionate way?.
        Finally i do not care what a certain Tigrayan hater Teddy Afro has to say. I’m not going to take Teddy for a role model.

        • Addis Ababa hold all type of people including Tegaru. Addis Ababa development is inseparable with Ethiopian development. Equally Tigray development is inseparable.

          My challenge to you is who should be questioned if any failures? the regional gov or fed? primarily it is the regional gov. I did also negate your suspicious if there is actually fairness and equality in the gov system, you asked if Tigray struggle is paying back etc? My whole point is that it is up to the regional government to be strong, savvy and some times a beast and go extra miles to get what they should get and make it happen.

          Regarding the quote from Teddy Afro it feels to me that you went a little off board, the quote is nothing but a spicing to the critique, it is simply to say divisive talking points are not helpful to the cause. And I am not taking Tedy afro as a role model, and I think I am better than that.

  64. First of, I would like to give respect for all the sacrifices our fathers, TPLF comrades did for our freedom, with out them we would not have all the good things we have now.

    To come to the current governance, So far I have never seen any GTP plans for the region tigray, none!!! No work is been done to attract investors, so far all that would like to invest there are leaving due to many cause, but above all due to the monopoly of TPLF companies. Nothing is smooth to start anything, unless you have a direct connection to the party or you pay corruption. Due to this people are fleeing the region and start working in Adiss and other paces.

    Second, Tigray region, esp in TPLF governance there is no replacement, while other parties has already done many thing. All the leaders are still the fighters from the 17 yrs war. do they really want to die in power or do they not trust the young generation to lead that party? I wonder what is gonna happen after people like abay woldu gets old, probably 10 yrs. They have no youth that they prepared to replace them at all. they just want to stay in power.

    Governance in Tigray is not based on education or skill level, but political adherence to the TPLF party. And this is dragging the region to the back yard. All the report we see are exaggerated, just for political gain.

    Tell me anything that the federal gov has done in tigray region. any company that has been opened since the last ten years( except the TPLF companies). Now tigray is out of the Industry zone. why cuz tplf is already there??

    Tigray People has the right and tplf has the responsibility to let the people now the budget, incomes, tax, and every thing of EFFORT!!!!!!!!

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