President Abay Woldu : Challenges of Tigrai Today!

It has been few years since president Abay Woldu became the president of Tigrai. The president was chosen as we were told because of his unflinching desire not to be corrupt and his achievement during his prior assignment which was mainly dealing with the rural/agricultural development of the region. The President has set his government priorities for the coming year as you can see in this reportage.

After you read it carefully and if you have been to Tigrai recently share your thoughts about the president’s priority. What is your impression overall where Tigrai is today in terms of development and carrying on with Meles Vision. Are you satisfied the achievements made so far is worthy of all the sacrifices our people made over the years? What is the most troubling development you observed and faced in Tigrai? And what do you think the regional government can do to improve things? Have Your say!

EPRDF After Meles: Looking Ahead

It is a little over two years since EPRDF lost its chairman and Ethiopia lost its eprdf-logopragmatic and astute politician PM Meles Zenawi. It is said PM Meles was working hard on finalizing on his long term vision for the country. His vision was to see the country as a middle income country in the near feature and to transform the country from an agriculture based economy to an industry based economy. The current Growth and Transformation Plan is part of this vision and its success and failure will be critical in the success of this vision. The question we have for all of you is, what is you impression of the EPRDF today a) as a governing party, b) as a political party. Do you see EPRDF capable to carry on PM Meles’s vision? Do you agree or disagree EPRDF is doing well in managing the economy? What are the greatest achievement of the EPRDF government since PM Meles died and what are its weakest? If you can vote in the next election will you vote for EPRDF candidates? Have Your Say!