Ethiopian becomes the largest African Carrier

Ethiopian becomes the largest African Carrier
Ethiopia Airline

Addis Ababa, 11 June 2014 (WIC) – Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing and most profitable airline in Africa, with revenue topping 2.3 billion $ in 2013…[..what does this news say about our own extremists campaign to boycott everything, specially Ethiopian Airline? Nothing you say!, We agree! The problem with such people is they know no shame!…Just take note, the reason we have been hard on some of the opposition groups in Ethiopia is because they allow such extremist to influence their political outlook. There should not be any ambiguity that the extremists agenda of boycott as a tool to bring change has been a failure!
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25 thoughts on “Ethiopian becomes the largest African Carrier

  1. Aiga,

    Extermist and those who have hard time to accept the new Ethiopia will never give up to smear against the country despite the many positive achievements by the eprdf government. Brothers at Aiga keep up the good fight, continue to inform the public. May God be with you in all your endeavours…you have been a pain in the you know where of the naysayers….Our martyrs are for sure proud of you!!!

    Yet is to come!!!!!!

  2. I am happy participating in defeating Dergue to bring peace & stability to our country. That pave way development & democracy what we are witnessed in all regions. My only regret is Ethiopia become land locked that I will never forget till I am alive.

  3. The problem with aiga is you assume everyone who carries Ehhiopian flag and shouts in one of Ethiopian language is Ethiopian….I thought you guys have learnt something during the struggle about how Ethiopia’s enemies faked identities in-order to defame and hurt Ethiopia…Said-Baare of Somalia did it using his own Somalians to pause as Ogadenis and now Shabia does it by using Amiche infiltrators and some delusional “Ethiopians”

    • The funny thing is some of the Amiches you mentioned, and i personally know are the beneficiaries in recent Ethiopian airline “offer” to travel to Ethiopia pausing as Tigrians or at least with their Tigrian “friends”…the whole thing sucks man…God forbid TPLF Eritrean sympathizers will not get their way to pre-1998 love affair with Eritreans at the expense of Ethiopia, but the reality is we really don’t know who is for Ethiopia when it comes to EPRDF’s policy towards Eritrea..

  4. They lack both intrapersonal & interpersonal inteligence. Born to derail achievers in futile. ahlifuna atum shinflal a’eman!

  5. “Extremists campaign to boycott everything, ” as well as Ethiopian airlines. When someone lied about something again and again, it seems that it is true. Eth employee been told, they are exploited. Most of them assume they are abused. The reality is certainly different. All the airline communal should think about it, surely the airline. Some of the employee may need psychological Help. With that assistance, Eth will do far better.

  6. What is the meaning of extremists? Every power holders baptize new name in different time and situations for their enemies. Hailesilasie used to be the Arab country invade us was his mislead the people of Ethiopia abut the Eritrean Liberation Front. The same Dengue’s officials never ever called TPLF for 15 solid years some time they call them Rabits or recruited of Shabia. It is common for Ethiopian Leaders to give a timely name for their oppositions.

    • Extremist :- the holding of extreme political or religious views or the taking of extreme actions on the basis of those views.
      eg :- Ethiopian extremist wrapped with their adored flag rolled on the street of benefactor country and beg the donors not to give roasted wheat, even as 15000000 ethiopian inhabitants starving to death. Just because they believe the government going strong.

    • Gebar

      You don’t seem to understand the difference between the pro people & anti people! How could you compare Haileslassie & Derg to the revolutionary democrats who are building the new Ethiopia? Isn’t it appropriate to denounce these who preach against Ethiopian airlines, asked donor countries to stop helping Ethiopia….? In fact, the continuous growth of the Ethiopian airlines & Ethiopia being self sufficient is a slap of the face to the diaspora extremists! Thanks to the dedicated leaders of Ethiopia & the agrarian society of Ethiopia that All these years extremist diaspora working with chronic enemies of Ethiopia for the sake of money has failed! All their gained is a necked shame!

      Ethiopia is is reviving its past glory as we see it, nevertheless , Ethiopian extremists can’t see what can be seen with the necked eyes, can’t understand what can be comprehended,coz they are intoxicated with a hated! They are our own citizen, therefore , may God forgive them!

      God bless Ethiopia!

  7. Gebar, you are equating two things the wrong way. It is tantamount to make an equation between two consecutive sunrises as exactly the same where it is wrong to assume so. The archaic feudal and fascist regimes of the past can not be equated to the present regime. The past regimes were brutal and anti people. And it is not surprising if they gave what ever names to their adversaries because they had to defend their class interests. Now, the present regime, as you may observe, is popular which stood for the poor peasants and towners. The extremists can not accept this radical change which benefited largely the mass people of Ethiopia. You can not expect remnants of the old regime , extremists, to accept such changes that transferred the people of Ethiopia from the rule of tyrants to the rule of democracy. So the name they bear is not give in vain. It exactly defines their nature. Thanks to god these obstacles are biologically done and are on the take off – then Ethiopia will comfortably shines under the hands of the next generation.


  9. Gebar, you are quite right that each government in power had given different name to its enemies. Yes, they had to because it is natural for every government in power to defend its interests. Out of blind chauvinism and sheer arrogance, they belittled the TPLF as a household rabbit that could do nothing save for roaming around. But, history has shown the other way round. The eplf had also its share – was named as a bandit and messenger of destruction on the Arab pay role. Instead of taking the challenges at face value and find possible solutions, the past governments committed gross acts of human right violations. Peace had no room in their minds. The EPRDF regime had no other name to give except for – chauvinists, Muslim extremists, alshebabs and ….etc. All these are anti peace, development and democracy. Most of them are in the service of Egypt and shabia to say the least. Therefore, the name extremist well defines them all..
    The present government has been working hand in hand with people of Ethiopia to save our country from the evils of poverty – it has so far scored successes after successes as can be seen every where in the country. The extremists are desperately working with enemies of the country to derail the fast progress of development. But, Ethiopia withal odds, has escaped the nooses and snares quiet adamantly. There is no U turn. To the dismay of the extremists, Ethiopia in ten years time will join the middle income countries in the world.

  10. Great News but can you post audited financial statement of the air lines? can we see the balance sheet? I want to verify the facts. I received two types of information.

    Thank you

  11. The Ethiopian diaspora extremists had done everything they can; from trying to wedge guerrilla warfare to aligning themselves with chronic Ethiopia’s enemies, to holding innocent Ethiopian citizens as a hostage in all kinds of their hate preaching medias so Ethiopian can’t participate in the building of the new Ethiopia! Their other purpose is computing money that should have been for Ethiopia! እናስታውሳለን እትዮጵያ እንዳትረዳ በየእርዳታ ድርጅቱ በር ኢትዮጵያ እርዳታ እንዳትሰጥ እያሉ በየደጁ ሲያለቅሱ ነበር! በዚህ ዓለም እነዚህ ኢትዮጵያውያን ለመጀመርያ ጊዜ ፀረ ኣገራቸው የተሰለፉ ናቸው! ለምን ቢባል በጥላቻ ስለሰከሩ! ብልጦቹ ያገራችን ሰዎች ከጉረቤ ኣገር ደርሰው ሲመለሱ ኣህያ ሞተባቸውና መብላት መብላቱ ያገሬ ጅብ ይብላው በማለት የሞተ ኣህያቸውን ተሸክመው ላገራቸው ጅብ ሰጡ ይባላል! የኢትዮጵያ ገበሬ የኢትዮጵያ ወርቅ ዜጋ!
    ያም ሁላ ኣድርገው ኢትዮጵያ የያዘችውን የህዳሴ መስመር እየጠነከረና እያደገ መጥቷል! በቃ መለስ ሞተ እንግዲህ ኢህኣዴግ ኣበቃላት እያሉ በዊስኪ ሲራጩ ኣየናቸው የኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግን እንኳን የግብፅ ኣሽከሮች ቀርቶ ግብፅ ራሷም ምንም ተስኗት ከጠረጴዛ በስተቀር ምንም ኣማራጭ እንደለላት ኣውቃለች!
    ከንግዲህ በኋላ ፓለቲከኛ ሁሉ በየሚታወቅበት ይሰራል ጥሩ ከሰራ ይመረጣላ ካልሰራ ደግሞ ጥሮ ግሮ ይበላል። ከንግዲህ ወደፊት እንጂ ወደኋላ የለም!
    ፈጣሪ ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ!

  12. Actually I am impressed by the progress made. The airline has managed not to be distracted by the three successive regime changes. That in itself is really amazing. Now add to this despite the many obstacles the airline industry all over the world is facing to achieve such growth is a miracle. Indeed Ethiopia is New! Or at the very least has found its ancient glory! I got to give to the woyane boys and girls my hat off!

  13. Emotion running high. I do not see any rational views or intellectual or scholarly perception understanding and clarifying about extremists. I am not talking about economic development and business innovation. First of all we have to understand the philosophy (Revolutionary Democracy). It emerged from the ex-communist countries during the cold war. In regards of the Airlines it is a business a matter of interest to attract customers to choose Ethiopia-Airline. For those who echo the old fashioned slogan of TPLF, I cannot blame them because is their chosen right to follow what ever they want until the end of the exist rulers in Ethiopia. History has taught us about the past regimes including the current one. We knew all what dengue has done and Haile-ssilasie the same. what is our means of production and production forces in our country. we are still backward people we use animals for farming and transport in the in 21st century. You guys bring persuasive discussion, control your emotion lets us discuss a constructive ideas about our country. If you want respect you have to respect other people opinions and rights.

    • Gebar

      You might be reading someone’s writing about the revolutionary democracy, but revolutionary democracy means a revolution that leads towards democracy! A given country uses different kind of revolutionto transform itself into a better future! Like political revolution,democratic revolution,agricultural revolution , industrial revolution, social….! As you see it, Ethiopia is in a social ,democratic & agricultural revolution at the same time & we can see industrial revolution taking roots slowly but surely! Ex-communist & shit isn’t holding any water at all!

      & also, it is commonly understood that government comes & goes, but the federal states of Ethiopia will continue the same! Nobody will alter the federal states! In Ethiopia unless. & otherwise for development purposes, but not for political purpose! the only choice is ; to replace the gov’t by election, but there are no viable opposition who can challenge the EPRDF! All opposition except EDP are tied up in a hate politics, therefore, give the EPRDFites another 30 years to govern Ethiopia & in 30 years Ethiopia will be changed for good & will already be a middle income country! By then , most of Ethiopia’s population will be a new generation taking over Ethiopia’s political course to the next level! & the old dogs will be out of politics! But as you see it the so called opposition are tied up in a hate politics, hence, they can’t replace the EPRDF!

  14. I am not kidding myself, I am pretty aware what is (Revolutionary). The literal meaning revolution is a change this one thing. By the way who is Ethiopian? Some of you said the federal system will remind the for ever. Do mean EPRDF is eternal? It is very good understand the meaning,concept and the function of federalism. There are different type of federalism in different country that is completely different from the federal system we have in our country. Revolutionary Democracy is another thing is only serve for the national bureaucrat and for handful pro-revolutionary democrats.
    Social Democracy is completely different from revolutionary democracy we cannot compare stones with eggs. Our federalism comes from revolutionary democracy which is from a narrow nationalists elites. Very ancient and backward styles of federalism that constructed in the ways of tribal or ethnics, language based federalism totally short sighted and very far from the current global politics. we need change, political, socioeconomic and cultural transformation for the present and perspective generations.

    • Gebar

      When the revolutionaries picked up arms to fight, The nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia was at the edge of confusion! Therefore many started to fight through guerrilla tactics! Like the TPLFITES , OLF, ONLF….! After all, the TPLFites emerged victorious with the nations , nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia ! Then the people chose to establish a federal system that fits the situation in Ethiopia & as you see it, it’s working very well! People administering themselves. & everything & the country is progressing , therefore, you can’t choose for the people,the people have chose what they liked! The nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia was ridiculed because they happen to be oromos,Amhara, Tigrians,kembata , Somali …..! No more Hyenas in a sheep skin! Don’t underestimate these who fought for 17 years in the bushes & freed Ethiopia! Remember: dressing a ready made cloth & making one from scratch are two different situations, where making your own cloth takes a lot of talent & patient! You are talking about federalism because you can talk, nevertheless , leading a complex society while progressing for 23 years is a miracle!

  15. The villager does not operate by a body of civil law but by a code of honor if he receive a wrong, he does not seek redress. He wants revenge. The taking of revenge is a virtue in the village eyes. A man who does not take revenge is not a man. The revenge seeker cannot be negotiated with because his intent is bound up with honor: it is an absolute.

    • Gebar

      From no proper administration , to leading a country honorably is a big success for Ethiopia! Ethiopia had been led by by few Amhara elites their In laws friends & stooges & it didn’t show any progress in 100 years, no progress at all! Imagine 100 years of no progress let Ethiopia to live in darkness & millions died in hunger & famine, because they had no leader!
      Remember during Haileselassie & Mengustu, famine,draught , hunger used to occur every 10 years , compare to the no hunger in the last 20 years! Anyways, your arguments are not wise!

      • Emotion with no insight, cool down and bring proper knowledge for your audience. your knowledge about Ethiopian history is very limited. I think that is what they taught you only 100 years you and your master you cannot see beyond your nose. Leave it history for historians, we are looking back more than 3000 years. people still suffering of hunger, joblessness, due to the absence of good governance and public representative leadership in the 21st century, in the era of globalization. educate yourself please do not cheat yourself, EPRDF is leaving tomorrow when the right time and situation comes. I belief history will repeat itself in the near future. The EPRDF leadership is already on the verge of cliff. no vision, accountability and leadership with no quality and poor diplomatic relationships. I belief the dogs eat dogs it is coming now. You are irresponsible citizen, no education, profession. EPRDF WILL SMASH BY ITSELF TRUST ME THE END IS VERY CLOSE WITH TANGIBLE INTERNAL CRISES. WHAT DO YOU ABOUT THE GREAT COUNTRY. IF DO NOT KNOW ABOUT YESTERDAY HOW CAN YOU ACT TODAY THEN PLAN FOR TOMORROW. Anyway I can say thank you to Aiga admin for the this discussion and exchanging ideas. I am not the public enemy just i am googling and digging up ideas to get some constructive information. Unfortunately nothing.
        Enjoy your discussion.

  16. Why does every topic get derailed to polarizing camps of the developmental government supporters and those that lost? This is a new day, Ethiopian Airlines is impressive and so is our current national leadership. We finally are at peace both domestically as well as regionally. The only cancer left to its own demise is Asmara, and it is about to get in line with historical trend. The success of EAL is our pride, the internationally low but locally extravagant pay scale has helped our airline very much. The aggressive and due diligence in management has brought such fruitful result. We just hope other institutions in Ethiopia follow the same model. Peace!

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