Hedase Dam: Litmus of Nationalism and Betrayal

hedase-dam-ethiopiaEthiopia is building the Great Renaissance Dam 24 hours a day and with full vigor even though Egypt is doing all in its power to slow down the building process using its diplomatic influence around the world. Ethiopia is doing all it can to equalize the Egyptian diplomatic pressure but is it enough? Many scholars from Ethiopia are supporting Ethiopia’s case 100% but some are itching towards becoming an Egyptian foot soldier. We are sure, lately, you have read many articles that support Ethiopia’s case as well as Egypt’s case. The question we have for you is can anyone be considered an Ethiopian let alone a nationalist Ethiopian if he/she is in bed with Egypt when it comes to the building of the Hedase Dam? Also, what do you think about those scholars who want to support the building of the Hedase dam but wants first to bash the great leader Meles Zenawi? How could you help such characters to have a courage and join the transformation campaign that is underway to change the society and country for the better with no ifs and buts? In what language can we tell them all that it is Meles’s Ethiopia they are starting to feel good about these days- the Ethiopia that has increased life expectancy from 44 to 64 years , the Ethiopia that has halved poverty since 1991 and the Ethiopia that has managed an average of 10% growth for almost 10 years! Which aspect of Meles’s achievement do these people hate so much that only an “Oxford/Harvard” taught person can only see but not a MaiQental educated person can see. We understand the university of Maryland argument well(read here)! But why can’t the people who lives and works in Maiqental,- so to speak, see what Meles has done wrong but a Diaspora living 10000 miles away “can”. Does it make sense?
We understand those that have chosen to be a foot soldier for Egypt as well as the one man regime in Asmara cannot be a nationalist Ethiopian but what about those that have hard time to admit PM Meles and his government greatness despite acknowledging the achievements made so far? What is their problem? Have Your Say!

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  1. Aigaforum,

    I think you are referring on Tecola and Almariam. My two cents is Tecola will always hate Meles.The man is aging and regardless of current status of Ethiopia he will always remember the old Ethiopia that helped him to go to Harvard and millions to the famine grave.

    As for Almariam the guy is consumed by hate. He thinks Ethiopia was wss waiting for him to ride during his retirement. Another entitlement he was expected to inherit has turn to ashes because of Woyane. The problem for him in supporting the Asmara regime thru Esat is simply extending his misery…isaias can not quench his animosity towards Tigrean…do not ask me why now.

    • Your criticism of Tecola hagos is typical of blind Meles worshipers obsessed with my way or the high way attitude…First of all, be it Hidase Dam or any other success in Ethiopia should not be attributed to an individual as Aiga and Meles worshipers want us to believe…If not Tecola hagos, every other Ethiopian including those who have lately differed in view from Meles Zenawi such as Siye Abraha have contributed towards every success aiga is trying to credit an individual for……
      One can argue that Ethiopia has somehow gained from Meles Zenawi’s mischievous compromises but it would be dishonest to think some of his traitorous decisions will not come back to haunt us as a nation…One fine example is how his early day love affair with Shabia made him trust Eritreans more than the very people he is supposed to rule(ethiopians) when he disrespectfully land locked Ethiopians without their consent and it was the people of Ethiopia that had to face the burnt when his decision to please Eritreans backfired in 1998….Aiga you can deny it but it is just one of those unforgettable recent memories…..

      • Good point, Temesgen — I absolutely agree with your opinion
        about Meles Zenawi. Although he was very instrumental and decisive to have courageously started the Abbay Dam project, he also has betrayed Ethiopia to make it a land locked country. The Ethiopian people must have been asked and consulted before Meles let Eritrea depart from its mother land, Ethiopia. He did it to remain in power as did other previous Ethiopian leaders such as Menelik II.

        Most importantly and above anything else, let’s not forget that it is the people of TIGRAY and their sons and daughters who have paid the most and sacrificed their precious life in the 17 years armed struggle — 80,000 brave and patriotic Tigrean men and women have perished in the struggle for equality, freedom and democracy. As a Tigrean Ethiopian, this is personal for me. I have lost 2 of my family members but I am proud of their sacrifice — I do see better Ethiopia now.

        Personally, I have a mixed feeling about Meles Zenawi.
        He was one of the brilliant TPLF central committee leaders. But remember again, there were many outstanding and excellent TPLF fighters (top to bottom) like him who were pushed to the curve because they openly or secretly opposed what Meles did or was planning to do.

        At any rate and indeed, kudos and eternal glory and respect should go to our beloved Tigrean martyrs! who destroyed the Derg/Military junta.

        Long Live Ethiopia.

        • I can’t agree with you more. Meles was the one of the best and brilliant leaders of Ethiopia. I admire him and his comrades’ for sacrificing their young age in trenches with all unspeakable hardship. And they have designed a well planed economic policy to alleviate the chronic poverty of the Ethiopian people. How ever the one and only one thing I don’t agree or couldn’t understand Meles, with all his logical and reasonable thinking, is when it comes to Eritrea his emotional part takeover.

      • You yourself must stay clear of blind hate before you can blame others for blind worship, who would you credit for daring to build the dam except for the Meles led EPRDF ? If you dare to blame Meles for shabians’s then give credit for all the great progresses he made for his country. But we know that your problem is not about the great things that are happening in Ethiopia rather who is making it possible and that my friend is a sickness.As for your concern about landlocked Ethiopia well you have to blame those who left the Abay dam building to Meles and company.

  2. If you like somebody’s work but dislike him her, the problem is not with them but with you. My guess is that he might have denied them the position they wanted because he didn’t think they would be competent enough to handle it or he might have given the position to another person they didn’t like. I don’t think Meles was a guy who compromised responsibility for friendship no matter how close one could be to him.

  3. Dear Aiga ,
    The Dam will continue to shine in Ethiopia forever but haters will vanish in the mean time , there is a crazy man called al mariam, his hate is from nothing but power monger,,and fight not to lose as he is depressed in every aspect of ethiopia’s dev’t ,the only solution is let him bark and ignore him,,The dam and ethiopia live forever but almariam and co’s will see and burn their life,,in hell .

    • betel,
      No doubt every Ethiopian should support the construction of the dam. But this is not the way to build strong national support for the the great dam. There are a big majority in the Diaspora who want to make huge financial contribution for the dam, but are confused by what they hear and read in the media, mainly on Ethiopian websites. Continuous bashing and blanket cursing of Diaspora Ethiopians will only push them farther and withhold their money and diplomatic support for the dam.

      What we need now is not empty slogan like (“…. Abay will shine, the dam will be built by miracle ..,,,we don’t care about anybody’s view etc etc). This is just a useless propaganda and doesn’t help much.

      A concerted effort should be made both by the Ethiopian government and all of us to galvanize strong financial support for the dam. Here are few suggestions:

      1. From the people’s side:
      -We have to take it as our national obligation to support the dam both financially and diplomatically. We may have political differences with the current ruling party, but remember that this is a national issue and non-political project. We did it to defeat Shabia and we have to come together now too.

      2. From the government’s side:
      -Stop angering and upsetting Ethiopians by abusing citizens rights and infringing on individual freedoms like expressing ones views on a free press.

      -Answer legitimate questions about the dam many Ethiopians,are asking:
      example, questions like “what is the guaranty
      that Ethiopians will benefit from the electricity the dam will generate”?
      -” what is the guaranty that the government will not be selling all the generated electric power to neighboring countries, ignoring domestic use by Ethiopian people”?

      These are some of the questions many people in the Diaspora are grappling with to find answers, and government officials (particularly Ethiopian Embassy officials in foreign offices) should discuss and clarify them to the general public.

      Just bashing the diaspora day in day out, will not answer these questions and help us to get the much needed financial support for the construction of the dam.

      Remember, time is the essence here to finish the dam quickly.
      The more it takes time, the higher Egypt’s chance to build support for it’s position.

  4. I do not know, but I wish you brought this as what we think about Meless not this western educated no good people like almariam. On the other hand tokola hagos has some constant constructive points, so please do not mix one bad apple to other good apples, let’s accept Meless had some foults too. One of them was Alger’s agreement and Eritrea independence , but other than that he was a great leader . I can add on, but he left to soon, may God be with him.

    • Ethiopia achieved so many remarkable achievements under the leadership of Meles and EPRDF such as Moody’s B+ rating, improvement of mortality rate, improved life expectancy, reduction of poverty, harnessing development in every sector, promoting education, health, peace and democracy. It is bitter truth for Al Mariam and his cohorts to swallow these realities which were verified by independent institutions. For Al and his likes, it is easier to believe that the sun is revolving around the earth than accepting the ascendancy and greatness of Ethiopia under EPRDF administration. As indicated above, Meles is a great leader in Ethiopian history in many aspects. But, I disagree in some of his policies and mistakes such as emphasizing ethnicity, signing Algier’s agreement, Article 39 of our constitution, land ownership policy, and betraying Afar people and giving up Assab to Eritreans against the advice of Ethiopians and even Americans. Ethiopia needs non-racial and united people who are proud Ethiopians and who respect their diversity and see every individual equally protected. Ethiopia should promote truth and reconciliation among all ethnic groups, nations, nationalities and peoples and protect their rights under the constitution as citizens. Ethiopia should reclaim Assab port by every legitimate means and must reunite with Afar people who are oppressed under shabia. Think of Russia how it cares for its people in Cremia. They facilitated conditions for referendum in Cremea and help them to join Russia. we can do the same to our Afar region and Assab occupied by Eritrea by using the same precedent. Ethiopia will be stronger when it has sea line and marines and its own port. We should correct some of these major mistakes instead of accepting them as untouchable dogmas. Otherwise, Ethiopia would be destined to disintegration by some external and internal forces by using the excuses of ethnocentricity. Histroy will judge the strengths and weaknesses of Meles and his team, but it is better for us to accept his good legacy and correct his mistakes. Actually he did not do all these things alone. He did it with his team which is still on power. So this team must be ready to accept appreciation for its great achievement together with Meles and must be willing to correct mistakes that were done humanly. No government is perfect in the world. So we have to admit our mistakes which also gave rise to corruption, mismanagement, red-tape, illicit money flight, etc. There could have been more success stories to tell if these weaknesses were eliminated. We have to avoid a group-think in accepting every thing as it is. We should not be fooled by some who talk nice simply because they are the old boys club enjoying power at present. We see some of them like Junedin Sodo saying the opposite of what they used to say after they stand down from their authority. This shows us that nothing is absolute. We have to challenge it and rectify before it is too late. Besides, we should fight back against mercenaries of Egypt and Shabia such as Al Mariam, but we should also learn from our enemies and reassess ourselves in every issue. EPRDF has improved a lot since 2007 election, and I hope it will do better again. In my observation, no party is ready to lead Ethiopia at this moment in history except EPRDF. So please keep up with your good work and improve from your mistakes. Thank you for allowing us to comment.

      • Thank you Nyala for your comment, you just wrote exactly how I feel. I can´t express it more than you did.

  5. Was Meless great leader?yes
    Are this western educated Ethiopian leaders want be fools? Yes
    Are they coming with some good and bad ideas? Yes
    Can they do what Meless has done? No
    Can they be trusted? No, all they see is hate
    Can any one teach them? No
    Do they know the reality in Ethiopia ? No
    The so called ESAT and diaspora opposition are simply milking the poor to stay in a laxury hotel and live in a mention .

  6. Here we go, and so do the nay sayers! Remember the dogs naturally has to bark until the developmental caravan leaves them behind to eat the dust. The Alemayehu GebreMariams and Tecolas are literally expired to relate to Ethiopia’s present or future anymore. They very likely had to stay in the US to nurse their ailment that they must have received from years of hating the righteous. I sympathize with their company, what a wrongly miscalculated life story they leave behind. On the other hand our martyrs, where the brave Meles Zenawi stands tall among, made history, brought the jump start of our Raniessence both as Ethiopians and leaders of the whole continent. The GERD is symbolic to our identity, but greater projects are underway too. The ideology of the strong developmental government clearly defys all imported ideologies that our elders had been flirting around with. Meles, though is absent physically from our midst, had started a monumental revolution, that we are enjoying the evident fruits from! Thank you Meles Zenawi!

    • Correction to my comment:
      I agree with all your positive assessments of the achievements of Meles and his team. But, it is also worth mentioning their historical mistakes. Do you agree with all the policies that were crafted in the jungle and which were not well debated in the parliament, which led to awarding Afar people to Eritrea against their will including our Assab port and sea coast which is very strategic. Our forefather fathers paid heavy price to defend our territorial integrity, but it is mistake for Meles and his team to grant to Eritrea. Meles was the one who argued on behalf of Eritrea at London conference when he was confronted by Herman Coehen. This mistake is premeditated and pre-decided to appease Isaiayas Afeworki and 6 million Eritreans by disadvantaging 90 million Ethiopians. His mistake was similar to Nikita Khrushchev who awarded Cremea to Ukraine. You can see now Putin is correcting this historical mistake by reclaiming Cremea. Ethiopia will have leaders who correct this mistake sooner or later. The solution for our conflicts and divisions is not prescribing ethnocentricity because this is symptomatic treatment of the problem. The root causes of our problems must be addressed correctly and truth must be told and national reconciliation must be done to correct past and present injustices. Then we will maintain non-racial and cohesive society which appreciates its diversity. We should be proud Ethiopians regardless of our gender, language, religion, creed, race, colour, etc. Our rights must be protected as Ethiopians and all us must be treated equally in front of the law. Demarcation of regions by ethnicity is inappropriate. Besides, article 39 is not necessary because we should not allow a loophole for breaking away of any region. Countries like USA who fought civil wars did not allow such a mechanism. Countries like India who have many ethnic groups did not allow such a mechanism. If the power of the government is based on its people, then land-ownership and property ownership should be also that of the individual citizens. Government should not amass all power including governing of the country plus property and land. Our government has an absolute power because people became peasants of the governments according to current condition. This must be corrected. I am supporter of EPRDF, but I am not blind supporter. There are many who want these situations to be corrected.

      • @Niala I am 100% with you. But a million dollar question is the Ethiopian gov’t committed to defend the interest of Ethiopians or USA, Eritreans, and Egyptians? Ethiopian gov’t comes to us only for fundraising but not for policy change. The Ethiopian Embassies should focus on bringing Ethiopians together and take constructive criticisms from the Diasporas instead of hiring non Ethiopian public consulting companies, and governments to consult about the issue of Ethiopia. At the end it is us who are contributing towards the development of our country whether directly or indirectly. How many of us do we take care of our families and neighbors where the Ethiopian gov’t can’t provide jobs to all the citizens of Ethiopia. How many billion dollars a year is sent back home every year???? Last but not least there are many bright Ethiopians abroad who can work and volunteer in their home land better than the ferenjis who don’t have any clue about our culture and language but try to tell us how to manage and develop our country. Why can’t our gov’t encourage us to volunteer and work in our mother land????

        • @Lemlem thank you for your insight and observation. Our government can attract educated people to serve in our country by creating conducive environment for all, promoting peace and reconciliation and by encouraging indigenization. I am thankful to our government for its Diaspora policy which is approved by Parliament. But, we are eager to see its implementation in every aspect. If so our Diaspora members can engage in many areas in developing our country. Our government must continue working day and night in creating jobs, reducing unemployment , eliminating poverty, giving access to education and healthcare, providing electricity, clean drinking water, nice roads, housing, increasing productivity in agriculture and industries, getting rid of corruption, tackling corruption, mismanagement, rent-seeking, and creating conductive environment internally whereby our rights are protected to the fullest, promoting independence judiciary, making best use of our educated workforce by reducing brain drain, etc. Our government has a mammoth task in achieving these goals and we are on the right track with economic policies, but we have stagnation and dogmatic approach as far as political views and policies are concerned. We have the best arable land, but our annual wheat production is one third of what Egypt produce on Nile delta of Sahara desert. If we know how to increase productivity, we can feed the whole Africa, let alone Ethiopia. Our political approaches must dynamic, vibrant, and change-oriented in order to go along with the current situation in our country and the world. If we don’t adjust our views accordingly, we will be left behind and we doomed to succumb. Dergue regime refused listening to its people and it did not want to adjust to a changing world by embracing fresh and timely views of the day. That resulted in its demise though it boasted on its million men army. It better to win the hearts and minds of people by listening to their needs and accommodate them with respect. Our elected officials have no respect to their constituencies and they do not conduct town house discussion forum on issues that matter them. They use their position only to benefit themselves and their immediate family members. So we don’t see much change in our governance system compared to the past. We request our government to promote good governance by implementing best practices from around the world by increasing accountability of officials. We have to empower the courts and promote independence of judiciary. Currently, we heard the report of anti-corruption leader reporting to parliament that his team and him receive serious intimidations and threats for their fight against corruption from unnamed officials. Our government is able to get rid of such threats if it chooses to do so. Most of the people in the government are corrupt and therefore, they are scared to throw the first stone upon an official who was caught red-handed with corrupt activities, tax evasion, money laundering and misuse of power. We have to be ashamed of this. The whole cabinet could have been reshuffled and corrupt individuals must go to prison for many years like former Israeli prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, who was sentenced to 6 years for bribery and systemic corruption at the heart of Israeli politics. Ours is much worse than this. Everybody knows it from top-down. We have to stop worshipping individual personalities and let us evaluate them solely on their performance and reward them or punish them accordingly. Our anti-corruption institution must be empowered and independent to investigate and prosecute them. Our people must be bold enough to cooperate in fighting poor governance and rent-seeking. Our government must learn from history around the world and must be proactive in correcting the mistakes and register progress in every sector. Government must remove those who are lazy and who are burnt up due to redundancy of service for decades. Old guards must be replaced by new and energetic ones who are more productive and who are able to deliver results efficiently.

    • Not only are they barking dogs, bt they are aged and toothless too unable tooth-catch anything let alone bite any at all.They’re simply detractors.Let’s ignore thee altogether.!!!!Dear Pals !!!

  7. There always will be yes Sayers and no Sayers: Take their points and analyse it to use it in a positive way in building the country. Specially take no Sayers points use it constructively.

    • Dear Hadera
      It does not make sense.Be clear with yourself first before u say it.Remember when one opens his mouth he is exposing his mind.!!!!

      • Dear Abiy,
        I am only expressing my freedom of speech by telling that even listening to the no Sayers is important; I am not saying they are always right. One has to see the good and the bad to seek a solution. I don’t know what could have irritated you. Thanks

      • Why are you upset when I speak my mind and what I believe in. You can’t mold and shape me to think like you. I am unique person and so do you. So respect me and comment on my opinion piece. My identity is very clear. But, if you have any doubts I am a proud Ethiopian like you. I care about my people and my country first and foremost. So let us discuss on issues that matter for our people and country. We have to support our government whenever it does right and challenge it if whenever it does it wrongly. My comment comprises of both angles. So which one are you opposed to. Lastly, Aiga invited us to give our comments freely, but it did not ask us to introduce our biometric data. I am eager your pros and cons to my comment. Thank you.

    • I agree with u because one must listen to what others say to him or his performance in order to improve his job. Companies always invest a lot on collecting feedbacks and assessments of their clients for same reason. Even Jesus asked his apostles what other people say about him and he also wanted to hear their feedback. Our people are very smart and can give the right evaluation if their safety is not in danger. If there is intimidation and harassment they can pile up a glory of lies which is not related to realities. If you want to hear truth make them feel at home and self confident. Our people are robbed of that opportunity by cadres who pressure us to say only Yes no matter what. This must change if we want to see stronger Ethiopia with efficient leadership. Our leaders are rotten in office for more than 20 years and they are not scared of any consequences for their habitual mistakes and group-think. So how do we expect improvement no matter how much we embark on Kaizen system or not.

  8. HI AIGAS;
    I thought we have been proscribed not to speak about Melles (RIP)…..
    You seem to have to work thoroughly to identify the chaff from the wheat if you have to. It requires more skill and knowledge at times the customary patience!
    For some of us it is a pain to have to speak about Melles now because he is not in a position to defend himself. Just for the record straight though (it is not that you have to promote such an idea now) you should have known Melles has done a profoundly great service for his country and he lost his dear life doing so! On the flipside of things, (just to keep things on the balance), it should be clearly felt that Melles and his Government that he was answerable to has left the country Landlocked and signed the Algiers agreement and subsequently left us with a huge mountain of problems to climb. Some of us including my self has written for his retirement from office but shell shocked to learn his untimely death not that he was inefficient but there was too much power on his hands for far too long and hence there was genuine concern about how things like free press, promoting public institution, the rule of law and the right of individuals and (bar none, the lists could go on) were slacking in our country. Unfortunately, showing such divergent views of limited nature has come with cost in our country and such a predicament was a huge stigmatization and levelling genuine opposing views as extremists devoid of fit for purpose.
    That said, I kind of share some of your concerns that people who are distinguished professors at the highest level referring themselves as Ethiopians are going an extra length to defend the interest of foreign country at the expense of” their Motherland”. Egypt has over a decade or so years been so hostile over a simple model of achieving a win-win deal that Ethiopia and other riparian countries were craving for. I guess there should be enough approach to reason out and address the root causes of these nostalgic positions and corrupt practices by creating Ethiopian supported forums and challenge them with a sound reason and logic rather than ineffective name calling and propagation. I believe, All Ethiopians, irrespective of who they are, are the direct beneficiaries poverty-buster-projects be it on long term or otherwise. Anyone who is against such great establishment is worth mentioning an enemy of the country…
    I firmly believe, GERD is not only our national pride but it is also the function our strength.
    Berhane E Tesfay

  9. Dear Aiga (edited)

    Great job for posting have your say. I have to be honest. I am not radical. I do love all human regardless religion, race or colour or ethnic or tribe or nationality or any creed. But when it comes to National interest, I will not have even mercy on my direct bloodlines.

    My policy on Abay is Abay is an Ethiopian property. It is belongs to the Ethiopian people, to all Ethiopian. Abay has no tribe or ethnic or religion. Abay is our national flag. I will not negotiate on this even with God. This is Ethiopians God given private property. As such my policy is no deal is the best deal for us. No talk is the best talk with them. No mediation is the best mediation with them. No panel is the best panel. No committee is the best committee. I am against any deal with Egypt . I demand the Ethiopian government never to sign any paper that denies future Ethiopian from using the water for many of their future needs.
    1.We have no obligation to share our resources with a country which is 1000 km way. I agree sharing with our immediate neighbours like Sudan,…, but not Egypt. I actually propose Ethiopia and Sudan to form an integrated large agricultural scheme between their border. Let us change the border between Sudan and Ethiopia into a green agricultural belt.
    Ethiopia’s enemy number one is poverty. But poverty has a cause because there can never be poverty without poverty variable. In order to solve poverty in Ethiopia? We must know the variables that cause poverty in Ethiopia. What is the poverty in Ethiopia? Poverty is lack of basic human needs like food, clothing, clean water, proper shelter, health-care, education, electricity, modern transportation,…
    Ethiopia’s poverty started about 45 years ago when Ethiopians shocked the entire world by man made mass starvation which took millions of Ethiopians.
    What is the cause of all these in Ethiopia? The poverty in Ethiopia is man made because the country is very rich and it has everything one can imagine. Fresh water is the most precious item on our planet, more than any precious on our planet. God has blessed Ethiopia with this precious items. However, our blessing have been made a curse because someone was stealing our water. Not only stealing our water, but steal our lives too to get our water.

    What is the main variable that caused poverty in Ethiopia? what is it? Mengistu Hailemariam said the cause of Ethiopian poverty was natural cause? I do not know what EPRDF think of the cause of our poverty? Many Ethiopia says it is lack of rain or because the rain fail to come during the time of sowing and then the about 85% Ethiopian farmers fail to farm anything? that leaves Ethiopians no where because they can not control rain. But Ethiopians never gave up on the rain. Ethiopian farmers pray day and night for rain? do you know this fact that the 85% Ethiopian farmers pray for rain every year?. But what the Ethiopian farmers did not know is God gave them more than a rain even before praying. I believe I have discovered the cause of Ethiopian poverty. How? why?

    Since 1920, Emperor Haileslassie, the most forward looking King, aspired to harness the Nile. He designed a marshal plan to harness the Nile to build a series of dams for irrigation and hydropower. But Egypt with its slave master started to sabotage his plan. Haileslassie succeeded to seal a contract with American companies to build the dams. But Egypt with its slaver master started a campaign similar to today’s Egypt’s campaign against GERD. The only difference is that Egypt then succeeded to convince the American companies and American government to withdraw from the contract. The American company withdrew and Egypt managed to do that and to block Haileslassie from IMF, WB funding ,and isolated Haileslassie . Then his plan was aborted by our mortal enemy. This was long before the famine in Ethiopia. If Haileslassie was not sabotaged by Egypt, he would not have divorced the Ethiopian orthodox church from Egyptian one. He was sabotaged and isolated and even discriminated and even mal-treated. The final result was, he could not realize his dream because of our mortal enemy. Then our people perished in millions because of man made famine but our water was flowing to feed Egypt when our people were falling like leaves by Egypt made famine. Egypt did not come to our rescue then. The European, North American public rushed to help our people. They raised money to save our lives. We owe the west a lot for that. If Haileslassie’s dream was realized, our people would not have perished in millions waiting for rain while God gave them more than rain.

    To add injuries up injuries, Egypt formed and inspired EPLF in Egypt in Cairo, not to benefit Eritrean but to use them as condom to destroy their own country , Ethiopia. They sponsored Shabia 100% together with Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Libya and they immersed our country into bloody 30 years civil war. In the 30 years, there was no development in Ethiopia, but war, destruction, bloodshed, drought, famine, Ethiopian becoming refugees , millions of Ethiopians became cannon fodders killing each other because Egypt outsmarted Ethiopians and Egypt set Ethiopia on fire for 30 years. I guess by now you know the variable that cause poverty in Ethiopia? If you did not get it, the cause of Ethiopian poverty is none, but Egypt. Egypt did not stop there. Ethiopia has been talking to Egypt for the past 22 years. But Egypt has rejected all kind of cooperation or coexistence with other human beings. And Egypt has consistently insisted the Nile belongs to it according to colonial agreement which Ethiopia is not part of at all. Can any human being with any human conscience try to impose a colonial relic on a country that was not a subject colonialism? These are the people whom you have been trying to communicate. Egypt has rejected the NBI. it has rejected everything so far. It has said GERD is illegal and will not be allowed. Egypt walked out from meetings and talks and declared it will not talk with Ethiopia after now. It went further. It flew to Russia and asked Russian government to influence Ethiopia to stop its GERD from being built? Egypt flew to Italy and asked the Italian government to call out Salini so that GERD will stopped? Imagine what type of brain your are dealing with? The Italian government responded by saying Italians can work anywhere in the world with ethics and professionally. It did not work . Egypt asked WB, IMF, EU …. not fund GERD, EU promised they will not help Ethiopia to build GERD? What is left guys? They even went across Africa and trying to sell their greed and racism without shame asking Africans to oppose the Dam?

    So Aiga, I am done from my side. There is nothing to talk with Egypt. Haileslassie divorced the orthodox church from Egypt. We need a second divorce from Egypt. We have to wash our hands not to do anything with those people after now. Enough is enough. We have had enough so far. We have to cut any connection with Egypt. Because there is nothing to gain from them but to lose. There is nothing Ethiopians can gain except lose their resources to that ungrateful people and country. From my part, I am done with them now. I am against Egypt not only politically or Abay wise, but ideologically. They are our mortal enemies. If we have to defeat our poverty, we need to defeat the cause of our poverty which is Egypt. If EPRDF cannot handle this, it has to stop the GERD. I am against any deal or any paper agreement with Egypt after now. We do not want another EEBC or Wuchale after now. All we need is to commit to help our people by ourselves. I did nothing wrong, but I have to live as refugee all my life because of Egypt wanted water from Ethiopia. Even within Ethiopia I had to live as a refugee because I have to run from one woreda into another to escape from war. All these because God gave and blessed me with water? Now they have even bought a satellite to control us from Cairo? what not? They sent to our country spies? what not AIGA? what can they do more than this? They even showed us their true colour on their National TV? I prefer to die tomorrow to protect Abay and pass it to the future generation without any Wuchale or EEBC agreement. We Ethiopian must pay all the price that demands to defeat our enemy. I demand the Ethiopian government not to sit with Egypt anymore and not give any legitimacy for their baseless and greed driven claim. Egyptians people are not better than Ethiopian. We have no water for drinking in the country . The people are covered by dust across the country, there is no hygiene and sanitation or showering or drinking clean water. The government must mobilize the public and start more dams for irrigation too. We also need one huge Dam for clean water we need a national clean water dam bank with national water grid system. We need to pipe clean water wherever it is needed. There is no water in Ogaden, Harare, Diredawa, Afar, Gonder, Tigrai,… Ethiopia is for Ethiopians only. My policy: No deal is the best deal.

  10. On a side note:
    USA government is trying to be a self-appointed mediator. I suggest the EPRDF government not to fail to USAA prodding. American government is the most cynical government on our planet. We love the American people, the most wonderful people on earth who are kind and generous to the Ethiopian people. I do love American people passionately, but I hate their selfish, arrogant, greedy government. I advise the EPRDF to tell the American officials out of GERD. The fact they invite themselves and become mediators begs million questions. I would not trust American government because they are cruel human on our planet. That is why are cuddling criminal and brand new dictator of Egypt , Isis. They are happy to work with him. This shows American democracy is 100% lie. Otherwise, how can one approve a man who murdered 1000 people by live bullet a friend? I would not trust American government, because they are not trust worthy. I am saying this because I read this now: http://www.ethiosports.com/2014/05/17/us-urges-ethiopia-egypt-to-resume-gerd-negotiations, keep USA the unreliable, and unethical American officials out of GERD. Do not trust someone who prostitutes with criminals. USA Marries a criminal gangers Isis. Good love affaires

    • Dear Gezaee I do not have the luxury of that much time to read that book size pose.And even I give it the weekend I will be lost in the den of your plants where they might be big wild scar animals and/or small insects or flies to step on which i do not wish to.

      • why you worry reading my comment? you need to skip it if you do not like it. Do not complain and be negative. Be positive. Move on, and leave other people to enjoy what they enjoy. Do not interfere with their enjoyment doing what they do. I do not care what you think. I am not waiting for compliment either. Do not read something you do not like and just skip it

  11. GERD is not at the mercy of few scholars. It is the homework of 80 million people.
    Nothing can stop the dream of 80 million people.

  12. I think Gazaees comments are well taken to start with I appreciate the fact that he has put the poverty factor quite clearly….
    However, i have got reservations on his advice not to engage the Egyptians is a bit far fetched.
    Let us be overly smart how we handle Egypt by keeping them busy ina constructive dialogue and sound engagement it is theirs to lose. This is a time that needs an extensive diplomatic skills to out manuver and out smart overly sensitive and complicated issues like the GERD by not folling into their trapps…..
    We need to follow a very skilled diplomatic endeavours in harnessing our resource. It is quite mandatory to show to the whole wide world that ethiopia , its people and its humble people are very sound and rational people. For us to show that unweavering attitude we need to remain astute and work with our moral held high up! It will not be helpful to ignore, second guess, badmouth and disengage from dialogue. That is very foolish to do to at best! These world that we are living needs extensive negotiations without losing our eventual sight! Our governoment should be doing their homework to keep ethiopian interest at very live and should play to their strength. We need to win the quite war on all fronts for that our governoment should be so smart.
    I would rather encourage our governoment rot to listen to buy extreme views that demand feom constructive engagement! That is very dangerous idea!
    I think calling the American a name does not serve us well here. We should know by now the americans are a huge elephant in the house. You like it or not their quite prescence is always felt. So what is required us as a nation is to use American leverage and claut to our own advantage. The egyptians were good at asking and convincing to turn to their advantage there was no shame in that. Guess what they were not worse off by Making America on their side. Still they use american money and leverage to their advantage.
    We ethiopians need to show the mighty Americans that things Re changing this time. We should rather remind them how good they are and hoe effective and helpful they can be to facilitate our cause from a very neutral perspwctive. We can also nicely and diplomatically show them their failings during the carter administration when they block everything against the war on somali. I guess that wa the turing historical juncture what foced us to go east , the good Americans did know full well that either too! But they always quipp that we ethiopians are unapproachable and may be too wild to engage. History has thought us a lesson. We need to be very measured and caredul when we talk about America even any other country for that matter!
    If we can be so good at public diplomacy, we are the masters of our own destiny.
    Let us engage, the Americans, Egyptians and even the invisible ememy and make our Erhiopia the country where its citizens are proud on merit bases!
    Let us minimise own shots and let us not impose self limited impositions on ourselves!
    Peace is a function of dialogue and engagement and hence development
    Berhane E Tesfay

  13. having a different view of the government policies is something ,but opposing the dam and the development of the country is not only wrong but also an enemy of Ethiopian .This mega project is the turning point for Ethiopia and a game changer.

  14. Those the so called opposition should unite together and support the Blue Nile Dam, it is useful for Ethiopia to built sustainable economy and Ethiopia has full right to use its’ natural resources and we are not beg Egypt. For example.while I was a boy there was a song about the Blue Nile,but we never used it and praising the river did not use it while the major user was and is Egypt. Now it is moral and national interest must prevailed by Ethiopia. The professor from California Alemayhu Alarm, he is destructive elements and Gnbot Seven lead by Brhanu Nega who is starved for power must change for the national interest of Ethiopia and this project is not belong to TPLF OR EPRDF,but belong to Ethiopia people.
    Ethiopia government should stand firm to implement the dam construction and Egypt never consulted Ethiopia when she built the Aswan Dam. We Ethiopians we do not flinch even an inch we will built it and we will make history the coming generation.,

  15. No doubt the Great Ethiopian Dam should be built and any Ethiopian must support it. But is EPRDF building national unity right now by throwing young kids to jail, just because they were blogging their views peacefully on the Internet? Aiga, can’t you see EPRDF is eroding public trust on each passing day and weakening national unity? Who is really helping EGYPT right now, except EPRDF leaders? Ethiopians living abroad could have financed 100% this historical dam and fight the diplomatic war, had it not been for EPRDF’s arrogance and cruelty on its own people.

  16. Is this about the Dam or meles ?
    No one takes the full credit except the people of Ethiopia for the sacrifice they made not only financial, labour, and psychological contribution to what is being achieved in building the dam.
    please do not trivial the achievements made by all peoples of Ethipia by make this a political propaganda.
    1. meles made the country land locked despite the advice and political support of
    the Ethiopian people and the west.
    2. meles was responsible for part of the 80,000 people killed in the Ethio-ertitrian
    war indirectly while being the official country man but leaking secret military
    to the shabian army according to wikileaks………..
    3. meles was the traitor, as was his grand father, like father like son……
    I can keep on going, it should be enough for now.
    aigforum I hope you don’t want to be propaganda wing/ remote control of few
    people rather you choose the Ethiopian people.
    we will see if you post my comment,
    time/history soon will judge you, anyways.

    • Omg Little subhuman Negasse
      A traitor is traitor does.Shame on u butnobody will blame u nor consider u firt as it is evident from ur idiocy simply bcuz your mom picked by mistake the amblical chord where the human eleme nt is long buried. For that sheer accident or fateDo not blame anyone else but your parents who did that deliberate or accident & it does not matter now as it is late.U need to live in that biblical life among humans.

      • Negassi
        GERD = Meles
        Relativity Theory = Einstein
        Americas = Columbus
        The former is the making of the later.How would it possible to narrate about the produce without mentioning the pioneer .Willy nilly one has but to just do that in parallelogram fashion

      • Negassi
        GERD = Meles
        Relativity Theory = Einstein
        Americas = Columbus
        The former is the making of the later.How would it possible to narrate about the produce without mentioning the pioneer .Willy nilly one has but to just do that in parallelogram fashion

    • Mr.Negassi,
      The discussion is about the great Abaye Dam. It is not about Meles. Yes, as any human being Meles may have done mistakes. Yes, one of his biggest mistakes is making our country landlocked. We are now paying $billions for Djbouti for port fee every year. Imagine if we had our own port, the money we are paying for port fee to Djibouti now could have been used to build the Great Dam faster.

      But now to the main question:
      What shall we do to finish building this great Abay dam?

      1. Every Ethiopian (inside &and outside the country) must support and help the construction of the dam. There is no resason to oppose it, if one calls himself/herself “Ethiopian”.

      2. The government should stop angering Ethiopians and weakening national unity by throwing citizens to jail for every little pety mistake, such as expressing ideas in free press. This is a shame. It has to free from jail those kids (bloggers) and all journalists. This will rebuild public trust and unity, and Ethiopians will come forward in millions to help build the dam, both financially and diplomatically.

      3. If instead, the Ethiopian government continues to disappoint and anger Ethiopians every day, it will be increasingly isolated and public support for the dam will decrease by the day and make the construction of the dam very difficult and long. If we don’t finish the dam on time ( as planned), Egypt could gradually build international support and Ethiopia could be in disadvantage.

      So, the ball is really on the government’s court. Don’t be arrogant and anger the Ethiopian people. Listen to the People, and you will get their financial support and finish the dam quickly.

      Thank you Aiga, for giving us the opportunity to discuss this national project.

  17. It is good to separate haters (eg. Tecola, Tedros) from traitors (eg. Almariam, Messay). The haters have the right to hate as long as they do not use their hate to prescribe policy. To use hate as driver for prescribing policy is bad and more importantly unscholarly whether you get your degree from Harvard or somewhere else! On the other hand, the traitors do not have the right to hurt Ethiopia. Their act is treason and criminal! We have to expose and fight them as they are enemies of Ethiopia. And lastly, there are those gullible beggars who shamelessly shout for the president of the US to give them freedom. These are fools and we have to pray for them and guide them towards 7 days of ‘ye Abo Tsebel’.

  18. To Mr.Nyala and others
    Do you mean that couldn’t I be an Ethiopian by being Qafar,Tigryan or any other ethnic individual ? No body give me this gift ,the almighty GOD only give this gift of nature.So what’s the Problem ? Just if I am Qafar, i am Qafar but I am an ETHIOPIAN citizen and I am proud of being an Qafar ethnic and Ethiopian Citizen.So ,what’s your problem ? Unless there is any hidden agenda it doesn’t have any problem ,we can live together by cooperating and respecting each other. With regarding this issue PM Meles didn’t have mistake but as human being he could have mistakes in other areas .No one is perfect in this world but every thing is relative.Thank you.

    • Hi Yifter, I have never said there is a problem by being Afar and an Ethiopian citizen. My comment regarding our ex-premier and his team was in giving away our Afar people with our Assab port to Eritrea. You know very well Afar people were not asked if they choose to be Eritrea or Ethiopia. In fact they wanted to be with Ethiopia and they always claimed that they are Ethiopians. Whether in parliament or at London conference, it was our Ex-premier who argued that Assab belongs to Eritrea. Herman Cohen succinctly revealed that position of the premier. I also heard him repeating the same thing time and again at parliament. Isn’t this wrong? Again he made another mistake by signing Algier’s agreement to demarcate our borders based on colonial treaties knowing very well that Ethiopia was never been colonized. Isn’t that wrong? Promoting ethnicity and giving false hope of empowering ethnic groups is not a solution to the root causes of our conflicts. The solution is to tell the truth and implement national reconciliation like South Africa. Otherwise, our old wounds will keep fesrei g and we will not have a healing at all. So our Ex-premier and his team chose concealing the truth, promoting division, hate, ethnicity, regionalism, and weakened our unity, cohesiveness and identity of Ethiopian citizenship. They avoided to matter at its root cause and treated the symptoms to appease each group to get support to stay in power. It is a great strategy to divide and conquer and rule, but it is not a sustainable solution. That is why they experimented by introducing article 39 for secession. Isn’t this wrong? If you think about it in mind set of staying in power, it is perfect strategy and it works well for colonizers very well, but not those who wish our unity, peace and commonness as a country. We are not the only country in the world with many ethnic groups, so we can use the best models that strengthens our unity and healing from wounds of injustices done by one group against another one. I am not totally negative to what EPRDF has done. I support so many positive things done by this administration as compared to the old ones. I mentioned some of them above. I know EPRDF is a formidable and a dominant party as it is the product of a struggle and revolution. But so many collateral damages and irreversible effects happened on our country due to some policies and actions of EPRDF. They have to admit those mistakes and rewrite the history for our future generation so the history can judge them favourably.

  19. I am not an Ethiopian but I have been to Ethiopia back in the begining of 1970’s in a remote village in western Ethiopia. I always wondered about how and why an ancient country like Ethiopia blessed with such natural resources like The Great Blue Nile is suffering from malnutrition, famine and extremely backward economy with NO electricity. Since I have a great love to those poor, but proud and extremely hopitable people, I follow the news at least two times a day. I can’t express my joy how that Great sleeping Giant is waking up to reclaim its ancient glory in the world stage.
    I intend to visit my chidren and grand children soon to Ethiopia and see for myself the great progress Ethiopia has made in recent years.
    And now after a long time lobbying Egypt it seems have secured the sypmathy of the U.S.A.
    The U.S.A is the greatest Evil on earth from the day one. It has commited a a total genocide of the Native Americans and Africans (by Europeans). No other
    country on Earth including Hitler has commited such a henious crime of abolishing entire populations and resettle Europeans. They talk about
    democracy but even as an imbecile understands that America is a surveilance society and within the past 20 years it has fought 22 wars. Because of it’s greed it not only please the arabs but forgive me for my expression it is an arab ass kiss and arab ass leak egocentric and selfish bunch of herds.
    My dear Ethiopian’s because of your tendency to be “too polite” and do whatever the U.S.A is telling you to do first you lost your vital sea port partely because of the U.S.A’s demand. And then your former prime minister though one of the smartest leaders of the entire African continent, signed and literally sold out Ethiopia’s sea port. Which would have been reclaimed back already during the war if Zenawi did not stop the heroic Ethiopian millitary from taking over the Eritrean capital and make them sign to return that what belongs to Ethiopia. But to my gtreat disapointment he orderd the millitary some 45 km from Asmera and as mentioned then signed the Algiers afreement. Who stoped Israel to occupy the Gollan hights and other territories?
    Dear Ethiopian people make it clear to your government not to sign any agreement whatsoever brookered by that venomous snake the U.S.A. THe U.S.A will do anything to please the arabs agains Ethiopia. So be prepared like your heroic people and leaders of the past generation to defend the vital intersets of Ethiopia by standind and if need be fight with all what you got and limit the influence of the U.S.A in your country. Compare what America is doing for yopur country to what China is doing. It is like the U.S.A is throwing a dry bone with no flesh to you as a second and third hasnd citizens of the World by also blocking any loan from the World Bank (WB) and IMF. If you don’t know the World Bank is fully controlled by the U,.S.A while in the IMF the U.S.A holds the majority votes. Though I am an European I can tell you straight that the EU is nothing but a bunch of Puppets for the the U.S.,A through the WB, IMF and NATO. compare it also what that attack snake the U.S.A has done in Ukrain. They gave U.S five billion dollars to destabilize the country and ended up supporting fascits to hold on to power. Furthermore, they instructed for the IMF to give Ukraine U.S 18 billion dollars in aid plus 8 billion from the WB.
    Now it is the time to make or break. Say NO to any suggestion and document signing initiated by the puppet Obama administration who have sold his flesh and soul to Arabs and Fascist forces.
    Thank you

  20. Ethiopians, Sudanese and Egyptians are children of one God who share many gifts of God such as Abbay River. Imagine if all three countries were under one flag and government. The issue of one region i fringing upon another is not acceptable. But all regions will benefit the gift of water mutually with significant harm to one another . The same principle can be used when each country makes best use of Nile. Ethiopia is adhering to a win-win principle and that is supported by Sudan. But Egypt must come to terms that Ethiopia has the right to utilize its water for hydro power generation and irrigation without significant harm to Sudan and Egypt. All Nile basin countries must sign common agreement that protects their rights discarding all colonial outdated treaties which do not include Ethiopia, which was never colonized. Egypt must be ready to work alongside with all concerned African countries instead of selfish approach and counting on Arab petro dollars and destabilizing us and contributing to our poverty, wars and disintegration. We Ethiopians must unite in helping in realization of GERD and other projects Abbay river. We must fight against mercenaries, terrorists and separatists. We will achieve it. God bless Ethiopia.

  21. Dear Berhane:
    American government is always after American interest. I am not against American people as you know well American people a friend of Ethiopia. But not their government to be honest. During the famine, when Bob Geldof and other European and North American raised public money even from school children, American and British government opposed it and blocked the money from getting to Ethiopian people. Bob Geldof and others have to get the money to the dying people by travelling to Sudan and manage to hand the money to TPLF and other who were in Ethiopia illegally. This is not a secret because Mr. Bob Geldof has written in his book about Ethiopian famine. He says his challenge was not how to get money to help the dying people, his challenge was to get the money to the people because UK and American government did oppose the agenda of raising money and sending it to Ethiopia. It is only that, the UK government did the same when Haileslassie tried to build the dam? The Egyptian did not have the power to sabotage Haileslassie’s Dam, they used the UK government and the UK government talked to USA government to ask the American companies to cancel the contract. They did cancel and withdrew the contract. It is the same what the Egyptian deed a few weeks ago when they asked Italian government to tell Salini to cancel the contract of GERD building. If the Americans had moral they would not have done that. When it comes to USA government , they do not care about any body, but about American interest. This is a reality of American government past, present and even the future. American interest comes before anything. I am not saying the current leader are the same as the past leaders? but their policy is the same, American interest comes first at all times. Do not take this as extreme view it a fact of life. American government will dump your if you do not serve their interest. They can work with you even if you are a devil if they think you will deliver what they want. Cases in point? USA is a friend of Saudi Arabia, a country that outlaws any religion except Islam in Saudi Arabia. A country that cuts penis, stone women to death for having sex, a country that ban women driving cars, a country that is anti human. They have no problem working with them. You have seen what New dictator Isis did some months ago. He killed his own people cold bloodedly by live bullets in Cairo for only camping outside? Do your remember? He killed those innocent Muslims but now USA is back in bed with the devil. Do you trust such system or government ? Are not the Egyptian Muslims human being who killed? Are not the Muslim brotherhood of Egypt human being? I am not pro Islam, because I am not against Islam myself but I am not against Muslim. The Muslims are Muslims because of the Islamic system that find themselves without their choice. They must not be mass murdered in humanly as Isis did to them and to entire brotherhood who are mass jailed and mass condemned to death. Even if we see it through the eyes of American government lenses, it will only America if they stand for the thing and become pro humanity and dignity. American interest will be served better if American government can stand for the right things than for blind American interest. They are now in bed with Isis because of their blind interest. What happened to the human right? American democracy? Look what they did to Libya? now Libya has become a source of instability for the entire world. Now we have a brand new Islamic terrorist in Africa called Boka Haram of Nigeria, Cameron that is taking over Ningeria across Africa. Gadaffi was bad, but the country was safe and it was not haven to terrorist like now. This is a grand mistake of USA . Even supporting Isis will create other type of extremist group within Egypt and Al-queda will have no more recruits. You can not bring peace in a corrupted way because history shows it does not work like that. This is why I am against USA government involved in the Ethiopian GERD. You can not trust them to handle your national agenda because they will betray you for their interest. This a fact. I do not like pretending or lying or nicety just for diplomacy. I am not a diplomat. A diplomat is a lier for his country. For me a diplomat is a big lier. What I am saying is based on the reality and even American themselves do not hide it because they American interest before anything .
    You told me I am extremist? My friend you do not know extremist. You are mistaken in your beliefs or knowledge of extremism. I never advocate anything against any human being. I never said let us kill Egyptian or American or never asked you to bomb or commit suicide on anyone. I never expressed extreme views that infringe other people rights or that violates other human being dignity and integrity. You do not know who I am. I am neither sell out like EPRDF that sells out Ethiopian interest always. I think I understand you Berhane your interest is not Ethiopian people at heart. You interest is power. You r interest is how to stay on power even if at the cost of Ethiopian interest. Reasons: EPRDF track record: Landlocking Ethiopia, EEBC, Alger’s agreement, betraying 100 000 souls, this is your track record Aite Berhane. EPRDF is like the American government it can not be trusted at all. At least the American government stands for American interest, at least for the big American companies. But I do not know for what EPRDF stands? I know my right to the Abay or the Nile. My right to use the Abay does not depend on your diplomacy. You handed Badme by your diplomacy. You signed EEBC by your diplomacy. You signed Alger’s agreement by your diplomacy. You can not be trusted either. I do not trust EPRDF to tell you the truth. If standing for my right and for my people makes me extremist and terrorist? then let it be and I will not badge. As I speak 6.5 million Ethiopians will be looked after by UN WFP because there is still famine in Ethiopia and this has been going on for about 45 years none stop Ethiopians have been living on hand out. I do not call this hand out life a life. This is creates a deep worry in me. I wanted my people to use their God given resources to feed themselves. This view must make an extremist at all. I did not advocate violence against any human except Ethiopia must use its God given resources to feed its starving people. May be u are happy and okay when Ethiopians are being dependent on hand every year? but not for me Sir. I am a patriotic, not a terrorist or extremist as you indicated. There is nothing Ethiopia can gain or win from Egypt. There is nothing Ethiopia can depend on Egypt. Ethiopia practically gain nothing from Egypt except lose, war, famine, racism, proxy war,… all my complaint and grievances on Egypt are based on facts , not based on narrow extremist view as you indicated. Egyptian are not better than Ethiopian. Egyptian has no right to tell what Ethiopians must do and how much water they must use or what Dam to build or not to build. It is none of their business Sir. This country is 2212.8km away from Ethiopia, but it has controlled Ethiopians for many decades and you said it is okay and sane whatever they do. You said there is nothing wrong Egypt asking or campaigning to stop the dam? I wonder what type of mindset you have? But that is the reality because there will be always people like you accept everything as a blessing and who gave away their rights. But rest assured, my views to respect my right and other Ethiopians right. But rest assured, we will never take another EEBC, Alger’s agreement or Wuchale?

  22. Ethiopians, Sudanese and Egyptians are children of one God who share many gifts of God such as Abbay River. Imagine if all three countries were under one flag and government. The issue of one region infringing upon another is not acceptable. But all regions will benefit the gift of water mutually without significant harm to one another . The same principle can be used when each country makes best use of Nile. Ethiopia is adhering to a win-win principle and that is supported by Sudan. But Egypt must come to terms with Sudan and Ethiopia and must accept the fact that Ethiopia has the right to utilize its water for hydro-power generation and irrigation without significant harm to Sudan and Egypt. All Nile basin countries must sign common agreement that protects their rights discarding all colonial outdated treaties which do not include Ethiopia, which was never colonized. Egypt must be ready to work alongside with all concerned African countries instead of promoting selfish approach and counting on Arab petro-dollars and destabilizing us and contributing to our poverty, wars and disintegration. We, Ethiopians must unite in helping our government in realization of GERD and other projects on Abbay river. We must fight against mercenaries, terrorists and separatists. We will achieve it. God bless Ethiopia.

  23. Alemayehu is not only anti Abay or Meles hi hates Ethiopia more than all our enemies combind,dont waste your precious time on Al-mary?

  24. Forget those idiots and fools. They are good educated but ignorant and self centred. They are people with bushy hairs and barren brains. They will never change. As for Meles, he was a great strategist, thinker and practical. Look where Ethiopia is now. He has also made mistakes because he is human. No one is perfect. The foundation he laid will further elevate Ethiopia to make it the supper power in Africa. For that we are grateful. May his soul rest in peace.

  25. Then let’s work together to correct the mistakes. Eritrea can not live without Ethiopia. Eritreans are Ethiopians. I have many friends who supported independence in the past but now they know that was wrong and are working very hard to lay down the strategies for reunification either fully or as confederation.

  26. well meles’ “leadership” is like a long movie, it has its bads and goods but definetely more goods by any standarad but you want to wait to see the ending. so if i were his friend i would work on the ending. start by allowing the peaceful opposition to grow up and operate freely while becoming a responsible party.

  27. Hi Gezaee;
    Always good to learn from you.I really appreciate your comments and hold on to them.
    I have nothing to say to. However a couple of explanation if you fail to understand me then.
    First I did not say you are extremist. I was refereeing general views as extreme if it does not serve the intended purpose or if it does not reflect or change reality on the ground. My statements were clear” I would rather encourage our government not to listen to buy extreme views that demand deterring from constructive engagement! That is very dangerous idea!” that was meant to refer any disengaging views. At no time did I mention your name except I did mention my reservations onto the applicability of some of your ideas to implement them in the ground such as alienating the other party to be left out or ignored. This very idea does not put me as a supporter of Egypt nor is it against you. Sometimes you have no idea what you are talking about may be you are a victim of rushing. There is no need for that.
    The other point you ponder was about America and you suggestion not to trust the government.
    My point was there was no need for adventurism on things that we cannot prove what Americans would be following on Ethiopia. I would rather wanted them to help us achieve reduce the abject source of poverty even though the sole proponent of reducing it rests solely the shoulder people of Ethiopia and its government. Let me repeat once again, there is no pint to be outlandish to the government of America while still helping us their fair share. I was referring Egypt’s effort to side with the America has helped the country in many ways. It is irrelevant whether you call that approach diplomacy or fliplomacy. I wander this is 21 century where information and knowledge plays a vital role in countries development. You cannot ignore a given country be it by design or default. The world that we are living is getting so close. You would not imagine, twenty years down the line you could have seen Egypt, the Sudan, Ethiopian and other neighbours may banner under one flag. You know the butterfly effect. What I was saying was there is no need for naivety. I would like to repeat myself that we should not trigger what I sated self-imposed limitations by spilling the beans where there should not be. That said, we still have got the prevalence to show them in uncertain terms that Americans have been making mistakes like you mentioned around the world you named.
    Still there is no indication that America would repeat that mistake in Ethiopia. There no pull/ push factors for that. Plus it is how our government behaves towards America to ascertain common win-win diplomacy. You have got the right to despise the Americans and I have got the right to value them to the utmost what they have been doing so far to our country so long as they do not arm twist us. There is no any factual information to indicate that! What I did not like to happen is these should not be the bone of contention between you and me and amongst any Ethiopian for that matter. Case closed here.
    What goes round comes round. Ethiopia was a centre of civilizations. But it has descended into the unknown. Now we see light at the end of the tunnel. We can handle any pressure that comes from any one. I am not concerned if you call me part of the government or against. I am more concerned on the substance of any subject under discussion. Particularly, I am so happy and proud that we are safe to protect our policies and our land from any potential enemy.
    Hope you have understood me.
    Berhane E Tesfay

    • Dear Berhane:
      You said: “Sometimes you have no idea what you are talking about may be you are a victim of rushing. There is no need for that.” Are you sure I have no idea what I talk about? This is very immature. You do not say to an adult like that leave alone without knowing but even when you know well about the other purpose. In your opinion, I am someone who does not know what he is talking? Sir, thank you because you are telling us how magician and fortune teller you are because you know even the mind of people? You are only defending yourself by denying what you stated and by paraphrasing yourself as a defense mechanism. Sir, you are human and you can make mistake? but it seems you are portraying yourself as Mr. right? You smelled to me Almariam? Because he is always right. Okay, Sir, everything I said is wrong because I did not know what I was talking because you know my mind. Okay Sir, all what you have said is right and perfect. All the words, phrases, … everything your wrote is flawless because you know what you were talking about unlike me. Sir, I do not mind if you mention my name, but I am straight and front. No need to waste time. Okay, when you said extremist view, okay, you were not referring to me? that is good Sir. I guess you were talking to Alshabab or Alqueda? But I was wondering because there were not Alshabab comments in this forum. Anyway, Sir, Chill out and thank you.

  28. Ethiopia was devastated in poverty,famine,war … Because of Egypt’s conspiracy! Egyptians was thinking 100s of years ahead ….whiles our leaders was only thinking around their noses! They (Egyptian) inserted their evil agenda in to our religion & created so many non working days…! The Egyptian appointed pope had torched a fire during the era of princes purposely & put Ethiopia on a stand still while different princes competing for power saying ( እኔስ ከማን ኣንሸ) in the1870s, they thought it was the right time to invade Ethiopia , but was successfully annihilate by the gallant forces of emperor Yohannes the IV! Their other agenda was to create a country called Eritrea , separate it from Ethiopia & use it to attack Ethiopia …! In 1998 Egypt’s agenda started indirectly through Eritrea , nevertheless , it’s agenda once again was defeated successfully! Eritrea was created to serve Arabs , but not Eritreans! The reason Eritreans are been pushed out of their country is; because Eritrea wasn’t liberated for Eritrean , but for Arabs to control the whole Red Sea! It’s happening now!Read Joseph Gebrehiwot writing at http://www.Awate.com, the things going on in Eritrea is to push Christian Eritrean out of Eritrea in a long period of time!

    So, Ethiopian start dying in poverty, famine, war…then the Ethiopian revolution broke out…. At that some entities tried to use the opportunity under a sheep skin, but revolutionary Tigrians refused to join…& started their own guerrilla warfare…& defeated everyone & freed Ethiopia from centuries of repression & stopped Ethiopia from being the employment opportunity land for families, in laws , friends & stooges! These families, inlaws,friends & stooges are the ones who are barking against the freedom fighter in General , but the job is already done & they can’t reverse it, that’s why they are spewing their poison less venom beyond limit!

    Everybody against the renaissance dam at this moment is the same thing backed by Egypt! Look at this, Egypt created so many non working days through our religion , so Ethiopian can’t produce extra , save & can’t build the dam! It tried to
    Invade Ethiopia four times & failed…! It tried using Eritrea to disintegret Ethiopia , but failed ! Now it still using everything to disintegret Ethiopia , but it is failing as usual!

    During Emperor Tedros & Yohannes , they created a total chaos from every direction! Tedros fought Egyptian mercenaries in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church & cleaned it of most of Egyptian mercenaries, but Tedros didn’t get enough time to straighten Ethiopia! When Yohannes came to power, he defeated every invader one by one…,& finally was martyred at the battle of Metema…then Minilik came to power & the Egyptian & the European colonialists got what they wanted! He gave them Djibutti, Bahri Negash & they fulfilled what they wished for hundreds of years! As a result we passed through so much bloodshed, why ? Because of Egypt!

    What we can do now is, stand as one against our enemies & the gov’t must send seasoned politicians & deplomates so to expose & hit against these of Ethiopian who are conspiring against Ethiopia in service of Egypt & free the silent majority! These of Almariams, messays… Are there simply for money! The people fought paying their lives , why is it hard for the government to hire people to win over over these who are serving Egypt in the diaspora! The goverment has forgotten the promise of our martyrs! Some of the martyred heroes said ” keep fight the enemy,my wound is heavy therefore don’t waste your time to save me! I’m not savable…) people in America are living under the harsh situation of the empty diaspora opposition politicians! In the 1970s & 80s, they used to come using Sudanese passport! Why not now ?

  29. Hi all
    Why are people so obsessed with Meles? Whether we like it or not, he is the person who for the first time in Ethiopia’s 3000 years history dared to tame the Nile and believe me it will be a success. PERIOD!

    OUR GERD has not a particular religion. It represents all the religions practiced in Ethiopia. It will help to eradicated hunger and backwardness for all believers in the country; Moslems, Christians, and for the non-believers as well. The sound coming from the waterfalls in Baherdar is the heartbeat of every Ethiopian. The gorges the water follows are the blood veins of every Ethiopian. It is not one of the existing political parties in Ethiopia or will not be any new comer political party in the future. It simply is Ethiopian. That is why every concerned Ethiopian and who cares for the Ethiopian people in the country is saying that the Dam will be built and be finished on time.

    Sase Naim

  30. Dear Aiga thank you for giving us the opportunity to have our say and hope that you will forward our comments to the respected leaders.
    1. Regarding Abay I don’t think someone with the right mind will betray his country. Hence opposing the construction of the dam is like betraying their mother land. However, there are individuals and scholars who publicly oppose this and the only solution is to expose these individuals on the media to the Ethiopian people. On the other side the Ethiopian gov’t is not strong enough to convince his people especially the diaspora. Even though, I agree abay should be built the comments I hear from the Eth gov’t makes me irritated and prefer not to contribute a lot of money to this construction. Why does Eth gov’t wanted to have sole negotiation with Egypt by violating the Entebe agreement????
    2. Regarding Meles Zenawi he was a great leader and bad leader.
    Why I Meles was great leader:
    One thing I admire Meles Zenawi was how he opposed capitalism and he has managed Ethiopia to be called one of the fastest rising economies in Africa without allowing western corporates to control our country. Secondly, the security in Ethiopia is very tight and if it wasn’t like that Ethiopia wouldn’t develop. I feel safe in the streets of Addis than in New York. I hope the current gov’t will continue that trend especially outlawing gun ownership. No civilian should own guns!!!

    Why Meles was bad leader:
    1. The most critical that I opposed Meles which is also in the heart of all Ethiopians is the port of Assab. Meles has betrayed Ethiopians by making it a land locked country. It is a common sense that Ethiopia need its port for its economic benefit and national security. I am not happy how Hailemariam is trying to negotiate Assab with badme for free port access according some Medias. Assab is Ethiopian and it must be part of Ethiopia. We should never trust any of our neighbors and we must secure our port in the event of our nebhours betray us again. There should be a lesson to be learned from the Ethio-Eritrean war.

    2. I hate Meles because he has messed up the education system. I agree that we should develop our mother languages but it cannot get us anywhere. Ethiopian education system must be revised and the gov’t should have one teaching language across the country so that the countries brightest students can seat together, understand each other and focus on solving the country’ problems rather than ethnically divided. How can we expect to have high quality of education when the kids are taught in their mother tongue and all the sudden they are expected to learn all the material in English in University. I have heard this critics from many westerners who were professors in Ethiopian Universities and it makes me ashamed how our gov’t cannot reform these issue.

    3. Meles Zenawi once said ”Ethiopia has a 100 years of History”. How can a great leader say this???

    4. Corruption

    5. The quality of work is not supervised by the professionals it is mostly by party loyals. The Gov’t should assign professionals so that the job can be done in quality so that they don’t have demolish and reconstruct it again. This is a waste of money. I have observed mostly construction sector that it seems there is lack of quality control. The houses, sewage system, roads and condos are not built in quality. The architecture of the new buildings I see in Addis are not mazing. I am sure there are many bright Ethiopians who could do great jobs. Addis has lots of construction but most of them seem have no green design. Just buildings side by side and I found it is not becoming attractive rather than looking like industrial area. I see this video and it makes think why can’t Addis(the capital city of Africa) be best city in Africa? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDpXljDNgMQ
    I think the Ethiopian gov’t should allow foreign construction companies so that the local construction companies can be competitive.

  31. Dear Ethiopians
    As far as I understand you are more concentrating on internal fighting. Forget the individual ”Ethiopians” who are suffering from mental slavery and self hate.
    Concentrate, Plan your strategy pedantically on how to fight and win bothe the and the war aganist Egypt and her other oil rich arab countries and the Obama adminstration of the U.S.A government.
    Now that the Greatest Evil of all in the planet earth, the U.S.A seems to be supporting Egypt. You must finally be realistic, serious and resolute with your position concerning your birth right to build not only one but multiple huge Hydroelectric dams on The Great Blue Nile both for electricity production and irrigation purposess. That is why you are one of the signatories of the Nile Basin Initiative where your government have already ratified the Cooperative Frame Work Agreement.
    I have talked about this issue with my colleague professor from the same university and we had several meetings since he has to consult other Proffessors in the country that have decades of experience in Internationla Law. He finally called me one day late after 22:00 and told me: I know how much you love for Ethiopia and since I was so bussy and couldn’t contact you in the day time, I thought you will sleep better if I call you about our ongoing discussion concerning the Internationla Law and guiding principles concerning transboundary rivers. There is NO Law that forbuids Ethiopia from utilising its natural resources and Egypt ca not win this case. Ethiopioan’s should ask the Obama adminstration about the Hydroelectric dam built in Colorado and other areas which has aqlmost complitely stoped thev water flow to Mexico. And who stoped Turkey from building it’s huge dam that cut the water flow to Iraq etc…etc… Now you go to sleep and when we met tomorrow I will give you ALL the FAX sent to me from various sources by different proffesors that is saying exactely the same thing I am telling you in short.
    I was happy to finally know and later to get ALL the FAX from my friend.
    Ethiopia have the birth right to build as many huge Hydroelectric dams as she pleasses along the course of The Great Blue Nile and use it for irrigation pyrposes.
    That is why Egyptian ”politicians” are running top all the corbers of the world because they have come to learn from International consulting Firms that there is no way that they can win Ethiopia’s just cause to build the Grand Ethiopian GERD.
    Dear Ethiopians concentrate on your greatest enemies and namely Egypt, the other arab countries and that attack without provocation snake, the U.S.A.
    Please for the sake of your own development and future economical Greatness- DO NOT sign any agreement or include Egypt in some way to be part of the GERD. Is Ethiopia part of the great Aswan Dam? Does Ethiopia own any share at all in the Aswan Dam? Did Egypt consult Ethiopia wher the former Soviet Union started the construction of the Aswan Dam?. NO.
    Ethiopian’s were dying in millions from famine and war imposed on them including by Egypt.
    Dear Ethiopian’s remember the old adage which says: If you give the devil your small finger for breakfast then it will come back for the hands for lunch and finally it will arrive to devour the entire body. NO CONCESSIONS ON ANY SUGGESTIONS BY EGYPT AND THE U:S.A.
    The country that is really helping Ethiopia in ALL fields of development is The Peoples Republic Of China; The U.S.A is throwing dry bones like to dogs on you treating you as a second or even third class citizens. But all the same the urbanized Ethiopian and the young are shamefully aping the American style of trash so called civilization. You Ethiopian’s are one of the three ancient powerful and civilized nations on earth. So why all these aping the American trash culture and obey them as if you were their slaves.
    My advise for my dear Ethiopians is start distancing yourself step by step but in a short time possible and get rid of these shameful aping the American trash culture. If not then the devil U.S.A will first eat your finger, then your hands and finally the whole body will be gone.
    What is there to be ashemed of your Great Ancient Glory and Culture? I wish I was born in Ethiopiaand be proud to be called an Ethiopian, respecting my Ancient history, achievments and culture.
    So Please Once Again: Concentrate on the real treat. On countries that are hell bent to at least slow your development and finally tur the clock back to the early decades and centuries. I reiterate: NO CONCESSIONS ON ANY SUGGESTIONS BY EGYPT AND THE U:S.A.
    Thasnk you

    • True; I know there is no law. Actually there is no international law on this planet. The international law is might is right. We have seen them how they bombarded Libya for one year? where was the international law? Now Libya is a failed state similar to Somalia? It has become a breeding ground of all kind of terrorists who are spreading now across Africa. Libya is now a strategic station of Al-queda. If there was law, Egypt would have been taken to international law for subjecting Ethiopians to civil war and mass famine and even for trying to invade us many times. But there is now law in this world. If there was law, Egypt would not use the entire water and even have the jurisdiction to veto on the water? If there was international law, IMF, WB, … would not have discriminated Ethiopia and blocked Ethiopia from getting loan? There is no international law on this planet. As I have suggested earlier in my comment, if Americans are in anyway trying to put pressure on you, tell them to fuck off from our affaires. They are not reliable because everything they do is monetary oriented and you can even bribe Americans because they are corrupt and materialist. I do not even understand how they became now mediator between Egypt and Ethiopia. We do not need any mediator. If Egypt wanted it can directly talk to Ethiopia. There is no need for USA because we have had all of them in the past. It is USA which was arming Somalia to invade Ethiopia before. They aspiration is to control others and have no good ideology. Their ideology is me me only like the Arabs. We do not hate anyone because we are Ethiopians and we are colour blind and we are race blind and we owe the western society a lot, but not USA government . Let us be ourselves and stand for ourselves and we do not need babysitters from the white-house. I reject American involvement totally. We are capable of handling our affaires ourselves. If Americans can learn from past mistakes, they must learn how to be reliable partner. Otherwise, imposing oneself as a middle man for American interest at the expense of others will come back to you one day. There is always a pay back . If Americans have good intention they can stay neutral and support Ethiopia in a different way than asking Ethiopia to enter into any agreement. Repeat again: TPPLF aka EPRDF please no agreement on paper with Egypt. Egypt has to join the Entebbe agreement and even that one is too generous and never sign or make deal outside the Entebbe agreement. Mobilize Ethiopian across the globe, listen even to the opposition who are reasonable and time to team up and unite and stand together. it will be Egypt who will benefit from our division. Please AIGA stop ethnic politics. I sometimes see you and Tigrai online for no reasons you post articles condemning Menelick when just to divide people? That is evil. You need to stop promoting hatred, division, among Ethiopian. Dir Biya bir ambesa yasr. We need to out smart them now because they outsmarted us and made us kill each other for 30 years and even the division we have today is because of Egypt. Those of you tell me Egypt bla bla. Pack and go there, do not talk on my behalf. Egypt is a sworn and mortal enemy of my people.

    • Dear anti suutarinen,
      First of all I respect your opinion grossly, you partially and innocently explained certain facts but may be due to lack of deeper knowledge about the socio- economic and political philosophy of the country being crafted based on the real internal and external situation, there was no alternative for the country other than solutions that should be paid by the time if peace,democracy and development is to prevail in the war torn country suffering its people from recurrent drought,peace and security. as a result of which our bad image is currently reversed and become a model of development from handful number of countries in the world. Mutual coexistence and collaboration with neighboring countries is the secret success story of the country which is not imposed from outside as such the question of people and land goes hand in hand when it comes to port issue.

  32. As far as I know, PM Melese Zenawi has been the gift to the Ethiopian people for the 21 century. But there may be few people against our leader. Don’t worry. Let them cry. They know they will never get any chance of being heard as leaders to the new Ethiopia. They are envious! I wish I wrote much about the truths behind , egypt, eritria, aseb, ethnicity, etc. But not enough time now. Hope I will try my best to write more on the worth of respecting ethnics in the Ethiopian reality. Which are many and are created by the creator, but requiring recognitions.

  33. Any of these idiots who speak ill of Meles,the genius,aren’t fit to shine his shoes. Meles’s extraordinary vision and leadership is acknowledged all over the world. Nobody should waste a second paying attention to all types of haters.These people must have low self-esteem that makes them hate even themselves and their lot in life. Surly,none should expect these people to love anybody else or give credit to those who do good in the world:”Goodness”goodness is a foreign concept for these evil idiots. 99.999% of the real Ethiopians have nothing but great admiration for Meles’s genius and gratitude for his vision, heroism along with his EPRDF comrades,and the unflinching support of the agrarian class-90% of Ethiopians!

    Meles’s accomplishments are irreversible and Ethiopians are not looking back; they are too busy building dams and bridges to the future!

  34. To change the topic a bit, I would like to bring to your attention a must read piece on Aiga by Genenew Assefa entitled “On Government Response to Human Rights Reports”! I think his analysis is spot on and his language is a thing of beauty that should be experienced by those who admire the art of great writing and clear thinking.

    Hats off to Genenew Assefa!

  35. Right now, in my opinion Ethiopia is the most fascinating country. Why? Its economic and sociopolitical polices are human centered. Its kernel economic strategy is geared infighting poverty the curse of the Ethiopian people. Its sociopolitical endeavor firmly rests on principle of aspiring and working in the fulfillment of democratic and human rights respect of her people; there by creating peace. Its relation with other countries is based on win-win action.
    Hence, Ethiopian’s main and lone enemy is poverty. It is not Egypt, nor any other country. In relation to the DAM Ethiopia win-win police is noble and correct.
    However, there is evil alliance of anti- people forces, few from Egyptian, few from Ethiopia and few from global reactionary forces, who want bad omen to Ethiopia and Egypt, thinking it will benefit them politically.
    My wish for Ethiopia and Egypt is unite on their common goal and solving their differences amicably and building a prospering Africa like they built OAU the now AU in the past.

  36. A hero is born to live a short period of time, then passes like every hero! Meles was born, did what he had to do, he jump started Ethiopia, inaugurated the GERD which no Ethiopian leader dared to tough & passed away like every hero!

    These who are blabbing about Meles are weak & wicked ones! But what they don’t know is, Meles had done his job & Ethiopia is still matching forward! Ethiopia didn’t stagnate like some power hungry bunches wished would happen after Meles! What we can understand after Meles is, Meles wasn’t the only one who led Ethiopia , but every member the EPRDFites! Wishing evil for the simple reason of hate is inhuman!

    For these who are serving Egypt for the simple reason of blood money, it is better to serve Ethiopia than being a sell out bandas! Every Ethiopian is watching you!
    As we all seen it, Ethiopia is at its peak at this moment, that’s why Ethiopia defeated Egypt’s mercenaries in every direction! Ethiopia used to stagnate after defeating an enemies/invaders in its entire history , but at this new era, it goes to build itself immediately after a war!

    God bless Ethiopia!

  37. With or without support of those who are against Meles( a great leader) the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be buil brcause almost all Ethiopians from Within Ethiopia and those abroad are supporting it. No force from within or abroad can stop this grand Ethiopian dream. Believe me it will be completed and change the nation and it’s people for the better once and for all. Those who oppose that, history will remember their judgement and may God have mercy on them
    Yohannes Gebresellsie

  38. Dear Aiga,

    I think you comparing orange and apples here. GERED Dam is national Issue and PM Melese was apolitical figure.
    Support for the Dam is not necessarily support or in your case religiously worshiping the late PM. One might support his vision and economic policy while vigorously opposed to his questionable Eritrean stand. People who love to death Ethiopia could also question the economic viability of the dam or even oppose. There is no with us or against us issue her,honest discussion is healthy not treason.
    Equating national Interest with narrow thinking and trying to milk something out of it is however selfish and counterproductive.

  39. These inconsequential old dogs bark against any development in Ethiopia because the more Ethiopia develops, the more they become nude. The so called Alemariam is worse than any enemy Ethiopia has. The problem is that they never seem to learn from their mistakes.

  40. logic and reason leads to constrictive Change and development for any people and society. contrary to this fact some of the above commentators are wasting their golden time in fueling hate rather than love, fabrication of wrong doing rather than contributing their share in the over all effort to bring the country out of centuries of destitution of poverty and lack of peace and security compounded with narrow personal interest. whether you believe or not Ethiopia under the initiative and hard working and bright leadership of EX-meles is now on the move by overcoming all obstacles step by step and will continue until the country’s vision is due to realized. to this noble idea and achievement a single Ethiopian should not have a difference whatever it has differences in policy and strategy since all the good achievements have come true from a brave , committed and selfless Ethiopians. History taught us that Change and development in any country comes only and only under a leadership committed for change which is Mel es and its party leadership as a result of heavy sacrifices paid for change. Thus one who loves his country and people honestly should contrite his positive role or remain condemned for ever.

  41. I am Eritrean. I admire The great Leader of Ethiopia Meles
    He knew We will fight untill we have control of our fredom and this is bad for Ethiopia eg what happened to the Emperor Mengestu and the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia the only solution was to give the opurtunity to the Eritrean people to decide and they did. Meles is smart to recognize that
    See Ethiopia is now one of the best in Africa. The Hidase Dam is African

    • Folks,
      Certainly the late PM Meles Zenawi was incisive and deliberative in his decision making process. By advocating and facilitating the separation of Eritrea from Ethiopia, he was convinced that Ethiopia will finally concentrate in the development of Ethiopia towards achieving prosperity to the Ethiopian people.Unfortunately, after Eritrea gained its fake independence, its relationship with Ethiopia was operating as a “parasitic” one, as Eritrea’s independence and survival was based on the gross misassumption by exploiting Ethiopia forever. This is evidenced by Shaebia ransacking Ethiopian billions of dollars and military hardware assets .
      The ugly war (1998-2000) that took place between Eritrea and Ethiopia was costly in terms of billions of money wasted and hundreds of thousands lives lost on both sides. It was a gruesome that was unnecessary. Notwithstanding the pain of the lost lives.however, it was a blessing in disguise for Ethiopia. The reason being that assumption of Shebia was totally shattered. The the relationship between Shaebia and EPDRF was severed.
      Now,finally, EPRDF got the chance to focus and execute its plan of development of Ethiopia without the interference and heavy handedness of Shaebia.
      Look where Ethiopia is now in terms of its developments in Infrastructure buildings,dams,roads,railways,schools,healthcare facilities,technologies,etc., etc.,
      Ethiopia pace of developments within the last dozen years is simply short of a miracle. With all is the tangible changes that are registered in Ethiopia, there are people in the diaspora that deny the historical change that is taking place in Ethiopia. What ever their political philosophy might be, I am certain that they do NOT have the interest of Ethiopia at heart. These scoundrels must be totally ignored as they are IRRELEVANT..

      As to Eritrea, I think the PM Meles tricked the Shaebia into taking its Independence or is it Slavery.
      With all the short coming that the late PM Meles might have had, he is the BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ETHIOPIA as his achievements speak for themselves.

  42. I could not understand an Ethiopian who oppose the GERD, May be she/he is out of mind. If Egypt people is clear, may be are afraid of reduction of water even if that is also wrong assumption. An Ethiopian opposing such holy job must be insane. This even should not be discussed by Ethiopians, such discussions have to be conducted in Egypt. I am out of such discussion!

  43. As far as I am concerned the only intelectuals that are of relevance are the ones that are directly involved with the project and ones involved with supporting industries. To me, mimickry of american/European postmodern over-socialization, don’t pass for intelegence no mater well cloqued in the queens English. Actually, the real risk to GERD is EPRDF and the population of ethiopia that leans towards mild indifference to GERD due to the severity of his needs relative to the electic power output from GRED. Roughly defined, hierarchy of my needs is air, water, food, land, shelter, security, work and then may be electricpower. If EPRDF comes and violates the sucession, takes away land or threatens my security, then GERD might not be relevant or depending on the acuteness of my other needs, I might even view GERD as a negative. The discussion on Meles should perhaps be addressed separately but project wise, I admire the extensive preliminary work done to create and secure a reparian states position that made the GERD possible. I wish there was a similar drive to secure a fair working condition for migrant-workers put together by states that send out workers to the middlle east and enforced/managed by ILO.

    • Sir? where do you live? Electricity comes before food, water, shelter, … because electricity is now the bed rock of civilization. You are lagging behind Sir. We live in an information and energy age. You have to have electricity to do farm and produce many things. Are you talking we have to keeping on farming by ox? Everything is done by motors, generators, electronics these days. Small kids becoming mililioners by selling computer games. They do not do farming? or oxing, … your argument is very archaic and not fit for this age. Leave alone clean energy, even petrol is serving Arabs to become the richest. The Dam is a blessing from God. Those of you who oppose the Dam? you are ill and you need to kill yourself in your bed room before any Ethiopians knows you individually. I am 100% for the dam. I do not care about Meles or any body. The Dam is a blessing from God. The Dam has actually awakened Ethiopian including myself to be conscious about our right to own and use the Nile. The Dam is something EPRDF can boast about. Yes, they did many horrible things but when they started the dam, it was a mystery. I used to write about how Ethiopia can utilize its water resources. I used to write at aiga website about the need of water projects and rail ways and I think they picked it immediately. I suggest, we start big fresh water organic aquaculture or fishereries farm also. We need more Dams for irrigation and fish farming purpose. We need also for drinking and we can pipe our water across the country and let our people enjoy the God given fruit. Time is up now Abbay can not leave Ethiopia as before. We will hijack him to stay in Ethiopia. Bravo EPRDF on Abbay but Abay or GERD will make sense only if you never fall into a trap and sign any agreement that denies future Ethiopians from harnessing the Nile. Please, no agreement after now. Never ever sign anything and kill the future generation.

  44. Look….Any body can argue about leaders and say about their strong and week sides. As to me, those who identified a weakness in leadership, will eventually become leaders to bring about a better world. I convincingly say that is what Meles Did, or Derg, or the kings…..The country has moved a lot as these leaders come and go because there was a work done at their times.
    Many people are in the mood of “my leader is better than yours”. Whether we liked Melese or not, he has improved is country further than where he found it.
    The main question is how can we continue the progress so there will be a better Ethiopia for all of us instead of arguing on how great Melese is or how wrong he was or any other past leader for that matter.
    I will say, support the Hidase Dam, continue making the argument in a democratic manner. Never blame the past but be part of the future. Let us compete the world not against one another…
    If any one of you work with any Ethiopian enemy, you should know that you are the enemy. Being born in Ethiopia does not make you Ethiopian. Mention some thing positive that you did for the people of Ethiopia other than the political struggle you are in or the more mess you are creating….
    I love Ethiopia and accept it along with the people and the leaders; with its glory and shame. As politicians of the time, we should never go backwards but move forward through the enemy (who ever). The Diaspora should not remain confused on the politics of the past but embrace the successes and move forward to fetch the better world. There are obviously many improvements that Meles brought. If there is any thing that he could not accomplish, we can complete it by working together as parts of one country. Those who want to demolish the whole base and reconstruct a new Ethiopia are seen working with Egypt, and Eritrea and terrorists. They will never do accomplish anything in their life time and will remain dogs in the streets of U.S.A.

  45. When Ethiopia stand face to face with Egypt, the so called political groups start rumbling the people it the name of Oromo,etc. Ethiopian brothers and sisters, Ethiopia will be free of poverty when millennium and gibe 3 dam start producing electric. Say no for this groups until we have our dams at hand, outsider enemies will be dis a pairs and the insider enemies leader will stop their bad work to get money to rich them selves. Our millennium dam is good for Ethiopia like Hover dam of USA the one who took America to the top. When some people write about Us, some time they say America before and after Hover dam. When any Ethiopians runs at this time, he the enemy enemy of Ethiopia, but few are getting the money, the others are brain washed employee for free.

  46. Addis Abeba can take any space to expand in any directing, because Addis is Ethiopian capital city. I am Ethiopian and Ethiopia will have Amharic as national language. Whey English is international language because many world people use it for communication on some historical moment, but British people are around 70,000,000. We like it or not we Ethiopian used it for so long and it is national language, i am not the so called Amara. Let my Ethiopian live in peace. The only thing we have to work is every sq.meter is belong for 90, 000,000 people and every one must be respect in every sq.meter. Fight for democratic write of all people and Ethiopia remains one and undivided.

  47. Well, Meles did somethings good and somethings bad.
    We appreciate for what he did and we will not for what he did bad.
    One important thing meles did was he introduced the idea of development to the country. Hidase dam is one. but he did a lot of bad things:

    Everything he did related to eritrea was a failure from ethiopia side.
    Ethenic politics which is not only useless but also dangerous to the country was introduced by him. Is it Beause Ethiopia is different from the rest of the world that we need ethnic politics when all countries of the world rejected it?

    People were forced to be member of EPRDF through different influences infront of his eyes. How can a great personality allow such kind of low acts to happen?

    What kind of people were encouraged to take power in EPRDF? those that are strong and independent thinker or those that are weak and Yes Men? Every ethiopian knows that EPRDF leaders prefer to work with ‘YES MEN’ type of people. and who was at the top when all this was happening.?

    Anyways he did what he could do and let God rest him in peace. Those of us who are living now should learn from past mistakes and correct things in a ways that is useful for the country and the people.

  48. Wikileaks: Ethiopia want to access sea by swapping land with Eritrea [full text]
    AUGUST 06, 2013
    A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa reveals Ethiopia threatened to ‘reoccupy the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ), which lies entirely within Eritrea, in the event UNMEE withdrew’ back in 2004.

    The Cable also indicates Ethiopia deems negotiation on ‘access to the sea’ and ‘territory swaps’ as key issues to resolve the current ‘no peace, no war’ situation with Eritrea.

  49. Dear Mr. Gezae
    I greately apreciate your great contribution to this forum. Once again YES there is NO functioning Interbationl law is n this world. As I mentioned earlier that the U.S.A within the last twenty years is responsible for starting 22 wars, where the people in those countries are still bleed. Fortunately for Eyhiopia the past 40-45 years war by proxy has almo0st come to a halt.
    As far as the electrification of the country, developing modern methalurgic Industry as well as abandoning the Russian Trolebus that was at first suggested to start the assembly line in Bahir Dar which would have been both messy and very expensive to clean later von was first denounced and a certain MD, Phd Ethiopian has been outlining and suggesting about it all long before anybody raised any question about it including the government. In fact they were about to sign a memorandum og understanding with the Ethiopian investor and Russians but after this genious Ethiopians article it was abandoned. This particular Scholar in fact suggested not only electrification of the country and Industrialization but he also suggested to start developing small trains in all the capital cities of all the Federal states and start developing the communication infrastructure with modern electric trains interconnecting the entire country. I have his article in my external hard disc but regretably I don’t remember his name. Anyway, the government started adapting namely this unsang scholars GREAT vision for his cdountry. And MO one before him has suggested in any of the Ethiopían web sites before him.
    Second, as I said earlier PLEASE stop this unecessary character assasination and internal fights but rather think and suggest that what lead Ethiopia to win both the Battle and The War againinst your outside enemies: Egypt, other oil producing Arab countries like Saudi Arabia; Quatar and others plus The Evil U.S.A Empire.
    Third, I thank you for advising Aiga Forum and its readers not to add fire to the ethnic division in Ethiopia and PLEASE DEAR ETHIOPIAND start respecting your great leaders of the past that were not only great generals but also extremely visionary where one of them is The Great Emeror Minilik or aqccording to the more than 500 books of history of Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia from all corners of the country including Great Oromo Generals like Ras Gobena and all others were calling Minilik ”Emye Minilik”. After Emeror Tewdros he was the one who wanted to modernize Ethiopia and in fact he it is because of his tierless and over thirty eight (38) letters of corrospondence that the French finally built the trai station and the Addis to Djibuti train link.,
    He had a vision to interconnect the entire country with trains and start the Industrialization of Ethiopia. So PLEASE as Mr. Gezae has said it PLEASE STOP character assasination and respect him at least as the short lived King Yohannes of Tigray.

    And to Dear gg
    I don’t understand your comment at all when you write: quote ”….partially and innocently explained certain facts….”. In my oppinion your comment originates based either on misunderstanding or because you did not understand my point of view and facts I presented in my articles. I only had and have good intentions for Dear Ethiopian’s.
    I am not going to go back and forth and turn this extremely important discussion into an unecessary discussion between me and you.
    I wish ALL Ethiopians and Ethiopia all the best.
    Thank you

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