Gay Right Issues and Ethiopia

Schulz: Cut aid to African countries with anti-gay laws
On 25 March, Ethiopia became the third African country, after Uganda and Nigeria, to institute long-term imprisonments for Lesbian, Gay, …

Did Ethiopia really pass such law? It is mind boggling why Ethiopia wants to go against the wind of change on this issue? What is to be gained from such law except alienation and continuous pressure by those who have adapt such right to be a human right issue? At the very least the country should have kept the status quo and concentrate on the current pressing issue of defeating poverty! Is gay rights a human right issue? What if gay activist from all of over the world start a campaign to boycott our tourism industry and international conference events? What if the millions of Aids we get for HIV prevention and primary education is blocked by the rich western countries who have adopted such rights as a human right issue? What benefit is there to be had by enforcing such laws? Who will be the morality judge?? Have Your Say!