David Shinn on Ethio-Eritrea

Pundits from all corner have been analyzing and at times lamenting on tangential issues that do not http://aigaforum.com/images/isaias_afeworki_eritrea.jpgdescribe fully the relation between Shaibya-Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has been saying from day one all issues can and must be solved with a dialogue. Ethiopia accepted the arbitration process even though as a victor it could have demanded the Asmara regime to sign on the dotted line it has prepared. Instead, PM Meles Zenawi, died waiting in vain to dialogue with the Asmara government to solve the issue once for all in a civilized manner.

David Shinn and Herman Cohen are not your typical pundits. They are highly regarded diplomat. The US government is most likely to listen to them if it is planning to change its policy towards Eritrea. Regardless what the US interest is, PM Hailemariam government must not sit down with Isaias Afeworki to negotiate if Isaias’s only reason to sit-down and negotiate now is because PM Meles is not on the other side of the table or because he wants to mend his problem with the US.

Badme holds the remains of our heroes. Badme holds the remains of PM Meles Zenawi- so to speak- for he too also died working day and night to protect and develop Ethiopia. Why on earth will Ethiopia reward the Asamra regime Badme now? The regime is dying and Ethiopia should not try to save it. If the alternate is grim then at least have the regime sign on a prepared dotted line not to ever ever disturb Ethiopia’s peace and call that agreement PM Meles Zenawi Agreement.

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