How to create jobs quickly for all young people of Ethiopia

Tsegaye Tegenu, Ph.D November 24, 2013 – The recent uncivilized and brutal crackdown of Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia has touched the heart of Ethiopians all over the world. In my research interest I have been occupied to understand the root causes of massive outmigration and ways of solving mass unemployment in Ethiopia. It is easier to state outmigration flow and population loss in figures. The event in Saudi Arabia shows that outmigration is not only about numbers…more

Leave your comments and share how best Ethiopia can avoid similar unfortunate treatment of its nationals in a foreign land. How can we protect our people where ever they are? How can we educate our people not to risk their life by illegally entering other sovereign nations? In short how can we make our country prosperous so outward migration is minimized! Have Your Say!

UDJ and HRW Report:


“Ethiopian opposition says members beaten, illegally detained”

(Reuters) – An Ethiopian opposition group accused police and security officials of beating, illegally detaining and abducting more than 150 of its members between July and September this year. Earlier this month, Human Rights Watch said many former detainees – including politicians, journalists and alleged supporters of insurgencies – were slapped, kicked and beaten…

One wonders if UDJ’s latest complaint is in support of HRW Report! Did HRW have a private view of this report already or is UDJ wagging the tail so to speak coming to the rescue of HRW? HRW Report was dealt with deaf ear – no one seems interested  to listen to them anymore when it comes to Ethiopia.They are too biased!  Have Your Say!