You reap what you sow!



You reap what you sow!


By: W.Yilma August, 23, 2014

There are many accounts why the current Middle East countries chaotic situation has happened. Started from Cairo to Syria, Iraq, and Libya the situation is not only becoming alarming, but also dangerous. Many countries in this particular geographical location are becoming a “breeding grounds” for many radical Islam groups. Historically in these areas, Sword is a means of solving religious and political differences. The war of religious expansion was also advanced by the devotion of the faithful to the concept of Jihad and Holy war. Because of the balance of the shift of power at the end of the 18th century between the European Imperial colonizers and the Arabs, especially after Ottomans Turk death, the expansion of Islam started declining. However, at the beginning of 20th century when oil start extracting, Islamic states influences start rising in world politics as a result of petrol dollar. Because of this some countries in this sub-region become an epicenter for rise of radical Islam and make the area a “hot” and troubled place for our world. The reasons why these geographical locations are becoming a dangerous place have many factors. But for the purpose of my topic my focus will limit on few historical events, mainly the wrong political diplomacy the United State is following in this region.

One of the primary reasons why these areas become problematic and dangerous for our world security and stability today is not only lack of coherent and clear policy but also lassies-faire political approaches by western countries in particular the USA. Some politicians in the US government do not differentiate between human right issue and pursuing of religious (in any forms) radicalism. It is unclear whether this is deliberate or political ignorance. I do not think they know how radical Islam religion is back clashing against human right principles or how Islam religion is treating other beliefs. If we think as a human being with a sanity of mind, I do think no one is against respecting universal human right, religious freedom and democracy. However, taking into considerations our world complex and dangerous situation we have to know with whom we are discussing these issues. There are groups who are exploiting the notion of democracy, religious freedom and human right for their own evil purposes. Beheading (decapitating) human being and giving people ultimatum to become Islam is the most atrocious action any human being should not be tolerated. To deal with this kind of enemy needs courage and determination. Either we have to surrendering to the demands of those psychopathic terrorist or we have to have the courage to remove the issue of human right for the time being, and do what is right and necessary to bring lasting peace in our world. Terrorists do not have moral standard or logic to solve and settle things in peaceful means.

If we follow history, radical Islam starts rising in Afghanistan, by the Taliban and Mujahidin. These two groups were helped (trained and armed with logistic support) both by the USA and Pakistan during the cold war era against the former Soviet Union. After the Soviet left Afghanistan defeated, the USA also left these groups to do business by their own. This gave these two radical groups (sometimes rival) a chance to promote radical Islam in Afghanistan and beyond. We all remembered the tragic incidence of the September 11th of 2001. As if lesson is not learned from the past, the same mistakes has repeated again and again by some US politicians, and created a problem for the entire world.

The so called Tahrir square revolution in Egypt started after President Obama speech in Cairo University June, 4, 2009. This revolutionary type speech encouraged the Muslim Brother Hood to be surfaced from its half century hide and seize power in Egypt. After this without thorough understanding and assessing of the complex politics in this region the western countries spearheaded by US decided to overthrow the dictatorial regimes in Syria and Libya. Kaddafi was overthrown, but Libya is in turmoil and become radical Islam recruiting place; the western countries carelessness helped to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria and beyond, and become a threat for the world security and stability. It is a direct weapon, logistic and financial supplies flowing from the US emboldening this radical group. Iraq was not better than during Sadam Husen. Withdrawal of American forces from Iraq is worse than the invasion by George Bush. It creates a vacuum for the revivals of radical Islam and put in danger the whole region, due to differences between various ethnic groups (Sunnis, Shiite, Kurdish, and other minority groups).

No country is safe at this time from the threat of radical Islam movements. Ethiopia is at war for decades with Al-Shabab, and Al-Ittihad (it is not secret that Al-litthad has offices in western capitals). Other than these groups, there is a symptom of radical Islam movements in Ethiopia. But what is strange is that some politicians in western capitals and the so called “Human right groups” are showing sympathy to these radical groups (the International Religious Freedom various statement under the US State Department is a witness for this facts). Nigeria is at risk due to Boko-Haram; Kenya is facing a threat from Al-Shabab, and Yemen is also in dire situation due to Taliban affiliated radical groups. It is strange to see that some Arab countries are not openly condemned and take action against these radical groups. It seems that some countries from this region are a source of encouragement and finance for these radical groups.

When and how these chaotic situations end up? There is no a clear and short cut answer for this complex problems. But one thing is certain to raise her. Removing a dictator without viable alternatives does not bring peace and stability for the people of Syria, Iraqi, and Libya. The lesson learned from these countries shows that change coming from outside actors brings disaster not lasting solution. The reality on the ground confirms this vivid fact. Therefore, what is important to raise her is that western “politicians” should understand that other countries policies should not be imposed from western capitals, or from exiled elite politicians. Unless western countries stop playing a double standard, and follow a clear policy in helping other countries in fighting radical Islam, I do think the Middle East problem will spill-over and put other countries in danger.


Long Live Ethiopia



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