The 120th Anniversary of the Battle of Metema was Commemorated


We are very much pleased to inform you that Sheba University College and associates took the initiative to commemorate the 120th Anniversary of the Battle of Metema (1881 -2001 E.C) on Saturday August 16,2009 at the Martyrís Hall in Mekelle.


The reign of Yohannes IV in Ethiopia coincided with the most turbulent period of the history of Africa which followed the decisions made by the then European powers through the Berlin Conference during the second half of the 19th Century.


This was a time of aggressive European colonial onslaught and conquest that finally became to be known as the period of the Scramble of Africa.


Owing to this, after the heroic death of Emperor Tewodros in Meqdella, heavy responsibilities of defending the Ethiopian Empire from external invading forces and the consolidation of the countryís unity after the divisive Era of the Princes rested on Yohannes IV and the people who indefatigably rallied around him.


Yohannes IV and his gallant forces thus played a crucial role in wisely and heroically defeating all invading forces by fighting major wars just four years after his rise to power. Consequently Ethiopia more than ever had to contend against foreign invading forces during the 17 years of his rule.


In fact Yohannes IV spent the whole years of the period of his rule by constantly moving himself his heroic army from one corner of the country to another and finally lost his life and that of thousands of the members of his army.


Due to this, Ethiopia during those years of aggressive colonial conquest effectively defended itself thanks to the sacrifices made by our heroic forefathers who wrote a shining chapter in its glorious history.


Sheba University College and associates thus have now finalized the necessary preparations for commemorating this significant event with the view to attaining the following aims:-


1.    To commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Battle of Metema and provide due respect to those thousands of people who gave up their precious lives in order to defend our motherland from invading external forces.

2.    †To educate the youth of our country about the heroic deeds of our forefathers based on factual historical analysis in order to help them to develop self confidence in their multifaceted† endeavours of building their country.

3.    To pave the way for preparing the chronology of historical events which would enable us to commemorate the pivotal points of our history for the future.

4.    To remind public authorities and other members of our society to give due attention to include prominant personalities and events in the drawing of city plans through the naming of parks and monuments.


Our specific aim in relation to this particular event will be to build the Monument of Yohannes IV for which the City Administration has provided the right area at the heart of Mekelle city.


In the end of the Commemoration Day we hope to establish committees for the preparation of a standard architecture of the monument and fund raising.


It is our sincere belief that you will be glad to receive this important information and join your ideas and efforts with us.



With regards!

Muluwork Kidanemariam

President Sheba University College