Wrong Prediction of Alemayehu Mariam on Ethiopia


Wrong Prediction of Alemayehu Mariam on Ethiopia


Gorse Ismail  06/0/2/14

This week, Al Mariam has written his gloomy article on Ethiopia and will not talk about Ethiopian being the third fastest economy in the world. On top of this innuendo and painting Ethiopia a dark picture to echo the Eurocentric’s theory, this time, he has quoted many leftist and well respect social scientists in the wrong context. For example, he wanted to distort the premise of French renowned social scientist, Jean Rousseau, who wrote “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they.” Those of us who have lived and seen Ethiopia in the regimes of Haile and Derg and comparing to EPRDF will testify that Ethiopian were really chained and mistreated badly in the previous regimes that Haile and Mengistu ruled. They denied miserably the basic education, health, housing and social elements.

For instance, in Somali Region, we used to have one high school and one hospital, but today we have 40 high schools, 4 colleges and one university. There are 8 hospitals and many clinics following our pastorals like their shadows. This shows how much Somali Ethiopian who were born free and chained by Haile Sillasie, Al’s beloved god father, and massacred by Derg Regime are doing well in the current condition. These two regimes had attempted to assimilate them by force; however, EPRDF have eradicated all these shackles. Currently, a man who came from nowhere HaileMariam Desalegn, is the PM of Ethiopia; it used to be taboo that his ethnic will enter the palace of power, Aratkilo when Al and his kind left Ethiopia in 1970’s.

Moreover, another important premise that he sadly misquoted and used in a wrong context was when he stated that Machiavelli instructed “Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times.” Machiavelli took a dim view of the human capacity to learn from mistakes. He must have believed man is doomed to incorrigibility.

To be honest, Mr. Al, ESAT and so-called diehard oppositions in Diaspora and in those who are warming bed with the dictator regime of Eritrea are the ones who do not want to learn from mistakes and pushing to restore the world of yesterday that made Ethiopia a land of famine, massacre and exiles. They are daydreaming to see the past Ethiopia than not acknowledging the facts on the ground and predicting that Ethiopia will be a country of middle income in the future. For example, ESAT is daily preaching that Ethiopia will be in its last breadth to distinguish from earth whereas the majority of Ethiopian people are in peace, prosperity and gaining a positive economic power. ESAT, Shabya and its kind will not want to see the majority of Ethiopian to rule their land and sabotage so that she is dismantled in piece as Kinjit and settlers parties have experienced.

If Mr. Al wanted to predict the future, he should get a new lens that will help him to view the booming and shining reality that have had materialized in the last twenty three years. Ethiopia is hopefully in better position in the future; additionally, they are doing very well in term of housing, health, education and other social factors. In other words, IMF, World Bank and all institutions indicated that Ethiopia will be better off in the future.

Lastly, his prediction is so myopic and shallow to say Africa’s future is domed; on the contrary Africa led by Ethiopia is heading in the right direction and eradicating poverty so that she will not be the land of famine, drought, misery and sad history. Africa’s economy was booming in the last ten years when the rest of the world economy was in recession. Africa will not be the land of raw material and testing field of ideology. She is a place of rich culture, rich in raw material and rich in human value.

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