Writing TPLF History! Comment on Zerisenay comments.


"This is a history of the people by the people, inked with blood and human body, dead or alive, of those with unbelievable humility, courage and commitment. This is a history of heroism, responsibility, desire for change, creativity, sharing and comradeship blended with utmost sacrifice, which will never fade away easily." Zerisenay



Dear Zerisenay,


This is just a short note to express that I share your worries regarding the writing of the history of the TPLF. I strongly believe this history is the history of the people of Tigray and deserve to be properly written. This has been my concern for many years and has even talk to some TPLF members (some closer to the leadership). I have explained my concern that the elderly people in the countryside of Tigray and even many heroes and heroines are passing away. These are the true witness of the past who can tell an endless history. The drought in 1977EC Vs the Derg and Shabia, The forced villagization and the death of more than hundred thousand civilians in the bushes of Western Ethiopia, The war of Quinat Tsom Arbaa, The War of Meragna and central highlands, The War on Guna, The Wars against the many Derg Campaigns, The War at Mugulat, The endurance of the members in town, The role of churches/ Mosques and priests and Imams, The special missions and operations like that of Musie Operation, The Keyih Kokob and Selahta Werrar in Eritrea, The Victory over Derg in Massawa and the capture of the two Generals, The Wars against the ELF, EPRP, EDU and TERANAFIT, The many TPLF schools in Marwa, Tekeze , Werii, Inguya, Irob, Samre and Raya,  The relationships of the women and men fighters as comrades of no gender differences and no sex, The married life under wars, The history of  the 00, 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 054 etc departments, The internal challenges and the runaways of some leaders, The life of captured soldiers under TPLF and Hafash, The Hara Meriet and the Night Markets, The high sound of Derg Fighter Jet-Helicopters and the hiding of Animals in bushes in their own time,  The locked towns of Tigray and the prohibition of movement, The Hawzien and the Massacres of Dogua Tembien, The challenges after victory, The political struggle against the re-grouped remnant of the Deg and EPRP under the today’s oppositions. So much and much can be written- , endless true stories.


However, nothing has happened so far. I know that there is a good size of hard and soft documentation in Mekelle TPLF office at Hawelti but people must take it as a full time job and produce the books. I agree with you that we all have responsibility to do but it is hard to materialize this dream with an individual effort. We have highly educated Tegarus but NO courage to write. Sorry for my language but it is true; that they don't have the courage to defend their history under a continuous attack by the many losers who stood firm to destroy us and our history. Nor have they the courage to finance a small film or writing project. Nor have they the courage to buy the books written by courageous individual like that of Honorable Dr. Solomon Inqai, Asgede and many others. I believe this must be done in an organized form of research projects so that the published work will be used as reference for ever.


As to who should write the history, I and some friends of mine always have of the opinion that the TPLF in collaboration with the regional government of Tigray should establish a new Research Institute and the EFFORT must sponsor/finance well experienced professional such as Historians, Anthropologists, Sociologists, Political Scientists and Writers and film producers for producing books and films. EFFORT must consider this as one of the most important public projects. A one day sales of the cement factory can be dedicated to one month budget of the institute. Letimket yalhone kemis yibetates…


I also acknowledge some individual TPLF members (all quitters and the present) for taking initiatives to write those few books already on sale. I have once suggested some websites to post all the books so far written just to acknowledge their effort and raise concern for others but did not work. I understand that the Quitters like Asgede and Yewibmar may be are biased in their political positions, which will be judge by the reader, but the overall history written in their books is true and will help the present and coming generation. We have to appreciate these individuals for sharing the responsibility.


You might have watched the high quality video produced by I think Mega; I am happy but also very sad to see only few commanders witnessing the military operations. Many are excluded from it deliberately and I don't agree with this arrogance. Isn't it important to interview people like Seye, Jobe, and many other known and unknown heroes and heroines. I do not really, really like the way these people are/do today but we cannot erase what they did in the past. They just put themselves into the garbage and it is up to them if they think is right, which I do not think they do from their hearts. Well, their contribution is still alive anyway and if they are excluded from the history, we are creating bias on the public in general and the future researchers in particular, and this will not help for all of us except widening the rift. Let us be genuine and think about it. We all know what happened with Ras Alula vs Ras Hagos, Ras Alula and Atse Yohannes, the leaders of the first Woyane vs some H/Selassie sympathizers! Had they not been in disagreement among themselves, Ethiopian history would have been different today.


So Zerisenay, I think we all have to push our leaders for the establishment of the professional institute, (which we may name it Dedebit or Woyane, Kaza, Tekeze, Marwa, Enguia, Tegadilo, Werii, Dejena, Samre, Keyih Tekli, Alitena, Hawzien, Hirmi, Serbo, Tsedya, Atsrega, or Chercher  et etc.)  at Mekelle Hawelti that will undertake the responsibility. That is the only viable solution at hand my brother.


I always have a dream to finance a software project that will produce an anti-virus program that is called Woyane. I always dream to finance research institutes that will write the history of Tigray under the leadership of the TPLF in the 17 years struggle against the fascist Derg but unfortunately I am remain poor.


All the best

Manjur  07/23/09