Who Is To Blame For The G7 Paralysis?


Who Is To Blame For The G7 Paralysis?

Ezana Sehay Nov 10, 2012- The pattern of self-destruction is a disease that is prevalent in the opposition camp. Consequently, Ethiopian opposition groups have been their own worst enemies. That addiction to self-inflicted wounds seems to be making a nostalgic come back.

So, knowing what we know, should the apparent implosion of the G7 surprise us? I mean, how many extreme groups did we see spring up only to melt away inconspicuously? The difference this time is, of course, we are being entertained by the ongoing slugfest of the party stake holders.

According to the dissenting faction; the main culprit/precept of the group’s debacle is none other than its megalomaniac founder, Dr. Berhanu Nega. Considering his track record, it is faire to assume they [the dissenters] are telling the truth. No doubt, this is a big blow to the ever shrinking political sphere of influence of the good doctor.

Berhanu Nega’s political voice had dwindled long before he left Ethiopia to wage war against it from the comforts of the United States. Now it will sink altogether in to inaudibility. Whatever the outcome of G7 crisis might be, it is likely, Berhanu will not be a force in future Diaspora political debates. He will have no sway over, even in his group’s activities. Sure he will retain some star power for a little while longer. He may for another cycle or two able to raise some money for one of his schemes. But even that will fade away with in short time.

To begin with, Berhanu Nega’s political career is bizarre and sordid. But at least now it is definitely finished. In the last few years, it has become apparent to all but to handful cultists, that his only interest is power and fame. Soon even those cultists will quietly abandon the argument, he is otherwise.

In life we often talk about makers and takers. Berhanu Nega is the ultimate taker. He sabotaged the opportunity to play a positive role in the democratization process back home to cash in on the Diaspora extremist euphoria. He then squeezed his supporters for political donations and spent the money on God knows what?

In the end, he exploited, abused or embarrassed almost everyone who had believed in him; including yours truly, who once considered him a voice of reason in the opposition camp.

Most embarrassing of all: he is not even a very good con artist. Sure some times he gives himself a temporary lobotomy to deceive the public. But, everything that is false and petty and unqualified in him was visible with in the first few days of the election 2005 shenanigans. After that, the people he fooled are people who passionately wished to be fooled.

To that extent, what is important in this story is not entirely the faults and failings of Berhanu Nega. But what matters is the revelation of the political Diaspora’s lack of antibodies against somebody with faults and failings of Berhanu Nega. That is the story that should trouble us all.

Good riddance to a political swindler.

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