40th Anniversary of the Founding of the TPLF Colorfully Marked in Six Cities across the US!


40th Anniversary of the Founding of the TPLF

Colorfully Marked in Six Cities across the US!


Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C. February, 9, 2015


                         The historic 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Tigrean People's Liberation Front /TPLF/ hosted by the Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA) and other members of Tigray community  was colorfully celebrated crowned with fanfare and jubilation on  Saturday and Sunday nights, February 7, and 8, 2015  in Philadelphia,  Boston, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta and San Diego cities.                     

                     A minute of silence in memory of the martyrs who were the fallen heroes and heroines during the past Forty years of the arduous struggle, was observed by thousands of audience that converged from the above cited cities and their environs.                        

                              A Statement on behalf of the TPLF Central Committee pertaining to the current situation was read at the various venues. It stated by enumerating the shining chapters achieved and the various hurdles overcome by the Tigrean people  under the capable leadership of the  TPLF, and indeed the entire trodden masses of Ethiopia under the correct leadership of the Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front / EPRDF /.

                               The Statement declared that as a result , the struggle is continuing although at a higher  and elevated  level to put in place a just, democratic, peaceful and developed nation based on justice, equality and good governance resting on a Federal constitution   on the ashes of the defunct, despicable and unjust past orders.

 The statement further brought to the fore that our country is undergoing the 5th National election currently and the Extremist Opposition at home and abroad are trying to derail the renaissance of the country through their futile attempt to hold political power through commotion and resort to lawlessness and violence and called upon members of the Diaspora to be vigilant and say no to the extremists' daydreaming.                    

                              At the different venues where the event was marked with an expression of great joy at the celebratory. Occasion those highlighted their opinions recalled the arduous and trying days of the struggle waged by the TPLF to demolish the dictatorial military putsch and he characterized the TPLF as a movement that firmly initiated and maintained its democratic zeal, and correct political beliefs.

                               They underlined the TPLF’s dedication to stand intricately connected with the cause of the down trodden peoples which were later wholly embraced by all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia creating in its wake, a propitious condition for the struggle to intensify in depth, breadth and width under the proper leadership of the EPRDF..                                         

                                              Representatives of EPRDF member organizations praised the TPLF for primarily igniting the popular struggle that has culminated in installing a Federal Constitutional system through the concerted sacrifice paid by all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia led by the enlightened guidance of the EPRDF. Members of Renaissance council and representatives from the Ethiopian Somali state and organized women gave an added color to the celebration.   Eritrean opposition representatives and Eritrean community representatives also expressed their solidarity in messages read on the event.                                    

                                        Former TPLF fighters and senior and young members of the Tigrean community presented moving poetry and sang songs and showed video clips that reminisced the popular struggle during its heyday while fighting for the ultimate demise of the Fascistic-military oligarchy that was entrenched in our country for Seventeen years that demanded the fierce and fiery struggle of the Ethiopian people .                                   

                                Traditional bread cutting ceremony was undertaken by prominent community members and live musical extravaganza accompanied by modern and diverse cultural and traditional songs that ensued entertained the various audience until 2.00 PM after mid-night.


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