TO whom it my concern


Today, the feelings of Ethiopians are different from 20 years ago when drought, misery and migration were common. Thanks to our EPRDF fighters who sacrificed their lives for peace, democracy and equality. What is left is to fight and win backwardness and poverty and to make it history. In this matter, Ethiopians should work day and night hand to hand with the government to bring sustainable development for future generation In this case our his Excellency prime minister meles always amazes me his leadership . He seems to tap very easily to a large volume of knowledge, obviously accumulated through years of reading, leading and learning from the experiences of other world leaders. A tremendous change has been achieved in many areas of development but a lot are needed in education, health, agriculture and infrastructure. Ethiopians want to see a prosperous and progressive Ethiopia in their life time. Even Meles Zenawi was regarded as one of a breed of younger African leaders who would spearhead a new beginning on the continent. He has initiated on the previous elections. Democratic elections so the Ethiopian people can determine their own destiny. His party does have a platform, however, and he outlined some observers feel that Meles Zenawi might have just the right combination of education, diplomacy, and vision to effect real changes in Ethiopia. "If the good will and good intentions that were evident from the bigning   up to now. Can be maintained, by all Ethiopians "these new Ethiopian leaders will have done something of great importance for their poor, long-suffering people." Meles expressed his dreams for his homeland and for his peoples of Ethiopia. "We expect that Ethiopia will be a really democratic and united country, a country not united by force of arms, but by the expressed will of the various peoples concerned. It will be a country that is involved in the process of building wealth for everybody, rather than making endless wars."

As we turn to the national and international media scene, we see a man capable of dealing with any issue, unlike any one I have ever known. The curve balls thrown at him by some smart aleck journalist land softly in the middle of his palm.

I hope and prey that many in the Diaspora will truly understand this man and his tireless struggle for peace, economic prosperity and respect for the rule of law and contribute their part in the economic, social and political spheres to this old nation with an emerging democracy. People like "Kinjit, Ginbot 7 and so on” will never quit from blaming brilliant people like Meles.

"The Camels will never stop going and the dogs will never stop barking on them"

This implies that Meles Zenawi will never stop working for development and prosperity of this country, Ethiopia and the stubborn people like this one will never stop opening their mouth wide Meles is one of the heroes! The Diaspora politicians of Ethio-opposition are fake and good for nothing! Meles know this very well. The only way these Diaspora vocals can mean anything at all is if they have a strategically in the area. They have neither a strategic ally nor a functioning guerilla army. Therefore, what they do is shout from 10 thousand miles afar and hope that that meles will miraculously abdicate their throne willingly for them. It is a good dream but it is just that, a dream! They fought hard for what they have now. You will be considered either extremely naive or hopelessly ignorant to assume that you can accomplish your hefty goals while eating kitfo, drinking whisky and smoking cigars on the streets of Europe and North America. And as usual this week  ignorant groups   believe that those who do not think as they do are evil, and must be destroyed, it raises the issue of dealing with an irrational groups  that doesn’t understand in a dialogue and an open debate Thanks mele's we are always thankful for the service u have given to Ethiopian’s. For the change you made in our country. May the rest of your life be as happy as you were serving your people Good Man. At last dearest Ethiopians, I am very much pleased to extend my brief message for fellow countrymen, especially for the youth like me about the next coming election. As a nation, what are our plans of the coming Ethiopian election? Are we going to fold our hands and see what is happening? Whether we like it or not none of us cannot escape from participating in politics. We may not participate in politics actively, but we can’t ignore it at all. This is because there is not a kind of life or society that politics cannot touch. Be in school life, agriculture, religion, and tribe and so on. That is why we need to be keen on in what our politicians do and be ready to respond according to their deeds. As a young man, who has a vision for his beloved country, I believe that this is the right time for this great nation to come together and vote for Unity, Freedom and Prosperity. and the elected government should be—“a government of the people, by the people, for the people This only happens if we eat with our stomach but vote with our head. If only we say no to give a free ticket for wicked and corrupt people to rule over us. This is the right time to come together as a nation and discuss the issue and also alert others so as to say no for the leaders who have sold our votes to their individual  interest and still barking like a mad dog on the streets of north America and Europe those who ashamed us. Remember, each one of us should be concerned about our beautiful Ethiopia, because the person who ultimately takes over leadership will control you and lead you either heaven or hell.

Unity is strength.


Wedi ketem